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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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How Big the Big Conservative Tent? Big Enough to Stop America’s Decline into the Abyss!

There apparently is some ‘discussion’ among the principals at PowerLine regarding how big a conservative  ‘Big  Tent’ should be when  referring to how much garbage of the gay political agenda should be welcomed.

Scott W. Johnson writes under the title, “How Big a Tent?”……

“Last week John wrote about the controversy to which GOProud;’s participation at the annual CPAC event has given rise. John invoked the metaphor of the “big tent” embracing economic, national security, and social conservatism as parts of the conservative movement. John noted GOProud spokesman Christopher Barron’s appearance on MSNBC and heard him espousing a conservatism that, he implied, belonged somewhere under the big tent. “If Barron speaks for GOProud, as I assume he does,” John wrote, “they are a welcome and potentially powerful part of our conservative movement.”

Looking around the GOProud site, the organization appears to integrate traditional conservative limited government goals with a homosexual rights agenda. Its legislative priorities include repeal of Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell and opposition to “any anti-gay federal marriage amendment.” I can’t find the group’s position on gay marriage otherwise noted on the site, but I infer from the group’s formulation of the position on a federal marriage amendment that opposition to gay marriage is deemed “anti-gay” by definition.

The rationale of GOProud appears to be the advocacy of a homosexual rights agenda within an otherwise conservative framework. “What is GOProud?” The organization answers that “GOProud represents gay conservatives and their allies.” I’m drawing the inference, but, again, the implication is that allies of gay conservatives are conservatives who support the agenda of homosexual rights.

I doubt that the big tent can be quite this big. The Republican Party was founded in the belief that it was “the imperative duty of Congress to prohibit in the Territories those twin relics of barbarism — Polygamy, and Slavery,” as the party platform of 1856 put it. Utah would not be welcome in the Union until Mormons ditched their devotion to plural marriages.

GOProud takes us back to an issue whose arguments we have mostly forgotten. Charles Krauthammer connects homosexual marriage and polygamy by the logic supporting each. He notes that “it is utterly logical for polygamy rights to follow gay rights. After all, if traditional marriage is defined as the union of (1) two people of (2) opposite gender, and if, as advocates of gay marriage insist, the gender requirement is nothing but prejudice, exclusion and an arbitrary denial of one’s autonomous choices in love, then the first requirement — the number restriction (two and only two) — is a similarly arbitrary, discriminatory and indefensible denial of individual choice.”

That doesn’t answer the question why homosexual marriage and polygamy should be opposed in the first place. Indeed, Krauthammer leaves himself open to the argument for homosexual marriage. As I say, this is a subject with respect to which we have mostly forgotten the arguments, which inevitably lead back to nature and nature’s God, as set forth in one of those mysterious documents whose age exceeds one hundred years.

There is a reason why the advocates of homosexual rights have found their home within modern liberalism. I’m not looking to pick any fights within the conservative movement, but I think the founders of the Republican Party had it right, both with respect to slavery and polygamy. By the same token, to the extent that a conservative group advocates the homosexual rights agenda, I think it is mistaken. It should be opposed even if we welcome the group’s support in resisting the rest of the liberal agenda.

PAUL adds: I agree with Scott and Charles Krauthammer that, as a matter of logic, it makes sense that a right to polygamy follows from a right to gay marriage. But, as Scott recongizes, the debate over gay marriage isn’t just a debate about logic.

One major consideration in the debate as it has unfolded is the impact that state recognition of gay marriage would have on the institution of marriage. Many opponents argue that the institution would be harmed. Proponents counter that the impact would be nil or maybe even positive.

If the state were to embrace polygamy, the institution of marriage would almost certainly be affected. And the impact of such an embrace cannot be assumed to mirror the impact of legalizing gay marriage; in fact I assume the impact would be different, though quite possibly in the same direction. Thus, for those like me who view both debates as involving not just logic and nature, but also a weighing of likely consequences, the two issues diverge.

I should also add that I find little merit in one of the frequently used consequentialist arguments in favor of gay marriage – the argument that, as Krauthammer puts it, “astronomical rates of divorce and of single parenthood (the deliberate creation of fatherless families) existed before there was a single gay marriage. . . .” The fact that traditional marriage is in trouble for reasons having nothing to do with the gay rights movement, or polygamy, doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t consider the distinct possibility that state recognition of gay marriage, or polygamy, would make things worse.”

Can anyone intellectually debate that our United States is not in a freefall slide to some abyss culturally, politically, ethically, educationally, spiritually?    Is there anything we now excel in besides narcissism and sexual entertainment?

We, the people have lost our identity as an honorable, God-fearing (or good-fearing for whom this epithet is offensive).   For more than a generation our offspring have been absent of any learnings which have identified who they are and why they are who they are, and from where in the human struggle, they have come…….the human story.

No national identity remains……and that has been managed purposefully by the political Left  since the late 1960s.

If a population’s offspring have  no feel, no learning, no truth to whatever extent truth can be defined as truthfully as possible, why they exist, and so , believe life is sacred and special?

Even today the American Left is free from explaining what its goals are behind  the politics they pursue  as “Progressives”.  Those who dare criticize are called names which seems to be enough to satisfy the American public and the nation’s  purveyors of  information on all fronts.   How would any of these name-callers know who or what should be honored or valued in the culture when one considers the dark and messy background which produced nearly all of them…..our priests, our teachers, our reporters, our politicians, our businessmen, our mothers, and our fatherless ‘families’?

My God, anyone who cares to think rationally, if they would open both eyes and mind,  can see this America at present  is a peoples at sea without steering.  Almost no one even seems to know what marriage is supposed to be!! 

To some it used to be a “Sacrament”…..from the word, ‘sacred’.   Why?

For today’s American mindless, especially those conditioned by drugs and sex, it means nothing.  Worse, these herds aren’t interested in knowing one thing or another beyond the moment.  This is the America we live in.   If in doubt, make your own listings of who we are today and what we create and enjoy…..Watch your television and movies….go to your theater and read your news.   Try to read beyond the first paragraph if you can.   Listen to your music and study its lyrics. 

What have you become as a peoples?

Living in a cultural garbage dump might be acceptable if mankind was without ‘enemies’,  herds of humans anxious to free you from whatever you might possess.

We don’t live in a world without enemies, depite what president Barack Hussein Obama might believe or pretend to believe.

Without knowing why, we argue about where gays should be in the American political scene.   Cannot anyone at PowerLine or any other ‘lines’ understand what Dennis Prager so clearly explains about  marriage.

What is the purpose of marriage…..in the ideal?   It is the age-old human institution to raise a family…..families.  The female as the care-giver, the male as the protector and builder.   Without a university degree most humans in history came to understand that until now.   The American Left insists there should be no differences between the sexes.   It has flimflammed the history of natural human bonds.   These people are not interested in raising families.   They don’t care about the future of their culture and are not interested in defending.    Taxpayers pay our troops to do that.

What is missing in all of today, among the folks at PowerLine, in our schools, in our churches, in our political parties……except in the messages of Dennis Prager……is the ability to explain and therefore to feel who we are as Americans, who we should be, and why we aren’t who we want to be.

Marriage is easy to defend.  It is the union of a male and female of a certain age to bear children.   It has nothing to do with bigotry as the ugly in the gay and Left wing communities namecall.  It has to do with raising the people’s people of the future in the best possible environment. 

Never should this ideal be compromised for political reasons or any other reason.   That two women or two men cannot be successful in some role raising childred is not the question.  Of course that could happen.  It must never be made equal to the human ideal in raising children.  

I would suggest more people become part of the Dennis Prager world.  Invite Dennis into your ears.   Listen to his Biblically based wisdom and common sense approach to learning and understanding.   His taste in Christmas music might be repelling, but ……no one is perfect.

Democracy, a free society devoted to truth and inquiry used to be a great sell.   Why did you forget its requirements, dear fellow American?   Why did you forget the sacredness of marriage and family and the support it must receive from society as a whole to remain healthy?

For almost any decision in ones life, almost always one is better than  another.   The more knowledge, experience, and pressure to seek the good placed upon each and every citizen, the better the decision, the better the family, neighborhood……and the better the nation in which we live.

Conservatives must clearly explain who we are, why we are who we are, and welcome others to join us in our efforts to make America better because we have a better message for the present AND the future for our country and then ourselves.   We admit we can improve our ways if others can persuade where we have gone wrong.

“Let’s Face It….2010 Was A Disaster!” …………

……….writes Dave Barry of the Miami Herald, and gives us a month by month account of its “disasters”:

“Let’s put things into perspective: 2010 was not the worst year ever. There have been MUCH worse years. For example, toward the end of the Cretaceous Period, the Earth was struck by an asteroid that wiped out 75 percent of all the species on the planet. Can we honestly say that we had a worse year than those species did? Yes we can, because they were not exposed to Jersey Shore.

So on second thought we see that this was, in fact, the worst year ever. The perfect symbol for the awfulness of 2010 was the BP oil spill, which oozed up from the depths and spread, totally out of control, like some kind of hideous uncontrollable metaphor. (Or, Jersey Shore.) The scariest thing about the spill was, nobody in charge seemed to know what to do about it. Time and again, top political leaders personally flew down to the Gulf of Mexico to look at the situation first-hand and hold press availabilities. And yet somehow, despite these efforts, the oil continued to leak. This forced us to face the disturbing truth that even top policy thinkers with postgraduate degrees from Harvard University — Harvard University! — could not stop it.

The leak was eventually plugged by non-policy people using machinery of some kind. But by then our faith in our leaders had been shaken, especially since they also seemed to have no idea what to do about this pesky recession. Congress tried every remedy it knows, ranging all the way from borrowing money from China and spending it on government programs, to borrowing MORE money from China and spending it on government programs. But in the end, all of this stimulus created few actual jobs, and most of those were in the field of tar-ball collecting.

Things were even worse abroad. North Korea continued to show why it is known as “the international equivalent of Charlie Sheen.” The entire nation of Greece went into foreclosure and had to move out; it is now living with relatives in Bulgaria. Iran continued to develop nuclear weapons, all the while insisting that they would be used only for peaceful scientific research, such as — to quote President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad — “seeing what happens when you drop one on Israel.” Closer to home, the already strained relationship between the United States and Mexico reached a new low following the theft, by a Juarez-based drug cartel, of the Grand Canyon.

This is not to say that 2010 was all bad. There were bright spots. Three, to be exact:

1. The Yankees did not even get into the World Series.

2. There were several days during which Lindsay Lohan was neither going into, nor getting out of, rehab.

3. Apple released the hugely anticipated iPad, giving iPhone people, at long last, something to fondle with their other hand.

Other than that, 2010 was a disaster. To make absolutely sure that we do not repeat it, let’s remind ourselves just how bad it was. Let’s put this year into a full-body scanner and check out its junk, starting with…


…which begins grimly, with the pesky unemployment rate remaining high. Every poll shows that the major concerns of the American people are federal spending, the exploding deficit, and — above all — jobs. Jobs, jobs, jobs: This is what the public is worried about. In a word, the big issue is: jobs. So the Obama administration, displaying the keen awareness that has become its trademark, decides to focus like a laser on: health-care reform. The centerpiece of this effort is a historic bill that will either (a) guarantee everybody excellent free health care, or (b) permit federal bureaucrats to club old people to death. Nobody knows which, because nobody has read the bill, which in printed form has the same mass as a UPS truck.

The first indication that the health-care bill is not wildly popular comes when Republican Scott Brown, who opposes the bill, is elected to the U.S. Senate by Massachusetts voters, who in normal times would elect a crustacean before they would vote Republican. The vote shocks the Obama administration, which — recognizing that it is perceived as having its priorities wrong — decides that the president will make a series of high-profile speeches on the urgent need for: health-care reform.

In other economic news, Toyota announces a huge recall following reports that its popular Camry model is behaving unpredictably — accelerating, decelerating, downloading Internet porn and traveling backward in time to unstable historical periods. This is expected to benefit Toyota’s competitors, especially troubled GM, which is hoping to score big with the new “Volt,” a revolutionary vehicle capable of traveling nearly six miles before its 19,500 triple-A batteries must be replaced.

But January’s biggest story, watched with growing alarm by observers around the world and threatening to force the United Nations to intervene, is the tense confrontation between Conan O’Brien and Jay Leno over who gets to be on NBC at 11:35 p.m. and tell jokes until the viewing audience falls asleep at 11:43. After a brutal struggle, Leno triumphs; O’Brien, vowing revenge, flees into the hills above Los Angeles with a small but loyal band of agents.

In other entertainment news, the runaway movie hit is Avatar, a futuristic epic about humans who travel to an alien planet to mine a precious mineral that they believe will give them the power to emit believable dialogue. This being a James Cameron movie, they fail.

Speaking of alien planets, in…


…Iran triumphantly announces (we are not making this item up) that it has launched into sub-orbital space a rocket carrying a rodent, two turtles and several worms. Iranian state television reports that the nation’s space program is “peaceful,” and that the rodent (we are still not making this up) is named “Helmz 1.”

In U.S. politics, President Obama, responding to the mounting public concern about jobs, invites Democratic and Republican congressional leaders to the White House for a historic daylong summit on: health-care reform. Despite their deep philosophical differences, the two sides are able, after hours of sometimes-heated debate, to hammer out an agreement on when to break for lunch. They fail to make any progress on health care, although in his closing remarks President Obama notes that the historic summit produced “only minor furniture damage.”

In business news, Toyota suffers yet another blow when a U.S. Department of Transportation study links the Camry to both diabetes and the JFK assassination. The CEO of Toyota appears before a congressional committee and offers a sincere and heartfelt apology for his company’s problems. At least that’s what his translator claims; it is later determined that what the CEO actually told the committee was, quote, “you have an eggplant in your bottom.”

Speaking of apologies: Tiger Woods delivers a nationally televised speech in which he says he is very, very sorry and has sworn off having sex with as many as eight different hot women per day. His golf game immediately goes into the toilet.

In other sports news, the Vancouver Winter Olympics begin on an uncertain note when it is discovered that Vancouver — apparently nobody realized this ahead of time — is a seaside city with a mild climate, so there is no snow. This hampers some of the competition, as for example when the Latvian cross-country ski team gets bogged down in mud and is eaten by alligators. Despite these setbacks, the games are deemed a big success, at least by the Canadians, because they won in hockey

In Super Bowl XMLLMMXVIIX, the underdog New Orleans Saints defeat the Indianapolis Colts, setting off a celebration so joyous that people on Bourbon Street are still throwing up.

Speaking of celebrations, in…


…Democratic congressional leaders, responding to polls showing that the health-care bill is increasingly unpopular with the public, manage, with a frantic, last-minute effort, to pass the health-care bill, or at least a giant mass of paper that is assumed to be the health-care bill. This leads to a triumphant White House signing ceremony, the highlight of which is Vice President Joe “Joe” Biden dropping the f-bomb moments before being hustled off by aides to have an important meeting with somebody important.

Everyone at the ceremony agrees that the new law is historic and will become hugely popular with the American people once they have the opportunity to hear a few dozen more high-profile speeches about it from President Obama. But opposition is “brewing” in the form of the Tea Party movement, consisting of regular Americans who are fed up with costly big-government programs except for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. They are determined to elect a new breed of representatives who are not career politicians, or even necessarily sane.

In international news:

• Greece asks the International Monetary Fund if it can borrow 17 billion euro for “cigarettes.”

• Somali pirates, becoming increasingly brazen, seize the Staten Island Ferry.

• Iranian hero space rodent Helmz 1 is captured attempting to scurry across the Lebanese border into Israel. Iran claims this is a peaceful mission, but the Israelis note that Helmz 1 is wearing a tiny backpack filled with enough explosives to — in the words of one military analyst — “put somebody’s eye out.”

On a more hopeful note, on March 27 people in more than 4,000 cities around the world turn off their lights in observance of Earth Hour, saving an estimated 45 million megawatts of electricity — enough to power one of Al Gore’s houses for nearly three days.

But the environment suffers a big setback in…


…when the Deepwater Horizon rig explodes in the Gulf of Mexico after being struck by a runaway Toyota Camry. BP initially downplays the magnitude of the problem, claiming that the resulting oil leak is smallish and might go away on its own or even prove to be, quote, “nutritious for oysters.” Soon, however, large patches of crude oil are drifting toward land, and it becomes clear that this is a major disaster — a challenge that we, as a nation, will have to meet, as we have met other challenges, with a combination of photo opportunities, lawsuits and tweeting.

Elsewhere on the disaster scene, Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull (literally, “many syllables”) volcano erupts, sending huge clouds of ash into the atmosphere and forcing airlines throughout northern Europe to ground all flights. Greece, although not directly affected, announces that it will take six months off, just in case; France, as an added precaution, surrenders.

In domestic news, Arizona passes a controversial new law designed to crack down on illegal immigrants; this draws a sharp rebuke from the Mexican government, currently headquartered in Tucson.

President Obama outlines his bold vision for the U.S. space program, calling for a manned mission to establish comprehensive health-care reform on Mars by 2030. The president also signs a historic arms-reduction treaty with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev under which both countries will destroy one-third of their older nuclear missiles by upgrading them to Windows Vista. In a related development, Iran purchases $78 million worth of used nuclear-missile parts on Craigslist.

Speaking of growing menaces, in…


…the pesky Deepwater Horizon oil spill dominates the news as BP tries a series of increasingly desperate measures to plug the leak, including, at one point, a 167,000-pound wad of pre-chewed Juicy Fruit. President Obama, eager to show that he is on top of the situation, develops severe forehead cramps from standing on the shore and frowning with concern at the water. Meanwhile, Congress holds televised hearings that establish, beyond any reasonable doubt, that Congress is very upset about, and totally opposed to, large oil spills. Despite these heroic efforts, the leak continues to grow, and by the end of the month is threatening suburban Des Moines.

On the terror front, New York City police, alerted by Times Square street vendors, discover a smoking SUV packed with explosives — a violation of many city ordinances, including the ban on smoking. Fortunately, the car bomb is disarmed, and a suspect is later captured at Kennedy Airport by sharp-eyed TSA officers trained to spot suspicious behavior.

Ha ha! Just kidding, of course. The suspect is captured by U.S. Customs agents at the last minute after boarding a Dubai-bound plane filled with passengers who, like the suspect, had all been carefully screened by the TSA to make sure they were not carrying more than three ounces of shampoo.

In other air-travel news, the boards of directors of United and Continental approve a merger that will create one of the world’s largest airlines, with a combined total of 700 planes, 88,000 employees, and nearly two dozen packets of peanuts.

But the big financial news is the May 6 stock market “Flash Crash.” The Dow at one point is down nearly 1,000 points, including a drop of 600 points in five minutes, resulting in what financial analysts say is the largest mass purchase of emergency replacement underwear in Wall Street history. The SEC investigates the crash and later issues a 350-page report concluding: “You know that eTrade baby? In the commercials? With the grown man’s voice? That baby is REAL.”

Abroad, thousands of people riot in the streets of Athens to protest a report by the International Monetary Fund concluding that Greece should “think about maybe getting a part-time job.”

In sports, yet another major-league pitcher pitches yet another perfect game, and the baseball world wets its collective pants, because there is nothing more exciting to a true baseball fan than a game in which one of the teams can’t even manage to get on base.

The excitement mounts in…


…as the Deepwater Horizon oil leak continues to gush, with each day bringing alarming new media reports claiming that it is an even worse environmental disaster than had been reported the previous day. The furor culminates in a New York Times story stating that eventually all the oil in the world will leak out through the hole in the Gulf floor and cover the entire planet with a layer of oil 27 feet deep, which, according to The Times, would be “potentially devastating for polar bears.” BP attempts to stop the leak using a high-tech robot submarine, only to see the effort fail when the sub is seized by Somali pirates. In Washington, the CEO of BP appears before an angry House Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, which votes unanimously, after 7 1/2 half hours of testimony, to give him a noogie. Still, somehow, the oil keeps leaking.

Rolling Stone magazine publishes a controversial article in which Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, is quoted as saying that the Beatles’ version of Twist and Shout is better than the Isley Brothers.’ President Obama has no choice but to relieve the general of his command.

Abroad, U.S. intelligence intercepts a top-secret cable from Iran to North Korea, apparently written in code, stating: “Thanks for selling us the buclear beapons.” In response, the U.S. threatens to impose harsh new sanctions that, in the words of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, “will make the previous harsh sanctions that we threatened to impose seem like only moderate threatened sanctions, and this time we are not kidding around.”

On the world economic front, thousands of rock-throwing rioters take to the streets of both Athens and Rome to protest punishing new austerity measures under which they would no longer be provided by the government with free rocks.

In consumer news, Apple finally releases the long-awaited iPhone 4, which incorporates many subtle improvements, the cumulative result of which is that it can neither make nor receive telephone calls. It is, of course, a huge hit.

In sports, the World Cup gets underway in South Africa; despite fears of violence, the massive event is totally peaceful, except for the estimated 13,000 people who leap to their deaths from the tops of stadiums to escape the sound of the vuvuzelas. The early tournament highlight (which we are not making up) is provided by the French team, which, after getting off to a bad start, goes on strike.

Speaking of bad, in…


…the Deepwater Horizon oil spill officially becomes, according to the news media, the worst thing that has ever happened, with environmental experts reporting that tar balls have been sighted on the surface of the moon. Just when all appears to be lost, BP announces that it has stopped the leak, using a 75-ton cap and what a company spokesperson describes as “a truly heroic manatee named Wendell.” Although oil is no longer leaking, much damage has been done, so this important story remains the focus of the nation’s attention for nearly 45 minutes, after which the nation’s attention shifts to Lindsay Lohan.

In other national news, Congress passes and President Obama signs into law a financial-reform act designed to curb Wall Street excesses by mandating the death penalty for anybody caught wearing a watch costing more than a house. Having guaranteed that the financial community will behave in a responsible manner, Washington returns to the important work of running up the deficit. On the foreign economic front, anger builds over plans by the governments of both Greece and France to raise the retirement age, which means workers would have to continue striking for several years longer before they could start collecting pensions. In protest, everybody in both nations goes on strike.

In the World Cup final, Spain defeats Holland, only to have the trophy snatched away by the North Korean team, which, despite a U.S. threat of “really, really harsh sanctions,” turns it over to the Iranian team, which was not even in the tournament. Eerily, all of this was predicted by a psychic octopus named Paul, who is immediately hired by Goldman Sachs.

But the big sports story is the decision by LeBron James, announced in a one-hour television special watched by a worldwide audience estimated at 127 billion, to take his talents to South Beach and play for the Miami Heat, where he will join Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Michael Jordan, the late Wilt Chamberlain and Jesus to form a dream basketball team so supremely excellent that it cannot possibly lose, not even one single game, EVER, in theory. Miami erupts in a joyous weeks-long victory celebration. During the excitement Fidel Castro dies, an event that goes unreported in The Miami Herald, which has devoted all its staff resources to a nine-part series speculating on whom LeBron will select as his dentist.

The month ends on a troubling note as the United Nations Security Council votes unanimously to send a peacekeeping force to quell Mel Gibson.

Speaking of troubling, in…


…concern over the direction of the U.S. economy deepens when Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, in what some economists see as a sign of pessimism, applies for Canadian citizenship.

In other economic news, the first family, seeking to boost Gulf tourism, vacations in Panama City, where President Obama, demonstrating that the water is perfectly safe despite the oil spill, plunges in for a swim. Quick action by the Secret Service rescues him from the jaws of a mutant 500-pound shrimp sprouting what appear to be primitive wings. The first family hastily departs for Martha’s Vineyard to demonstrate that the water is also perfectly safe there.

Speaking of getaways: JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater becomes a national sensation when he curses out a passenger, deploys the evacuation chute, grabs two beers and slides out of the plane. He is immediately hired as director of customer relations by the TSA.

In the month’s most dramatic story, 33 copper miners in Chile are trapped 2,300 feet underground following a cave-in caused by a runaway Toyota Camry. The good news is that the men are still alive; the bad news is that the only drilling equipment capable of reaching them quickly belongs to BP. Informed of this, the men elect to stay down there for the time being.

In legal news, Elena Kagan is sworn in as the newest Supreme Court justice, having established, in three days of testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, that she went to either Harvard or Yale. Elsewhere, a federal jury deadlocks on 22 of 24 charges against former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, convicting him only of, quote, “being some kind of enormous rodent.” Outside the courtroom, Blagojevich tearfully thanks his supporters, then robs a convenience store.

In New York City, the big issue is a proposal to build, two blocks from Ground Zero, a Muslim community center that proponents claim will promote dialogue. Even in the purely conceptual phase it promotes a huge amount of dialogue, to the point where National Guard troops may need to be called in.

Another heartwarming interfaith story erupts in…


…when Terry Jones, pastor of a tiny church in Florida, declares that he will proceed with plans to burn a Koran on 9/11. The media, recognizing that this is not really news, ignore him, and the matter is quickly forgotten.

But seriously: Jones becomes a major international story, comparable in magnitude to all of the Kardashians combined. President Obama speaks out against Jones’ plan, as do members of Congress, the military and virtually every American religious leader; abroad, there are fatal riots. Finally, after a great deal of soul-searching TV exposure, Jones decides not to burn the Koran, explaining, “I finally figured out that I’m just an attention-seeking jerkwater idiot.” The news media vow never again to encourage this kind of mindless hysteria. Abroad, the rioters agree to stop taking everything so darned seriously.

Getting back to reality: The 2010 election season enters its final days with polls showing that Congress enjoys the same overall level of voter popularity as hemorrhoids. Incumbents swarm out of Washington and head for their home districts to campaign on the theme of how much they hate Washington, in the desperate hope that the voters will return them to Washington. President Obama, basking in the glow of the health-care reform act, offers to campaign for Democratic candidates, only to find that many of them have important dental appointments and are unable to join him on whatever day he is planning to visit. Adding zest to the Republican stew is the presence of many “Tea Party” candidates, including Delaware Senate hopeful Christine O’Donnell, who at one point in her campaign releases a TV commercial that begins with her stating, in a calm and reassuring tone, that she is not a witch.

Meanwhile in Chile, an attempt to deliver food to the 33 trapped copper miners ends in a tragic accident involving what mining officials describe as “an incredibly courageous Domino’s driver.”

Speaking of tragic, in…


…the U.S. economy suffers another blow as the Federal Bureau of Never Expecting Unemployment To Be As High As It Actually Is reports that, for the 37th consecutive month, unemployment is unexpectedly high. “Darned if we didn’t get fooled again!” exclaims a bureau spokesperson, adding, “We expect it to be lower next month.” Meanwhile Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke, speaking from his new office in Toronto, announces a plan to drastically increase the U.S. money supply by “quantitative easing,” a controversial process involving what Bernanke describes as “a major job for Kinko’s.”

The economy remains the big theme as the congressional elections enter the home stretch, with incumbents from both parties declaring their eagerness to go back to Washington and knock some sense into whatever incompetent morons are in charge. Polls show that the voters are in a very cranky mood, which tends to favor outsiders such as the Tea Party candidates, although O’Donnell definitely hurts her chances in Delaware when, during a televised debate, she turns her opponent into a toad.

President Obama, continuing his quest to find candidates willing to accept his help, winds up campaigning in what White House spokesperson Robert Gibbs describes as “some very key student-council races.” Meanwhile Sarah Palin, raising her stature as a potential 2012 GOP presidential contender, weighs in on the issues with a number of important tweets.

On the legal front, the Supreme Court, as it does every October, begins a new term, which is hastily adjourned when the justices discover that their robes have bedbugs.

In the month’s most dramatic story, the 33 trapped Chilean miners are all brought safely to the surface, only to be sent right back down because they failed to bring up any copper — which, as the mining company points out, “was the whole point of sending them down there in the first place.” Meanwhile in France, millions of workers again take to the streets to demonstrate, in no uncertain terms, that they are French.

Elsewhere abroad, terrorists in Yemen attempt to send mail bombs to the United States, confirming the long-held suspicions of U.S. intelligence that there really is a country named “Yemen.” The plot, which involves explosives concealed inside printer cartridges, is foiled, but as a precaution the TSA decides to prohibit air travelers in the Unites States from carrying anything capable of printing, including pens, pencils, and children in grades 2 through 5.

In sports, the National Football League, seeking to reduce violence, imposes stiff fines for defensive beheading.

Speaking of gory, in…


…the elections turn out to be a bloodbath for the Democrats, who lose the House of Representatives, a bunch of Senate seats, some governorships, some state legislatures and all of the key student-council races. Also a number of long-term Democratic incumbents are urinated on by their own dogs. President Obama immediately departs for a nine-day trip to Asia to see if anybody over there wants to hear about the benefits of health-care reform.

Speaking of health: Some air travelers express concern about radiation from the TSA’s new high-resolution scanners, especially after screeners at O’Hare are seen using one to make popcorn. TSA chief John Pistole insists that the scanners are completely safe “as long as you move through quickly.” He also assures passengers that their body images “are not saved for any purpose whatsoever, such as entertainment at the TSA Christmas party.” Nevertheless some passengers refuse to be scanned; they are required to undergo a manual procedure that is known, within the agency, as “the full gerbil.”

World tension mounts as North Korea, in what is widely seen as a deliberate act of provocation, fires artillery shells at Denver. Meanwhile, in another indication of the worsening global debt crisis, the directors of the International Monetary Fund vote to have Ireland’s legs broken.

The U.S. economy also continues to struggle, as the unemployment rate, catching everybody by surprise, turns out to be higher than expected for yet another month. The lone bright spot is provided by the president’s deficit-reduction commission, which, after months of work, releases a draft of a tough plan that, if Congress can muster the backbone to enact it, would reduce the deficit by trillions of dollars and put the nation on the path back to fiscal sanity. This is a welcome bit of comic relief in the stressed-out capital; everybody enjoys a hearty bipartisan laugh, then gets back to maneuvering for the 2012 elections.

In other entertainment news, Bristol Palin’s bid to win Dancing With the Stars falls short when the judges throw out 147 million votes from Palm Beach County. She winds up finishing third, behind actress Jennifer Grey and Vice President Biden.

In sports, President Obama’s upper lip is injured in a basketball game when he is hit in the mouth by an elbow believed to have been thrown by North Korea.

International tension continues to mount in…


…with the continued release by Wikileaks of classified cables leaked from the State Department, which apparently has the same level of data security as an Etch-a-Sketch. The cables reveal a number of embarrassing diplomatic secrets, such as:

The last three rounds of Middle East peace talks have consisted entirely of delegates playing Twister.

• The Republic of Tajikistan and the Republic of Uzbekistan frequently, as a prank, exchange places in the United Nations, and nobody has ever noticed.

• High-ranking officials of Scotland, speaking in private, admit that they don’t understand what the hell they’re saying either.

• In 2007, Hungary paid $170 million to Russia for pictures of Sweden naked.

In domestic politics, a partisan debate rages over what to do about the expiring Bush tax cuts. The Democrats, suddenly alarmed about the deficit, want to raise taxes on people making $250,000 a year – or, as the Democrats routinely refer to them, “billionaires.” The Republicans want to extend tax cuts for everybody, but compensate by cutting federal spending at a later date using an amazing new spending-cutting device they have seen advertised on TV.

Finally, President Obama and the Republican leaders reach a compromise under which income-tax rates will stay the same for everybody, but the death tax will be expanded to include people who are merely hung over. Also, in a concession to the Iowa congressional delegation, the federal government will continue to fund a “green energy” program under which corn is converted into ethanol, which is then converted back into corn, which is then planted to grow more corn. This will cost $5 billion a year, but it is expected to create or save literally dozens of Iowa jobs.

President Obama, trying to sell the compromise, appears ambivalent, saying that “it is less than ideal,” but also pointing out that “it totally sucks,” adding, “I hate it.” Despite this smooth sales pitch, many Democrats are unhappy. There is even talk of a primary challenge to Obama in 2012, a notion dismissed as “nonsense” by Hillary Clinton, who speaks to reporters while traveling on what aides describe as routine State Department business in New Hampshire.

In another potential setback for the president, a federal judge in Virginia rules that the health-care reform act violates the constitution’s tonnage clause. On the environmental front, delegates from 193 countries at the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Cancún, Mexico, pass a resolution stating that they should not have had those last four rounds of margaritas.

Time Magazine, in a controversial decision, names, as its Person of the Year, Iranian space pioneer Helmz 1. In television news, Fidel Castro makes a surprise guest appearance on The Walking Dead.

Speaking of entertainment: As the year finally draws to a close, all eyes are on Seaside Heights, N. J., where MTV plans to ring in the new year by dropping a ball containing Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, one of the leading bimbos of Jersey Shore. Millions eagerly tune in, only to find that the ball has been attached to something that makes it drop slowly. A bitterly disappointing end to a bitterly disappointing year.

But at least it’s over, right? And we can take comfort in the fact that 2011 cannot possibly be worse. Unless, of course, this newly discovered asteroid — maybe you read about it — continues on a trajectory that…”

Comment:  As the western world bureaucrat socialists sink their peoples further into  graves of mud, dying unceremoniously from forgetting who they are, where they came from, and why they exist proving the truth of Arnold Toynbee’s discovery:  “Civilizations are not murdered.  They commit suicide.”

European Marxist-Anarchists Becoming More Violent

“Two days before Christmas  package bombs were delivered to the Greek, Chilean and Swiss embassies in Rome allegedly by “an anarchist group, the Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire”. Now a motorcycle-bomb has struck a courthouse in Greece in what police suspect is a protest against the trial of the Cells of Fire suspects. Because of a warning call, nobody was hurt.  According to USA Today, in an article full of irony, European anarchists are growing more organized as people suffer from declining levels of state welfare.  Even more fecklessly,  USA Today has described anarchy as a movement within the Left. Can it be?

Extreme left-wing and anarchist movements have existed for decades in Europe— waging deadly attacks across the continent in the 1960s and 1970s that trailed and became sporadic in recent decades. Officials, meanwhile, focused far more intensely on the threat of Islamist terrorism.

But the European Union’s police agency, Europol, reported this year that attacks by far-left and anarchist militant groups jumped by 43% in 2009 compared to the previous year, and more than doubled over 2007, with most of the incidents in Italy, Spain and Greece. Spain and Greece have been hit particularly hard by government cutbacks and unemployment resulting from a continentwide debt crisis. Italy has also been growing tense in recent months in response to austerity measures and the government’s increasing popularity.

Anarchy is back. The Guardian’s list of the 20 most significant developments of 2010 citing Wikileaks and the “student” riots in Britain among them, along with the failure of “old politics” — parliamentary leftism — is consistent with the atmosphere of crisis. But since nothing is ever the fault of the Left, that of course means that a crisis is developing on the right and the Guardian article obligingly concludes that America’s politics is on the verge of collapse because “reason is close to impossible with the Tea Party … adherence to common values is disintegrating. The American centre is crumbling, and with it economic, social and political power.” But this is misdirection.

It is the welfare state that is in crisis and the Left is divided on the question of how to fix it. Anarchists, who are the cannon fodder of the extreme left, are sending the message that the Old Leftist politics has failed and the time has come to double down. They do this by manifesting an “anger” and “outrage” which the parliamentarians cannot. The British Pakistani Leftist Tariq Ali recently wrote a book entitled The Obama Syndrome: Surrender at Home, War Abroad in which he claims that people like Obama are “incapable of dealing with the right”.  His point is that Obama, like Nick Clegg in Britain, is regarded as the symbol of the leftist politics that has sold out. They aren’t radical enough, and what the Left needs more than ever is men of principle, the purest and most uncompromising of which are the anarchists.

AMY GOODMAN: Robert Gibbs, the White House press spokesperson, going after the so-called “professional left”? Your thoughts?

TARIQ ALI: Well, I mean, it’s interesting that they are incapable of dealing with the right. With the right, it’s conciliation. That’s what they feel they have to appeal to. With critics from the left, they tend to be very harsh, as if they are saying to us, “You don’t know how lucky you are.” But why are we lucky? I mean, you know, we judge people not by how they look or what they say, but by what they do. And what Obama has been doing is, you know, to put it mildly, extremely disappointing at home, and abroad it’s murderous. On Palestine, on Iran, no changes at all. So, one has to spell this out, because if they don’t realize that they’re doing this, they’re going to get more shocks. And Rahm Emanuel refers to people on the liberal left who are critical of Obama, and he uses a bad swear word and then says, “effing retards”—well, we’ll see who the retards are after the midterms, Amy. That’s all I can say.

That is at any rate, all he can think. Tariq Ali, who confused the liberal critics Rahm was calling “retards” with the Tea Party, demonstrates the cardinal principal that even when criticizing the Left, always blame it on the Right. No matter; it sounded good. Maybe the idea he was looking for is that the “netroots” are disappointed; having hoped to inherit the earth they are finding, to their chagrin, that they have not. But since such catastrophes cannot  be the consequences of their own ideology, the problems must be caused by a failure to apply that ideology ruthlessly and thoroughly. The anarchist activity on the extreme Left suggests some within are ready to move onto the next phase: internal rectification.

Rectification is not an electrical term. On the Left it means “power struggle” or purge. In the beginning it will take exactly the form we are witnessing now:  a signaling exercise on the Left ostensibly directed at the mythical right but essentially aimed at sending a message to leftist politicians and semi-respectable activists that they haven’t been militant enough. It is an open political letter from one faction to the other. In the case of Greece the message is simple. Keep spending, the hell with austerity. The warnings to get clear of bombs suggests the “anarchists” still regard their targets as broadly fraternal, but the subsequent real explosions say their forbearance will not last forever unless the moderate left gets serious. The USA Today article continued, “”Anarchists-insurrectionists work to try to raise the level of clashes when there are problems’ said Marco Boschi, a criminologist who teaches a course on terrorism at the University of Florence”.  The anarchists themselves are ineffectual but provide the symbols around which the larger Left can rally.

Swiss anarchist and environmentalist Marco Camenisch, a hero to many anarchists, was arrested by Italian police in 1991 and imprisoned over the 1989 murder of a Swiss border police officer. After serving nine years in an Italian maximum-security prison, he was extradited in 2002 to Switzerland, where he was later sentenced for the murder. In April 2010, Swiss police with the help of Italian authorities arrested two men and a woman who idolized Camenisch and were members of an Italian eco-terrorist group. They were suspected of planning to bomb an IBM Corp. research facility near Zurich.

In fine anarchists are Red Guards of the European Left, a collection of dupes formed inside the vast and creaky infrastructure of Marxism to advance the interests of one faction against another faction. It is impossible to understand the politics of the Left without grasping that it is all about deniable intimidation. The real problem European anarchism solves is how to send bombs without seemingly sending them, or how to trash the Tory party headquarters in London without really doing it.

Just as Mao’s Red Guards were never about themselves, always about Mao, anarchists are about a larger political question: what is the correct political line? Once the Red Guards of China had resolved that in Mao’s favor they were allowed to rampage for a time to bring hatred down upon themselves and subsequently suppressed, hapless tools to the very end.

The leadership in Beijing also simultaneously tried to restrain and encourage the Red Guards, adding confusion to an already chaotic situation. On the one hand, the Cultural Revolution Group reiterated calls for non-violence, but on the other hand the People’s Liberation Army was told to assist the Red Guards with transport and lodging, and there were eight rallies in Tiananmen Square between the 18th August and the 26th November 1966 (in total, twelve million Red Guards traveled to see Mao in these rallies). However, by the end of 1966, most of the Cultural Revolution Group were of the opinion that the Red Guards had become too much of a political liability. The campaign against ‘capitalist-roaders’ had led to anarchy, the Red Guards’ actions had led to conservatism amongst China’s workers, and the lack of discipline and the factionalism in the movement had made the Red Guards politically dangerous. 1967 would see the decision to dispel the student movement….

In the year that followed, the PLA violently put down the national Red Guard movement, with the suppressions often brutal. For example, a radical alliance of Red Guard groups in Hunan province called the Sheng Wu Lien was involved in clashes with local PLA units, and in the first half of 1968 was forcibly suppressed. At the same time, in Guangxi province, the PLA carried out mass executions of Red Guards that were unprecedented in their nature in the Cultural Revolution.”

(The above article was written by Richard Fernandez at Pajamas Media.)

This Wall Street Opinion piece is titled, “The Liberal Reckoning of 2010”.

There is some confusion here, as you will read below.   Official Democrat pronouncements declare this past Congress, the 111th is the “Greatet Congress”  and point to nearly three dozen triumphs from its huge leftwing majorities over the past two years….Obamayears.

The public, however, says in the most recent Gallup Poll that 83% of the American voters are unhappy to very unhappy with Congress.

“Liberal Reckoning, 2010”

“Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid sent out a press release last week headlined “111th Congress Accomplishments.” It quoted a couple of Democratic Party cheerleaders calling this the greatest Congress since 1965-66 (Norm Ornstein) or even the New Deal (David Leonhardt), and listed in capital letters no fewer than 30 legislative triumphs: Health Care Reform, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, a Jobs Package (HIRE Act), the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, Food Safety, the Travel Promotion Act, Student Loan Reform, Hate Crimes Prevention, and so much more.

What the release did not mention is the loss of 63 House and six Senate seats, and a mid-December Gallup poll approval rating of 13%. Never has a Congress done so much and been so despised for it.

While this may appear to be a contradiction, it is no accident or even much of a surprise. The liberal wing of the Democratic Party had been waiting since the 1960s for its next great political opening, as we warned in an October 17, 2008 editorial, “A Liberal Supermajority.” Critics and some of our readers scored us at the time for exaggerating, but in retrospect we understated the willful nature of that majority.

Democrats achieved 60 Senate votes by an historical accident of prosecutorial abuse (Ted Stevens), a stolen election (Al Franken) and a betrayal (Arlen Specter). They then attempted to do nearly everything we expected, regardless of public opinion, and they only stopped because the clock ran out.

The real story of 2010 is that the voters were finally able to see and judge this liberal agenda in its unvarnished form. For once, there was no Republican President to muddle the message or divide the accountability. The public was able to compare the promise of 8% unemployment if the government spent $812 billion on “stimulus” with the 9.8% jobless result. They stood athwart liberal history in the making and said, “Stop.”

Note well, however, that the Democrats still standing on Capitol Hill remain unchastened. In her exit interviews, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said she would do it all the same way again, and her colleagues have seconded her lack of remorse by keeping her as their leader despite their November thumping. Her consolation to defeated Democrats was not to invite them to the House caucus meeting when she denounced President Obama’s tax deal with Republicans.

Note, too, that the organized left and its media allies are also beginning to rewrite the story of the 111th Congress as an historical triumph. The same people who claimed that ObamaCare was a defeat because it lacked a public option are suddenly noting it will put 32 million more Americans on the government health-care dole. It won’t be long before liberals and the press are defending the 111th Congress’s every achievement as historic.

There is a lesson here both about modern liberalism and for Republicans who will soon have more power in Congress. For today’s left, the main goal of politics is not to respond to public opinion. The goal is to impose the dream of an egalitarian entitlement state whether the public likes it or not. Sooner or later, they figure, the anger will subside and Americans will come to like the cozy confines of the cradle-to-grave welfare state.

This is the great Democratic bet with ObamaCare. The assumption is that once the benefits start to flow in 2013 the constituency for “free” health care will grow. As spending and deficits climb, the pressure for higher taxes will become inexorable and the GOP will splinter into its balanced budget and antitax wings. A value-added tax or some other money-machine will pass and guarantee that the government will control 40% to 50% of all economic resources.

If the price of this bet was losing control of the House for a moment in time in 2010, Mrs. Pelosi’s view is so be it. You have to break a few Blue Dog careers to build a European welfare state. Liberals figure that as long as President Obama can be re-elected in 2012, their gamble will pay off and the legacy of the 111th Congress will be secure. The cheerleaders will write books about it.

The lesson for Republicans is to understand the nature of their political opponents and this long-term bet. The GOP can achieve all kinds of victories in the next two years, and some of them will be important for economic growth. But the main chance is ObamaCare, which will fundamentally change the balance of power between government and individuals if it is not repealed or replaced.

While repeal will no doubt founder in the Senate in the next two years, Republicans can still use their House platform to frame the debate for 2012. They can hold hearings to educate the public about rising insurance costs and other nasty ObamaCare consequences. And they can use the power of the purse to undermine its implementation.”

Leftists Invent “OHM”……..”Obama Hate Machine”

A couple generations ago, pre welfare, the Democratic Party and Republican Party both could lay claim to a list of rational positions which differed one from another.  Both parties were  made up of democrats.   Some differences were along immigrant lines.   Not too many years ago, Catholics and Jews  preferred one side and Non Catholics and non Jews centered around the other.   One Party supported Labor and the other supported management and ownership interests,  farmers versus farm laborers. store owners versus worker unions.   Although there were  Marxists  in politics they either led rump extreme groups or hid themselves within the CIO…..the Congress of Industrial Organizations or on university campuses.   They opposed American values and ideals.

Nearly every voting Amrican revered the Federal Constitution as the final Law of the Land.  In its totality there was nothing confusing about its intent……to keep the population free of overbearing government.

Even at universities students and future teachers would be drilled with the truth that the United States of American was a government based on Law and not Man.

Nearly to the person today’s Obamacrats oppose that ‘truth’.  Obama and the leaders of his Party are the new product produced in America……which has abandoned the Constitution as being unmodern, and confusing.  Obama represents the beginning of the Marxist era in which the ‘Living’ Constitution is anything a Marxist Democrat says it is.

I personally subscribe to the claim that Mr. Obama is the enemy of republican government because he dogmatically accepts Marxism’s dictate of forced equality.

Today’s Lefties cannot and will not debate their Marxist dreams of State dictatorship over citizen affairs.  The voting population, although seriously weakened by lack of knowledge  due to a Marxifed education offered at the modern American university in the social sciences (and now infiltrating into the natural sciences…such as climatology, horticultural and environmental sciences)  still can smell a rat when a president lies so constantly and  profoundly about his nationalizing the nations’ health industry……conning the people that the program will provide  “full health coverage for 40,000,000 more people and cheaper cost and better service.”   A man who promised full disclosure of all arguments and actions, yet manipulated this nationalization scandal to become law as a drug dealer sells his product in the shadows of the night.

Obama is not hatable to look at……but for some he might be  hatable to listen to or when one  discovers  what his goals for America apparently are.   Obama is a provocateur.   Hitler and Stalin, Lenin and Mao  were  provocoteurs.     

I believe in democracy.  Obama is a product of our democracy.   I must live with that and with him as president and do what I can do see him and his Marxist crowd defeated in every election left in my lifetime.   I happen to think more and more Americans are coming to see him as the  Marxist that he is. 

I suggest these strong feelings are felt by everyone who sees the same Marxism in Obamacare as I do.   We must not call him names as the Left calls us if  unwarranted.    The man is a Marxist…..that is a fact, sorry, folks…..That is who he is in his thinking and actions.  It is not namecalling.   To call Paul Ryan of Wisconsin or Ronald Reagan  a Marxist….that would be name calling.

In this following article, “Can POTUS Beat Back the Obama Hate Machine in 2011?”  David Corn at Politics Daily does name-call.    Check out what he  offers as appropriate examples to suggest proof for where “Hate” exists.

“In the epilogue to the new paperback version of his book on President Obama, “The Promise,” Jonathan Alter notes that one of the president’s major challenges for 2012 will be combating the “Obama Hate Machine.” That’s an appropriate name for the right-wing attack network that will throw any charge it can concoct — regardless of the facts — at the president. Alter has a point, but this task is a never-ending, 24/7 job that is unconnected to Obama’s re-election campaign. It is crucial to Obama’s overall mission of governing the nation well.”

Comment:    Corn writes,  “Obama Hate Machine” ia  an appropriate name for “the right-wing attack network”?   He  simply leaves the conclusion that any criticism of the president and his friends and policies  is a Hate Attack….insinuating by the rules of Left wing speech control rules called, “Political Correctness” that any criticism of the Left is irreligious and should be punished and silenced.

Criticisms of blacks, females, Jews, Latinos, gays, American Indians….anyone belonging to the Leftwing victimhood constituencies have been labeled falsely as speech hate, even to the point, as in the Minnesota Democrat Party- controlled legislature where leftists have attempted to define  any criticisms of these constituencies as hate speech a crime, punishable by law.

Back to the article:

“The OHM — led by a wide-ranging collection of conservative media outfits, right-wing bloggers, and GOP partisans — has already effectively undermined Obama’s presidency by propagating lies about his administration’s major accomplishments. It tarred Obama’s health care reform initiative by falsely claiming it would establish “death panels.” It pushed the falsehood that his $787 stimulus package created no new jobs. (The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimates that legislation created or saved up to 3.5 million jobs.) And don’t forget the birthers, who are still yapping that Obama wasn’t born in the United States. One recent poll found that 23 percent of Americans believe this (and 20 percent said they didn’t know).”

Mr. Corn equates the meaning of “created” with “saved”.   They are not synominous.  Furthermore no one in the world knows how many jobs Mr. Obama “saved”….it is a meaningless verb as used here.   I know of no major or known Republican member of Congress who presses for Obama’s  birth certificate.  I don’t think Mr. Corn knows of anyone  either.  Death panels are a reality of Obamacare.   Sneaky messages out of Oregon are not to be ignored.   Obamacare law will not be ignored.  Euthanasia will become Lefty sweet talk politics, just as sure as they support abortion as a Constitutional ‘right’ and therefore good for society.

“In the past week — even after Obama (to the chagrin of his Democratic colleagues) showed that he was willing to compromise with the Republicans — the Obama Hate Machine has been cooking up more lunacy-driven charges. Here are two that have emerged in the past week or so: Obama wants to disarm the United States unilaterally and give New York back to Native Americans.”

Comment.  “Where’s the meat?”     Obama has been quite clear about his disdain for American wealth and success.   He parade around the world several times and at many conferences to appologize to our nation’s enemies.    I happen to believe he does so as a Marxist interested in making matters ‘equal’ in the world as Americans are to be made to be “equal” at home.   He is a Marxist doing his Marxist thing.

“Let’s look at that disarm-the-U.S. charge first. As Obama was pushing for Senate ratification of the new START treaty, which will decrease the nuclear arsenals of the United States and Russia, Rush Limbaugh, who sits on the throne of the OHM, declared that this was part of “Obama’s effort to disarm the United States.” He also proclaimed that with the START treaty Obama and the Democrats had “finally” succeeded “in harming U.S. national security.”

Limbaugh neglected to mention that ratification of the START treaty was endorsed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, including its chairman. He also didn’t note that it was backed by six former Republican secretaries of state: Henry Kissinger, George Shultz, James Baker III, Lawrence Eagleburger, Colin Powell, and Condoleezza Rice. Do these Republicans all wish to disarm the United States and impair U.S. national security? Perhaps there was a conservative policy argument to be made against the new START treaty, but Limbaugh was not engaging in honest debate. He was accusing a commander in chief — who, by the way, has beefed up the U.S. military presence in Afghanistan — of practically surrendering. Limbaugh’s aim, of course, was not to participate in a robust policy discussion, but to discredit Obama and brand him as essentially a traitor. Yet it would be absurd to say such a thing about Powell, Rice, Shultz, and the other Republican national security experts. The mission is to create anti-Obama noise (and, certainly, to earn millions of dollars a year).

As for Obama going native, Special Guests, a conservative outfit that supplies “experts” for media interviews, shot out an e-mail the other day with this subject head: “Obama to give NY back to Indians!” (Note the exclamation point.) This group maintains that Obama backs a United Nations resolution that would “set the table for turning regions of the U.S., including parts of Manhattan, back to Native American Indian tribes . . . [and] could create the theoretical framework for a dismantling of our entire country.” Other conservatives, too, have asserted that Obama is plotting to return America to the tribes. Bryan Fischer of the right-wing American Family Association wrote on his blog, “Obama wants to give the entire land mass of the United States of America back to the Indians. He wants Indian tribes to be our new overlords.” Really? Obama desires to be the president of a nation subservient to Native American tribal chiefs? The truth: The Obama administration supports the U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People, which notes that “indigenous people have the right to own, use, develop and control the lands, territories and resources” that they have traditionally occupied or owned. This declaration is, eh, non-binding. It’s merely a statement of principle, not an announcement that the Munsee Delaware tribe will be handed the deed to Rockefeller Center.

Still, the Obama-giving-land-back-to-the-Indians tall tale has been spreading within conservative circles. It’s another sign that the OHM will use any cockamamie charge it can unearth or generate to undercut Obama. Facts don’t matter. What counts is keeping the fire hose turned on and aimed at the fellow in the White House. If the born-in-Kenya-secret-Muslim-socialist thing doesn’t pan out, there’s always the disarm-American-and-go-native option. Who knows what this crazy guy is going to do next? As Special Guests said in that e-mail, “Elect a radical President, expect radical policy.” Like backing a treaty approved by James Baker or cutting a compromise with Republicans that extends the Bush tax cut bonuses for the rich. Real radical.

The Obama Hate Machine is never slowed by the absurdities it manufactures. It just keeps spewing crap. The accusations don’t have to be proved. The game plan is obvious: Even if he sidesteps the individual charges, Obama will somehow be dirtied by the ceaseless flow of mud. Meanwhile, the OHM professionals will reap profits, as they feed the irrational paranoia of their believe-anything anti-Obama audience.

Though Obama survived the OHM’s assaults in 2008, its blasts did inflict damage during his first two years as president and — credit where credit is due — helped the Republicans seize control of the House and reduce the Democratic majority in the Senate. And the OHM will not be stopping. As Obama heads into the second half of this presidential term, the question is whether he and his posse will figure out a better way of confronting the craziness in 2011 and beyond.”