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How Did a California Public School’s Pampering a Cross Dresser Student come to Cause “her” Murder?

I never watch fiction on television except when president Obama is advertising.    As a serious voter I need to be up-to-date on the Obama front.   He is great at story-telling.   I have long lost interest in watching sports.   Soccer has always put me to sleep.

For several years I have been hooked on real life drama where one can learn more  about deviant  human female and male behavior more  repulsive than Obama politics, Investigation Discovery.    I have to believe these reviews of real life crimes are a winner at the gate  for those who produce them.   There are more of them and the newer varieties  have discovered skin…..both male and female and  ‘racier’ reenactments to increase viewership.   This does bore me, for     I  prefer the broader entannglements and  plottings of the  male and female human animal, one usually the predator and the other usually the unfortunate victim.

An American, even a dogmatic Liberal female  should never forget that  the human male is born to be a killer and a sexual predator by Nature for the survival of the species.    The human female is born to be a ditsy feminist  by Nature given to hysteria,  incuriousness, and an endless drive to be taken care of…..the reason so many vote Marxist.

Sometimes  the cases presented on ID are  heart breaking.   Some  expose police  and prosecution malfeasance.   Many, probably the majority, suggest something is wrong with our judicial system,  for lying and distorting seems to be highly valued…….both by prosecution and by the defense.

And then there is politics polluting the courts.    Since our schools have been dumped on to become sexually aware and sensitive, and Liberals insist we must  instruct first graders to learn how to condom bananas and be allowed to express whatever sex we prefer as soon as possible, the nstitution no longer teaches principles of learnings.    To be feminized is a fundamental part of the modern Leftwing-Liberal political circles which control university and primary and secndary education.

Girls and girlish boys are to be protected from boys…..educationally, socially, scholastically, and athletically is the modern Leftwing ethical bigotry.   Such ignorance and prejudice will not  go unchallenged for long.    The Laws of  Leftwing Censorship, Political Correctness are only superficiously weakening at this time, but they still remain solid, sick, and dangerous in our schools…..such as the crime which occurred at a school in Oxnard, California.

A fifteen year old flirty, girly, in-your-face mouthy cross-dressing gay kid named Larry King  was shot in the head and killed  by, according to prosecuting authorities and school pamperering teachers a white ne-er-do-well bullying misfit Nazi skin head…..and homophobe .

The fourteen year-old, once an honor student  was to be charged as an adult with first degree murder…….Lefties as always after the gay vote and sympathy,  insisted it was a hate crime…..for added punishment.

Indeed, a horrible crime had been committed.    An innocent  child was murdered.   An innocent  child became a murderer.   And the  school authorites involved,  by policy, habit, ignorance, incompetence, stupidity, and   political and  bigotry against maleness,  AIDED AND ABETTED THE KILLING.

It is the political, sexual, and educational story of our day for any and all American public schools, K-12 in Obamaworld U.S.A.

In the ID television program hour-long review  six jurors were personally interviewed regarding their decision, none of whom supported a first-degree murder conviction…..all of them emotionally drained from the profound tragedy of the crime, for both the victim and the killer.  

They all agreed that adults at the  school  were absent  while the tragedy was weaving its way through its classes, hallways and school grounds, before  the very eyes of the  teachers and administrators responsible for their welfare, on its way to horrible death.

Read all you can regarding this horrible story.  You will become better acquainted with the  kind of education, the kind of values, the kind of politics, the kind of prejudices the incompetence, ignorance, American public school teachers have become noted for…..Which of your  child’s teachers would  supply a femmy boy of 15  a dress or two  to wear to classes  in your local public school….to make him feel sexually more comfortable?   Yet at the same school, the fourteen year old was sent home because of a shirt he wore.

When did your local grade, middle, junior and senior high school “educators” become so carnally interested?   Another way of putting the question, when did they become so married to the American sex industry?

To the great credit of some of  the teachers at  this Oxnard, California School, they have come to recognize some of their culpability, their  double standard   exuberant tolerance of  a mouthy provacative,  totally inappropriate bullying  behavior of a dress-wearing gay boy yet paying no attention to the  isolation they had caused a boy who had bullied the gay.     

CHATSWORTH, Calif. (KTLA) — The judge in the Brandon McInerney murder trial has declared a mistrial after jurors said they were hopelessly deadlocked.

The vote was 7 to 5 in favor of finding Brandon McInerney guilty of voluntary manslaughter.

The jury received the case last Friday once closing arguments in the eight-week trial came to an end.

Jurors say they have taken three votes and are still split on a verdict.On Thursday afternoon, jurors submitted questions to the judge: What is a person of average disposition? And what does it mean to act rashly?The judge defined average disposition as “a person of ordinary temperament and self” and rashly as “to act impulsively.”These were part of the instructions concerning a charge of voluntary manslaughter, not murder.The jurors continued to deliberate, but late today announced they could still not reach a unanimous verdict.17-year-old Brandon McInerney was being tried as an adult and faces first-degree murder charges with a hate crime enhancement in the shooting of classmate Larry King at E.O. Green Junior High School.Deputy Dist. Atty. Maeve Fox told jurors that King was “executed” for who he was, and that the crime was therefore first-degree murder.”No amount of revisionist history and attempts to paint Larry King as some kind of predator can ever change the fact of what occurred in this case,” Fox said. “That is: Larry King was executed for who he was.”

Prosecutors have described the shooting as a premeditated murder carried out by a classmate who was a proponent of “racist skinhead philosophy.”

According to prosecutors, McInerney sat behind King in the computer lab class on Feb. 12, 2008, didn’t do anything for 20 minutes, and then, without saying a word, fired one shot into the back of King’s head.

As the teen collapsed to the floor, McInerney stood up, looked around at his astonished classmates and delivered a “second, coup de grâce” shot into King’s head, prosecutors allege.

The defense has argued that King taunted and flirted with McInerney, ultimately sparking the fatal confrontation.

Student witnesses have said King had expressed a romantic interest in McInerney, who was humiliated by the attention.

But, when asked by McInerney’s lawyer Scott Wipert if he had seen King “chasing boys around,” A student identified as 17-year-old Cristian G. answered no.

One of King’s friends told the court that King did not aggressively flirt with other boys at the school.

The medical examiner in the case testified that King died from two gunshots to the back of his head.

Ventura County’s Chief Medical Examiner Ronald O’Halloran estimated the shooter was about 1 1/2 feet away, and added under cross examination that the 15-year-old King had nail polish on his fingers and toes.

Prosecutors say McInerney carefully planned and carried out murder of his eighth-grade classmate.

During opening statements, the defense argued that McInerney was a troubled boy from a violent home and killed King in the “heat-of-the-moment.”

Fox countered that McInerney had threatened to shoot King, who was openly gay, the day before the incident after the two were involved in an argument in science class.

McInerney had just turned 14 when he allegedly shot King with a .22-caliber handgun.

The case has garnered international attention from gay and lesbian groups, who see King as a victim of homophobia.

If convicted of first-degree murder charges with the hate crime enhancement, McInerney faces 53 years to life in prison.

The following is the Left-wing Wikipedia review of the murder of  15 year old, cross-dresser  Larry King.    Both the  news article above and  the Wikipedia report failed  to reveal  the real story.    The case had become a popular cause celebre in national gay politics.  

Ellen DeGeneres advertised the crime through her television show.     Not a word was ever  mentioned referring to the tragedy which  the victim and the school teachers and officials had caused Brandon McInerney and his family.

Everyone seems to want to pander to today’s own  gay-lesbian political agendas and bigotries.     For shame.

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