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Please Revisit the Film, “2001, A Space Odyssey”

(The following article was printed about a year ago.  The university left touting its Marxist rules, claims there is no difference between the human female and male except for socialization.    Marxists throughout their history have viewed truth as an inconvenience, an irritation to their ultimate atheistic goal which is to create, dictate, and maintain ‘Equality’ among peoples.   It is a sweet thought.

With the present Obama administration enforcing ever more Obamagovernment controls over citizen life by buying more and more votes to guarantee perpetual Marxist election victories, and  before traditional American democracy forever disappear into history, please consider the following Marxist-forbidden old fashioned, once popular American and Western European assumption……that some things in life are more beautiful than others.

Such a concept is blasphemous in the Marxist world, Obama’s or Stalin’s, Mao’s or Chavez’.    Beauty is a word without meaning in modern Western Culture for there is little in 21st Century culture outside of Nature which expresses it.    If something created by mankind, especially western mankind,  is called ‘beautiful’, it automatically suggests its comparison is LESS beautiful, a concept which violates the religious tenets of Marxism’s religion, atheism.)

Once, so many years ago I found beauty in the film “2001, A Space Odyssey” before Obama’s Marxism began to dominate American culture.   Here is what I wrote that February, one year ago:

“This past week Dennis Prager spent much time reviewing the significance of a computer beating humans at the television program,  “Jeopardy”, I think it was called.  I read an article about it also in the Wall Street Journal, saved the article to make a blog comment about our human future with computers.  Alas, I have since lost the article.  Amen to that.

Besides Dennis’ regular intellectual refreshments   reviewing  ethics and conservatism while hosting  his radio show, many  of his topics for discussion truly stir the mind.

For example what indeed will be the  role of man and computer in man’s future…..or some might  prefer, in computers’  future?

I don’t have an up-to-date vocabulary to write much about cyberspace or anything connected to it.  Nevertheless,  my favorite movie of all time commanding  power over my mind and emotions, is Stanley Kubrick’s  “2001, A Space Odyssey”.   I was overwhelmed when I first saw it about 40 or more  views ago at the St. Louis Park Cyclorama Theater, I think it was called.  I am more overwhelmed after each opportunity seeing  it again.

Just by chance this Sunday morning, when I turned on ‘the  television set” , as we old people describe this ritual, disliking everything I scrolled, I hit “Intermission” on the Ted Turner Movie Stateion.  I am not fond of the flake, Ted Turner. and so,  seek his channel rarely.   Most films of the past 30 years  are  garbage, unworthy of human intellectual review except to lose  all faith in the future of the country.  Most are truly repulsive to a civilized people.  That, however, is a discussion for another day.

Of the 40 plus times I have seen “2001” I have NEVER failed to be overwhelmed  for the religious impact it has upon me.  It refreshes  the passion  I have for the human struggle.  What a noble creature he is,   always trying to rise above the feral, the inane, the bestial and the unknown.  He   battles  to explore, to learn, explain….to satisfy his animal drive of curiosity.   What a masterpiece of the visual and aural art form is “2001, A Space Odyssey” !

I do think I am a rare, but blessed breed ,  to suffer  these wonderful effects the film commands over me.  I have never met anyone who shares these  feelings from the film.   But then, however would people  engage in such a discussion?

It’s a guy thing…..”2001, A Space Odyssey.”

Film is a magnificent art form and nearly always corrupted as one.  Movies vulgar  and violent, inane and banal, make more money….perhaps ‘most’  money is more accurate than a film such as “2001”.    Few viewers go to movies for intellectual or spiritual pursuit because such films do not exist, or if a few do, they are shunned by cultural habit.

For most Americans, movies are a one-time shot “entertainment”  of about an hour and a half and disappear into the void nearly dead,  deep into the human computer called memory.  Movies of my childhood and teens, films from the  1930s to the 1950s were culturally instructive supporting the culture’s values, guided by  by Roman Catholic standards of censorship…..and God Bless them for that.  Much of my generations’  lessons of proper behavior of child and adult, came for the lessons we learned from film.

As my friends and especially my son, Andrew, know, Beethoven most of all, but countless other classic music composers as well, overwhelm me with the power and aural beauty of their creations torturing my emotions.   Yet,  few crush  me more completely than those measures  of  Richard Strauss’  “Thus Spake Zarathustra” used in “2001” to create the birth of ‘thinking’ man, this  creature we attempt  to  know, and the expectations we develop  wondering about  his future.

After the computer beat the human contestants’ speed and accuracy of answering the questions on the Jeopardy show, the audience applauded the computer….JUST THINK OF THAT ACT!   Applauding a computer.  What  naturally follows in newsprint and radio is the question,  will  the day arrive when computers will dominate us  humans?     Can it be developed that they might be programmed to immitate feelings, such as emotion and love, sorrow, expressions, and ultimately, perhaps be morphed into something beyond human to enslave  or replace humanity?

I found “2001”, no I FIND “2001” so inspiring!   These bitsy earthly animals, so small they don’t even exist in the realms of  ‘reality’, yet so large, so commanding, so inventive in the world he counts as his own.

It is so good to be alive to consider thinking about such miracles.   One of the human  tragedies is that so few humans bother to exercise enough energy to put knowledge together often enough to be overwhelmed by the mysteries which mankind has unravelled and about that which might be unravelled tomorrow.

I suppose I was genetically vulnerable  to follow a path to be impressed into the world of  visual and aural beauty and hence my enslavement to the art of landscape gardening and Beethoven, Rodrigo, Verdi, Mozart and so on…..to become so paralyzed while  being exposed to “2001”.   But the nature of male curiosity plays no small role in human life, I am thinking.  And that curiosity was honed and challenged, and sculpted by my old maid public school elementary and high school teachers, my parents, and movies of my day…….a recipe long ago lost  by our time, 2011.

At Intermission, Dave has become aware that his space ship ‘commander’, a  H.A.L.-9000 computer, has become somehow  ‘somewhat off’,  causing the death of Frank, Dave’s fellow ‘awake’  astronaut when the two were ouside of the spacecraft in space, moving beyond Jupiter,  making repairs.  Frank disappears into the eternal.  David attempts to return to the spacecraft which H.A.L. pilots and now commands and controls.   Dave is seen,but  his breathing is the music we hear as he struggles against the psychotic computer’s  beam to survive.  The visual and aural in harmony become hypnotic.

These scenes are masterfully constructed.

H.A.L. has already murdered the astronauts on board who have been ‘in storage’.   Red alerts announce, “COMPUTER MALFUNCTION, as a stocatto beat catches your breath as  the stored astronauts  lose theirs.  “LIFE FUNCTIONS CRITICAL”…..another pounding, more threatening red alert…..”LIFE FUNCTIONS TERMINATED”.

Dave is now alone.  Totally alone literally in outer space facing  a psychopathic H.A.L 9000 computer, who ‘itself’ has become concerned, determined to keep Dave from getting back into the spacecraft  H.A.L. controls.

Their duel begins.

“Open the bomb bay door, H.A.L.,” Dave pleads.  Silence.  Again he pleads.   Again silence.  Dave’s commands become angry.  “Open the bomb bay door, H.A.L….Hello, H.A.L., do you read me?”

“Affirmative, Dave.  I read you” in a cold, controlled,  perfectly intoned mechanical, nearly monotone voice.  “This machine is too important for me to jeopardize.  I know you and Frank were planning to disconnect me.”

Dave struggles to get back into H.A.L.’s  spaceship through the emergency air lock…..and succeeds.  David’s human breathing continues as pulsating background to H.A.L.’s plaintives:  “Just what do you think you are doing, Dave?”….louder human breathing.  “I really think I am entitled to an answer……I know everything hasn’t been all right with me……I feel much better now”.   (Prager was questioning whether computers could be programmed to possess “carbons” of human feelings.)  “I still have great enthusiasm and confidence in the mission”, H.A.L. continues.   “Dave…stop!   Will you stop?” as Dave reaches into the program center to begin to disconnect H.A.L-9000 computer’s  “life”.

Dave’s execution of H.A.L. is the most memorable person to “person” event I have ever seen in film.  Yet,  it is far more than that.   It is the most profound scene to portray the human at ‘its’, in H.A.L.’s case, the ‘age’ of  its most productive time of life and begin step by step, frame by frame into decline and ‘death’and  finally, sans everything, HAL like man passes into the simpicity of waste  and non-existence…….all in a few minutes before your very  eyes on screen.   And, if you have been brought up somewhat like I was, you empathize with the death of H.A.L 9000 computer.   As it reverts to its childhood,to  that time when it first had learned to sing a song called, “Daisy”.

Being disassembled,  H.A.L. returns to his past and asks David  if he wants to hear the song he has been taught.

“Yes, H.A.L., please sing it for me”, is Dave’s last request before the kill.  “Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do!…I’m half crazy, all for the love of you…..It won’t be a stylish marriage….I can’t afford a carriage, but you’ll look sweet, upon the seat of a Bicycle Built for Two!”…..a song I learned in third grade, or so,  and still remember the lyrics, just to prove  to which generation I am more closely  allied.   Thank God!

“2001, A Space Odyssey” is a piece of art superbly  profound, the Beethoven 5th symphony or 3rd piano c0ncerto of filmdom……..in my view from the  prejudices formed  as a twentieth century white urban male, raised Protestant in a democratic nation of a family of some  turmoil, amid civilized, peaceful and kind neighbors, allowing me to become somewhat well educated by Roman Catholic and Protestant  public school teachers who loved learnedness, became learned,  and so,  loved  teaching knowledge and knew  how to teach nobodies  to begin to understand a few of life’s mysteries.

How  foreign my story and its formation  is  to our America of today……especially for us average folks who can be ‘made’ curious, and therefore become somewhat   free intellectually during our own  lifestimes.

Today,   the “one party” peoples’s education systems  stymie  curiosity and the male lust for  knowledge to create the new from the known and unknown.   We have feminized our males.

Perhaps some day when  our  Obamaworld, the  Marxist, anti-intellectual, One Party rule   in America fades,  our young males will at last be free again, free  of the burdens and imprisonment   they still  carry  from the menacings of   the  man-hating harpies and their leftwing allies of the   feminist movement of the past generation and then some.

It is only a matter of time the American male will make a move en mass to become more free.   The easiest way to control the species based on my own experience and my learnings as a teacher, is to direct and control from early childhood  the human male’s  natural drive to explore, to be  curious to  both formal learnings and  tasks ………which will whet his appetites to discover and  perform his natural adult duties with success and honor setting an  appropriate  example for future generations to focus on pleasures of accomplishment rather than pleasures of the carnal, the one freedom  leftwing America still  cherishes to this day.

Too many American young men today are bored with the feminized  world around them.    It is my view that our society will be far safer, far more productive, and exponentionally more satisfying to the human male himself,  if from a very early age our male young be educated blending the more visual with the aural with tasks and learnings which will push his natural instincts in a displined direction based on his nature to wonder and be curious.

Sorry lefties, the American young men need more learned men in their young lives to emulate.  Can they be found?  Are there any left?

How about using ‘2001, A Space Odyssey’ with it sounds and sights provoking thought and mood  carefully guided by the knowledgable adult male or female inspired by such masterpieces.   A ninety pound, five foot tall old maid school teacher, 68 years old wearing a red wig and black round rim glasses  in 1948, named Mabel Wicker, turned my life around in a class of 36 high school freshmen, mostly young male rejects, boys  of  some  ability who had one last chance to be morphed into a student with prospects.   This old woman lectured on Silas Marner,  Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice and Julius Caeser, and outlined sentence structure in a masculine institution of discipline, peformance and penalties for failure.   No one ever dared to make fun of her appearance.   That was not allowed  and we all knew it.   I had no idea I was on trial.  No one told me until two years later when another  favorite English teacher informed me that I had been in a weeding-out class with Miss Wicker the gardener.

We live in a time in America where the profane and ugly are celebrated.  Our schools are indeed jungles.  Most of you who have read this far have done so through curiosity.  Here is the end for you……the lesson this old  highschool teacher has for you.

Whether teenager or an adult, male or female, take a look at “2001, A Space Odyssey” soon.   See it again…..and then again.    Disturb your mind enough to ask why do some folks believe this is such a special masterpiece of human creation?    Don’t ask others for answers.   Feel, see, hear, listen, yourselves.  Use your own senses to explore a profound story, a masterpiece of sight and sound and story to stimulate thought.   You may want to challenge yourselves to do the same listening to Beethoven’s third piano concerto or fifth symphony.   You may discover classic beauty, another human craving  the world’s Marxists have taken from our culture in order to maintain the mundane.”

2 Responses

  1. About 2001 as a symphony… It’s absolutely RIGHT!!!

    2001: An Odyssey Beyond The 5th Symphony By MARCELOGRAPHICS – CLIPS 1 and 2 – with add notes on my channel

    Hope you like it 😉

    • Dear friends of beauty at Marcelographics: I only now have come across your message and have checked out your use of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony………which is the most beautiful noise ever heard according to many in the aural beauty world and in my own opinion as well.

      You do honor to Beethoven and all of us hooked on the magnificence of musical beauty.

      Good luck to you all who seek to improve the human condition by discovering and creating the beautiful. I have checked out your enclosed address…….I was so pleased to hear that you are on a right track.. May God Bless you all. ghr

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