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It is how Lefty you can present yourself to be which determines Justice in the Obama Courts today.

Looking In: Marriage views not off-limits for businesses
The New Mexican
article sent by Mark Waldeland:
Santa Fe hairdresser Antonio Darden decided he can no longer in good conscience cut the hair of Gov. Susana Martinez because she does not support redefining marriage to include same-sex couples. In order to operate his business according to his beliefs and make a public statement against the governor’s position on marriage, he is refusing to offer his services to her. Many admire Darden for his courage. 

Suppose Gov. Martinez were to feel insulted or hurt by Darden’s actions and decided to file a discrimination complaint against him. Then suppose state officials find “probable cause” that Darden violated New Mexico’s anti-discrimination law, and the New Mexico Human Rights Commission orders him to stand trial. 

While on the witness stand, suppose Darden endures the withering cross-examination by the governor’s attorney while he calmly explains that his business is an expression of who he is and that he could not in good conscience cut the hair of a governor that declines to redefine marriage. 

Suppose that Darden’s attorney explains how the First Amendment protects Darden’s actions, but the commission harshly rejects that argument and says Darden surrendered that right when he became a commercial hairstylist. 

Imagine the commission demeaning Darden as a mere dispenser of services who must dispense haircuts as a gumball machine dispenses gum when someone puts in money. Then suppose the commission finds Darden guilty of discrimination and orders him to pay the governor $6,600 in attorneys’ fees. 

Many would be outraged by such a misuse of anti-discrimination laws to punish someone with views different from the governor’s. 

Well, it turns out that the commission has already done exactly that — only not to Darden, but to another small business, Elane Photography, run by a young husband and wife from Albuquerque. 

Their business received an email from a woman in a same-sex relationship inquiring about prices for shooting her and her partner’s “commitment ceremony” in Taos. The photographer knew that she could not in good conscience use her artistic skills to photograph a ceremony that communicated support for redefining marriage. Although the same-sex couple found another photographer for their ceremony, one of the partners filed a discrimination complaint with the state, subjecting the owners to a trial before the Human Rights Commission. 

The owners explained that they tried to operate their business according to their higher principles, including those on marriage. The commission rejected their First Amendment defenses, found the company guilty, and ordered it to pay $6,600 in attorneys’ fees. The case is now on appeal and awaiting a decision by the New Mexico Court of Appeals. 

Both Darden and Elane Photography have the right to decline to provide services to people with whom they disagree about what marriage truly is. I don’t think many would accuse Darden of bigotry and discrimination against Gov. Martinez, and they shouldn’t level that same accusation against Elane Photography either. 

Even though cutting hair has little to do with the definition of marriage, many would admire Darden’s act of courage and conscience. People should view Elane Photography’s case the same way. 

We should encourage business owners to operate their businesses with ethics and higher principles so that they do not mindlessly dispense goods and services with no thought to the impact of their actions. The Constitution protects people’s expression of their views, even when it comes in a commercial context. 

Business owners do not surrender their constitutionally protected rights at the marketplace gate. Although Antonio Darden and Elane Photography disagree on the definition of marriage, both should have their rights protected to operate their businesses within the protections of the First Amendment. 

Jordan Lorence is senior counsel with the Alliance Defense Fund (www.telladf.org), which is defending Elane Photography in court. 

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