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    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
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Eric Holder Sues Illinois School District: Muslim Teacher Wanted to Go to Mecca!

 Folks, we need a new cop in town!!    Obamaland is out of control!   Your tax dollars are supporting  jihadists!

The following article is from the Chicago Sun-Times:

“The U.S. Department of Justice Monday slapped the Berkeley School District with a lawsuit, saying it discriminated against a Muslim teacher when it denied her unpaid leave to go on a religious pilgrimage.The feds said the district, about 15 miles west of Chicago, violated the Civil Rights Act of 1964 in its handling of MacArthur Middle School teacher Safoorah Khan’s December 2008 request, failing to reasonably accommodate her religious practices.According to the complaint filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois in Chicago, Khan, who joined the district as a teacher in 2007, wanted to perform Hajj, a requirement for every Muslim who is physically and financially able. The annual pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, is a demonstration of the solidarity of the Muslim people, and their submission to God.The district denied the leave, saying it was “not related to her professional duties” and Khan resigned as a result, according to the complaint.The lawsuit, filed on Khan’s behalf, seeks her reinstatement, back pay and unspecified damages, and an order requiring the district to adopt a policy designed to “reasonably accommodate the religious observances, practices and beliefs of employees and prospective employees,” the justice department said.Khan would not comment on the action. The district did not immediately respond to calls about the lawsuit Monday evening, as board members gathered for a regularly scheduled monthly meeting.”

At Blogsite, Hopelessly Partisan, Ken Berwitz backs the Islamist teacher suing the school district, calling the  decision, “Religious Intolerance”

The following article published at Hopelessly is from London’s Daily Mail:

Muslim woman teacher sues U.S. school after being denied three weeks unpaid leave to make pilgrimage to Mecca

 A school district is being sued for not allowing a Muslim teacher to take unpaid leave to make a pilgrimage to Mecca.

 The Federal Government has brought the case on behalf of Safoorah Khan, claiming that it is a violation of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

 It is the duty of every Muslim to join the million of pilgrims at the Hajj in Mecca at least once in their lifetime – and the middle school teacher had hoped to go in 2008.

 Khan had started at Berkeley School, in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, in 2007 and asked for unpaid leave of three weeks to visit Saudi Arabia.

 After the education district twice denied her request, Khan wrote to the board that ‘based on her religious beliefs, she could not justify delaying performing Hajj’.

 She resigned shortly thereafter, according to the lawsuit filed in federal court.

 Federal prosecutors say the leave was unrelated to her professional duties and was not set forth in the contract between the school district and the teachers’ union, thus violating her civil rights.

 Berkeley School District compelled Khan to choose between her job and her religious beliefs, the lawsuit said.

The government asked the court to order the school district to adopt policies that reasonably accommodate its employees’ religious practices and beliefs, and to reinstate Khan with back pay and also pay her compensatory damages.

In November 2008, Khan filed a complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which found reasonable cause that discrimination had occurred and forwarded the matter to the U.S. Justice Department.

Comment:   The stupidity of the school administrators in the Berkeley school district….Why in hell do you hire Islamists, anyway?

The stupidity of the American people is more serious and over bearing….Why in hell did you elect Barack Hussein Obama who is Erik Holder’s immediate boss?

This is a good sign! MSNBC exposes its own bias moment!

The following script and video is from HotAir:

“A classic, mainly for Mika Brzezinsky’s reaction. After his co-host read a news report about Judge Henry Hudson’s decision ruling the federal health-insurance mandate unconstitutional that emphasized Hudson’s appointment to the bench by George W. Bush, Joe Scarborough wondered aloud why the source of appointments only seem to matter for those picked by Republican presidents. Former Newsweek editor Jon Meacham supplied the correct answer while mostly stifling a laugh, but Brzezinsky fumes over the criticism (via the Daily Caller and The Right Scoop)


Comment:  I do watch Fox too much.   I am used to its bias, and sometimes the personalities grate.   I have never quite accepted news as entertainment, or entertainment as news.   Fox is very informative, however.

The MSNBC of Keith Olbermann  is vile and offensive.  Its  Chris Matthews is a caricature, the Ted Baxter of the twenty first century televison news and often as silly. 

note…..Ted Baxter was the news anchor at WW whatever TV in the Mary Tyler Moore show. truly, truly one of the best, if not the funniest  series television shows of all time.   When Dennis Prager complains (correctly) about the television as a garbage dump unworthy of our time…..he certainly did not have the Mary Tyler Moore Show in mind……(You didn’t, did you, Dennis?)

Aaron Sorkin’s Hate of Sarah Palin

The following is the Weekly Dennis, that is, Dennis Prager’s column at Townhall.com.

Dennis printed a warning prelude to his column which I have included below.    Aaron Sorkin has a foul tongue  which he exercises freely…..a habit of many, many leftwingers.   Readers will discover his vulgarity soon enough without any warning. 


On CNN recently, Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin (“The Social Network,” “West Wing”) called Sarah Palin an “idiot.”

Let’s see to whom that label applies.

Last week in the Huffington Post, Sorkin wrote a column attacking the ex-governor of Alaska and her TLC mini-series reality TV show, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.”

Sorkin opened with a quote from Palin on the hypocrisy of meat-eaters who condemn hunting for food. He then proceeded with this response:

“You’re right, Sarah, we’ll all just go f— ourselves now.”

That non sequitur was the high point of Sorkin’s column. (Also, as I noted in my last column on the Grammy Awards nominees for Record of the Year, while most people use expletives in private conversation or in a rare uncontrolled outburst, the Hollywood and art-world left uses expletives in public discourse and in writing as a matter of course.)

Sorkin was furious that the documentary showed Palin hunting and killing a caribou. Although she made it clear that she intended to eat the animal, according to Sorkin she had committed an act of murder and torture. To quote Sorkin:

“I don’t relish the idea of torturing animals.”

“I don’t watch snuff films and you (Palin) make them.”

“I’ve tried and tried and for the life of me, I can’t make a distinction between what you (Palin) get paid to do and what Michael Vick went to prison for doing.”

“I get happy every time one of you faux-macho s—heads accidentally shoots another one of you in the face.”

“That was the first moose ever murdered for political gain.”

“Sarah Palin is deranged.”

Sorkin admits that he eats meat and wears leather. So while he and almost any of us in the affluent West can eat healthfully without eating any meat, Sorkin chooses to have animals killed solely for his culinary pleasure. In other words, he is morally at peace with paying others to kill animals for what is in fact the “fun” of eating meat. But when Palin hunts and kills an animal for food, she is a murderer and torturer.

And while on the subject of torture, isn’t there more torture in the way in which most animals are confined and killed in the slaughter mills of modern society than in the killing of an individual animal while it freely roams in the wild?

As for comparing Palin’s TV show to a “snuff film,” what kind of mind likens the murder of an innocent person on film to hunting a caribou? There is an answer: the Hollywood leftist mind.

Likewise, Sorkin’s use of the word “murdered.” Outside of his confused moral universe, humanity has always reserved that word “murder” exclusively to describe the deliberate killing of an innocent human being. It has never been used to describe the killing of an animal. By Sorkin’s logic, his eating meat renders him a mass murderer.

No wonder, then, that Sorkin sees no difference between shooting a caribou and Vick’s using dogs to kill one another in a sadistic sporting event.

I return to the question: Does Sorkin really not see a difference between hunting an animal for food, torturing an animal or murdering a human being — especially given the fact that he pays people to kill animals for his joy in eating them?

If he sees no difference, then it is he — not Palin — who best fits the description of her he wrote in his column. The only other explanation would be that he so hates her that he will say anything, including turning moral standards upside down, in order to insult her.

Good people can differ on Palin’s political positions or on whether she should run for president in the next election. But what has she ever said, written or done to justify Sorkin’s hatred and cruelty? Indeed, what has she ever said or written that was as infantile or morally foolish as what Sorkin wrote about her?

Ironically, all Sorkin’s column achieves is an elevation of Palin’s status. If people can be judged by those who hate them, Palin must be more impressive than many people have realized.

So, how does one explain Sorkin’s irrational hatred and morally twisted thinking?

As noted earlier, it is indicative of the Hollywood Leftist mindset. Members of Hollywood’s left generally live in a left-wing cocoon. What strikes most people who live outside of that cocoon as irrational and immoral is often regarded as brilliant in that world. To the rest of us, comparing shooting a caribou to a snuff film, to murder and to torture is the ranting of an immature and morally confused mind. But among many of Sorkin’s peers on the cultural left, Sorkin’s column is not merely brilliant, it is f—ing brilliant.”

Comment:   During his radio program today, Dennis was interviewing the journalist who had written the book, Gray Lady Down, a review of the current fall of the New York Times from the prestige it used to emanate when the enterprise was less focussed on advancing a Marxist Big Government Leftwing agenda.  It was an excellent interview.

A caller, a Roman Catholic  complained about the New York Times prejudices against his religion.  He was questioning, rather nervously and clumsily in my view,  that since  the paper is Jewish-owned, did that have  something to do with its assault on Catholic Christianity?    Dennis picked it up as a “conspiracy”  accusation and confronted the caller, cutting him off in a somewhat gentle but awkward way, and knowing Dennis by the hundreds of hours I have listened to him, this was not at all by intent. 

One of the great pleasures of listening to Dennis’ radio show is the high level of conversation he elicits from his callers.   One truly comes to love so many of them for their perceptions, comments, and style they bring to the show.  

For those of you readers who haven’t yet listened to Dennis Prager’s Radio Show, shame on you for it is uplifting in so many ways.

Dennis is either accepting more abrasive calls from those with  some degree of  hostility toward Jewishness, whatever that may include, or his show is reaching a broader listenership which brings in more calls from  a broader group of folks.    I personally root for both.  

Also, personally I am not Jewish either by blood or personal choice, although I could be ‘religiously’.  But I have lived in a ‘Jewish’ community of one kind or another most of my life.   Behaviors of speech and thought displayed by this Aaron Sorkin are behaviors which have been more common among some Jewish communities than any other that I have ever known  until about twenty years ago.   Never had I ever come across a Christian group whose members so often spoke with such vulgarity until  the collapse of Christian influence in the culture at large. 

No one in my family either on my Dad’s ancient Anglo-Saxon side or among my Mother’s more recent German immigrants EVER SWORE.   EVER!     None of us were allowed to.  We are talking about 150 people in my Mother’s community and maybe 75 in my Dad’s.   None of my friends  in my entire life swore in my presence. I heard such words expressed only by some Jewish kids flagrantly and only outdoors. 

  But, the ‘f’ word didn’t appear in my world until the  1960s.  That is two years after I was in the Army, by the way.  It wasn’t allowed to be spoken  there either, even from  the cadre.  Even in basic training cursing was simply non-existent in the general conversation.

My Mother, however,  did have one speech habit which was declared ‘cursing’ by Marie Hart, the  proud, well educated,  Roman Catholic teacher of  my 9th grade General Science class, one of my favorites of all time.  At home I’d regularly hear “Oh, my Lord”  often in situations where amazement was declared as a substitute for “Can you beat that?”

Now, Miss Hart was also my Home Room teacher, so I cannot quite remember the actual location of my sin, but by habit, I admit I “swore” by Miss Hart’s standards once, for I had used “Oh, my Lord” as an emphasis showing amazement……not at all to challenge her in any way to cause trouble.

My punishment I do remember.   I had to stay after school in her room for 45 minutes for the next three days.   Now, this public high school was located about five miles from my house.   There were no city school buses in those days.  This ninth grader as well as nearly all of the others at the school  had to find their way on their own to get to and from school.   Only those students who lived in Roseville, a suburb 15 -20 miles away were bused in. 

One final generalization here……Sarah Palin’s Alaska-life habits are  about the farthest possible from those habits which create this vulgar Mr. Sorkin….vulgar of speech and vulgar of thought, in my view, of course.   

Mr. Sorkin does hate her and those ‘like her’ viscerally, I believe.   Such ‘Palin” folks are too primitive to be allowed.  Ms. Palin reminds me  very much of the very best of  my Mother…….a “roll-up-your-sleeve-and-get-the-job-done” kind of person.    I smile in delight every time I see  Governor Palin on televison.

Even today, if I had simply listened to a reading of Mr. Sorkin’s critique without knowing his name, I would have answered, if asked, that the author was Jewish…….and, in my experience….lived in New York City.

Most of my friends, those with whom I feel most free to express my “me” are Jewish……hang on, now…….they are all but one, conservatives……not conversions over the past year or so, but long time thinkers.   They are as remote from the Aaron Sorkin’s of the world as ,I believe, I am.   They are not unhappy people.

When I was a child being raised in the Highland Park area of St. Paul, the large Jewish community was a Jewish community rather than a happy one.   It preferred to be isolated.

And  the Sorkins do seem to be unhappy.  They are Leftwing Jews.  They are leftwing primarily because the enemy of their ‘race’ when living in Europe was the Christian establishment.   For centuries this was usually not a happy mix for an active and energetic  minority never large enough to rule.   Jewish immigrants brought stories of atrocities across the Atlantic with them throughout the decades with the belief  that if you’ve met one Christian, you have met them all.

The unhappiest of any group are likely to become extremists or at least, the most extreme critics……as was the case in Europe with the rise of the various Marxist movements.   These are anti-Christian movements and affect high intellectual thinkings, some even earned……a natural attraction for any ‘non-believing’  Jews.

In the world of Political Correctness of my time, meaning my high school years to the end of the Viet Nam war,   (1948-1975) no one non-Jewish could carry on any conversation critical of anything Jewish.   Every article in the Twin City newspapers until about 1975 or 1980 about the Middle East crises….there have been so many….were written by Jews…..admittedly a few rather fair in their description of  Palestinian issues.

These were the years when Israel was fighting for its life in more realistic terms…..including  real wars.  

Democrats Doing It Again? Omnibus Spending Bill….1,924 Pages….Cost $1,000,000,000,000!

Senate Democrats and Rino Republicans are rallying around another boondoggle, the Omnibus Spending Bill, 1,924 pages long and costing $1,000,000,000,000.  

They want to make their mark sinking the ship as many of them, thank God will not be returning to Congress about ten days from now.

We need a larger, more active and long standing Tea Party, or our nation and its democracy are doomed.  Take note, fellow Americans, which members of Congress are  among the assassins.

The following article was written by Alexander Bolton of The Hill:

“Senate Democrats have filed a $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill that would fund the government through fiscal year 2011, according to Senate GOP sources.
The 1,924-page bill includes funding to implement the sweeping healthcare reform bill Congress passed earlier this year as well as additional funds for Internal Revenue Service agents, according to a senior GOP aide familiar with the legislation.

The package drew a swift rebuke from Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.), chairman of the Senate Republican Policy Committee.
“The attempt by Democrat leadership to rush through a nearly 2,000-page spending bill in the final days of the lame-duck session ignores the clear will expressed by the voters this past election,” Thune said in a statement. “This bill is loaded up with pork projects and should not get a vote. Congress should listen to the American people and stop this reckless spending.”
Thune has called for a short-term funding measure free of earmarks to keep the government operating beyond Dec. 18, when the current continuing resolution expires.
Despite strong opposition from Thune and Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.), several Senate Republicans are considering voting for the bill.
“That’s my intention,” said retiring Sen. Bob Bennett (R-Utah) when asked if he would support the package.
Bennett said earmarks in the bill might give some of his GOP colleagues reason to hesitate but wouldn’t affect his vote.
“It will be tough for some, but not for me,” he said.

GOP Sens. Kit Bond (Mo.), George Voinovich (Ohio) and Susan Collins (Maine) also told The Hill on Tuesday they would consider voting for the omnibus but want to review it before making a final decision.
“I hope to be able to vote for one,” Bond said of the omnibus. “We’ve got to look what’s in it.
“I’m anxious to see it,” he added.”

Remarkable!! A Remarkable Article At Lefty “Slate”…..The London Riots

Will wonders ever cease?  Beyond all expectations the street level lefties at website, Slate, have  published a first-rate article about a reality.   Anne Applebaum, author of the article, opposes  anarchist-Marxist violence, the world’s only major competition violence  to jihadist rioting and slaughter of the peace loving religion of Islam.Anne writes:

“LONDON—In the photograph that appeared the following day, her mouth was open, her eyes were wide, and she seemed to be shouting as her car window shattered. But those who know her insist that the Duchess of Cornwall—Camilla Parker Bowles, wife of Prince Charles—was not frightened by the demonstrators who attacked her car during a demonstration-turned-riot in London late last week: She was angry.

She wasn’t alone, either. Three demonstrations—ostensibly protests against a rise in university tuition—have turned violent in London over the last month. During the first, thugs wearing black ski masks broke into the headquarters of the Conservative Party, smashed windows, and threw fire extinguishers at the police. During the most recent—on the day of the tuition bill vote—they drew graffiti on a statue of Churchill and urinated on its base, damaged the Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square, and then attacked the royal car. One protester—the adopted son of Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour, as it happens—climbed the Cenotaph, London’s central war memorial (inscribed “To the Glorious Dead”), swung from a flag that hangs from the top, and then tried to start a bonfire outside a courthouse for good measure. Imagine a masked mob raging through the grounds of the Washington Monument, spray-painting the Jefferson Memorial, and trashing Arlington Cemetery, and you’ll understand why Camilla—like many others—was unsympathetic.

Still, this kind of violence demands some explanation, particularly because the British public’s initial reaction to government spending cuts was, as I wrote in October, stoic acceptance. Unlike the French, who spent most of that same month on strike, the promise of a new age of austerity seemed to appeal to many in Britain, particularly those old enough to feel nostalgia for the penny-pinching, consumer-unfriendly country of their youth.

Clearly, not everybody feels that nostalgia: Charlie Gilmour, age 21, doesn’t remember postwar rationing, and he has probably never eaten corned beef hash from a can. The privately educated son of a multimillionaire, he will never worry about tuition fees and won’t have to scrimp and save to pay his mortgage in London’s (still) ludicrously expensive housing market. But I’m sure he is surrounded at Cambridge by many people who will. David Willetts, a Conservative politician who is now the minister in charge of higher education, recently published a book whose title, The Pinch: How the Baby Boomers Took Their Children’s Future and Why They Should Give It Back, pretty much sums up the problem facing Gilmour’s friends, if not Gilmour himself. Britain’s 20-year housing boom has benefited people who are now in their 50s and 60s—the same group of people who once enjoyed free university tuition at the taxpayers’ expense, who anticipate large pensions on their imminent retirement, and who are now solemnly instructing their children that it’s time to cut back, “for the benefit of future generations.” Never mind that the hated tuition bill is accompanied by provisions designed to help the poorest, or that British students will pay only a portion of the real cost of education, which taxpayers still subsidize. Just because a generational struggle takes place within the middle class doesn’t make it any less ugly.

If anything, the British protesters—especially the ones wearing black balaclavas and swinging on flags—resemble not striking French transport workers but the anarchist students who were burning down shops and banks in Athens two years ago. Like their Greek brethren, the British left has, at the moment, no organized political outlet. The opposition Labour Party is befuddled by defeat and is anyway held responsible for the current economic crisis. Its former leader, Tony Blair, was responsible for imposing tuition fees in the first place, and its current leaders have equivocated about whether to remove them. The Liberal Democrats have stuck by the coalition and voted to raise tuition. The Conservatives clearly aren’t going to appeal to people who piss on Churchill’s statue.

All of which seems to leave angry young people with nothing left to do except throw another post-ideological tantrum—a strategy of dubious merit. In the end, Central London was trashed last week, but the bill passed. Tuition will go up. The coalition dug in its heels. And I’m sure Charles and Camilla, along with other angry old people, learned their lesson: Next time, take another route to the theater.”

Comment:  God Bless You, Anne.  It is the best article I have read regarding the London disorders.

The Case Against Obamacare …”It’s About Liberty” – Ken Cuccinelli

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli of the state of Virginia explains his view of the effect of yesterday’s court decision striking at this Obamalaw section of Obamacare legislation forcing citizens throughout the country to buy federal government  health insurance.

“This lawsuit is not about Health Insurance.  It is not about Health Care.  It’s about Liberty.”

At last someone is examing the extent of the decay over the last many years of citizen liberty.   Observe Attorney General Kuccinelli carefully.   Is this individual speaking as if he is acting out a staged performance……or is he expressing his views honestly…..forthrightly…and indicates he believes in them?

Yesterday, a Senator Udall from Colorado was interviewed on television at Fox News.  The Udalls have been around Washington for decades, sired likely by the old time Liberal doctrinaire, Morris Udall, a forever Congressman from Arizona.  Mo Udall was not an actor.   There were no pretendings here, there, and everywhere, to cover all fronts to sucker in voters.  He was a standup guy, as they used to say, for his views.

Mark Udall, the Senator from Colorado, play acted during his television interview yesterday.  Sleaze….it is so greasy….so common in politics.  

 Governor Christie, who so refreshingly wears  views on his sleeve  consistant with the ideas in his head, types these politicians as always “looking for an escape hatch”……hungering always for re-election… lying, pretending,  putting on a show for their hometown-homestate audience….wreaking hypocracy at best so they can become another government potentate.

What score would you give Ken Cuccinelli on some scale for forthrightness and honesty?  WHY?


Charles Krauthammer Reminds America, All in Washington DC Is a Stage

Charles Krauthammer is probably the best analyst of all time regarding the affairs of Washington, DC.  Others who bloviate about the goings on in Washington either forget or intentionally ignore that most of these clowns who pretend to tend to government are stage actors.   Most of them are terrible actors but perform on a very important stage.

Charles Krauthammer reminds the American public that Washington DC is a stage and the vast majority of the players play the neverlasting play, ‘LET’S PRETEND”.

Click on here for his analysis of the plot of Democrats in rebellion on the presdient’s tax compromise:


Bubba Bumps Top Banana, Obama, at White House Stage Remindful of “Chumps at Oxford”

Wesley Pruden at the Washington Times writes:

“What can you do with a good ol’ boy like Bubba? He only does what Bubba does. You probably shouldn’t blame a distracted and overwhelmed Barack Obama, either. But that was a remarkable show the two presidents put on at the White House the other day.

No one remembered such a remarkable abdication of authority since Edward VIII, as goofy as Alfred E. Neuman, gave up a throne, several palaces and the royal grouse hunts to keep at his side “the woman I love.” Or at least since Johnny Carson stepped aside for Jay Leno. What’s next? Will the president take Bubba along the next time he and Michelle flee the White House for a brief exile in friendlier places?

The president — the black one — seemed a little befuddled the other day when the other president — the white one — took control of an impromptu press conference at the White House. Mr. Obama got Bubba‘s endorsement of his tax compromise with the Republicans, but at considerable cost. The president was a man caught between two fires, one kindled by the pushy visitor in the briefing room and the other in the parlor, and a husband, even a presidential husband, knows how to calibrate the heat and knows better than to keep an impatient wife with a roast in the oven waiting when guests are arriving for supper.

The most powerful man in the world revealed himself unable to assert the authority of either himself or his office. His press aide stood helplessly at the edge of the scene, allowing Bubba to drone on about taxes, the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti, credit markets, economic theory, nuclear weapons, bipartisanship and the weather. He stopped just short of taking a question about school uniforms, the signature issue of his own presidency.

The ineptitude of the Obama White House, revealed piece by piece over the months, was at last writ large enough for all to see. Could anyone imagine Harry Truman or Ronald Reagan allowing a former president to come into his house and take over a press conference? Could anyone imagine even Jimmy Carter deferring to such an interloper?

Mr. Obama had invited Bubba in for a private chat, and reporters were told there would be no photo-op, no questions, not even a written statement afterward. When Bubba told the president he wanted to make an endorsement of the tax compromise, Mr. Obama, who rarely hears an encouraging word, took him to the briefing room. Alas, it was locked, and nobody knew who had the key. The two presidents wandered the corridors, looking for someone to let them in.

The only aide in the place finally found a key, but there still wasn’t a proper pulpit for Bubba. Robert Gibbs, the press secretary, heard the commotion and walked out into the corridor to find the two lost presidents. “What are you guys up to?” he asked. The president, who a fortnight earlier allowed a television interviewer to address him as “dude,” was now reduced to a “guy.”

“We’re looking for some reporters,” the president replied. Mr. Gibbs put both presidents behind a closed door and scrambled to find “some reporters.” Most of them were at the Christmas party, but finally what passed for a quorum was assembled, and when the president introduced him as “the other guy” Bubba was off into the wild blue yonder. He was ecstatic to be back in the White House, even on borrowed time. He joked and waved his arms, piercing the air with a bony finger for emphasis, occasionally glancing about the room, his eyes again on intern alert.

Good ol’ boys, even former presidents, nearly always remember their Southern manners, and Bubba tried to give the illusion of nibbling at a slice of humble pie. “So, for whatever it’s worth,” he said, “that’s what I think.” Mr. Obama played the grateful inexperienced bridegroom inviting the ex-husband along to help on the honeymoon. “It’s worth a lot,” he said.

Then he said he had to leave for Michelle’s party, and Bubba had the place for himself. “I feel awkward being here,” he told the president, “and now you’re going to leave me here all by myself.” For the next half-hour he was the real president again, taking questions and dispensing wit and bonhomie. It was great theater, and a good time was had by all. But you can bet men are taking notes in Tehran and Pyongyang, Beijing and other capitals where the shrewd and unforgiving are forever looking for signs of weariness, weakness and impotence.”

Comment:  I saw this  Obama-Clinton performance the other day.  It was remindful of watching an old  Laurel and Hardy movie….”Chumps at Oxford” comes to mind.

Van Jones, One of Obama’s House Communists, Plans to Crack the Whip, 2011-2012

Meet Van Jones who spent six months in Barack Hussein Obama’s adminstration before his Communism background  came to light.  Mr. Jones is a revolutionary as well as a racist.   Moreoever he is an angry racist.  Please click here to see if you agree.


President Obama had selected Van Jones to be his Green Jobs Czar.  This following paragraph is from HatetheMedia:

“Van  Jones had planned to move to Washington, DC, and had already landed a job and an apartment there. But in jail, he said, “I met all these young radical people of color — I mean really radical, communists and anarchists. And it was, like, ‘This is what I need to be a part of.’” Although he already had a plane ticket, he decided to stay in San Francisco. “I spent the next ten years of my life working with a lot of those people I met in jail, trying to be a revolutionary.” In the months that followed, he let go of any lingering thoughts that he might fit in with the status quo. “I was a rowdy nationalist on April 28th, and then the verdicts came down on April 29th,” he said. “By August, I was a communist.”

Comment:  What is all his gibberish in the above video about?   Angry Mr. Jones is plotting groundwork for the coming presidential election in November, 2012.  He is planning to crack the whip.

The following commentary is by TheRightScooop at  hotair connected to the video seen above with Mr. Jones playing “Crack the Whip”:

“Honestly, the part that I thought was most important from this wasn’t about the media, but what he says about the next two years. They are gaming, and gaming hard to win the hearts and minds of the public. Think about it. Every time they mention Republicans behind a microphone they are demonizing them as racists, terrorists, hostage-takers, selfish white men, slurpee-drinking incompetent boobs, etc. And for the next 2 years, who will they say is governing? We all know that Republicans can’t pass major legislation because they don’t have the Senate or the Executive, but the Democrats will do their damnedest to make it look like the Republicans are so extreme that they can’t get anything done. They will work even harder to paint Republicans as extremists and will say they can’t work with them because they are outside the mainstream.

Mark Levin is so dead on the money with this that it’s pathetic. The radical message is being set up to be the moderate mainstream message, which will leave the conservative message looking extreme, especially to those who aren’t paying attention. This is why we need the Republicans to stop behaving passively like gentlemen opening the door for a nice lady, and to put on the camo and arm themselves with message cannons. The only way the public will resist this radical message is if Republicans give them a choice and start calling these people out for who they are, and with a very loud voice.

You may be thinking right now that they have the media and how can we overcome that? Well I would say just look at Chris Christie and tell me that his message hasn’t gotten out there in New Jersey. A lot of people nowadays are wanting to beat up on him because he continues to use his loud voice to tell the truth. Just look at the media, as they are trying to paint him as a bully. But the man knows what he is doing and is not going to let them control the debate. He will continue to hammer his message, that the Unions are corrupt and are stealing money from the citizens of New Jersey, and that a more fiscal, smaller government is the only way to get out of this mess. And that’s what we need in DC.

Look, we’ve done a great job so far over the last 2 years with the Tea Parties, but if we relax now because we have a Republican House, then we risk losing everything we’ve worked for. The next 2 years are the most crucial if we want to get our country back and we MUST carry the torch for freedom even higher. We must force the Republicans to use every available chance to hammer home the message that the radicals are in DC and they are trying to steal our liberty, our country. And we must fight them off. That means calling the President out for who he is to, because he is one of them.”