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Obamafolks turn gas on Whistleblowers exposing Holder’s Incompetence with Fast and Furious

E-mails reveal retaliation, cover-up at ATF,

 DoJ following Fast & Furious exposure

 by Ed Morrissey     at  HotAir:

I recall a time when Democrats regularly lionized whistleblowers … during the Bush administration, of course.  The media hailed them as heroes; Time Magazine even made them the collective Person of the Year for 2002.  Democrats loved them so much that they ran one of the whistleblowers on that cover in my Congressional district in 2006 against Rep. John Kline, a former Marine colonel that Colleen Rowley’s campaign photoshopped into a Nazi uniform for their campaign website.  Needless to say, Rowley has disappeared back into well-deserved obscurity, while Kline still represents my district.

These days, in the Obama era, Democrats and the media seem a lot less admiring of whistleblowers, oddly enough.  Imagine for a moment that Rowley had been assigned a new boss at the FBI after her whistleblowing, one that had told others that the agency needed to “get whatever dirt we can” on her to “take her down,” and especially if that boss had previously said in the presence of at least one witness that the FBI needed to “f**k” said whistleblower.  Can you imagine the media meltdown that would have occurred?  Well, you’re going to have to be satisfied with imagining it, but Senator Charles Grassley and Rep. Darrell Issa want answers as to why two Operation Fast and Furious whistleblowers got assigned to work for a man who said exactly that about them:

In a Friday letter to the DOJ’s Inspector General Michael Horowitz, Grassley and Issa said they’re now concerned retaliation is much more likely following Thursday’s votes to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in criminal and civil contempt of Congress.

“We just learned that ATF senior management placed two of the main whistleblowers who have testified before Congress about Fast and Furious under the supervision of someone who vowed to retaliate against them,” they wrote before describing how senior political figures have made dangerous threats before.

Grassley and Issa said that in early 2011, right around the time Grassley first made public the whistleblowers’ allegations about Fast and Furious, Scot Thomasson – then the chief of the ATF’s Public Affairs Division – said, according to an eyewitness account: “We need to get whatever dirt we can on these guys [the whistleblowers] and take them down.”

Thomasson also allegedly said that: “All these whistleblowers have axes to grind. ATF needs to f—k these guys.”

According to Grassley and Issa, when Thomasson was asked about whistleblowers’ allegations that guns were allowed to walk, Thomasson said he “didn’t know and didn’t care.”

That’s not all that Issa and Grassley want to know, either.  Departing Assistant Attorney General Ronald Weich wrote the now-infamous letter of February 2011 to Grassley that asserted the DoJ had no knowledge of gunwalking in OF&F.  Newly released e-mails now show Weich and former acting ATF head Ken Melson cc’ed on e-mails discussing how to respond to Congressional inquiries on just this point.  A January 12, 2011 memo from ATF circulated within the agency briefs officials about how to respond to this question:

“Some media reports, referencing an anonymous ATF official, claim that ATF knowingly “walked” about 1,900 firearms across the US-Mexico border as part of this operation.  What can you tell me about that?” — Or — “The news release/indictment indicates that A TF waited until nearly 2,000 guns were
illegally purchased before arresting the straw buyers in this case. Why did ATF wait so long?”

ANSWER: It’s not against the law for an individual to purchase 10,20 or 50 or even 100 guns at one time. It’s not illegal to own or possess hundreds of guns; however, it is illegal to straw purchase firearms for those who cannot possess them legally. Operation Fast and Furious became a long-term investigation because of the amount of time it took to gather enough evidence against those who were supplying these violent criminals with the tools of their trade. We needed to ensure that when we did arrest these individuals, justice would be served.

ANSWER: Knowing what it takes to prosecute these types of federal violations is the best way to understand why this investigation took as long as it did and utilized so many resources. Investigations of this type are often long and complicated due to the fact that firearms are a legal commodity being diverted for illegal use. When conducting these investigations we have found that the end user of often shrouded by many layers of straw purchasers and middlemen whose sole purpose is to hide the connection between the first retail purchaser and the violent criminal. Determining when the firearm leaves legal commerce can be extremely difficult and therefore hard to prove.

In other words, the gunwalking was common enough knowledge that the ATF prepared a formal memo (see attachment 2) to instruct officials how to respond to questions about it on January 11, 2011.  Yet when Congress asked Weich to inform them, Weich prepared a response three weeks after that ATF briefing memo was published that outright denied it ever happened, and the DoJ did not correct that testimony for another ten months.  Either Weich is one of the most incompetent bureaucrats in recent history, or he and the ATF were trying to cover up their gunwalking from Congress.  Intimidating whistleblowers had to be part of that strategy; Weich’s position would have been — and turned out to be — untenable while whistleblowers kept tipping off Congress.

So when will the media fall back in love with whistleblowers?  I’ll go out on a limb and predict it will be when a Republican gets elected President.  May that day come soon.

Comment:   Remember Obama’s brag nearly four years ago that his administration would be the most OPEN in the history of the country.    He must have been comparing his tenure  exclusively to  Billy Clinton’s……remember the Billy Clinton who pointed  his finger and furrowed his brow on television  in front of  the American people swearing on his honor that he “never had sex with that woman…..Monica Lewinsky.

Swearing honesty and performing its opposite is a religion with these Lefties.  They go to college to learn the tricks.

Chris Christie remains steady on Planned Parenthood funding…..He Vetoes It.

Chris Christie Vetoes Planned Parenthood Funding Again

by  Steven Ertell    at LifeNews

“For the fourth time, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has vetoed a bill that would have sent taxpayer funding to the Planned Parenthood abortion business.

“I first want to thank you for acting on our Alert to urge the Governor to veto S788/A3204, the bill which would provide $7.5M in taxpayer funds to Planned Parenthood, Marie Tasy of New Jersey Right to Life said in an email message to members. “The Governor heard our message loud and clear!  Just this afternoon, Governor Christie vetoed the bill, along with other supplemental bills passed last week.”

“This is the 4th time Governor Christie has vetoed measures to fund Planned Parenthood.  Please call and thank the Governor (609 292 6000) for standing strong on this issue and protecting the integrity of New Jersey taxpayers,” Tasy added.

It is reprehensible that any lawmakers would even consider using the hard earned tax dollars of New Jersey taxpayers to fund Planned Parenthood,” she said, “especially after this organization has been repeatedly caught on tape aiding and abetting the sexual predators of minor girls and most recently, encouraging the late term sex selection abortion of baby girls.”

“Planned Parenthood’s conduct toward women and girls is disgusting, discriminatory and indefensible. This is the real “War on Women” and it’s time these legislators stopped trying to pad the pockets of Planned Parenthood and instead focus on working with the Governor to help bring tax relief to New Jersey’s citizens,” Tasy said.

The New Jersey Family Policy Council also opposed Planned Parenthood funding and said it is asking lawmakers to vote no as the bill moves forward.

“Politics aside, this funding harms children,” the group said. “The funds, which are designated for “women’s health and family planning” services, are contracted to Planned Parenthood, which swears that is uses the money strictly for services like mammograms (which Planned Parenthood does not actually offer), breast exams, and pap tests. Unfortunately we know that every dollar they receive for women’s health services frees up another dollar for the taking of innocent human life through abortion. We also know that all of the services offered at Planned Parenthood’s 43 locations are offered at county health clinics across New Jersey, free of charge—which makes this funding a wasteful duplication of resources.”

Previously, an employee at the Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Perth Amboy, New Jersey was caught on videotape working with an alleged sex trafficking ring operator to get abortions done on the underage girls he claimed he was exploiting.

Afterwards, an inespection of Planned Parenthood of Mercer County found the clinic in the state capital was cited for numerous health code violations which have placed the lives and health of women and young girls in imminent danger.

The New Jersey Department of Health conducted the surveys and found Planned Parenthood of Mercer County improperly used syringes and compounds, it was guilty of improper training and qualifications of staff on pain management and health care counseling (including abortions), the facility failed to have infection control program in place and failed to require physical exams for staff.

Health officials also determined the Planned Parenthood center did not test staff for rubella and TB, the medical director failed to designate a replacement for times of absence, the Planned Parenthood did not ensure adequate protections were in place for drug adverse reactions and medication errors, did not have procedures in place regarding dangerous substances, did not have a written agreement with a pharmacy licensed by the New Jersey State Board of Pharmacy, did not have adequate infection controls in place, was not using and sterilizing medical instruments and devices — including a vaginal ultrasound — properly, and did not provide any proof that the facility is a formal member of the Maternal and Child Health Consortium as required by law.

The inspection, written up in an April 7 letter, also noted Planned Parenthood failed to maintain hot running water in patient care areas, and it had several sanitary and safety violations involving patient care and many other administrative deficiencies.

After a U.S. Inspector General report showed New Jersey-based family planning clinics run by the Planned Parenthood abortion business were improperly billing Medicaid for services that did not qualify as family planning, the state had to return $2.9 million to the Medicaid program.”

Mark Waldeland sent the above article.

Roberts Joins Marxists Obama and Company to Begin the End of the American Experiment


The Marxist foreigner Obama,  that sleek con-artist, that  flabby mouthed liar, that  racist  salesman conspiring to create  the bureaucratic killing  of the American dream,  found a buddy in the Supreme Court in its Chief Justice, the traitor, John Roberts.

Let shame be associated to the both forever more for future generations to remember this defeat.    Although the decent in America has  been in descent  for decades, the poison gas  will  now  be prepared for the final solution.    The dictatorship over America by the Obama bueaucrats has been given a free ride into its tyrannical future.

It is amazing how quickly the Obamadisease with its hate engines reving up  to divide and conquer America has succeeded in infecting the country from shore to shore.

Bankruptchy has arrived, the  financial and  the moral.

Shame,  John Roberts.    One expects Marxism from the arrogant and revengeful, Obama, Ginsberg,  Sotomayor, and Kagan.    It is their religion.   Shame, shame you  traitor to America’s liberty, John Roberts!

Peggy Noonan presents her reaction to the treason in the following article in the Wall Street Journal:

Noonan: Obama Has a Good Day

But liberty has a bad one.

“It is a big victory for the White House.

ObamaCare, including the insurance mandate, was upheld. What would have been a political disaster for President Obama has been averted. He has not been humiliated, and the centerpiece of his efforts the past 3½ years has not been rebuked by the Supreme Court.

The ruling strikes me as very bad for the atmosphere of freedom in our country, the sense of freeness and lazy, sloppy liberty we’ve long maintained with some hiccups along the way. Those hiccups seem to come more and more now, and closer and closer together. From the dissent of Justices Antonin Scalia, Anthony Kennedy, Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito: “If Congress can reach out and command even those furthest removed from an interstate market to participate in the market, then the Commerce Clause becomes a font of unlimited power or, in Hamilton’s words, ‘the hideous monster whose devouring jaws . . . spare neither sex nor age, nor high nor low, nor sacred nor profane.’ ” They were quoting Federalist No. 33. The language is dramatic, but the thought applies.

A great practical question, an informed friend reminds me, will not be answered for years: How much will an average family’s health-insurance premium rise if ObamaCare isn’t repealed or significantly revised? His guess is 40%.

In any case, brace yourself for the admiring profiles of Chief Justice John Roberts. Last week’s wisdom: right-wing nut in black robe. This week’s wisdom: rigorous mind, independent nature, unswayed by partisan considerations, he’s grown in the role since being appointed by George W. Bush.

To the presidential politics of it: For the first time in months, the president looks like he’s on the Uppalator, not the Downalator.

This may mark a turning point for the president’s listless, directionless campaign. Certainly it will buoy the spirits of the White House. “There’s nothing more exhilarating than to be shot at without result,” said Churchill. Members of the president’s campaign and White House will stop feeling like what they usually feel like, Team of Losers. The snake-bit White House has for once found a serum.

There will be a downside: The president is left carrying the burden defending a bill nobody likes. It certainly has the worst public reputation of any new government program of my lifetime. The Republicans can say, “It may be constitutional, but it’s still a bad law, and we’ll get rid of it.” In fact the speaker of the House said it within hours of the decision.

If the court had knocked the mandate down, the president might, in the end, have been given a fiery argument to rouse his base: “A divided court, dominated by conservatives, has thwarted progress, but we will persevere, and we will do everything we can to achieve universal coverage for all Americans. Now we know, once again, just how crucial it is who serves on that court, and who appoints them. Do we want more radical right-wing judges?” Instead, the base may feel they got what they wanted and they can relax.

For the Republicans, a national issue has been revived: Tear it down, repeal it. “But we’ll need a new president and Senate to get rid of ObamaCare. Send Republicans to Washington this November. Send in the cavalry!” This will rouse the Republican base.

As will this: The court decision was clarifying in that it held the penalties associated with ObamaCare are, in fact, taxes. (Chief Justice Roberts agreed with the dissenters that it was not a permissible exercise of the Commerce Clause.) South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, among others, picked up on this right away. The president didn’t tell the truth when he said his program contained no taxes on the middle class, and every Democrat on the Hill should be asked to take a stand and back those taxes or not.

The president, in his statement Thursday afternoon, was all sweet reason and moderation. His voice was full and firm; he looked like a man trying not to show happiness and relief. His media people must have decided that if he showed joy it would make him look small, as if it were about him and not the country. He said the politics surrounding the program don’t matter, that the program itself is a matter of trying to make life better for all Americans. “The highest court in the land has now spoken. We will continue to implement this law.”

Twice, and with an unusual tone of modesty, he said all sides should work together “to improve on it where we can.” What we cannot do is “refight the political battles of two years ago, or go back to the way things were.” It is “time for us to move forward—to implement and, where necessary, improve on this law.” Cleverly, he suggested those Republicans who continue to oppose ObamaCare are wasting the country’s time at a crucial moment. We must focus “on the most urgent challenge of our time: putting people back to work, paying down our debt, and building an economy where people can have confidence.”

He stressed what he said were the program’s benefits. Those already insured will find their coverage “more secure and more affordable,” insurance companies will provide “free preventive care like checkups and mammograms,” “seniors” and “young adults” will receive benefits, those with pre-existing conditions will no longer be denied coverage. Also, the insurance companies “won’t be able to charge you more just because you’re a woman.”

It was a targeted base-greaser.

He said the debate has been “divisive,” but “I didn’t do this because it was good politics,” he did it because it was right. This was sly, positioning ObamaCare not as legacy-making overreach whose unabating unpopularity took the White House by surprise, but as a sacrifice, a commendable expenditure of personal popularity in order to achieve a public good.

He urged America to go forward.

It was pretty good stuff, meaning shrewdly put, politically astute, and delivered with the august halls of the White House sparkling in the background.

The president had a good day, the first in a long time, in months.

Is it too late for him to change his image to modest and moderate man of the center who’s only trying to do what’s best for America? Because that’s what he’s trying to do. He’s in a perfect position now to tell the leftwardmost parts of his base that he’s given them plenty and suffered for it, it’s time they got in line. Is it too late for independents to give him a second or third look? He’s going for that, too.

The race is not remade, that would be saying too much. But there’s a new dynamic now: Mr. Obama got a break.

Republican backers of Mitt Romney have been feeling pretty confident, and understandably. Their challenge now is to make the most of the moment. They will have the help of their base, which is, at the moment, angry as hornets, loaded for bear, and fully awake.”

The Disingenuous, Devious and Dishonest Barack is Revisited by Honest Hillary and Mitt Ads

by John Hinderaker in 2012 Presidential Election, Barack Obama

“Shame On You, Barack Obama”

Hey, I didn’t say it. Hillary Clinton did. The Romney camp is touting the fact that various fact-checkers have criticized Obama’s attack on Romney’s Bain Capital record. As we have written more than once, Obama’s attacks on alleged “outsourcing” are both economically ignorant and factually false. The Romney campaign has released this ad, which is playing in some of the battleground states. It is simple and good, I think:

Video of the ad:  http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2012/06/shame-on-you-barack-obama.php