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    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
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    • Racism
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    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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The BLACK View of Ferguson Justice, from the New York Times Version, Charles Blow


Please review the above headline. Based upon evidence gathered by friend and foe regarding this recent black racist politically motivated riot event in Ferguson, Missouri, that headline seems to project the TRUTH of the event within the limits of space available for a headline.

A major problem exists in our beloved America today. Its black population with its family unit for many decades destroyed, ruined and its bodies and minds to learn truth crippled, bought off in schools, often churches and mosques, and by Marxists in the Democrat Party, and propagandized to believe, white man conservatives have caused their condition and are to blame.

Despite all, breaking away from today’s Obama-Democrat drive to control your language, health, and thinking, please search for truth….or, at least for what is TRUIST, that is, amassing all of the evidence one can in order to find out ‘what’ actually happened, so that from that discovery, the ‘why’ it happened can be debated and become revealing for future use to improve the people’s culture !

Seeking Truth is Godly.

It isn’t easy to do in a Democrat Party nation which opposes search for truth as a basic tenet for its own being. It isn’t easy living in an America programmed by Democrat atheists who preach in schools and press that TRUTH IS ONLY A MATTER OF OPINION!

“INNOCENT BLACK TEENAGER SHOT DEAD BY WHITE COP IN FERGUSON, MO.” is a headline much preferred by black racists of all colors in the Democrat Party and the federal government’s CONGRESSIONAL BLACK CAUCUS and NAACP in Washington, dependent on government billions to conduct their racist business and employment, both at home, on the streets, and at office. Ninety five per cent of American blacks voted (racially?) in 2008 and 2012 for Barack Hussein Obama for president. Democrats lose elections without this fireplug.

Please read the following Charles Blow opinion piece printed at the New York Times


Female Feminist Examines Feminism in Science……Ditzies at Work attempting to Unditzy a Thought

The following article from PowerLine written by Scott Johnson:

The feminist establishment has gone completely around the bend. I’m not sure when it happened.; I doubt it is a recent development. In her prescient 1972 book The New Chastity and Other Arguments Against Women’s Liberation, Midge Decter examined the first-generation literature of feminism and found it rotten at the core, if not rotten to the core. I haven’t kept up with the literature. My impression, however, is that the movement has descended into totalitarian madness. As the whole “rape culture” brouhaha demonstrates, feminism has become just another branch of liberal fascism.

Christina Hoff Sommers has long sought to make feminism safe for the sane. She now does so online at YouTube in her series The Factual Feminist. In the latest installment, she sheds light on the dark corners of “#Shirtgate” (subtitle: “Feminist heckles heard from outer space”) and the disputed question of sexism in the sciences (video below).

Click below to view video….a must:


Barack Obama BRAGS about his FASCISM: “I just took an action to change the Law”


article by Ed Morrissey at HotAir:

Isn’t this an admission against interest? Barack Obama has spent the past several days insisting that his changes in enforcement of immigration law and regulation is entirely constitutional, since it doesn’t actually change or conflict with statute. It only took a heckler in a crowd last night to get Obama to brag that he “changed the law” — a process which the supposed Constitutional law scholar would know is impossible without Congress:

“Don’t just start yelling, young ladies,” Obama said as multiple women stood up to demand that Obama stop deporting people.

“I let you holler,” he said as they continued shouting. “You’ve got to listen to me too.”

Obama said that the protesters were right about a lot of illegal immigrants getting deported but that he was acting to change it.

“What you’re not paying attention to is the fact that I just took an action to change the law,” Obama said.

Please read further:


Dodd-Frank Miasma to go to Supreme Court

Challenging Dodd-Frank in Court

November 26, 2014 from the National Center for Policy Analysis:

The Dodd-Frank Act has created a host of problems, for consumers, banks and other financial entities. According to the Financial Services Roundtable, there are now 40 percent fewer free checking accounts as a result of the law, and banks have seen large drops in annual earnings. The bill also requires 26,000 full-time employees devoted to paperwork compliance. The Economist notes that financial regulation, in general, has been unpredictable and opaque, with new Dodd-Frank regulations continuing to be developed years after its passage.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) has actually filed a lawsuit in federal court challenging the Dodd-Frank Act, and oral arguments were heard in the case in November. Specifically, the suit focuses on the Consumer Financial Protection Board (CFPB) and the Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC). The CFPB has extensive control over the consumer finance industry, while FSOC has a great deal of power to regulate large financial companies. Iain Murray of CEI explains the plaintiffs’ arguments:

The CFPB is unaccountable to the other branches of government. Its $400 million annual budget comes not from Congress but from the Federal Reserve, leaving legislators without power over the agency’s purse.
Only in very limited circumstances can the president remove the CFPB director, limiting his ability to ensure that laws are “faithfully executed.”
Dodd-Frank tells courts to defer to CFPB legal interpretations, limiting judicial scrutiny of CFPB actions.
FSOC can liquidate private companies, which CEI calls a violation of due process and the law’s guarantee that bankruptcy laws will be “uniform.”
Murray notes that there may be an effort among the new Congress to reform Dodd-Frank in 2015.

Source: Iain Murray, “Dodd-Frank Court Case Could Provide Injunctive Relief for America,” The Blaze, November 18, 2014; “Capital Punishment,” Economist, November 15, 2014.

Obama’s Political Mouth, the NY Times, Joins Black Racist Violence Against “Whitish” America

In an article detailing officer Darren Wilson’s little-known marriage in late October to fellow Ferguson, Mo., police officer Barbara Spradling, the New York Times decided to publish the name of the street where the couple owns a home.

The New York Times stands by this decision.

“The story mentions only the name of the street where the couple have a house and that street has been widely reported on,” Eileen Murphy, head of communications at the New York Times, said Tuesday in an email to the Washington Examiner.

From the original report [redacted]:

Officer Wilson and Officer Spradling own a home together on _________, a St. Louis suburb about a half-hour drive from Ferguson.

They have scarcely been seen there since Mr. Brown was killed on Aug. 9. Neighbors said that within a few days of the shooting, Officer Wilson and Officer Spradling abruptly left their home.

The article, published Monday, was titled “A Quiet Wedding for Darren Wilson.”

The street in question, the name of which will not be reprinted here by the Washington Examiner, is relatively small and holds roughly 40 homes, presumably making it easier for those searching for his home to narrow down which one belongs to Wilson.

The New York Times in its original report published an unedited image of Wilson’s marriage license. That image has since been removed and the following message has been added to the report: “An earlier version of this post included a photograph that contained information that should not have been made public. The image has been removed.”

Murphy told the Washington Examiner: “We originally posted a copy of the marriage license. When it was pointed out that the license contained a street address, we thought the right thing to do was to remove it, so we did.”

However, the address noted on the marriage license is for a law firm based out of Clayton, Mo., where the license appears to have been issued.

Please read on:


Thief Shot Dead While Attacking Policeman…..seems to be a more truthful headline in Ferguson racial matter

THIEF SHOT DEAD WHILE ATTACKING POLICEMAN is the most honest headline to describe the death of petty thief hoodlum, Michael Brown of Ferguson, Missouri……or maybe….

HOODLUM SHOT DEAD WHILE ATTACKING POLICEMAN…..? Take your pick, but be honest, fair, and rational despite the color of your skin.

Being honest, fair, and rational IS NOT PART OF 2014 AMERICAN INNER CITY BLACK CULTURE! Ignorance, deceit, dependence, fatherlessness, survival, sex, robbery, and murder are far better understood.

The American civilized of all colors know the truth of the above statement, yet for fifty years, since the beginning of the cancerous culture of black racism, touchy-feely politics has dictated no one dare talk truth about the American black condition. Yes, rape, pillage, and burn is a popular black racist sport from time to time, but, the rule of American religious and political answer was, “You can’t criticize black behavior until you know what it is to be black,” the courteous censorship insisted.

During the 1950s and 1960s Democratic Party politics in its feminine goodness of feeling, began the disintegration of the once-civilized black family; fathers disappeared replaced by government checks to buy things fathers used to be responsible for providing.

Washington sent more dollars to mothers per child, than dad’s could earn, and better yet, mothers could profit ever so much more by having more and more children increasing the number on the checks she’d receive.

In truth fatherlessness in the black American inner city culture runs in and out of more than 80% of today’s black ‘family’…..and so, the primary point of this article.

Michael Brown was a thug….certainly by language of those of any color living outside the American urban Black Democrat-Run Plantation Culture of today. Inside the plantation crime is a dime a dozen. Telling lies is nearly universal. Murder, whether intended or by ‘accident’, is common. More than half of its male population by age 30 have EARNED a police record. More murders within the urban black plantation community go unsolved than solved. In other words murder by some, is simply an exercise…..unless police, black or white catch them in an act.

Moreover, for more than a generation, leaders in the Democrat Party have deviously, falsely, immorally, and intentionally blamed political opponents for black disorders of any kind, true or false, to stir hate and fear to keep the community voting Democrat. In both of the most recent presidential elections, over 95% voting blacks voted for Barack Obama, the highest ever vote from the Democrat Party bought and controlled inner city black plantation world.

Michael Brown was about to be added to a crime list by his own actions on the day he died. He was shot by a police officer following up a robbery involving Brown. One wonders, or should wonder if black male, and living in or near Ferguson, Missouri…..whose son or daughter, or both, or many, might have been murdered, by the time Michael was 39 years old!

Videos of Michael Brown’s theft and bullying on he day of his death, paramount in knowing the reason for his confrontation with police are available to be seen by the public, but are not and will not shown by television pundits of all colors…..Why?

Instead, almost all news reporters referred to Michael Brown as living with his parents….adding pain to the despair from the story. Michael’s parents said this or that. Michael’s mother actively spoke publicly, but as a racist, when we got to meet her…..but, since she was, no doubt, suffering anger and sorrow from losing her 18 year old son, thug or not, one can certainly pass on her statements……yet, she readily advertised her black racism, and willingness to incite.

Her male live in said worse. and on the black racist front on the streets of Ferguson, rallied the frothing mob by rooting, “Burn the fucking place down”, the night of its celebrating with fires. The media of all colors called this man, Michael’s dad.

It seems, however, that ‘dad’ isn’t quite the right word to use in this case. This “Michael’s dad isn’t married to anyone, according to a couple of reports….

Moreover, Michael’s ‘dad’, has a long history of nastiness according to police report collections….

Why then, if these hushed reports are true, reporters are not truthful when describing basic details of Michael Brown’s home front. One wonders, then, if one is interested in seeking truth regarding this assault upon a white police officer, what does Michael Brown’s criminal behavioral background include?

Thank you Officer Wilson for your Service……You Honor American Law Enforcement Everywhere

George Stephanopolous is an establishment lefty, a Democrat to the middle of Czar Barack Hussein Obama. He is neither an hysterical Democrat, nor a cement headed one, nor does his mouth travel a thousand miles a minute.

Despite his many handicaps as an honest reporter, he conducted an outstanding interview with Ferguson Police Officer, Darren Wilson.

Unlike lefty reporters more fascist that Stephanopolous, the interviewer actually listened to the officer’s answers to questions even those challenging the officer.

The super star of the show, however, was the officer himself. How inspiriting it is to civilized Americans everywhere that such honorable men serve to preserve and protect our American way of life!

If you, dear reader, have a chance to see the interview, please take the time to watch and study it.

Thank also those officials in Missouri who chose to pursue a grand jury investigation of the case, that is, the police officer’s shooting causing the death of a Michael Brown, age 18, height 6 ft 5, weight 290, being sought regarding a reported robbery nearby.

Honesty is not a popular habit among urban black youths and the president of the United States. In total truth honesty is not popular among today’s Democrat Party activists and office holders. The few honest remain silent as the more tyrannical and mouthier of these Marxist activists advance their religious cause, the enforcement of equality of life in America dictated by those Marxist superiors who govern. Barack Hussein Obama is an outstanding typecast.

It should also be understood that today’s Marxism taught in America today, is profoundly feminized. thereby elevating feelings to dominate thinking for problem-solving, and that truth in Marxist terms is defined only a matter of opinion and to be used only when needed to support Marxist equality.

Dear reader, I presume you are aware that yesterday, the day of the public announcement of the grand jury findings, there were nearly no National Guards placed on duty in Ferguson by Missouri’s Democrat Governor, Jay Nixon. Savages were permitted to pillage and burn as they desired. Governor Nixon sent the National Guard, over 2,000 strong today, the day after the savagery.

The Lieutenant Governor, a Republican, it should be noted, loudly proclaimed today that either Eric Holder or president Barack Hussein Obama pressured the governor to withhold the National Guard. The Lieutenant Governor cited with proof after proof, such was the case.

Be certain honest citizens to read as much as the grand jury’s indictment reports as you can. Honest Democrats rallied with others to make certain Truth would be Exposed for the sake of the coutry civilized Americans love.

Thanks too to Robert McCulloch and others who so deliberately, professionally, and honestly sought the Truth culminating in the grand jury decision to deny indictment of an police officer doing his job entrapped by the actions of a weed-drugged thief who failed to oblige his duty as a civilized citizen.

As too often occurs in today’s America anywhere, a young man without having a father, living in a family whose mother’s companion is an experienced long-time law-breaker, the chances for a son becoming sound humanly, are challenging indeed.

To quote Shakespeare, “Therein lies the rub.” America without God’s honesty can never be cured of its Fergusons.


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