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A Racist Easter Sunday Service for Obama with Rev. Wallace Smith

(Black Racism abounds in America and is usually found emanating from  the pulpits of many black ‘Christian’ churches.   Why did President Obama schedule the controversial and racist Reverend Wallace Smith for his Easter Sunday Service?)

Bill O’Reilly & Panel Have Fiery Debate About

Obama’s ‘Easter Pastor’


 Click here for a video of  the Fox News item found at Media.ite:


Bill O’Reilly led off his show tonight confused why President Obama chose to spend Easter Sunday at the Shiloh Baptist Church, where its pastor Reverend Wallace Charles Smith had a history of making controversial statements, including alleging Fox News is racist. O’Reilly was none too pleased with Obama for legitimizing the pastor and was reminded of the Jeremiah Wright controversy. However, Alan Colmes passionately argued O’Reilly was completely wrong.

Monica Crowley joined other conservative criticism of the pastor and Obama, but Crowley took it a step further, labeling Obama’s behavior to be “un-American.” Colmes responded that such a statement was “reprehensible.” O’Reilly didn’t want to go as far as Crowley though, and suggested this was just evidence of Obama displaying bad judgment:

“Barack Obama . . . is the poster guy for being able to succeed in a race-neutral society. If a half white, half black boy from a broken home can become President, that speaks well of America. . . . Then he goes and he sits in churches in front of people who run the country down.”

As voices grew louder by the end, Colmes bemoaned “guilt by association” attacks and concluded no conservatives are ever happy with Obama, since either he is attacked for not going to church often enough or now is attacked for going to the wrong church. Yet O’Reilly reiterated he just expects better judgment from Obama, especially given his controversial past with pastors.

Comment:  Unfortunately, Colmes is thoroughly irrational and hysterical.   He is a poor listener and an accomplished hysteric.  His mind flutters.   He well personifies the modern Left…….for he avoids answering questions and instead, goes bonkers and  name calls…..the main weapons of the New Progressive Left in America, the  Obama Marxists.

I suggest you, dear reader, look up the 3/5ths Amendment to which this racist pastor refers in his rantings during Easter Service.    Its origin had nothing to do with a Negro in fact, being 3/5ths of a person.   Do your country and truth a favor, look it up for own self-education.  Actually the 3/5ths Amendment saved the Union for awhile.

Racist black ‘reverends’ are a dime a dozen in the American inner city black community.   It is part of the Democrat’s political control over the neighborhoods.   Something has to be hated to strengthen the community.   Jeremiah “Goddamn America”  Wright, Obama’s “father figure” (Obama’s own words)  pastored Obama and his family for twenty-two years…….Obama had to have lied when he claimed in 2008 he had no idea in the world Mr. Wright was such a racist…for he had never heard such words come from his mouth…..even though Wright’s church sold taped copies of these ministries out of the church’s gift shop.

My experiences working in this neighborhood taught me an important rule…..that this community of urban blacks, because of this racist upbringing, does not honor truth when talking to ‘whitey’.   Lying to whitey stimulates the speaker’s belief he is superior to the white at all times he is ‘conning’.    Whether he is asking for a handout or describing his family or the day……….Of course there are exceptions…….and, as I have repeated so many times, if there are angels on Earth, they are black, over 50; they are women living  in this inner city black jungle of crime and disorder, and take their seven grand children to church on Sunday, keep them warm and clean, care for them with  love  while their own children live in chaos and disorder from their world’s  absence of responsible fathers.

Maintaining hate against whitey is NOT healthy for anyone, but especially cripples the believers who tend  to accept  any ego-soothing  messages in these racist plantations of the inner cities of America.   White Democrats feverishly perpetuate the racism by stirring it enough to orient  the hate toward conservatives.

Here is a video of a previous presentation by Wallace Smith, the controversial pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church.  Racism is an essential ingredient in the twenty first century  plantation culture of the inner city black population.   It gives them group identity to cover the disorder and violence  incumbent within the culture there.   Racism against whites is a given, pure and simple.   It is learned nearly from  birth.   No matter how heinous the deed within the community, the salvation for all is that White man has caused the crime.    

Leftwing Democrats and university professors perpetuate the myths.


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