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Why the Leftwing Lie That Timothy McVeigh Was a Christian Terrorist?

With the firing of Juan Williams, a few Leftists supporting NPR’s  move, have referred to Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber,  as a “Christian” terrorist.   What a LIE!   Since when has he been officially so described?   So I looked up historyguy.com to review what this group might include for reasons to slaughter……to see if he had any religious feelings promoted by anyone who promised him 72 virgins upon his entry into the great beyond as his bit of sacrifice for horrendous murder.  Here is what I found:

“Timothy McVeigh, convicted and executed for the worst act of domestic terrorism in United States history, became a radicalized member of the far right-wing in the early 1990s. With fellow army veteran Terry Nichols, McVeigh conspired to destroy the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City as a blow to a federal government that they saw as an evil force.

Their blow against the government they despised killed 168 people, eight of whom were federal agents, 19 were children, mostly at a daycare facility in the building, and the rest were ordinary office workers and citizens attending to normal business.

McVeigh grew up in Pendleton, New York, the son of an auto worker. McVeigh began to delve into right-wing and racist ideas and books, a tendency which grew over the next few years. He joined the U.S. Army in 1988 after holding a series of dead-end jobs. He served in the First Gulf War as a machine gunner on a Bradley Fighting Vehicle, earning a Bronze Star for his service during that conflict.

After discharging from the Army in 1991, McVeigh became radicalized by what he saw as the actions of an oppressive government. In 1992, the FBI laid siege to the compound of white separatist and Aryan Nations sympathizer, Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge in Idaho. The next year, federal law enforcement agencies ended the siege at the Branch Davidian cult compound with an assault ending in a catastrophic fire. Prior to the assault which ended the standoff, McVeigh traveled to Waco to act as an anti-government demonstrator and to show support for cult-leader David Koresh. McVeigh purposely chose the second anniversary of the Waco assault for his terrorist act as a message to the government.

In a letter he wrote to Fox News correspondent Rita Cosby, McVeigh attempted to justify his attack on a federal building as no different from a U.S. military air or missile strike on a government building in an enemy nation such as Serbia or Iraq. This is the statement of a person who is so alienated from his own country that he no longer recognizes his victims as anything other than an enemy target.

McVeigh read many extreme right-wing publications, including the Turner Diaries, a novel written by a Neo-Nazi named William Pierce (writing under the alias “Andrew Macdonald”), which is full of violent racist and anti-Semitic fantasies. In the book, the main character, Turner, heads a group which explodes a rented truck at FBI headquarters. McVeigh’s actions on April 19, 1995 makes the Turner Diaries into a blue print for his plans.

With his mind full of politicized hate, McVeigh drove a rented Ryder truck full of a fertilizer-based explosive toward the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City. In the subsequent blast, 168 people died, and hundreds more (at least 800), recieved wounds.

As he fled the scene of the bombing, Oklahoma Highway Patrolman Charles Hanger pulled McVeigh over and arrested him for driving without a license and carrying a concealed weapon. Within days, the connection was made between McVeigh and the man seen running from the Ryder truck prior to the bombing. He was convicted in federal court on June 2, 1997 for the murder of eight federal agents. McVeigh was executed by lethal injection on June 11, 2001 at the federal prison in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Timothy McVeigh represented a culmination of the growth and potential terror of right-wing groups such as the Aryan Nations, The Order, and other racist, anti-Semitic anti-government groups commonly lumped together under the heading “The Militia Movement.” The ideas and events which helped radicalize McVeigh; the talk of a “New World Order,” the Turner Diaries, the Ruby Ridge incident, the Waco Siege, and other supposed improprieties by the American government, also radicalized others, who, to this point, have not turned their beliefs into mass murder. The advent of the War on Terror, and the September 11th attacks have taken the public’s attention away from the right-wing militia groups, but the potential for more Oklahoma City-style attacks still exists.”

Sounds like a typical college graduate leftwinger’s analysis and warning to me, but even here there are no newer interpretations about his purpose for slaughter.  With Marxists one can never rely on the accuracy of  the past, for it is always open to review depending upon the winds of the laws of “Political Correctness” the establishment left’s standard for manipulating truth.  In the Marxist Soviet Union one of the most popular adages was: “The Future is known.  It’s the Past that keeps changing”.  So it is with the Leftwing led American public school system, universities and Democrat Party.  Marxists tend to learn from Marxists.

The American Left suggests  Timothy McVeigh was driven by his Christian beliefs to do God’s work by bombing the Oklahoma City government building when they compare his act with those terrorists who perpetrated the murders of the 3,000 on September 11, 2001. 

Where is there any evidence a Christian sect or priest of any kind ordered Mr. McVeigh to commit his atrocity?  What rituals did he perform to sanctify his murders?  

 Imams all over the Near East and from America, Britain, Germany and so on are challenging muslims to join in murder for the sake of Allah and the reward of Allah-heaven and the comfort of virgins.  They don’t even hide it except from the Michael Bloombergs.

The American Left is presently married to  American Islam because they have a common enemy……traditional American values.



2 Responses

  1. You would be correct if you weren’t wrong. McVeigh was working out of Elohim City on the Arkansas-Oklahoma border when he blew up the Murrah Building. Elohim City is a known Christian Identity enclave frequented by known Christian terrorists.

    To verify this, Google [ MCVEIGH ELOHIM SNELL KEHOE ]. It is all part of the official Justice Department investigation that was excluded from the trial only for a lack of direct evidence proving Elohim and Snell were co-conspirators with McVeigh.

    Richard Snell had been a key figure in a 1980s attempt to bomb the Murrah Building, but he was captured and convicted for murdering an alleged Jewish storekeeper before that plan could be carried out, and that plan was scrapped. He was a frequent visitor to Elohim City, and he was buried there after his execution.

    Snell was executed at 9 PM on April 19, exactly 12 hours after McVeigh detonated his bomb. Arkansas Death Row guards told the FBI that in the days before April 19, Snell had bragged to them that there would be “a big explosion” on his execution day.

    “If the glove doesn’t fit, you have to acquit,” as the saying goes, but the circumstantial evidence weighs a ton. McVeigh had communicated with Elohim City in the weeks before the bombing, and he is known to have traveled to that specific area of Oklahoma in that time frame.

    To say that McVeigh was not a Christian terrorist is to deny mountains of evidence to the contrary. He was Christian, he conferred with Christian terrorists, he was a Republican, and he was a terrorist murderer.

    Look for the series of reports published by the Denver Post. The pull together all of these facts that are gleaned from the FBI investigations.

    • Thank you Citizen Housden. You failed to mention the name of Mr. McVeigh’s congregation. You failed to include writings, sermons, prayers, places of outdoor or indoor worship by Mr. McVeigh….where was this religiosity of Mr. McVeigh introduced in his trial? Thank you for your interest in crimes of the Church. Leftists and other American malcontents cherish your version of the McVeigh religiosity. Let me know what Christian prayer he recited shortly before his execution!!! G. Ray

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