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America’s Grease…..the Passage of the Obama-Roberts Obamacare Bill

by John Hinderaker in Liberals, Obamacare, Supreme Court

Speaking of Illegitimacy…

by John Hinderaker    at   PowerLine:

“So, is the Supreme Court legitimate again? Evidently so, as those who fretted about the Court sliding into the abyss are happy with this particular 5-4 decision. But, as Glenn Reynolds reminds us, the real issue of legitimacy posed by Obamacare relates to the executive and legislative branches:

With the focus on the Supreme Court’s opinion, it’s easy to forget the sleazy way that Obamacare was passed. But the Supreme Court itself points out one key aspect. Though President Obama pooh-poohed the idea that the mandate was a tax, the Supreme Court found that, in fact, it was. …

Obama had to reject [the] notion [that the mandate was a tax], since otherwise Obamacare’s tax increase would have represented a massive middle-class tax increase indeed, and one that violated his promise that families earning less than $250,000 a year would see no tax increases of any kind under his plan. Now the Supreme Court has basically said he lied.

Of course, that’s not the only broken promise from Obamacare’s passage. Obama also promised that if you liked your existing health insurance policy, you’d get to keep it — something that quickly turned out to be false, as the changes mandated under the health care law led to severe cuts in coverage, or even cancellation of coverage, by insurers.

And if the executive branch’s treatment of Obamacare was characterized by lies, the legislative branch didn’t look any better. Obamacare, remember, was rammed through in the teeth of popular opposition; when the special election victory of Scott Brown meant that Democrats no longer had a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, the bill was squeezed through via a “reconciliation” procedure under the fiction that it was a budget bill, not substantive legislation. …

So, at the end of the day, the legitimacy question rests not with the Supreme Court, but with Congress and the president.

So far, the returns are not good. A Rasmussen poll last week showed only 22 percent of Americans think our present government enjoys the “consent of the governed” — the Framers’ standard for legitimacy.

Maybe the Dems can convince that Congress is legitimate by joining in a bipartisan effort to repeal Obamacare.”

One Response

  1. An un-Constitutional law can not be upheld by an un-Constitutional ruling, but, that is what Roberts did. He violated the separation of powers in the Consitution, by re-writing the definition of the mandate to make it a tax, and turning the ACA into a tax act. Only the House of Representatives can write tax law. And, ironically, turning the Act into a tax law, still didn’t make it Constitutional, because the bill originated in the Senate, and the Senate can not write tax law, which is why they wrote the mandate as a penalty. The Court is supposed to rule on the law as it’s written, not re-write it, anyway. Roberts, and the justices that supported them, had to know that. And even if Supreme Court judges could claim ignorance, somehow, Justice Kennedy’s dissent, should have informed them of their error. Either they didn’t listen to him, or they ignored him. Bad behavior by the five justices that voted to uphold the Act. An impeachable offense, as I see it. The majority justices should be impeached, removed, and the case reheard, by the remaining justices, or, the Consitution is dead, and considering all the other violations of it, that’s seems to be the case.

    And in the long run, it’s time to reign in the Supreme Court, if we’re going to ever restore the Constitution.:


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