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Dr. David T. Lykken Warned about the Plague of the Black Male Sociopath. Who Listened?

In 2000 the late well known University of Minnesota psychologist, David T. Lykken wrote a paper titled “THE CAUSES AND COSTS OF CRIME AND A CONTROVERSIAL CURE. ”  

Dr. Lykken gave me a copy of this paper.  I would like to share his abstract with you:

“In spite of recent modest decreased, the epidemic of crime that began in the United States in the early 1960s has left us with a rate of violent crime that is still some 300% higher than it was 40 years ago.  The usual suspect-poverty, the easy availability of street drugs and handguns, violent television programs-cannot account for this ominous trend.  The fact that African Americans are responsible for nearly half of this violence, although they constitute only about one-eighth of the U.S. population, is the principal reason why the great improvement in race relations made over the past half-century has reached an asymptote.  White fears, and Black resentment of these fears, are a grave threat to further progress.   It is argued here that the main reason for this epidemic of crime and violence is the rapid recent increase in the proportion of the young people aged 15 to 24 who have grown up unsocialized.  It is argued further that most of these feral youngsters are SOCIOPATHS, defined as genetically normal children whose failure of socialization was due to their being domiciled with an immature, overburdened, unsocialized, or otherwise incompetent parent  or parents.”

One can imagine such a paragraph would not have been well received by any American community in 2000 when it was offered.   I got to know Dr. Lykken through his wife, Harriet, and his son, Joey.    Although I had been tenured as a teacher of Modern Problems  in America in the Minneapolis public school system, I had been fired, charged with filling out a form improperly.   The case was reviewed in the courts.  The Minneapolis School Board was pressured to reinstate me, but without tenure.  

Everyone , including I, was certain the School Administration would cut me from its teaching squad some time in the next year……Nevertheless, I accepted, though a gamble, but I would be forced to change high schools.   I chose to teach at a school in a primarily black neighborhood  and  relatively out of control.

I liked challenges.   And I did like the challenges and the classes I taught at the generally montrous institution.   

However, the school should have been closed.    A few years later it was and the building was torn down.

The City’s School Administration was under court order to equal the number of black students in a school with bussed in whites.    That did not sit well with most civilized people.   These white parents  began to flee the court’s orders by moving out of the city.    Good people, white people,  determined  to use the public schools to blend the cultures peacefully through learnings and learning together helped plan a curriculum to lure white parents to enrol their teen age children in the first “magnet school’ of its kind in the area.  

Good teachers tried heroically.    New, first year young, hippie-druggie teachers, many who would out-nigger talk the most obstreperous students, were hired.   White teachers had to park in a fenced in area and enter the building every morning through the boiler room to avoid being attacked.  

Every single assault of every day  was a black assault.   Half of the victims were white.   The administration pretended the criminality was racially  equal, not only in this building but throughout the city…..which was a disgusting lie.

Usually the worst enrolled males didn’t show up for any class, but made their presence known when their attack packs would arrive  to send a message, extort, or worse.    Many teachers locked their doors while teaching  to protect both themselves and their students.

Nevertheless, God made some angels in the world.   Many in this high school  were black.  Many  were white.   Most simply tried to survive.  

It is in this environment I met Joey Lykken…..one of the very finest young souls for any teacher to have as a student.   And, through Joey, I met his parents, David and Harriet Lykken.   I enjoyed my abbreviated stay at the high school, for on February 9th of the school year, I was notified that I would no longer be needed as a teacher in the Minneapolis Public School system.     Harriet Lykken was a respected leader among volunteers determined to ease the turmoil of court ordered bussing based on race.    In the most professional manner possible, she investigated my firing, and agreed to represent me against the administration’s actions.

Many years later I stopped by to visit with Harriet and David.  Harriet was not well, but I had a good talk with David.   It was then he handed me one of his copies of his paper, “The Causes and Costs of Crime and a Controversial Cure” and another titled, “Licensing Parents:  A Response to Critics”.     He said he had had some critics.   He wanted me to read the papers and said, “I’d be interested in what you think.”

“As recently as 1970, there were fewer than 200,000 people incarcerated in state and federal prisons but that number has risen exponentially to more than 1.3 million today.”   (That was in 2000.   The incarceration rate is much higher today.)

I learned early in life that the human being is an animal which needs to be trained to adulthood much more  deliberately and determinedly than  a doe trains her fawns or lioness teaches her young the hunt.   As Ronald Reagan famously  said we cannot pass democracy and it virtues  via the umbilical cord from generation to generation.   Goodness  needs to be taught.   We forget that if we humans do not take great care to teach all  the classic values of decency, those which never change, those which were identified in the ten commandments thousands of years ago, and similar rules of life in more remote reaches of mankind, we breed wild animals without feelings, without understandings  necessary for civilized community  life.   Their drives are primal.

Dr. Lykken offered licensing parents as a solution to reduce the ‘animal’ behavior rates.   Dr. Lykken passed away about five years ago.    I have the fondest memories of the three Lykkens I got to know well in their day.

When will civilized people come to realize a culture cannot remain civil without adult fathers central to the human family?

Consider this following article regarding such racial violence:

The Racial Violence that Dare Not Speak Its Name

by John T. Bennett   at  the American Thinker

“Recent flash mob violence has alerted Americans to a troubling wave of sadistic racial mayhem.  A notable outbreak occurred in Denver in 2009, setting a pattern of delay, denial, and silence.  Now that same scourge has returned to Denver, among many other places.  

In 2009, a four month wave of mayhem broke out in Denver. There were at least 26 violent robberies committed by two black gangs.  The victims were — without exception — whites and Hispanics.  When the dust settled from that initial spate of violence, victims were left with injuries ranging from a skull fracture to broken noses and shattered eye sockets.  The local Denver ABC news affiliate summarized the crime spree:

Black gangs roaming downtown Denver often vented their hatred for white victims before assaulting and robbing them during a four-month crime wave, according to interviews and court records obtained by 7NEWS.

That is not the language of a conservative commentator; it’s simply a mainstream local news report from an American city that has witnessed widespread racial violence.

The first-hand accounts and surveillance videos of the 2009 attacks are shocking. These weren’t sucker punches or fair fights — the attackers swing madly and rapidly with a viciousness that can only come from blind cruelty.  The victims, who can be seen in interviews, were kind-looking, ordinary people.  The victims were mostly either gay or straight couples. They didn’t provoke the attacks in any conceivable way.  The attackers sometimes fractured skulls, or broke eye sockets, and left one victim in a coma.  There were a total of 26 attacks from July 17 to Nov. 17.  

An incredible 38 people were arrested in connection with this campaign of racist violence. Thirty  were ultimately charged, all black.  Has this number of arrests been made against any violent white supremacist or right wing organization in the last 50 years?

The story first came to light in 2009 when a source inside the Denver police department said that the department was “keeping the public in the dark” about the attacks.  Court documents show that the police did indeed have knowledge of a pattern of racial attacks, but remained silent for 27 days.  One victim complained that, had the police informed the public sooner, he could have protected himself.  The same group responsible for that violence is suspected in the murder of Andrew Graham, a young graduate student who was senselessly shot in 2010.  

Late last month, Denver saw a possible return to violence, as couples leaving restaurants were being attacked by a group of black men with baseball bats. The Denver Police have renewed warnings of those attacks.

The brutality  in Denver is disturbingly similar to violence occurring elsewhere, nationwide.  In the last few months alone, a young white lady named Shaina Perry was taunted and beaten in Milwaukee.  A young white man named Carter Strange had his skull fractured by a mob in South Carolina.  Dawid Strucinski was beaten into a coma by a mob in Bayonne.  Anna Taylor, Emily Guendelsberger, and Thomas Fitzgerald were beaten and kicked to the ground in separate Philadelphia flash mobs.  Every weekend in July, mobs have attacked in Greensboro, NC.  In a mostly-white suburb of Cleveland, witnesses reported large groups of “teens” walking through the streets, “shouting profanities and racial epithets,” and one man was viciously beaten while leaving a restaurant with his wife and friends.  In all of those cases, the victims were white and the attackers were black.

Then there are the ominous stories that no one has ever heard about. For instance, a mob of 150 “young people” descended on a small, predominantly white NJ town named Winfield Township during a firefighters’ carnival. Perhaps the townspeople are merely lucky that there wasn’t violence. Isn’t the racial mob mentality scary enough that we shouldn’t have to wait for violence before we take it seriously?

It cannot be emphasized enough that these attacks often occur in suburban areas where the black groups have to leave their own neighborhoods and purposefully travel to areas that are predominantly non-black, to attack non-black victims. For instance, in one of the many flash mob attacks in Chicago, Trovulus Pickett, 17, was part of a group that attacked and robbed several victims, including a 68-year-old doctor.  The attacks occurred in the North Side, which is 15 miles away from Pickett’s home. This indicates a serious level of planning and potential racial targeting. If these were just run-of-the mill robberies, it wouldn’t be too surprising. But the social problem we’re looking at is large groups, sometimes numbering in the hundreds, sometimes armed, engaging in racially-focused violent crimes. 

There is quite simply no way for a politically correct society to grasp these events, much less effectively deal with them.  Liberals have reached the depths of self-deception and self-censorship in response.  The Washington Post, New York Times, and the Chicago Tribune, have all openly stated that they will refuse  to report on the racial facts of these violent crimes. The Los Angeles Times explains that they don’t want to “unfairly stigmatize racial groups.” They prefer the soft bigotry of low expectations instead. 

These flash mobs have turned the comfortable narrative of racism on its head. Politicians, the media, academics, and the legal community do not have the capacity to face the issue. The reigning dogma of white racism is too deeply entrenched. There is a small grievance industry built around condemning white racism and intolerance, real or imagined.  Indeed, the welfare state itself is in large part based on the assumption that whites need to give more to achieve racial equality, as reflected in President Obama’s lament that the civil rights movement didn’t focus on economic redistribution

Legal treatises complain that the racist white power structure grows into the bitter fruit of anti-minority racist violence.  For instance, the work of Mari Matsuda and Richard Delgado is featured in countless undergraduate courses, and is ubiquitous in graduate and law school courses. They argue that hate speech is a severe social problem and that such speech, along with other tools of racism, keeps minorities in an inferior position (1). While academics dwell on hateful speech, the actual violence continues. We all pay the price, as racial guilt is used to extort tax money for the welfare state, which fosters the mobs. The PC status quo will not acknowledge the fact that the worst form of racism today is black mob violence.”

3 Responses

  1. What my father was writing about was that male children OF ANY COLOR brought up without a father, or strong, positive male influence, were at great risk of not becoming socialized, and thus preying upon society as sociopaths. The “black” thing is only relevant in that such a great percentage of black males grow up without a father. It is that fact that there is no father, NOT that they are black, that is the determinative factor re their resulting sociopathy. I believe that in that same article, dad wrote that he hoped that HIS OWN BLACK GRANDSONS would not be viewed by others with fear, simply because they were young, black males.

    • Thank you Jesse for the additional information. I was reporting my experiences of those terrible years of the 1970s when the fatherless black uncivilized teens and young adults were terrorizing the civilized both black and white.

      Now days we have black lives matter racism troubles committed by those of all sorts of colors,…and then there are urban crime rates running ‘out of sight’….. , do we not?

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