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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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    • Prager, Dennis - Think A Second Time
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    • Wright, Lawrence - The Looming Tower


Having followed and at one time  supporting the America Civil Liberties Union, I have never been a fan of  mouthy-leftist arrogant jerk and snot, Alan Dershowitz one of its propagandists forever from the left.   Over the last three decades or so, I expected the ACLU to become feminized enough to forget about freedoms, especially the most vital FREEDOM OF SPEECH!

Not long ago I bumped into a televised face of Alan Dershowitz who happened to be saying nothing particularly ugly about my guy, President Donald, which surprised, no, astonished me!

Motor mouth-super lefty Dershowitz, was defending free speech, therefore President Trump’s right to express his thoughts and ideas despite complaints from  the fascist Democrat Left.  Alan was busy motor-mouthing again, this time  for free speech, may God Bless!   These are the fascistic days of feminist, black racist, and  20,000,000 of legal-illegal  immigrant propagandists to scrap free expression  loving America.

Despite being an automaton  fanatic leftist, he apparently  had never left his cause, basic to any society respecting freedoms in living, THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH!

Thank God!  President Donald Trump has an ally who will help him present his views and agenda.

It has been about fifteen years since the rise of fascism in our America’s  university arena of the social “sciences”…..a period of time when staffs gradually  became stuffed with  fanatic feminists,  black racists of all colors, sexes, shapes, and sizes, along with staff members from the then angry, spiteful homosexual world, and foreigner leftists began their indoctrinations and hates from abroad to put an end to our American experiment, its experience, its Constitution, its historic JudeoChristian values based upon knowledge, tolerance,  prosperity, opportunity, freedom, the basic one  above all, THE FREEDOM TO ‘SPEAK’ WHAT’S IN  ONES MIND AND WITHOUT FEAR.



More Lies from the New York Times-Hillary November Loss….There Was No Dossier…Fusion GPS….ALL A LIE?

Byron York: Republicans skeptical about origin of Trump dossier

by Byron York at the Wasington Examiner:

“The Trump dossier is one of the most important and least understood elements of the Trump-Russia affair. It is important not just because its allegations are, as former FBI director James Comey said, “salacious and unverified,” but because it:

  1. appeared to offer evidence for some of the most sensational accusations that the Trump campaign colluded with Russians;
  2. involved a pro-Clinton organization paying investigators who paid Kremlin-linked Russians for allegations about Trump; and
  3. set Comey and Trump on a collision course when Comey chose to brief Trump about the dossier in a one-on-one meeting when Trump was president-elect.

The story of the dossier, if it is ever learned, could greatly affect the way we think about the Trump-Russia matter.

One key talking point whenever the dossier is discussed is that it “started with Republicans,” that is, it was originally commissioned in fall 2015 by a GOP donor who hired a dirt-digging firm called Fusion GPS to look into candidate Trump. The story, now widely told, appears to come from what a “person familiar” with the dossier told the New York Times in January of this year:

The story began in September 2015, when a wealthy Republican donor who strongly opposed Mr. Trump put up the money to hire a Washington research firm run by former journalists, Fusion GPS, to compile a dossier about the real estate magnate’s past scandals and weaknesses, according to a person familiar with the effort. The person described the opposition research work on condition of anonymity, citing the volatile nature of the story and the likelihood of future legal disputes. The identity of the donor is unclear.

In this version of the story, the GOP-begun dossier originally was conventional opposition research involving Trump’s business dealings — it was not about Russia. The Republican donor, the story goes, lost interest as Trump wrapped up the GOP nomination. At that point, “Democratic supporters of Hillary Clinton,” according to the Times, picked up the project. At about the same time, Russian hacking of the Democratic National Committee was in the news, and Glenn Simpson, the former Wall Street Journal reporter who runs Fusion GPS, shifted the Trump dossier project to Russia, hiring former British spy Christopher Steele for the job. So the Democratic part of the dossier story was the attempt to dredge up information on Russia.

As far as the origin of the dossier is concerned, the idea that it all started with Republicans has become conventional wisdom.

But there are a lot of well-connected Republicans who are quite skeptical of the story. Specifically, the GOP strategists most involved in the competing campaigns that were trying to stop Trump — Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, the campaigns that were closely linked to big Republican donors and were hungry for any negative information they could use against Trump — say they knew nothing about the effort at the time and do not believe it was in fact begun by a Republican donor.

“I don’t believe the mad Republican donor theory,” said Mike Murphy, the veteran strategist who ran Jeb Bush’s $118 million super PAC, noting he never used Fusion GPS and had no inkling that it was conducting oppo for a big GOP donor. “We had the biggest share of Republican major donors,” Murphy continued. “They all gossip. One guy is for Christie, his partner is for Bush. They all talk to each other, and I think I would have heard about it. And I didn’t.”

Terry Sullivan, who ran Marco Rubio’s campaign, told me he had never heard of Fusion GPS before the dossier became public in January of this year. And he doesn’t buy the it-started-with-Republicans idea. “The reason it is not at all believable that a Republican was behind it is, nobody used [any information] from it,” Sullivan said. “Everybody was pretty damn desperate at the end. If someone had a kitchen sink, they would have thrown it.”

Jeff Roe, who ran the Ted Cruz campaign, also noted that Trump’s opponents were increasingly desperate to stop him as the primary season wore on. If Fusion GPS were peddling sensational information about Trump, why wouldn’t one of those campaigns have used it? Beyond that, the non-Trump Republican campaigns talked to each other; there was no wall of silence between them. “Nobody ever brought this up,” Roe told me, saying he finds the idea that a Republican found dirt on Trump and never used it or offered it to the campaigns is “total BS.”

John Weaver, the veteran Republican operative who ran the John Kasich campaign, told me he was not aware of Fusion GPS at the time. “No one ever approached us, no one offered to help us. No one associated with the Kasich campaign had anything to do with it,” Weaver said. He learned about the dossier when it was reported in the press, Weaver added.

Another high-ranking campaign operative, who did not want to be identified, said, “I never heard anything about it. You’d occasionally hear whispers of another campaign looking at some particular [Trump] business deal, little nuggets here or there. But I never heard anything about this. Never.”

Apart from the campaigns, there were Republican operatives who took part in an ad hoc anti-Trump effort that ramped up after the departures of Bush and Rubio left the race to Trump, Cruz and Kasich. One person deeply involved in the effort told me, “I don’t believe the dossier had anything to do with the Republican world because I would have known about it. There’s no way I would not have known. I just never heard boo about it.”

But what if they are all wrong? What if a Republican was in fact involved in the start of the dossier but kept the information away from the GOP campaigns that might have stopped Trump? I found one GOP NeverTrump operative, who also did not want to be named, to whom Glenn Simpson offered a story in late March 2016. The story, the operative told me, was an entirely conventional bit of oppo about Trump’s business dealings — nothing at all about Russia or anything related to that. The GOP operative had, and has today, no idea of who might have commissioned the research Simpson offered. But he’s not aware of any Republicans who were involved, and he was quite familiar with rich, anti-Trump Republicans.

The whole episode was unremarkable, the person said, because the remaining campaigns and the anti-Trump movement received over-the-transom tips all the time. Trump did this, Trump did that. Very little of it ever panned out, and they had no sense of a big-money GOP effort behind it.

And even after the primary campaign ended with the withdrawal of Cruz and Kasich after the May 3 Indiana primary, the NeverTrump movement marched on in hopes of somehow denying Trump the nomination at the Republican National Convention. And yet the alleged Republican-sponsored Trump oppo did not surface in the days before the GOP met in Cleveland. “They would have wanted to drop it before that to mess with the convention,” the operative said. But that did not happen.

Talking to the campaign operatives who were trying to defeat Trump in the primaries, there is a lingering sense of frustration at their inability to stop the front-runner. But that frustration turns to disbelief at the notion that some Republican, somewhere, was running an expensive, high-end opposition research operation on Trump and never told the opposing candidates about it.

“I just can’t fathom that I wouldn’t have heard beforehand,” Terry Sullivan told me. “Go back to where we were all at in March, April, May, as a party — the one unifying factor of everybody I knew was, ‘Dear God, how are we going to stop this guy?’ It would have come out.”

“Jeff Roe called me frequently between when Marco dropped out and Cruz dropped out,” Sullivan continued. “If somebody had it, why wouldn’t they have used it? Somebody had that information, but didn’t want to give it to the last two people who had a chance to stop Trump? It would blow my mind that they had anything that they didn’t use.”

So what is the bottom line? It’s possible the it-started-with-Republicans conventional wisdom is just wrong. Or it’s possible there was a rogue Republican zillionaire who wanted to commission an extensive opposition research operation on Trump but not actually use the results of that research in the effort to stop Trump. Or it’s possible there was a zillionaire who characterized himself as a Republican but had never been a part of any GOP circles that the veteran political operatives who ran the Cruz, Rubio, Bush, and other Republican campaigns would recognize. Whatever the case, the conventional wisdom about the origin of the Trump dossier does not tell the whole story.”


The Disappearance of Free Speech

The Assault on Free Speech

China censors an academic publisher, while U.S. academics become censors.

by William Galston   at the Wall Street Journal

“Two recent events on either side of the globe have underscored the importance of free speech—and the peril it faces today.

Just days ago, Cambridge University Press yielded to pressure from the Chinese government to remove more than 300 articles from the website of its journal China Quarterly. The censored articles covered topics that the Chinese consider incriminating, such as the Tiananmen Square massacre. The publisher was given the choice between accepting censorship and facing total exclusion from China, and it chose to acquiesce. After an international outcry, however, it reversed its position.

China’s government was not pleased. An editorial in the state-run Global Times was chillingly frank: “Western institutions have the freedom to choose. If they don’t like the Chinese way, they can stop engaging with us. If they think China’s Internet market is so important that they can’t miss out, they need to respect Chinese law and adapt to the Chinese way. It doesn’t matter if some articles . . . disappear on the Chinese internet.”

There is a striking resemblance between President Xi Jinping’s drive to extend Communist Party control over information available to the Chinese people and his government’s effort to appropriate the fruits of foreign innovation for its own nationalist purposes. As policy experts across the political spectrum now recognize, and as the Trump administration rightly insists, companies seeking to do business in China often are presented with a choice: transfer control of their intellectual property to Chinese entities, or risk outright exclusion from China’s massive and rapidly growing market.

It is easy to understand China’s economic strategy. Innovation is the heart of the 21st-century economy, and coercing its transfer enables China to reach the cutting edge while its indigenous research-and-development activities ramp up. But why the heavy-handed suppression of academic materials, viewed by only a tiny number of scholars?

This takes us to the heart of the matter: President Xi understands the power of free speech and free inquiry to call into question even the most entrenched claims that autocratic governments use to justify their rule. Allowing access to dissenting arguments and long-buried facts about Tiananmen and Tibet could have disruptive consequences. No one knows what scholars would write, who would be reading, or how they might react. Better to shut the door completely than to leave it open even a crack.

This sense of the fragility of political power is more than autocratic paranoia. In the former Soviet Union, the writings of a few brave men and women eroded the regime’s moral foundation. Communism collapsed in large measure because even those who claimed to rule in its name ceased to believe in its truth and virtue. When times were good, this loss of faith remained recessive. When the economy faltered, it proved decisive—a lesson that China’s leaders surely have pondered.

Seven thousand miles to the east, the neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Va., sparked calls for the suppression of “hate speech”—bigoted rhetoric that any decent observer would condemn. Racism and anti-Semitism have no place in any society, and certainly not in a society dedicated to the proposition that all humans are created equal. If these doctrines contain no truth and yield only ill effects, runs the argument, why not prohibit their expression?

In academia, the critique of freedom of speech goes deeper. Many scholars want to censor speech that reinforces social imbalances, believing that it enhances the ability of the powerful to subordinate the powerless. Writing in the New York Times , K-Sue Park, the Critical Race Studies Fellow at the UCLA School of Law, charges that the American Civil Liberties Union’s willingness to offer legal support to right-wing as well as left-wing causes “perpetuates a misguided theory that all radical views are equal.” Her conclusion: The ACLU should reduce its focus on First Amendment case law and address restraints on freedom of expression that stem from inequality in all its forms.

To this line of thinking, David Cole, the ACLU’s national legal director, offers a pointed retort: “Allowing government officials to regulate speech based on their assessment of who is promoting equality . . . would be disastrous. How does Mr. Park think that Southern mayors would have used that power during the 1960s?”

One of the few clear lessons of history is that vesting any authority with the power to control speech is bound eventually to backfire. Firm adherence to the First Amendment enables public officials to impose reasonable time, place and manner conditions on speech—and to act to pre-empt the violence that may attend free expression in fraught situations.

Government should go no further—not in China, not in America, not anywhere.”


Another Look at the 2017 Solar Eclipse

Is Polishing His Halo the Only Talent Krauthammer Has Left?

One of President Donald Trump’s most devious enemies in today’s American  television “news” room  is halo-laden Charles Krauthammer at Fox television.

Neither the folks at Fox nor self-hallowed Krauthammer oblige our new American President.

The President is supposed to be America’s primary and most important  problem solver.  With this new President, Charles seems to prefer to speak  only through his halo to elevate himself perhaps for  posterity,  cherishing to bloat by dwelling on his negative of the President while the nation is slipping into rebellion from its riotous fascist racist Left……about whom he seems bored.

Bloating through ones halo doesn’t help problem solving our country’s problems.   Krauthammer appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show this evening.  He  lectured,  performing with halo,  discussing the black-feminist-Marxist rebellion now practicing its threats and terror by attacking and/or  destroying historic American property and  statues related to the War Between the States…..rather, our American Civil War.

Today’s Americans, northern or southern under the age of 50, know nearly nothing about the horrors, the sacrifice, the heroics,  the devotion ON BOTH SIDES OF THE TRENCHES…..Primarily not fighting for slavery of blacks or anyone else, but for the right to govern themselves without foreign interference.   Nearly ninety per cent of Southerners who died fighting for the South NEVER OWNED A SLAVE!   They fought for family and country……as our American President understood and respected in full.

The black and white savages uprising in the streets throughout  America today are not KKK, White Nationalist, neoNazi misfits, they are  racists, feminists, leftists, anarchists taught their hate and violence trades by leftist University professors and professoresses who hate our America.

We never hear a word from haloed Charles OR MOST OF THE FOLKS AT FOX about the real HATERS IN AND OF AMERICA, those anxious to organize their police state where their bigotries can rule without opposition….BEGIN WITH charlatan,  AL SHARPTON…..and continue through next year.   Then there are the Gloria Steinems.  Don’t forget them, Charles and other loose lips anxious for praise.

They have learned no knowledge, no yesterday, no science, no facts no heroics of the honorable.

President Trump spoke TRUTH AS AN AMERICAN this past Tuesday at Trump Towers to the leftist sharks of the leftist press…..THE FAKE NEWS PEOPLE INCLUDING MANY AT FOX NEWS….One white racist group who are called White Nationalists-KKK- and neoNazis whose record of violence and terror has not been reported on  much in the American fake news or conservative news press for the past two decades.    Do you know how many riots or burnings they have caused at Berkeley, University of Missouri, anywhere from American coast to American coast that compares to today’s leftist black, feminist, Latino and Latina hoodlums rioting or causing public disorder?

These so called “White Nationalists, KKK, neoNazi” noise makers have barely existed beyond a breath of foul air over the past twenty years.    To my knowledge they are the only groups in my lifetime  AMERICANS HAVE BEEN PROGRAMMED (TAUGHT TO)  HATE

And Charles Krauthammer, along with nearly the entire  Fox gang  blasphemed President Trump’s magnificent efforts to remind of the Truth at Charlottesville, Virginia that horrible Saturday………that it took two to tangle, one group free to express its hates in a free society and the attacking competing hate group ready and prepared to intimidate and silence it.

Shame on Fox, shame on the Big Business leftist fascists who withdraw for the Trump business council….Shame on Republicans such as Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, too uneducated to understand the GLORY OF AMERICAN DREAM LAID OUT BY OUR FOREFATHERS!!!   SHAME ON YOUR HALO, CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER!

The Disappearance of Civilized Schooling in Our America

This coming Saturday I shall be attending another of my high school reunions.    We graduated from high school 65 years ago this past June.  By luck of the draw  and the era, although terribly dyslexic, before the disorder was named….I couldn’t read….which caused a host of troubles, problems trying to manage basic assignments, pass exams, and graduate with any kind of success and be respected by one or all.

But I must have been born driven to love  learning somehow at least   learnings from my incredibly well educated teachers, nearly all   old maids  skilled at teaching at a time when accumulating knowledge  was considered essential and valued primarily for JudeoChristian reasons…(“The more I knew”, they nagged dyslexic me, the closer I’d be to God, for God Knows All Things”) I was told, in a public school, by the way.

Nearly every one of these “stores and encyclopedias  of knowledge”, loved teaching,   knew the sum and substance of what they did teach, were demanding that their students performed.

My first Freshman class at St. Paul Central High School in September, 1948 was English.    We had to read and “learn” Shakespeare, beginning with the Merchant of Venice.   My teacher was a Mabel Wicker, born in 1880  in her 46th year of discipline….weighing about 80 pounds, towering at  4’10”, wearing Tojo-black rimmed glasses, and a red wig.

36 Freshmen, mostly undisciplined boys, were her herd animals, I being one.    I never saw, nor heard, any student, anyone be rude or impolite to her.  She never smiled.   She was all business with Shakespeare and made us act  adult by listening to her memorized passages of the play and learning her explanations of the meanings.    I have revered and obliged Shakespeare, and have loved the beauty of  his and  words in general  ever since.

Today’s adult Americans bear much more fat, curse a lot and don’t know Shakespeare, America’s Federal Constitution, the nation’s  as well as world history, nor the  beautiful words of the King James  Bible…..”As for Man, his days are as grass:  as the flower of the field, so he flourisheth.  For the wind passeth over it, and it is gone, and the place thereof shall know it no more.”  was so printed   in English during  those very  days of Shakespeare, Miss Wicker reminded her students.

American women, both young and the older, had beautiful speaking voices then.   Television hadn’t swamped the nation yet to change their habits.  People listened to radio then.   Female radio voices had to be made beautiful to lure more listeners to radio and viewers to the movie houses.   Joan Crawford, Irene Dunne, Barbara Stanwyck…..nearly all of the major female stars  pronounced  beautifully  adult American English until Marilyn Monroe came around to sell  her breath.

No one had invented the terrible sounds of today’s nearly coast-to-coast American television female  stars’ and new reporters’ nasal honking,  repulsive sounding childlike teeny-bopper  female voices, ages 13 to 60.

Today’s American Left Wing dictators and savages who control so many bureaucracies don’t care much about truth or  learning anymore.   History is hated because  it’s filled with too many white males.    Lefty feminists and the wilder racist blacks  have chosen to make statues disappear…..and white ones.   The fascist left in Austin, Texas tore down a statue of Robert E. Lee to destroy the truths of yesterday.

The American University has been Sovietized into communist type teachings.  For $30,000 per year and  more required as tuition  at Harvard, Yale, Princeton and so on, you can be made  to learn nothing about Robert E. Lee.   Black leftist racist activists of all colors, sexes, shapes, and sizes now hate General Lee, yet know nothing  at all about him.  Therefore, they know nothing about the War between the States.

Con artistry is popular in the leftist American black community.  Maxine Waters, the Reverends Al Sharpton and Barack Hussein Obama’s ‘father figure’, Jeremiah Wright  are among the top 100 of countless tens  of thousands.   92% or so, of voting blacks voted for one candidate, Hillary Clinton in last November’s Presidential election, but according to the Fake News Press and today’s Democrat Party, only whites can be racists.


Predicting the Future by Knowing the Past

Part I:

A. Back off and let those men who want to marry men, marry men.
B. Allow those women who want to marry women, marry women.
C. Allow those folks who want to abort their babies, abort their babies.
In three generations, there will be no more Democrats.
“You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.
You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.
You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.
You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down.
You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred.
You cannot build character and courage by taking away people’s initiative and independence.
You cannot help people permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves.”
                                              ~Abraham Lincoln
“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him had better take a much closer 
look at the American Indian.”
~Henry Ford
Bruce Taber sent the above listing.