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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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Confessions of an American conservative concerned for his America!

I am an expert in the world of “Landscaping the Minnesota Home Grounds”.  I am very good at it, better than I am playing “business” and making money.   I enjoy this world extremely.

I have been a ‘teacher’ of something or another all of my adult life.  Although I inherently feel great pleasure from recognizing products of my teaching, a pleasure which even supercedes the beauty from creating masterpiece settings for friends and clients, teaching was a path over which I never had a choice. 

For one born to teach something or another there are a number of plagues such an  automaton must endure.   Occasionally or more often, a creature such as I,  becomes a bore.   Another is one cannot know all.  Nor can one know truth for certain.   One must develop a character, in the ideal, to remember that whatever one learns and teaches, one guesses with  whatever opinions are shared with others. 

Character might have had something to do with my drive “to know”.   I did like Bible studies in Sunday School and had a Mother who never let me forget  what good character might be……But, I must confess one of my greater horrors in life  is the fear that I might be wrong.   For that fear I point to the clever, well educated and teacher-talented old maid school teachers which populated  my younger school  life.   They demanded knowledge from me, or else.

The more information a teacher amasses, it is likely the fewer mistakes will be made. 

Most human animals attached to university are not good teachers.   Some may be recognized and recognized accurately for their depth of knowledge.   Although I did take advanced classes in botany working toward a graduate  degree in horiculture, and at one time could lecture outlining  each step of the Kreb’s cycle and identify certain plant species including fungi by studying cell structure via a microscope, my being begged for a broader life.   Depth of knowledge, I early learned, needed breadth  of knowledge for me to enjoy learning and living.   

Those super expert in the sex lives of insects are needed in life.  Alfred Kinsey was such a person.  Rachel Carson was deeply romantic.   Al Gore starred in a popular movie of fiction.  All became false prophets.

I have no knowledge of import regarding anything in the mechanical world or the world of the computer.  I do not know what an Ipod is.   The aging brain has its limits, but to tell you the truth, if I were only 40 years old and entering the prime of my productive life, I wouldn’t be able to know anything mechanical either.

I have two sons.  One saves me on the mechanical bit.   The other one is much like me, but more talented.

One loses wishes as one passes into the “Death Panel” stages of life.   At least this is  my experience.   But it should always be understood that whatever is said or written is an opinion.   Some opinions are far more accurate than others.

I do not believe the moon is made of “blue cheese, ” I often warned my high school students, but I have never been there.   Therefore I must trust certain writings and speakings of some folks over others.

Knowledge, more knowledge, and more and more knowledge a human being can amass makes it likely that the citizen will be better able to make better decisions in life regarding things that matter………

………but there is no guarantee.    After all, look at what Al Gore hath wrought with his “Inconvenient Truth” distortions.

Think of what economic horrors the American Democrats and their Republican friends hath wrought is banning our American ability to produce our own energy…..if for no other reason than to keep us from being house maiden to those jihadists in Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen or Palestine, and the unfeminized energies of the Peoples Republic of China’s  capitalistic dictatorship.

How do we, a bunch of girls, male and female,  living in a world of juvenile giddyness brought up and propped up  by priestesses both male and female, who program our young   to worship themselves in  baths and showers of self esteem for their single accomplishment of breathing?    So that they can feel good!   How female nutty can a culture get?

We live in a  hostile and competitive world ………Others see  our pleasures and palaces and are desirous of seizing them……..a normal Pavlovian response from  most human animals……other animals as well.

This human drive, by the way, is the basic  argument behind  world Marxism……that by making each individual a mindless slave duty- bound to the Government Planners and their experts, Nirvana on Earth will be achieved.   The human female is particularly drawn to this stage play.  She is not the equal of the human male in drive for freedom, curiosity, inventiveness, and competitiveness with the same quotient for brutality in the background, despite Leftist-feminist propaganda and language control of political correctness.

It is a masculine drive to protect and defend the  realm.   American society has become too infected by female hysterias and hysterics  resulting in political paralyses   when the mind is buried under tons of emotion and make- believe.  

We, are  a peoples  from the labors of our parents and the times in which they lived and got wealthy.    As with so many families whose fathers, yes, fathers and not mothers, had become successful both in character and in wealth, so it happens in a culture that the question arises, “What is left for the sons of that family to do to satisfy their male drive to ‘succeed?”   (The human female in democratic societies is seldom held responsible or as responsible because innately we  know a culture is healthy when the male role is healthy.   The male role is healthy only if the male himself is healthy and has been made healthy to protect his mate and family.

Our American male of 2011 has been made to act and think female…..with horrible consequences in a world bubbling with young masculine wannabees in the muslim world at one end of the block and the energetic  billion of Chinese who have found themselves at the other end.  (In the middle of the block we endure Hugo Chavez and his ‘smallpox’ plagues…..to say nothing of Brazil, Argentina and Mexico troubles).

We are a “Progressive” America run by Progressives, the ‘female’ of the American family.   Security, incuriousness, comfort, chatter, control over the nest which had been built by the grandfather’s blood and sweat…..and a bit of granny’s as well would be the scene of  a  Norman Rockwell painting true to our time.

“No need for men”  is taught at university and college.    The language of female control is called “Political Correctness”.  Beyond its boundaries the American “Big Mama” doesn’t want to hear or speak.  It would  make her feel bad.

The husband in this cohabitation (certainly not a marriage)  has come from the old school where men were taught to be gentlemen.   They were trained to yield  to female wishes and to give them comfort and security, and so they did…..Republicans and Democrats, Catholic and Protestant, believers and non-believers  alike. 

Hysteria began to replace the mind.  Hysteria moved into university, college, and school and became a religion.

The religion became Marxism.   Government should rule the people, not serve them.   Barack Hussein Obama, a product of the university bath of feminist Marxism, the only kind of bath he had ever had, would lead the Change.

President Obama is  a product, not a creator of the culture which produced him.  It is the culture which is suffering illness.  Mr. Obama is  easing Marxism into this already sick culture as a doctor gives a patient morphine to ease the pain.

Our America is in a horrendously scarry economic crisis.   Its role as world banker is being sabotaged primarily by its own people within its own New Age culture…..It is  led by Democrats and their welfare gifts.   We have managed to bankrupt ourselves as so often occurs within second and third generation wealth in families who have forgotten how to create and earn it.

Worse, we have lost the religion which has built America  and made the country  the great civilization it created.

I don’t think we shall recover from the coming economic tsunami we are bound to face if this 112th Congress does not begin to reverse our bleeding from self inflicted wounds caused mostly by overspending and the social cancers it has created.

That the Democrat Party and its propagandists,  even when  meaning well,  have been the hyena pack most responsible for the collapse of  our  country, its faith and its riches, its character is ABSOLUTELY TRUE.   This reality is secondary, however to the one far more important problem……..and I repeat….that being….

Our America is  nearly in a  suicidal state caused  by its overwhelming overspending causing the ruin of our dollar.    I believe we haven’t yet seen the real storm if  or when the world will begin to renounce the unstable dollar as the world’s basic currency.

If there is hope to avoid this economic catastrophe, it will begin with this Congress in Washington and in all of the State capitals throughout the country.  It will need citizen help to keep it on track.

Yet, I must confess,  I am not an economist.   At one time 50 years or so ago I studied some  economics.   I remember in one class in a final exam of over 100 questions, the majority of my answers were wrong…..yet I got a B plus for the grade.   Think about that and again, draw your own conclusions.    I have drawn mine many times over.

I am curious, however.  Although dyslexic as a child which cursed my life as a reader and viewer  of fiction, I do read alot……the non-fiction stuff.   You guys out there exercise this  natural gift of curiosity within  the human male animal….”Use it or lose it”….as they say.  Besides ‘real’ women like that as some of  you already have, no doubt,  figured out.

Leftism Has Become a Mental Disorder! ….You Read and Decide!

The American Left, as expressed widely in the country’s mass media is losing its mind, besides losing our country.  It is insisting  that a grave evil did occur the other day in the House of Representatives when the Supreme  Law of the Land, the Constitution was read aloud before the assembly.

Worse yet,  this mass of communications and the Leftists who lead it have become more irate that today’s Constitution was read in the House, only as it reads today…..which is what one does when one wants to read the Constitution of the United States of America in AD 2011.

They insisted that the History of the Constitution be read to the audience for they believe that is a more accurate view of knowing today’s Law of the Land.     These are the same people who condemn Christians for battling Muslims during the Crusades in an attempt to recover the Christian lands which the Muslims had brutally conquered in their maraudings during the 9th and 10th centuries.   The same folks who equate Muslim jihad slaughter with opponents to gay marriage.  

Here is a sample of the disease.   The author’s name did not appear beside this San Francisco Chronicle center of Leftwing  knowledge:

The Chronicle claims:    “It has not been a good week for American history.”   

It reports why.   “First came the news that Alan Gribben, an English professor at Auburn University, has produced a new version of Mark Twain‘s classic novel, “Huckleberry Finn,” that replaces the vile and once-common racial epithet “nigger,” which appears more than 200 times in the original, with the word “slave.”

Then the House of Representatives launched its session by reading the U.S. Constitution aloud on the floor – except that lawmakers omitted many critical passages, including references to slavery, the notorious compromise counting African Americans as three-fifths of a person for census reasons, the nation’s Prohibition experiment and women’s struggle for the right to vote.

In both instances, the interested parties said they were excising history because of the risk of offending people. Yes, the racial epithet in Twain’s work and the discrimination embedded in the Constitution are offensive, but each reminds us of the context of the times.

In the case of “Huckleberry Finn,” the greater offense is slavery itself. And in the case of the Constitution, what’s really offensive is the idea that Americans are too delicate to recognize our own country’s failings and our battles to overcome them.

The strength of this country lies in our ability to admit and correct our mistakes. Twain, who wrote what is arguably the greatest of American novels, understood this intuitively – the young black character, Jim, is courageous enough to run for his freedom (yet another reason why it would be additionally insulting to label him a “slave” throughout the book) and never makes excuses for doing so. The moral hinge of the novel centers on Huck’s realization that Jim’s freedom is as important as his own. The rest of the country made this realization in a bloody but necessary way – and trying to deny that history is an insult to all of us.

Same with the Constitution. That document – which our brilliant but fallible Founding Fathers never regarded as sacrosanct – is a reflection of the country’s mistakes as well as its successes. It’s a stronger document, not a weaker one, for that recognition of reality, just as we are a stronger country for being able to admit and change our missteps.

Airbrushing history never helps, and it never works. The only way for the U.S. to continue progressing is if we fully face up to our past, in all forms. If some people are offended, then they haven’t been paying attention to the lessons of the Founding Fathers or Mark Twain.”

Comment:   Airbrushing history is exactly what the Leftist are doing to Mark Twain.   As I remind you of the woeful adage of Russians under the Soviet Marxist yoke, “The Future is Known.  It’s the Past that Keeps Changing.

The call by the Republicans had absolutely nothing to do with ‘airbrushing’ or any other brushing.  The call was to read the Constitution, our Supreme Law which until the Obama Marxists entered the White House the Constitution had never been held in such disrepute.   The the Law had change from time to time should be understandable since the strains and attacks on democracy change from time to time.   

I suggest these Obama Marxists request a time when they can read their History of the American Constitution in the House chamber…….It should be a well-advertised event so  all Americans can see the slithering   Marxists that they are.

Oh, by the way, the word ‘nigger’ is just a word.   There is nothing special about it at all.   It is neither sacred or unsacred.   Most inner city black Americans use it all of the time in their local communications one to another.

That the word is pretended to be sacred and therefore beyond the pale, is a racist statement against non-blacks resulting from Lefty politics in the Left’s  fifty year effort to corral the urban black population into a modern life of controlled plantation culture……

In truth the more frequently the word is used in a friendly and warm way puts an certain end to it’s special Leftwing meaning to encourage violence.

Roger Kimball Gets a “Kick out of Obama”, the “Humorless”

Roger Kimball writes at Pajamas Media.  Yesterday he wrote the following piece, “Barack Obama:  Comedian”.

“There aren’t many humorous headlines today (another assassination in Pakistan, Illinois on the brink of bankruptcy, the national debt tops $14 trilliontrillion!), but here’s one that brought a smile to my face:

“Obama exhorts Republicans to put politics aside.”

Yes, that’s right: just as he ends his two-week vacation (I think we ought to start calling Obama “President Holiday”: has any president ever taken as many vacations as he?), the leader of the formerly free world is “appealing to newly-empowered Republicans to resist jockeying for the White House in 2012 and work with him to get the economy growing and the jobless back to work.” Ha, ha, ha! Oh, what a card.

Help him “get the economy growing,” eh?  What better way than to inject a little venom into the temporary extension of the so-called Bush tax cuts he grudgingly endorsed last month?  How about the carbon frenzy his administration has exhibited, using another bogus “environmental” concern to hamper businesses all over the country? (See this depressing story on “the EPA’s War on Texas.”) Or, since I mentioned the $14 trillion national debt, how about the incontinent spending this profligate administration has indulged in? Take a look at this:

What the chart fails to communicate, of course, is the staggering reality behind that ascending red line: who among you really appreciates the world-destroying effect of $14 trillion in debt? The President of the United States has two basic, interwoven,  responsibilities: 1) to “provide for the common defense,” as the Constitution puts it, and (2) to pursue responsible fiscal policies.

One thing that  makes President Holiday’s appeal to Republicans to “put politics aside” risible is its timing.  When he won in 2008, President Holiday told us that “elections have consequences” and that he now had a mandate to “fundamentally transform the United States of America” into a European-style socialist state. But when the 2010 election had a rather different outcome, we were told that the election didn’t really signify anything.

Of course, we know that for President Holiday and his team, elections only matter when they happen to endorse their policies. Which is to say: they don’t matter at all, except as window dressing. But we knew that already, didn’t we?  Consider the way the administration rammed ObamaCare down the throats of the people: has there ever been such far-reaching, consequential legislation passed over such widespread popular opposition?  Elections are meant  to register the will of the people. The people, to the resounding number of some 63 percent, oppose ObamaCare. Never mind: President Holiday and his bureaucrats know better. They want ObamaCare — not because it is better health care, but because it invests more power in the government, i.e., in their hands —  so it is ObamaCare you will get.

The deeper cause for humor here, however, is the spectacle of a politician, speaking in his role as a politician, exhorting other politicians  to “put politics aside.”  But if the politicians we elect to do the people’s business were to “put politics aside” they would have failed to do their job. That’s what we pay them for: to play politics, which means to argue and lobby for policies that, in so far as is possible, further the common good.

The exhortation by a politician “to put politics aside” is never anything more than a cynical political gesture designed to thrill the credulous and sentimental. To hear a hardened pol like President Holiday utter it is to find oneself warring with two conflicting emotions: disgust, at the brazenness and bad faith of the pronouncement, and hilarity at the chutzpah and sheer baldness of the performance.

I own that I laughed when I read about President Holiday’s appeal.  It wasn’t long, however, before other sentiments took over.”

David Brooks Lists Why Obamahealth Might Be Overturned!

Shy, gentle, decent, cautious, Public Radio  conservative, David Brooks leaves his usual defensive fortress of  quiet for a rare advance suggesting the Obamahealth might be in trouble.   When he masses his points together with his literate writing he might gain some attention…..He got mne, anyway…with the article below at the New York Times with the title, “Buckle Up for Round 2!”

“The health care reform law was signed 10 months ago, and what’s striking now is how vulnerable it looks. Several threats have emerged — some of them scarcely discussed before passage — that together or alone could seriously endanger the new system. These include:


The courts. So far, one judge has struck down the individual mandate, the plan’s centerpiece. Future decisions are likely to break down on partisan lines. Given the makeup of the Supreme Court, this should concern the law’s defenders.

False projections. The new system is based on a series of expert projections on how people will behave. In the first test case, these projections were absurdly off base. According to the Medicare actuary, 375,000 people should have already signed up for the new high-risk pools for the uninsured, but only 8,000 have.

More seriously, cost projections are way off. For example, New Hampshire’s plan has only about 80 members, but the state has already burned through nearly double the $650,000 that the federal government allotted to help run the program. If other projections are off by this much, the results will be disastrous.

Employee dumping. This is the most serious threat. Companies and unions across America are running the numbers and discovering they would be better off if, after 2014, they induced poorer and sicker employees to move to public insurance exchanges, where subsidies are much higher.

The number of people in those exchanges could thus skyrocket, especially as startup companies undermine their competitors with uninsured employees and lower costs. The Congressional Budget Office projects that 19 million people will move to the exchanges at a cost of $450 billion between 2014 and 2019. But according to the economists Douglas Holtz-Eakin and James C. Capretta, costs could soar to $1.4 trillion if those who would be better off in the exchanges actually moved to them. The price of the health care law could double. C. Eugene Steuerle of the Urban Institute, who has been among those raising the alarms about this, calls the law’s structure “unworkable and unfair.”

Health care oligarchy. Since the law passed, there has been a frenzy of mergers and acquisitions, as hospitals, clinics and doctor groups have joined together into bigger and bigger entities. The drafters encourage this, believing large outfits would be more efficient. The downside to this economic concentration is there could be less competition and cost control. In many places, the political power of these quasi-monopolies would be huge, with unforeseeable results. The law bans doctors from starting up hospitals to increase competition.

Public hostility. Right now about 53 percent of Americans oppose the health care law and 43 percent support it, according to an average of the recent polls. Complaints are especially high among doctors. According to a survey by the Physicians Foundation, 60 percent of private practice doctors say the law will force them to close their practices or to restrict them to certain categories of patients.

Given this level of unhappiness, people will blame the Obama law for everything they hate about the health care system. Political opposition was fierce last November, and it could easily shape the 2012 election and lead to changes or repeal.

Over all, there is a strong likelihood that the current health care law will face an existential threat over the next five years. Each party should be preparing contingency plans.

When the crisis comes, Democrats will face an interesting choice — to patch the Obama system or try to replace it with something bigger. The administration may want a patch, but by a ratio of nearly 2 to 1, according to a CNN poll, Democratic voters would prefer a more ambitious law. Liberals could logically say that the mistake was trying to create a hybrid system, rather than moving straight to a single-payer one.

Republicans are going to have to move beyond their current “Repeal!” posture and cohere behind a positive alternative. One approach, which Tyler Cowen of George Mason University has written about, is to allow more state experimentation. Another approach, championed by Capretta, Yuval Levin of National Affairs and Thomas P. Miller of the American Enterprise Institute, revolves around the words “defined contribution.”

Under this approach, Republicans would say that the federal government has a role in subsidizing health insurance — a generous role, but not unlimited. The government would provide needy citizens with a predefined amount of money to spend on insurance and allow them to shop in a transparent, regulated, but not micromanaged marketplace.

After the trauma of the last two years, many people wish the issue would go away. But it’s not going away, especially since costs will continue to rise.

Some Congresses achieve health care; members of this Congress or the next one will have health care thrust upon them.”

Comment:   Mr. Brooks almost always qualifies what he qualifies and then qualifies what he  has said in summary.  He often speaks and writes as if he is embarrassed about his conservativism.   I write this as emphasis to those readers unfamiliar with his communicating.  You will appreaciate, I believe, the strength of his statements above with these understandings about his approach to analyze.