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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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We’re All Going to Die! (and other such useful rants)

It occurs to me that to really provide some constructive input to this so-called “discussion” group, I need to speak the right language.  I need to rant usefully.

Maybe what I would like to contribute does not comport, or else it is simply too “neutral”. So, I’ll modify my language a bit in the hopes that some of my arguments may be absorbed. Kind of like a spoonful of sugar to make the medicine go down, only in this case the sugar is the ranting and the medicine is the logical, but distasteful argument behind the ranting.

For example:

Distasteful argument: President Obama is on the left but he is not a Marxist.

Logical reasoning in neutral language:

The United States experiment is an uphill struggle. People are not wont to take the bull by the horns and make their lives the fullest they can be. They like to watch football on Sunday, not go to church, fix the porch, or work on that great idea in the garage (a la Hewlitt and Packard). Politicians, on the other hand are indeed wont to take the bull by the horns and make their lives the fullest they can be. People want comfort. Politicians want votes. Ergo – politicians provide comfort and people provide votes.

However, real comfort comes from unimpeded personal diligence.

The left believes you should be able to have my cake and eat it, too. After all, cake is made to be eaten and it isn’t usually made in single serving sizes. So gimme some! This isn’t really wrong-headed thinking in fact since it is more efficient to make things in bulk anyway, and not to waste it (do you realize how much food is thrown out in a typical restaurant?). The point is we do provide comfort, and cake, to each other. The left just thinks it is an obligation, a “natural right”.

Karl Marx was not a politician, he was a radical intellectual. He wanted his ideas to be “proven”, just like all good intellectuals do, especially radicals who would otherwise end up in the dustbin of history. He believed that the proletariat had to defeat the bourgeousie in order for this to happen. Thus, ultimate control by the proletariat was required.

Barak Obama believes everyone has a right to be comfortable. A “right” to be comfortable. However, if Karl Marx were alive today and he were president, and were asked if he wanted to “run a car company”, he would say “absolutely!” Obama has said “no”. I believe him. Therein lies the difference.

However, Obama’s naivete is that he thinks comfort and liberty are mutually compatible. They are not. Karl Marx knew they were not – it wasn’t his goal anyway. 

Logical reasoning in rant language:

Pigs love gravy. People on the left love gravy. Barak Obama is on the left. Therefore, Barak Obama is a gravy-sucking pig. Gravy is easy to make. Just take the drippings of the roast (beef, chicken, duck, etc.), add some flower and water, stir with a whisk while cooking and voila, gravy. It is also cheap to make gravy. So in large part, the answer to our woes is to take drippings and maybe some scraps, make gravy and feed it to everyone.

The meat itself will of course need to be consumed by the gravy-sucking pigs higher up in the echelon, like Barak Obama, since they are doing the lions share of the work making all that gravy. They need the protein, after all; they are the ones putting forth the effort.

Karl Marx didn’t like gravy. He was a vegetarian. He had a thesis. He felt that the the gravy-sucking pigs would live longer if they became vegetarians. For their own good, he penned in those big fat pigs, and changed their diet completely. Never mind that pigs hate vegetables. Marx didn’t care, though. He just wanted to be proven right about his thesis. That makes him a pig-headed moron, but not a gravy-sucking pig.


Now which of these two arguments do you prefer? I would like to know which form of discourse is more to your liking. Otherwise I don’t know what I am doing here.


Hail Al Franken, King of the Vile!

Vileness in America is at its fullest blossom today than at anytime since the American Leftwing was throwing bombs around American streets and buildings, defecating and urinating in college administration offices to scent their territory, and running amok in the streets of the “oppressor”, introducing America to drugs and rock.

Today the American Leftwing has arrived in Washington, running amok with their State Socialist agenda and leaving the everlasting skunk’s scent of debt and impending economic collapse from the $6, dedicated to “saving” America and the World…..
….and that before the former community organizer enjoins the nation’s hope for better health care, to the brains and bossoms of the likes of Barney Frank, Christopher Dodd, Charles Schumer, Dick Durbin, Barbara Boxer, Harry Reid, Arlen Specter, Henry Waxman, Gerry Nadler, Keith Ellison, and the Little Lord Fauntleroy of Minnesota, the freshest ever darling of the midwest, King Vile, himself, AL FRANKEN. Welcome to the scent, Al.

Just the other night I saw King Vile in person and in person heard him refer to God humbly and longingly. He announced he was devoted to Israel. But on a Sunday, not Saturday night and King Vile was very much live. He received loud welcoming shouts and applause from a fond audience when introduced.

Others were mourning the passing of the Rock of Gibraltar of American “youth”, the popular Michael Jackson and yet others were trying not to hear the four day confession of a governor reviewing his libido exercises in Argentina, a man who claimed to have had “presidential” ambitions. Two of these three are certain to become stars of the cable Biography channels soon. A third might be starring in a new series of “Desperate Housewives” after his governorship ends.

Vile people deserve their representation in Washinton as much as any other tribe of the American Leftwing. There is nothing in the Constitution which limits their term limits, either. And, let’s face the facts, America! Their numbers have grown substantially over the past 30 years.

With the uniformed, nazilike, ACORN receiving its $50,000,000 from President Obama to organize communities and, in the meantime, assist conducting the 2010 census surveys to determine whose political districts will be abolished by the 2012 presidential election, we should expect the number of Vile people in Congress to outnumber all other groups or gatherings combined.

Voters in Minnesots should feel extra proud because their newest addition to the United States Senate is very much at home with the Vile and with his broad experience in all walks of Vile life, would be eminently qualified to become cabinet Secretary of the Vile, when the post is established.

In the previous blog entry tpkatsa seemed quite agitated over the verdict, crowning King Vile as our new Minnesota Senator. I have lived in this state all of my life. Democrat candidates will ALWAYS win a recount in this complacent, proud, unquestioning but well meaning community. As from any provinical village they wish to appear modern and so very tolerant. They support gay marriage and are waiting at the starting gate to foster polygamy. They know the Vile have long been victimized in our state. Christians were trying to deny them their civil rights for decades. It would be an act of bigotry for Minnesotans to be against the Vile. They have rights too.

Hail, Al Franken, King of the Vile.

Good night, and Good luck

(Originally posted here).

Franken’s ascendance from Saturday Night Live comedian to United States Senator also marks my personal departure from all things political.

I have enjoyed writing, discussing, and blogging politics over the last 8-9 years with both friends and family.

What Al Franken’s victory has showed however, is that the majority (by 312 votes, but still a majority) of the people of Minnesota simply did not care that their candidate was – as I’ve argued several times – a less than decent human being.

It doesn’t matter that he has said vile, contemptuous things about Christians and Christianity. It doesn’t matter that he wrote a book labeling another media figure a “big fat idiot.” It doesn’t matter that the his policies and those of his party will bankrupt the country.

Republicans can’t even keep their own moral house in order. They’ve got John Ensign, US Senator from Nevada, and Mark Sanford, the governnor of South Carolina – who was floated as a possible candidate for President in 2012 – involved in sexual affairs which in and of themselves may not diminish their ability to govern but certainly have impacted their trust among their constituents.

The Republicans can’t keep their political house in order, either. Republicans should have unanimously opposed Barack Obama’s awful cap-and-trade bill. In fact, 44 Democrats had the guts to vote against Barack Obama’s monstrosity. But 8 Republicans’ spines turned to jelly and so the bill passed the House of Representatives. With Al Franken giving the Democrats a 60-vote lock in the US Senate, the bill is sure to pass the Senate as well. The Republicans can’t even stay united against cap-and-trade. What a sad bunch.

Because of this, the American people will now be taxed yet again whenever we flip on the light switch, put gas in our cars, run our thermostats at home. The government will soon tell us how warm we can keep our houses in the winter and how cool we can keep them during the summer. The government, not homeowners, will be arbitrator of our energy consumption. Either they will do so by direct regulation – meaning I go to jail if I disable the government chip that will be planted in my  thermostat, for example – or by taxing the use of energy so highly that we will literally be taxed out of warmth during the winter or coolness during the summer. And this all in the name of the feigned catastrophe of global warming. What a fraud.

Mark my words, global warming is the new communism.

I got a call a few days ago from someone fairly high up in Minnesota state politics who asked me to consider running for state representative. For those of you who don’t know, running for state representative is a fairly hefty task that – around here at least – requires raising (or having) around $25,000 – $30,000 to spend. It requires an entire spring and summer of lots of door knocking, meeting people and trying to convince them that you will be an effective representative of their interests at the state capitol.

What would be my platform? I would run on a no new taxes platform. I would run on a reduce-the-size-and-scope of government platform. I would run on the traditional values of low taxes, limited government, Judeo-Christian values, and a strong national defense (though I concede the last might not be pertinent at the local level).  I would promise never to vote for any bill that would constitute a tax increase to the taxpayer. I would run on the platform of getting the government out of your way so that you can get on with your life. I would loudly proclaim the message that once long ago sounded from the rooftops, but today is all but ignored – that government is not the solution to your problems, government is your problem.

The last four Republicans who ran on this platform in our district never got more than 43% to 44% of the vote.

The electorate cannot tell the difference between a fundamentally decent man who has made mistakes – Norm Coleman – and a lowlife who has said the most contemptible things about many groups of people – Al Franken.

And I expect this same electorate to elect me ? You’ve got to be kidding.

All the writing, all the talking, all the coffee chats, all the reading, all the late nights back and forth answering blog posts, trying to get people like Matt to understand that America was founded on a rugged individualistic conservatism, that the three pillars of American society are In God We Trust, Liberty, and E Pluribus Unum, etc. it has all been a waste. Because we are installing a person in the United States Senate as our representative who understands none of these things. We are putting the worst of the worst into the Senate and expecting great results. Sounds like insanity to me.

I believe that America is finished with traditional American values. America is finished being the America in which I grew up. We may become Amerika. We may become a Europeanized, socialized, shell of a once-great nation chock full of dependents on government. But with the certification of the election of Al Franken as a United States Senator, we have begun down a long road towards an America that will be unrecognizable in 30 or 40 years. The trip down this road is irreversible. It is irreversible because it is driven by young people, born during the first Bush and early Clinton administrations, who have never had to deal with any hardship in their lives as a nation. They have never had to deal with the threat of an Adolf Hitler, a Josef Stalin, or a nuclearized Soviet Union – once known as the Evil Empire. These are the young people who do not understand evil, so they don’t fight evil. To them and their baby boomer parents or grandparents, lack of health care is the real evil. Global warming is the real evil. That anyone would oppose the petition to the government of a woman who runs up an $80,000 student loan bill for a degree in international relations for the forgiveness of all of her debts at taxpayer expense – this is real evil. Kim Jong Il? He’s not so bad, all you have to do is negotiate with him. We’re just sayin’, give peace a chance. These voted for Barack Obama in droves, and they voted for Al Franken in droves.

It is sad to witness the fall of great nations. We are today witnessing the fall of Great Britain because the once-mighty nation that once ruled the waves is now being eaten up from within by rampant socialism and out-of-control political correctness, not to mention the horrific effects of an huge influx of radical muslim immigrants. These are all recipes for disaster.

I went to see a film last night called “The Third Jihad.” I recommend everyone get it and watch it. It chronicles why America is in danger from radical Islam. It is not so much a jihad of violence as it is a cultural jihad – taking advantage of the generous rights afforded by the our Constitution in order undermine that document and turn America into a Muslim state. If you don’t believe me, watch the Youtube video of Hamas on the steps of the capitol in St. Paul.

Yet, where is the outrage? Where are the people who demand that mosques that preach hatred of Christians and Jews and advocate violence against “the infidel” be shut down? No where to be found, unfortunately. They are fighting the real evil – global warming. The real evil – lack of health insurance for 47 million Americans. The real evil – the fact that taxpayers won’t pick up the tab for your graduate student next door.

So, I have to ask myself, why bother? Why is it worth it? If I am lucky I’ll be on this earth for 50 more short years, maybe a few more than that if God is generous. Why should I waste one more second of that precious time arguing about issues with people whom I can never hope to persuade? Why should I spend that time running for an office that I am all but certain to lose? Why should I spend that time reading about and discussing issues which I cannot do anything to change anyway? What is the point?

Isn’t it much better to spend my time doing things I like to do – spend time with the family, serve the church, teach chess, play Redemption cards? Why get all worked up over issues with people whose minds will never change, who will never understand that they are taking America down a road from which she may not ever recover?

I’ll pay the tax for turning on that light switch. Want me to keep my house at 62 degrees in the winter and 83 in the summer for the sake of global warming? Sure…why not? Want the government to buy up more companies even after they say that the last thing they want to do is be in this or that business? No problem here. Why should I care anymore? What possible impact could I have anyway? It’s time to throw in the towel. Traditional American values have lost and 60 votes in the Senate have won. Democrats, rejoice. Have a beer in your honor. Take America down the road of moral, legal, and economic ruin. Do whatever you want to America, because I don’t care anymore.

The America I have known and cared for has been shoved out the door by people who believe they know better than all of the generations who have gone before them. If that is not hubris I do not know what is.

“Good night, and good luck.”

We’ll need it.

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it…

In a WSJ entry today (http://online.wsj.com/article/SB124631646572370703.html), I read;

“Today, the U.S. ranks next to last among the 28 Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development nations in total federal revenue as a share of GDP. Our federal revenues represent 18% of national output, down from 20% just 10 years ago. That makes the mismatch between our spending and our revenue very large, producing the huge deficits we face.”

Now, I could have said this a bit differently, such as:

Today, the U.S. ranks second among the 28 Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development nations in the percentage of national income retained by taxpayers. Our federal revenues represent  only 18% of national output, down from 20% just 10 years ago. However, that makes the mismatch between our spending and our revenue very large, producing the huge deficits we face.

It is very interesting to me how the addition of  two words, “only” and “however”, utterly change the meaning of this paragraph.

Without them, they would convey exactly the same message. Although the first paragraph focusses on federal revenues an the second focusses on personal revenue, without these two “qualifiers”, both paragraphs would convey the message that it is “bad” for us to be keeping so much of our own money.

But with the words “only” and “however”, the meaning is completely different. The word “That” in the last sentence of the first paragraph refers to the low percentage of federal revenue, thus requiring that it be raised. The word “However” in the second paragraph indicts the mismatch, not the percentage. Thus, with two simple words, instead of going in the wrong direction, one would think we were going in the right one!


Temporary Defeat for Leftwing Racism in America

For more than forty years the American Leftwing has formed the working language of our country. The sculpting and mass production of this product exudes from the campuses of America’s institutions of “higher learning”. Words are manipulated most by professors, passed on to journalists and pastors of faith, politicians and leaders of the various sacred tribes of the organized Left, and finally to the work place, movie theaters and television screens. Orwell defined it as NEWSPEAK.

When I was a child and young man, discriminating was a positive word. A discriminating person was a person with excellent taste. One who could make better choices than the pedestrian person who wouldn’t ever have time to think, much less act of matters of significance. Poverty referred to the condition of being extremely poor…someone without reliable resources to conduct ones existence; someone who deserved help. One who was poor could never be 100 pounds over weight. Democrats in Congress define poverty these days by determining income.

Racism has been the most successfully redefined word in American English used for political advantage. Democrats, professors, public school teachers, the media, entertainers, some judges for Supreme Court membership….becoming now days all peas in the same pod, have by rote teaching, politicking, and judging, indoctrinated the public to believe racism is a disease exclusively of whites. Moreover with most of western Europe nanny state socialist governments, the disease has been defined more precisely as one cursing American whites……even more precisely, American conservative whites…..the great scholarly unwashed and untrainable.

Yet racism as practiced today in reality is more a disease among the American black population, led by the American left political and educational leadership as if managing its “plantation” society. It is decidedly anti-white, more particularly, anti-white male, and most particularly, anti-white conservative male.

Leftwing racism suffered a temporary defeat today with the Supreme Court reversing President Obama’s fellow tribalist believer, Sonia Sotomayor racist decision in the New Haven, Connecticut firemen case.

Until the Obama reign of gift of gab, the beacon of our culture has been the unwavering belief that TO GUARANTEE EQUAL JUSTICE FOR ALL, in our American democracy THE MODEL FOR JUSTICE MUST BE BLIND!!!

Even before Obama, Democrats preferred judges who peaked through the blind in order to favor certain political tribes allied to the American Leftwing causes. For generations somehow many judges couldn’t conceive of races able to be equal.

Today there was a temporary setback for Leftwing racism and tribalism from a judgment made by the Supreme Court of the United States. One may notice that a deciding vote was made by another one of my heroes of modern American life, Clarence Thomas, a man of extraordinary courage.

The following is an article from RealClearPolitics.com:

WASHINGTON — “The Supreme Court set a new standard for employers’ use of race in hiring decisions, ruling that New Haven, Conn., wrongly discriminated against a group of mostly white firefighters who lost out when a promotion exam was scrapped because no blacks scored well enough to advance.

Monday’s opinion by Justice Anthony Kennedy said employers must show a “strong basis in evidence” before ignoring results of employment-related tests — even if they worry the outcome was unfair — so as not to frustrate other applicants. The 5-4 decision, on the final day of the court’s term, follows a series of Supreme Court rulings that limit the scope of policies intended to address racial bias.

The case, Ricci v. DeStefano, had been closely watched because the lower appeals court’s one-paragraph ruling came from a three-member panel that included Judge Sonia Sotomayor, President Barack Obama’s nominee to succeed Justice David Souter. That now-defunct ruling is certain to feature heavily at her Senate confirmation hearings, scheduled to begin July 13…….

The court’s decision sparked a debate over the impact on companies. Some attorneys said the already uncertain role of race in the workplace would be further unsettled. The ruling could cause employers to be overly cautious in their hiring to avoid mishandling tests or interviews for fear of being sued. Others said the ruling could bring welcome relief to employers who wouldn’t otherwise know how to handle a similar circumstance. The high court’s decision, in that regard, provided some clear guidance: Employers must be on very solid ground before making any decisions that would discriminate against a specific group of employees. Many big American companies and trade associations, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, declined to comment or didn’t return calls seeking comment.

The case dates to 2003, when New Haven decided to fill 15 slots for lieutenants and captains in its fire department through a test. Of the 19 firefighters who qualified for promotion, none were black and two were Hispanic.

The case turned on the question of whether New Haven acted validly when it tossed the results out of concern that the test was discriminatory and could have placed New Haven in violation of federal civil-rights laws. The question goes to the heart of a bigger debate over affirmative action: When is it proper to discriminate against one group in order to remedy discrimination against another?

Judge Sotomayor and two other judges from the Second U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said New Haven, in refusing to validate the exams, “was simply trying to fulfill its obligations” under federal law after the outcome had a disproportionate impact on minorities.

Justice Kennedy, writing for the court’s conservative majority, said the city violated Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. “Whatever the city’s ultimate aim — however well intentioned or benevolent it might have seemed — the city made its employment decision because of race,” he wrote. “The city rejected the test results solely because the higher scoring candidates were white.”

Justice Kennedy said an employer can’t negate an exam unless there is strong evidence the test was unfair to minorities. In New Haven’s case the evidence was quite the opposite, he wrote, as the city took specific steps to ensure that black and Hispanic firefighters were consulted in designing the questions.

Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito joined the opinion. In 2007, the court invalidated formulas that took account of race to create integrated student bodies. Earlier this month, the court made it easier for local governments that once had discriminatory election procedures to end federal oversight.

In dissent, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said the majority overlooked a long history of racial discrimination in fire departments that justifies extraordinary deference efforts to promote diversity in the ranks.

The white firefighters who studied for the exam “understandably attract the court’s empathy,” Justice Ginsburg said in summarizing the dissent from the bench. But, she added, “they had no vested right to promotion.”

It is rare for the Supreme Court to find itself ruling on an opinion of someone waiting to join its ranks, and Justice Kennedy’s opinion and the published dissent made almost no mention of the appeals-court decision involving Judge Sotomayor.

Monday’s ruling affects any employer of 15 persons or more that uses any type of exams for employees, including test of personality, computer skills, physical fitness or honesty, said Christine Jolls, a Yale Law School professor and a former clerk to Justice Scalia.

Employers that rely on tests may now worry about being sued no matter what they do. “This decision is going to be trouble for business,” she said.

As a result, a number of companies could see costs rise as they try to better evaluate tests and hiring plans, said Sarah Crawford, senior counsel at the liberal Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Law.

Others, including the National Federation of Independent Business, a small-business association, said the decision could represent good news. “Now employers have some assurance that they’re not going to be sued if it turns out that despite their best efforts, the process impacts one of the protected categories,” said Karen Harned, the group’s executive director, who called the ruling “a good decision for business.” Joseph Beachboard, a lawyer at Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart in Los Angeles, who represents midsize and large employers, concurred, saying employers get “very nervous” when test results skew in favor of a particular employee group.

“The Supreme Court was sending a message to all employers,” Mr. Beachboard says. “You shouldn’t engage in a form of intentional discrimination to avoid unintentional discrimination.”

Cities including Chicago, New York, Jacksonville, Fla., and Bridgeport, Conn., have been embroiled in litigation brought by applicants alleging the cities illegally crafted tests to either screen out minorities or manipulated results to boost minority scores. Cities have defended their actions, saying they are trying to add minority employees while trying to uphold the spirit of the civil-rights law.”

“E Pluribus Unum” squeaked out a victory against an ancient enemy of civilization, tribalism, the contemporary vanguard of the American Democrat Party. ghr

—Naftali Bendavid, Kristina Peterson, Brent Kendall and Cari Tuna contributed to this article.

Hail Obama! We, in Your Land of Fraud, Salute You!

The tanks and artillery of the army of the “Change We Have Been Waiting For” have arrived and our once beautiful America is surrounded. There will be no battle. Only surrender. Obama’s lead generals, Waxman, Boxer, Gore, Pelosi, Soros, Ginsberg, Souter, even the ghost of the ailing Kennedy and the mentally deficient Harry Reid need only to inhale for the start of a whisper and the obedient battle corps of journalists, judges, academes, along with the feminist, gay, black, and union tribes stand ready to act…….

while America mourns the passing of one of its greatest heroes, a leader and standard bearer of our New American “leftycult”, Michael Jackson, national grieving now into the fourth day. Are the flags flying at half mast?

To act on what?

To end the siege and begin the final dismantling of what is left of American culture; at one time a belief in God rather than the fickled “truth of the day” determined by the most up to date pollsters, politicians and educators; at one time a reliance upon blind justice and E Pluribus Unum as the basis for the superiority of the rule of law; at one time a devotion to liberty over forced, government (leftwing) determined equality as a goal for its citizens in their pursuit of happiness.

The armaments of the left have been assaulting the beaches of America for a long time. The time of total victory is at hand!


Under the sun of the world’s brightest day you and your generals and their battle corps have convinced the world and homespun mourners of today’s countless Michael Jacksons, of your leftwing world of fraud.

Your frauds are now America’s truths, that:

America has not been a Christian nation.
America has been the enemy of peace and prosperity in the world.
America and the USSR were equally immoral in the Cold War struggle.
Forcing people to become equal is a superior goal for humanity than guarding human freedoms.
Atheism is a religion superior to American JudeoChristian beliefs.
Tribalism, the favoring of special sex groups, certain immigrants,
certain “natives”, certain occupations, certain offendeds, certain
neighbors over all others, strengthens the American community.
Global warming is human caused and only leftwing politicians can be trusted
to cure this alleged disaster to all mankind.
The world would be a better place if the United Nations governed the world.
America is hostile to minorities.
All things living are of equal value.
Fanatical Jihadists are an invention of the George W. Bush administration.
Bush lied. People died.
Atheistic State Socialism is not Marxism.
Barack Hussein Obama had no clue his mentor and preacher for 22 years was a
hate America, anti white racist.
It is good for the nation’s economy to fall six plus trillion dollars into debt.
Barney Frank, Christopher Dodd, Barack Obama had nothing to do causing the
home loan mortgage scandals.
American public education systems, kindergarten through graduate school in the
social sciences, are not left wing propaganda centers.
The Obama government run national health care programs will provide improved
health care for all Americans at bargain rates.
Al Franken is a great American.


What Do You Like Most About America? Why?

One week from today, that is, on Friday, July 3, 2009, from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM, the MN Prager Discussion Group will celebrate its 2nd Annual 4th of July Seder. The event will begin with a potluck get-to-gether from 5:30 to 7:00 followed by a patriotic celebration from 7:00 on. Please turn to this blogsite’s EVENTS tab for further information.

For several years, usually around America’s Independence Day, Dennis has complained about the manner in which most Americans seem to approach their national holidays….mindlessly beyond having a day or weekend off from work and school. July 4th was somewhat different in that one could explode firecrackers and get drunk. Others might go fishing besides.

No one seemed to care about the Holiday.

More recently, no one seems to know what the Holiday was about in the first place. Memorial Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day come and go without much understanding beyond notice that the banks and post offices are closed. These once were days for family gatherings, but the family in America has been so weakened, becoming so nondescript and redefined, it barely exists as an honored institution.
The only holiday honoring an American by name occurs in January to honor a black man. It is not good politically or academically these days to think highly of America’s white man contributions. They are thought by some in academic circles not to exist. White woman contributions are being invented regularly, but few have caught on. This is the age we live in. We have forgotten what it means to be an American.

Dennis bemoans this age. So he challenged his fans to seek clarity and honesty, regardless of the rules of Political Correctness. Dennis has often reminded listeners of the strengths of some long time Jewish traditions, one being a time where at a gathering, there is at least some time set aside for the past, for the living to reflect upon the yesterdays, where have they come from; where have they been, to help better understand the todays.

The majority of Americans, even those of adult age, don’t seem to have much understanding of today, much less of any other day.

Dennis challenged his audiences to organize seders, at least seder-moments in conjunction with our celebrations for Independence Day. Our Minnesota group has obeyed its leader. And so on Friday, the 3rd of July, we are celebrating this 2nd annual Seder celebrating America’s struggle to become free.

We will be asking that each member, after the potluck supper and patriotic attentions, we share with all others what it is in Americana we love most, and why. Round robin, friends. Now is your chance to be free among those who still appreciate what freedom is.