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MPIRG Con Artists At My Door Soliciting for “Fair Elections”

Warning!  Beware!  Marxism is arriving at your door for your support!

MPIRG arrived at my house again this evening.  I was taken from my Obama corruption thoughts by the front door bell….”Yes?”  I called out from my upstairs window.

At the end of the cul de sac where my house is located we seldom get visitors soliciting…and if they are soliciting it is some college leftwingers wanting money for the environment or something leftier.  Rather like Obama seedlings waiting for their turn to germinate,  conning people into their religious devotions.

The pleasant one of the two gals, the chubbier, called up and said she was visiting for a chat.

I knew immediately these were Obamalings selling Socialist something or another.

“Yes, what are you selling?”

“We aren’t selling anything.  We are with MPIRG……”    

Citizens should know that MPIRG which stands for  Minnesota Public Interest Research Group has nothing to do with innocent,  fair and non partisan  research.   It is a left wing University sponsored outfit, funded in part by every student who pays tuition at that damned university and by now probably every other college in the Minnesota neighborhood, to fund Democrat and/or even leftier Marxist politics.

“Well usually you folks are selling something leftwing in American political life….What is it this time?  Something about climate change?  You want money to kill carbon dioxide?”

“Oh, no!  We are non-partisan.  We are gathering support to reduce election fraud!”

“Well, we certainly need election reform, that is for sure.  You mean, of course, the frauds in the American  black inner city……the plantation culture frauds where the boss man collects votes cast both by the living and the dead kind of fraud?”

“Not exactly.  We are non partisan,” she repeated.  “We are non-political” she lied.

“Well, tell me which of the two major political parties is commonly known to engage in voter fraud rather regularly….surely you have studied the matter!”

“There isn’t any difference between them.”

“I was hoping for a bit of honesty……or  maybe you are forgetting the fraudulently elected junior senator from Minnesota.”

By then, the yon Cassius of the two gals with that lean and hungry look, shouted out….”Don’t listen to him!  Don’t waste our time!”  and then asked me to give her the peace sign….and then violated Winston Churchill’s V for Victory hand sign, as she called out, “Come on.  Let’s get out of here”.

So, I immediately returned to my computer to check what MPIRG was, indeed selling…..What devious, duplicitous, disingenuousness, twisted Obama-like politics are they selling these days?



…………………..”Why do we need Campaign Finance Reform?

  • Corporations are not people. With the occurrence of the most recent Supreme Court ruling, Citizen’s United v FEC, an increasing number of loopholes have opened, effectively giving corporations more rights than people in their political activity.
  • Unlimited political expenditures from corporations drowns out the voice of the people in the democratic process, diminishing the power of concerned individuals and organizations like MPIRG.
  • Advocacy organizations will lose influence in the political system. Before this power becomes fully realized by corporations, advocacy organizations need to use the power they have to pass reforms blocking the influence of corporations on elections whereby we can continue to effectively advocate for change on many social, economic, and environmental justice issues.
  • Influence in legislation. The current ruling encourages lawmakers to legislate what’s best for corporations instead of their constituents.   
  • Fair elections. Gives special interests leverage to spend millions on advertising during the election season.

Stay tuned as MPIRG ramps up our work on policies that increase transparency in elections, limit the influence of special interests in our democracy, and provide for campaigns that allow everyone, regadless (sic)  of socioeconomic status, to run for office.

Comment:  Over the years perhaps twenty times these “innocent”, sweet appearing  University hucksters knock at my door for a sign-up and money.  Every time they lie about their political agendas.  This time they pretend to support honest and fair elections, but, in fact, are lobbying to counter the recent Supreme Court decision to allow American businesses to donate money to political campaigns.


6 Responses

  1. The lovely evening of the nicest day yet this year just got mildly spoiled by a MPIRG doorbell ringer here in an otherwise benign Minnetonka backwater.
    I’d never heard of MPIRG; and Deirdre, the polite, pleasant young lady at my door gave a good first impression. Her purpose, however, seemed at odds with all that afflicts America: to have me sign a petition for the “MN Toxic Free Kids Act 2011” (another thing I’d never heard of).
    Deirdre is probably destined for a successful career in the media, because she kept on smiling even when I remarked that she seemed to know little or nothing of interest about the petition she was bearing; and even though she had only collected a couple of signatures from the first 20+ homes he had visited in my neighborhood. The mass media doesn’t mind when facts (or the absence of them) don’t match the message.
    I declined to sign, telling Deirdre that I wanted to find out what this MPIRG is.
    I’m glad that I refrained. These are not Girl Scouts bearing cookies.

    • Dear manxjack,

      No, these girls don’t bear Girl Scout cookies, but I think some eat a lot of Girl Scout cookies despite the political and social incongruity of these gals with their munchings.

      The great MPIRG crime, however, is that funds for these Marxist venture set ups come from tuition every University of Minnesota pays for their “education”.

      Marxism is, of course, a religion, and requires the passion of the knowing and the unknowing to spread its deceits and collect its coins. It is the only religion which has University approval.

      I’ll have to check up on the Toxic Free Kids drive by MPIRG, 2011……The only toxic free kids I am aware of, are those both young and old who have never been exposed to the ebola of political existence, Marxism.

      Do you think MPIRG might have had an epiphany tsunami?……No, I don’t think so either……but there is always hope.

      I’ll google for Toxic Free Kids, inc…….I’ll probably find it at Media Matters…..or at Democrat National Committee headquarters.

      Thank you for commenting, manxjack. If you discover more about toxic free kids or MPIRG’s next crusade, do share it with us.

  2. Kyle Wagner from MPIRG stopped by my house last night. He, like all the others, is a blind college student that is doing the dirty work for the people he should be working against. It is amazing how these kids get brainwashed by such obvious frauds.

    His main goal was to convince me to vote no on the voter ID Amendment. He said many things that weren’t true about voter fraud. At one point claiming it doesn’t exist in Minnesota. I don’t know if he was making them up or if the people directing his group told him his information. But, none of what he said was true about the voter ID Amendment.

    He could not come up with an example of anyone that will be disenfranchised besides himself. I told him he needs to get registered and he said he doesn’t have time because he is a college student. I told him it would take him a lot less time than going door to door trying to stop the amendment from passing.

  3. I NEVER answer the door. I don’t have a door bell. They can break their knuckles. I won’t come to the door.

    Only if I’m expecting someone.

  4. And that’s final!!!

  5. Brother Vladislov, I advise you to never open the door to anyone; it could be Obama the Grim Reaper. Meet him at your local Starbucks. And let him pay for the coffee!

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