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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
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    • Sexism
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    • Racism
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School Children Take an Oath: “I Pledge to be a Servant of Barack Obama!”

Eagle Bay Elementary School of Farmington, Utah, a suburb of Salt Lake City is in the news.  Some Hollywood leftist rascals produced a film which was shown to elementary school children at the school. 

The subject of the video was  “Pledging”.  The children pledged to pledge themselves to do things listed  by these Hollywood stars’  interpretations of high values, improved behavior and superior religion.  They believe in nurturing  gullibility and the Goddess Gaia in American children.   Sacrifice to the God of Global Warming was urged.

The stars would coach the little ones what to pledge.  The stars rattled off about 25 to 30 “I pledges” all the way from “I pledge to flush the toilet only after doing number two”, to “I pledge to end slavery in the world”.  Two pledges stood out above all others.

“I pledge to serve  Barack Obams….and later in their devotions an actor led the group with the stated pledge:  “I pledge to be a servant of our president.”

Indoctrinating children to become a servant of our president should be a wake up call for every American, even lefties who have even the slightest allegiance to something in a democratic process.

Added to this calumny, the president, will address elementary school children throughout the nation  next week while they sit in their classrooms being programmed to follow teacher’s guidelines cooked up by Obama’s Department of Education bureaucrats devoted to Marxist persuasion.  

Josef  Stalin loved photos of himself holding hands with children.  They learned their abc s for Comrade Stalin.  They pledged to be faithful to his proletarian dictatorship. 

Adolf Hitler organized the Hitler Yugend who swore an oath of allegiance, not to the fatherland, folks, but to their Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler.  Have any Americans ever turned on the History Channel or, better yet the Military Channel to study the films of the grand Nazi religious pageants with workers, 50,000 to the left, 100,000 to the right, in the dark of the night, bands, drums blasting through the air and lights shooting to the sky resembling  pillars  in a Gothic cathedral?  Then the ten of thousands, then hundreds of thousands recited their pledge in chorus of emotion surreal.

Fellow Americans.  What do you think they pledged?….150,000 workers at this ceremony and 220,000 soldiers at another?   They in mass unison gave their solemn oath to serve their Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler.

Follow closely, fellow Americans, Barack Obama’s other intrusions into American private life.  I  refer to  his sneak attempts to slip through Congress as fast as possible under the sheets of 1300 unreadable pages, his Marxist plan for government run health care, a grotesque invasion into the more personal in America.

Remember, too, his plan to manipulate the American art world, by controlling politically goings on at the National Endowment for the Arts. (See “Obama’s Stalinizing (or Hitlerizing) the National Endowment for the Arts” article at this blogsite, August 26,2009.)

Apparently a good number of neighbors did not appreciate Hollywood’s sudden discovery of values it wanted to share with their elementary school children and to whom they should pledge themselves as a servant. 

When the principal was asked about the purpose of the film and why it was forced upon the school’s children, she admitted she had not seen the film.

Dennis Prager, who spent the entire first hour of his today’s radio show, found it appaling she had been so negligent.

In May of 2004 a national “newspaper” called, the Weekly Reader, or Scholastic reader, a newspaper for 5th graders readers (or 6th, I cannot remember for sure), distributed all over the country endorsed John Kerry for President.  It alleged Kerry had a better program for protecting the Earth, and was a man of peace.   At least no one asked for a pledge or two.

There inevitably will be more of these intrusions into children’s and teen lives by the American Leftwing in Obama’s future.  These Marxists will be receiving money from the stimulus plan to organize and spread Obamajoy among these young people. 

America is on a march to the left.

Not Ready for Prime Time Barack Obama

I have called Barack Obama our Student Body President, and sometimes our Graduate School President who is still in graduate school.  Bruce Walker in this following article profoundly explains the meaning of my characterizations, alas, much better than I ever could.        Mr. Walker wrote this article at Realclearpolitics.


September 3, 2009

The Not Ready for Prime Time President

By Bruce Walker

Pundits, including perceptive conservative opponents like Charles Krauthammer, have noted the consummate political skill of Barack Obama. There is not much doubt that Obama was able to wage a very effective campaign for the Democratic nomination and then for the presidency in the general election.

Bill Clinton was a masterful campaigner too (I had the opportunity to watch some of that first hand.) Ronald Reagan, because in part of his long career in Hollywood, could give “The Speech” a thousand times and each time it was electrifying. The word “charisma” entered our popular political language to describe John Kennedy, whose beautiful wife and boyish good looks created the myth of Camelot. Franklin Roosevelt had the same gift for making people feeling comfortable and winning elections.

But there is a huge difference between Obama, on the one hand, those other presidents on the other hand – and the difference transcends ideology. The difference is that JFK, FDR, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton had the ability to govern once they had won their elections.

FDR, by the time he became president, he had served as Secretary of the Navy under Woodrow Wilson, Governor of New York, and Vice Presidential Candidate of his party in 1928. Forget the rightness or the wrongness of his policies: Franklin Roosevelt understood governance.

John Kennedy had been a war hero, a member of Congress, and the real author of some important books (like Why England Slept, in which JFK describes the dangers of appeasing evil.) The Roosevelt and Kennedy clans also grew up with a sense of aristocratic responsibility and a backdoors familiarity with power which may not have been moral, but certainly was valuable.

Ronald Reagan, in addition to being a movie star, a union president, and an ambassador for General Electric, served eight years as Governor of California and was twice an unsuccessful candidate for the Republican nomination before finally winning the nomination in 1980.

Even Bill Clinton had been a congressional candidate, then attorney general of Arkansas, then for many years governor of Arkansas before he ran for president. Clinton served a term as Chair of the National Governors Association. He was a leading member of the Democratic Leadership Council, a group considered to be moderate but which was influential.

Obama, while possessing many of the campaigning gifts of these presidents, has shown no ability to govern at all. This is a very dangerous situation for our nation. Our leader is a man whose ignorance, in many areas of history and policy, is simply appalling. He is rather like the “President in the Plastic Bubble.” Obama’s entire life has been insulated from any sense of reality of the nation he governs.

When a black Marxist professor obviously blinded by intense racial rage has to be taken to a police station by a police officer nursed in all the nuances of political correctness, Obama cannot see his friend as the wailing bigot and the white policemen as the reasonable figure. At best, Obama calls it a moral draw.

When millions of Americans spontaneously protest at Tea Parties and Town Meetings proposals for massive federal changes, Obama instructs his satrapies in government, the Democratic Party, and the media that the voters are simply uninformed. When citizens cite specific sections of federal bills, how serious does Obama expect to be taken?

When polls show his support dropping steadily as well as support for his specific policies and his party, Obama seems to think that his cronies and he have simply not repeated the same unbelievable statements often, clearly, or loudly enough. It is as if John Edwards had taken the position, when his infidelity was exposed, that he simply needed to get in front of the television camera as often as possible repeating his lies as persuasively as he could.

His pals from Chicago seem unable to help him. His partisan handlers fancy that they can simply ram whatever they want. Men like Axelrod and Emmanuel seem to think that it should be simple to push radical Leftist programs through a nation in which conservatives outnumber liberals in virtually all of the fifty states. Obama and his clique appear certain that in a modern culture in which celebrity means everything to many, that just remaining on the cover of glamour magazines will assure political support — when actually the immature voter is the most feckless and unreliable source of muscle around.

President Obama seemingly has no clue about what he is doing, and, increasingly, it shows. What will happen when things start to go sour in Afghanistan? Our Commander-in-Chief simply will not be able to blame President Bush. After Obama has effectively destroyed the CIA, what will he do when terrorists strike? War is a nasty business in which lawyers should have little role. Has Obama noticed that Islamic terrorists are now threatening him? Does he understand that these vicious men are still threatening America?

Looking smooth on television and wowing those fawning socialites and film directors who want to be wowed brings a sort of ephemeral “popularity,” but great nations are not governed on such spun sugar. Winning elections and running superpowers are very different tasks. Now, we have a president who is every second still just a candidate. As the world grows more dangerous by the day, we are “led” by the Not-Ready-For-Prime-Time-President.

American Thinker

Is Paulsen Responsible If Honduras Falls To Chavez and Obama?

Should Erik Paulsen, a Representative from Minnesota, elected to conduct business and leadership on behalf of our flawed by still free democracy here in our Northern state, be held responsible for the fall of another American nation to the darkness of dictatorship and Stalinist Communism?

Erik Paulsen is a Washington bureaucrat in the Congressional department specializing in numerical facts and figures.  He is new to his job.  Why should he have to worry about Hugo Chavez’ s attempt to occupy a tiny nation such as Honduras with his thuggish brand of autocracy?   

Erik Paulsen is a good man.  Erik Paulsen will also be a good man in the Congressional department of numerical facts and figures.  But, he is only one man in a seventy one member committee, or gang, if you prefer, of American spenders who all purport to be specialists in numerical facts and figures.  And, indeed, most are.  These “most”  know  how to cripple America.  They buy votes with their spendings. 

These spenders, the fair and the foul, will become Erik’s closest friends in Washington. 

Erik is a good man.  He is serious about his specialty in numerical facts and figures.  He knows alot about his specialty, for he is bright and seems to be a very good student to learn more.  Minnesotans should all be proud of this brand of politician, an honest and dedicated man, its 3rd Congressional District, my voting district, has sent to Washington.

Our nation presently has a president who apparently reads the same books as does dictator and enemy of democracy, Hugo Chavez.  They have joined together to destroy a democratic country attempting to defend itself from a Marxist revolution led by Hugo Chavez.  Americans used to be educated to value the freedom and dignity and the struggle of peoples in the world trying to achieve representative government.  Democracies were never supposed to murder democracies.

I wonder if Erik ever studied the rise of Nazism or Stalin’s Soviet Union.  Neville Chamberlain of democratic Great Britain sold democratic Czechoslovakia to Hitler for a piece of paper.

Neville Chamberlain was a far more devoted patriot to democracy than the present American president, Barack Obama.

But Erik’s specialty is numbers dealing  with spending.  He wasn’t elected to be concerned about Honduras.

That is what worries conservatives about Republican representatives they help send to Congress.  The Erik Paulsens sent to Congress are supposed to be experts FIRST AND FOREMOST on the nature of democracy, its weakness, its strengths. 

Democracy is America’s lifeline to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.  It has been the American devotion to share that lifeline, NOT TO DESTROY that lifeline for other peoples in this world.  (And, yes America has damaged democracies from time to time in the past, for there is nothing about our nation that is perfect.)

Barack Obama is a leader in the effort to destroy democratic Honduras. 

Shouldn’t Erik Paulsen, specialist in numerical facts and figures, and a good man,  also be Washington’s messenger to us in Minnesota to defend democracy as well?  Or should he confine himself to be only a bureaucrat in a Congressional department of 71 other bureaucrats devoted only to spending America’s money? 

If not the messenger, how will  democracy defend itself?