• Pragerisms

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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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The Leftwing Feminist Lie that the human male and female are the same but for Socialization is Criminally insane

…………….and it is an insanity taught in the American educational system today.    The feminist harpies of the 1970s ran coast to coast to announce their  new discovery that the male’s overwhelming  role dominating nearly every aspect  of  human affairs over the past 15,000 years resulted from some conspiracy of a few ‘good old boys’.

Lefty leaders of these nuts claimed the male was less significant than a bicycle in the needs of modern womanhood.   Gloria Steinem peddled that pedal….didn’t she?  She wasn’t alone.   

What do you suppose is taught in Women Studies Departments in university.   What kind of jobs are open to a gal with a phD in Vagina Studies?   What has she been trained to do……at the phD level, no less?

America has never recovered from this insanity.   The Germans recovered from their insanity of Naziism. …..the Japanese from their militarism.    The Russians still linger with their Bolshevism peeling off the walls at the Kremlin, but, perhaps in time will recover from the murders of millions who were more into the self reliant stuff in life than Obamalike State Control instituted by atheistic progressives.

It should be noted that the New York Times was a propaganda sheet for Stalinist murderousness in the 1930s as diligently as it is protective of the Marxist American, Barack Hussein Obama, in the U.S. in 2012.

Mona Charen has written an article in the National Review regarding the human male.    She fails to describe who we are genetically which so vastly separates us from the frailties and limitations of females because they are NOT MALE.


Can We Still Call Men Heroes?

By Mona Charen – July 27, 2012

“If just one man had given his life by throwing himself atop his girlfriend to shield her from bullets in that Aurora, Colo., theater, it would have been cause for amazement. That three apparently did so is deeply affecting. People earn the Medal of Honor for such courage and self-sacrifice in the military. There is no equivalent in ordinary life — or what should be ordinary life.

Jon Blunk, Matt McQuinn and Alex Teves all reacted instantaneously when the horror began to unfold at the theater. The mother of Jansen Young, Blunk’s girlfriend, said that Blunk, 26, pushed Jansen under the seat. “He was 6-feet-2, in incredible shape … He pushed her down on the floor and laid on top of her and he died there.”

Alex Teves, 24, did the same, pushing his girlfriend, Amanda Lindgren, about whom he was very serious after a year of dating, to the floor to protect her. His aunt told the Daily News: “He pushed her to the floor to save her and he ended up getting a bullet. He was gonna hit the floor himself, but he never made it.”

Matt McQuinn, 27, dove in front Samantha Yowler and took three bullets –one to the chest, one to the back and one to the leg. Yowler was hit in the leg as well, but survived.

What makes men such as this?

Just in January, we were treated to the spectacle of men behaving like louts on board the stricken Costa Concordia. In contrast to the chivalrous “women and children first” code that, contra the James Cameron movie, really did characterize the conduct of the men aboard the Titanic, the stories from a shipwreck almost exactly a century later were hardly uplifting. An Australian lady aboard recalled, “We just couldn’t believe it — especially the men, they were worse than the women.” A grandmother who was on board agreed, saying, “I was standing by the lifeboats and men, big men, were banging into me and knocking the girls.” A third passenger said, “There were big men, crew members, pushing their way past us to get into the lifeboats.”

Those are the sorts of men who tend to make the news. We speak so often of men as problems to be solved. They are the vast majority of rampage killers and criminals in general. They abandon their kids at much higher rates than women. They have more traffic accidents and die younger. Boys cause more classroom disruption, have higher rates of learning disabilities and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. We have endless complaints about the male sex.

In America, for decades now, we’ve been focused on promoting and supporting the interests of women and girls. Their job prospects, their classroom participation, their self-esteem, and their needs have dominated the agenda.

That attention to women has had consequences. It hasn’t been a good half-century for men. They’ve become a shrinking minority in colleges and universities; their role in the family has become attenuated; young women are beginning to out earn them; and they’ve dropped out of the labor force in greater numbers than ever before. In 2007, writes Charles Murray in “Coming Apart,” more than a quarter of men (27 percent) without a college degree were failing to earn a living, “more than triple the proportion in 1973.”

We’ve pretty thoroughly devalued the traits that have traditionally been considered manly virtues — protectiveness, responsibility, courage. In what we like to think of as our highly civilized culture, such traits are regarded as primitive and/or obsolete.

But as studies on family structure demonstrate, men aren’t just useful to have around in an emergency. Stopping bullets is not the only thing they are for. When men cease to perform their roles as husbands and fathers (because they’ve been invited not to by the feminist movement), the result is social decline. Children are clearly worse off when they grow up without a dad at home. Every social pathology is more pronounced in the children of single mothers than in two-parent homes. But women, too, have paid a steep price. Women are not as happy as they used to be. Every year since 1972, the General Social Survey has asked a representative sample of Americans about their happiness. And every year the reported happiness of women has declined.

Though the cultural arbiters have devalued the unique protectiveness of men, it seems that it takes more than a few decades of disrespect to drain the heroism from them. Now seems like a good time to rediscover the other unique virtues of manliness — it would be a fitting tribute to Blunk, Teves and McQuinn. ”

Comment:  The human female is inferior to the human male in nearly every aspect of human existence.   We are programmed to be who we are whether or not society is healthy or insane.    These heroic men were heroes because they were programmed to protect their dear ones.   It is in our DNA, our testosterone, our manhood.

I never had that feeling until I was married.   The feeling to protect me was never shared by my spouse, but she would have died to protect her children.   The human female cannot be trusted to be a male mate fighting from a fox hole.   She simply doesn’t have the same killer instinct for survival in her program.

America is in the state of cultural, educational  and political collapse because it no longer identifies itself as a masculine dominated society……Instead it is feminine dominated with all of the hysterics, indecision, and shallowness which goes with such institutions.

The reason my old maid school teachers could share their passion and brilliance for learning and teaching so successfully  is because their teaching occured in a male environment.      Females do not earn respect because they are not programmed to jump out in front of people they love to protect them from danger.

By the way, security is one of the reasons many…most females expect from marriage.    Unfortunately, feminism has infected the American male confusing him regarding what his natural role in life should be.

The female  human is incurious compared to the male.   She repeats what has been learned and can do it in a winsome way.   She is a lousy inventor, composer, manager,  someone who thinks outside the box.    It is the male who causes invention problems.    If shools are going to forever be feminized in America, boys will be going elsewhere for their future.     If religions are to be contaminated by the female mind of hocus pocus and shallow feelings, as so many seem to be in the West, the male will go elsewhere for his hunting for the truth.

It is a danger for any society to denegrate or even ignore its males of the future.    Lefties in America are thrilled so many pants running around college and university  today cover females.    Men are competitors by nature  and know by instinct where they do NOT want to be……and that is spending their days learning with females and males  chirping about female things.

A Word or Two from the Opposition regarding Criticism of our Dear Leader, Mr. Obama

“It’s official. You racists are god-damn retarded! Obviously it’s you a-holes that don’t know how business works. all you know about it is that if it goes down, it’s the black man’s fault. Pathetic!
Yes, from 2008-2010, that and exactly that happened. What’s happened since then? Below:
Now, is this an admission that Obama’s strategies have righted the ship, is this an admission that the GOP congress started to get things done when they got elected in during the 2010 elections, or is this an admission that job creators cannot wait on an inefficient and ineffective government to decide how they’re going to handle the economy? I’m gravitating toward the third part. Frankly, I don’t even think the taxes or the regulatory stuff is the problem anymore, but rather the lack of a concise and cohesive strategy from out government as to how business is going to be managed here on in. The job growth is positive, but it’s achingly slow and the uncertainties of our government’s fiscal policies, in addition to the international monetary markets, are the biggest drivers as to why we aren’t out of this recession yet.
If you’ll notice on most rightwing replies to topics they generally interject cute little derogatory names to enhance their hate of Obama, so even though the President isnt a communist the racists here use the term among others to heighten the emotion of hate that they are trying to project of the President ..
The damage was done long before Obama became President and under Bush, it’s childish and pointless to name call and throw baseless and unspecific generalized attacks at people. It’s time to solve these problems, and what Bush tried won’t work.
I have to point out that his earned title is President/Mr. President, he deserves it and should not be called any else? I should have to point out that an implication that Obama is Marxist is ridiculous? I should have to point out that the likelihood Obama is pushing Marxist philosophy, or could, is ridiculous? Really, that is where we need to start. What we are talking about is a poster who wants to initiate debate by slurring the president with the age old tactic of painting him as a Marxist when he clearly is not!
No one is doing that. They want to bring up educational standards to the same level of standard that everyone else already has. I don’t what your problem is about black people but no one seriously believes white people face discrimination in this country. Why don’t you get a better job and stop blaming black people. You sound like one of the stereotypes people make of black people, that their lazy and always blaming racism.
If a white president signed an initiative that benefitted white people, would you also call him a racist?
George H.W. Bush did the same thing for Hispanic students in 1990. No one on the right complained then.
It’s obvious who the real racists are!
If you compare him & other US Democrats with politicians & political parties around the world he/they are right of centre.
US Republicans are calling him Marxist, Communist and/or Socialist because they are so far to the political right, and so have a somewhat skewed perspective.
“If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life.Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested inroads and bridges. If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that.”
“That” meaning “this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive” and “roads and bridges.”
You KNOW what Obama meant, yet you claim he meant something else.
Saying that Obama was dissing small business owners in that speech is just as dishonest as it was when you guys claimed John Kerry was dissing the troops with the “botched joke” thingie.
You guys will say anything, and angrily pretend to sincerely believe it when called on it.

The EVIL of Marxist Obama Should Terrify EVERY AMERICAN.

Lou Pritchett is one of corporate America’s true living legends —
a former P & G executive, an acclaimed author, a dynamic teacher,
and one of the world’s most highly rated speakers.
It was he who changed the way America does business
by creating an audacious concept that came to be known as “Partnering”.

You may remember a previous letter he wrote in 2009 to Obama and the New
York Times which went viral.

From a speech given by Lou Pritchett April 15, 2012

“I was born in year two of the Great Depression (1931) and spent the first
10 years of my life, influenced by the extreme hardships of the depression.
By today’s standards my family was about a mile below today’s so called
‘poverty level’; but if you never ‘had’ – – doing without was not so ‘bad’.
Borrowing shoes to graduate from the 8th grade didn’t seem at all demeaning
because most of the 8th graders did the same thing.

In June 1944, my only brother, Joe, was killed in action on Utah Beach in
Normandy, France during the D-Day landings. Exactly one year later, my
father died and left me, my mother, and my sister to go it alone – – and
alone we went. My mother went to work at a department store, my sister
dropped out of school and joined her, and I went to work shining shoes on
the streets of Memphis for a dime a shine. Government assistance was not
available, and if it were I am confident my mother would have refused it,
because she never wanted the government involved in our lives.

I mention this bit of personal history to help you understand that millions
of Americans, including your parents and grandparents, grew up like me
during the Great Depression and never expected nor wanted the government to
offer them anything other than an opportunity – – and now to see what Obama
is trying to do to our country tends to make you crazy.

As some of you know, my “Scare Me” letter went viral with millions of hits
on the internet during the past 3 years. I have now written a follow-up
letter, which I will now share with you. It will be released to the press
tomorrow morning. ”

To the editors:

“In April 2009, I sent President Obama and the New York Times a letter
titled “You Scare Me” because, as a candidate, he promised to “fundamentally
transform America.” Now, after observing his performance for over three
years, he no longer scares me – – he terrifies me for the following reasons:

FIRST He has done more to damage America’s standing in the world, to lower
the standard of living in America, to impoverish future generations, and to
shake our faith in the country’s future than any other American president in

SECOND With a compliant Democrat congress, a lapdog media, and a weak,
almost nonexistent Republican opposition, he has shattered the American
dream of job security, home ownership, and rugged individualism for millions
of Americans and has poisoned and divided our civil society with his
politics of envy, class warfare, race warfare, and religious warfare – –
which he is using as fundamental building blocks for his ‘socialist’ agenda.

THIRD Culturally, he remains totally out of touch with traditional American
values. This has absolutely nothing to do with race or where he was born,
rather it has everything to do with where, how and with whom he was raised,
schooled, educated, trained, and associates with – – still today.

FOURTH He has surrounded himself with naive academicians, lawyers,
politicians, bureaucrats, and socialist leaning czars who arrogantly think
and behave exactly as he does. People who offer no balanced suggestions, or
devils advocate positions, and think in lock step with him that big
government is the answer to all our problems.

FIFTH He not only encourages, but aids and abets the unionization of all
American industry, the albatross around the neck of the free market. In
turn, they provide the money and muscle to intimidate his opponents.

SIXTH He has increased the national debt by over 30% in just three years. If
re-elected, and this rate of increase continues, America will be burdened
with an unsustainable 20 trillion dollar debt which will result in the
country’s financial death. Recovery will be impossible – – America will be
the Greece of 2016.

SEVENTH Given his fanatical beholding to the ‘environmental’ and ‘man-caused
global warming’ fringe, he has deliberately discouraged U.S. fossil fuel
exploration and production, while wasting billions of tax payer dollars on
solar, wind, and algae experiments. He refuses to accept that oil, gas, and
coal are not America’s enemies, they are America’s assets – – which,
properly managed, could make us energy independent within a generation.

EIGHTH He views the U.S. as a power in retreat which abused its World
dominance. Therefore he systematically apologizes round the world. This past
March, he whispered to Russian President Medvedev – – “This is my last
election. After my election, I will have more flexibility”. Just what is the
secret that Obama and Putin are concealing from the American people until
after the election ?? With what other leaders has he made similar secret
agreements ??

NINTH And finally, after all his mis-steps, bad decision making, poor
management, and zero leadership, the fact that he has the audacity to seek
re-election should terrify every American.

I predict that if re-elected, future historians and political interpreters
will look back at the eight year period 2008-2016, and conclude “the 44th
President of the U.S. allowed the takers to overpower the payers, which
resulted in the greatest economy in history vanishing from the face of the
Earth”. Farewell America, the World will really miss you !!”

Lou Pritchett April 15, 2012

It is my hope and prayer that this letter will also go viral and serve as a
‘wake up’ call to Americans of all political leanings – – convincing them
that never before in U.S. history has so much depended on Americans
understanding that we are facing one of the greatest crisises in U.S.
history. Convincing them that this election will be won not by letters to
the editor, political speeches, or radio and TV soundbites.

No !! It will be won by those with a conviction, with a belief, and with a
willingness to pay the price in helping put the most enlightened voters in
the polling booth on November 6.

Let me end on my favorite quote – – which I think is very appropriate for
each of us today:


Those words spoken by Winston Churchill over 70 years ago are very
appropriate for all Americans today.

For, if each of us is prepared and is qualified, then 6 November 2012 just
might be our, and our Nation’s, finest hour as we reclaim this “shining city
on the hill” from the ravages of Obama Socialism.


Comment:   Mr. Obama is a Marxist.   He does what Marxists do……lie, cheat and steal to gain power to dictate their vision of what stands for equality.   Over 100,000,000 people were  slaughtered or disappeared during the 20th century to make room for atheism and the dictatorship of the ‘equal’, called the proletariat…..the working class.

Mr. Obama is a sharp conniving conspirator filled with pride, arrogance, deception and dishonesty and distaste for the country he claims to ‘lead’.   He has buddied and plotted  with terrorist, outspoken American hater, openly Marxist Bill Ayers  and has lied about this alliance   in public.   

In the meantime the American mass media, graduating from the same colleges with the same leftwing bigotries  afforded Mr. Obama have chosen to abandon honest dutiful  reporting, common sense,  and join the Progressive Movement, progressing to atheistic Marxism to abet the destruction of traditional America and its focus of individual liberties and the dignity of the individual.

I visited the Obama dream of State  dictated bureaucratic authority, the USSR on two occasions in 1966 when it maintained a first class oppression over its citizens (but, by far nothing as paranoid and murderous as in the Stalin years) and in October, 1990 during the thrilling and inspiring days and nights of the Ukrainian rebellion of the wailings, when, for over a week in support of a  tent city of rebellious State male youth, tens of thousands gathered to list  their family losses  in public for the first time and only time ever;   losses ‘sacrificed’ to the State forcing equality upon all…..a paranoid State of lies, fear,  and crime, a devious State of false claims and platitudes, a murderous State with the slaughter of millions and the disappearance of hundreds of thousands  never to be heard from again, a  State created by the dreams and plots of Obama types, arrogant, self serving, dictatorial, determined to force their will upon one and all be any means available…….the type who is hateful of the past and by stealth and everything dishonest, has risen to power through the politics of darkness and deceit.

Obama Democrats and their Monopoly on Bigotry

Nearly all of the countless sins committed publicly and privately by Barack Hussein Obama he and the heads of the DNC project onto their  enemies, real or ficticious.    Racism, bigotry, dogmatism,  intolerance, censsorship, violence, dishonesty,  distortion and extortion lead the list of Obamacrimes up for projecting.

One should never forget theirs is the Party of One Party Government Rule……and since atheism and irreligion are the competing National Religions and within both  there is no absolute good or absolute bad, only Federal Government Rules rule and rule  under Obama the Omnipotent.

The Tolerance Enforcers

By Mark Steyn     at National Review Online

They’re ever more intolerant of anything less than total ideological homogeneity.

To modify Lord Acton, power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely, but aldermanic power corrupts all der more manically. Proco “Joe” Moreno is alderman of the First Ward of Chicago, and last week, in a city with an Aurora-sized body count every weekend, his priority was to take the municipal tire-iron to the owners of a chain of fast-food restaurants. “Because of this man’s ignorance,” said Alderman Moreno, “I will now be denying Chick-fil-A’s permit to open a restaurant in the First Ward.”

“This man’s ignorance”? You mean, of the City of Chicago permit process? Zoning regulations? Health and safety ordinances? No, Alderman Moreno means “this man’s ignorance” of the approved position on same-sex marriage. “This man” is Dan Cathy, president of Chick-fil-A, and a few days earlier he had remarked that “we are very much supportive of the family — the biblical definition of the family unit. We are a family-owned business, a family-led business, and we are married to our first wives” — which last part suggests he is as antipathetic to no-fault divorce and other heterosexual assaults on matrimony as he is to more recent novelties such as gay marriage. But no matter. Alderman Moreno does not allege that Chick-fil-A discriminates in its hiring practices or in its customer service. Nor does he argue that business owners should not be entitled to hold opinions: The Muppets, for example, have reacted to Mr. Cathy’s observations by announcing that they’re severing all ties with Chick-fil-A. Did you know that the Muppet Corporation has a position on gay marriage? Well, they do. But Miss Piggy and the Swedish Chef would be permitted to open a business in the First Ward of Chicago because their opinion on gay marriage happens to coincide with Alderman Moreno’s. It’s his ward, you just live in it. When it comes to lunch options, he’s the chicken supremo and don’t you forget it.




The city’s mayor, Rahm Emanuel, agrees with the alderman: Chick-fil-A does not represent “Chicago values” — which is true if by “Chicago values” you mean machine politics, AIDS-conspiracy-peddling pastors, and industrial-scale black youth homicide rates. But, before he was mayor, Rahm Emanuel was President Obama’s chief of staff. Until the president’s recent “evolution,” the Obama administration held the same position on gay marriage as Chick-fil-A. Would Alderman Moreno have denied Barack Obama the right to open a chicken restaurant in the First Ward? Did Rahm Emanuel quit the Obama administration on principle? Don’t be ridiculous. Mayor Emanuel is a former ballet dancer, and when it’s politically necessary he can twirl on a dime. 

Meanwhile, fellow mayor Tom Menino announced that Chick-fil-A would not be opening in his burg anytime soon. “If they need licenses in the city, it will be very difficult,” said His Honor. If you’ve just wandered in in the middle of the column, this guy Menino isn’t the mayor of Soviet Novosibirsk or Kampong Cham under the Khmer Rouge, but of Boston, Massachusetts. Nevertheless, he shares the commissars’ view that in order to operate even a modest and politically inconsequential business it is necessary to demonstrate that one is in full ideological compliance with party orthodoxy. “There is no place for discrimination on Boston’s Freedom Trail,” Mayor Menino thundered in his letter to Mr. Cathy, “and no place for your company alongside it.” No, sir. On Boston’s Freedom Trail, you’re free to march in ideological lockstep with the city authorities — or else. Hard as it is to believe, there was a time when Massachusetts was a beacon of liberty: the shot heard round the world, and all that. Now it fires Bureau of Compliance permit-rejection letters round the world.

Mayor Menino subsequently backed down and claimed the severed rooster’s head left in Mr. Cathy’s bed was all just a misunderstanding. Yet, when it comes to fighting homophobia on Boston’s Freedom Trail, His Honor is highly selective. As the Boston Herald’s Michael Graham pointed out, Menino is happy to hand out municipal licenses to groups whose most prominent figures call for gays to be put to death. The mayor couldn’t have been more accommodating (including giving them $1.8 million of municipal land) of the new mosque of the Islamic Society of Boston, whose IRS returns listed as one of their seven trustees Yusuf al-Qaradawi. Like President Obama, Imam Qaradawi’s position on gays is in a state of “evolution”: He can’t decide whether to burn them or toss ’em off a cliff. “Some say we should throw them from a high place,” he told Al Jazeera. “Some say we should burn them, and so on. There is disagreement. . . . The important thing is to treat this act as a crime.” Unlike the deplorable Mr. Cathy, Imam Qaradawi is admirably open-minded: There are so many ways to kill homosexuals, why restrict yourself to just one? In Mayor Menino’s Boston, if you take the same view of marriage as President Obama did from 2009 to 2012, he’ll run your homophobic ass out of town. But, if you want to toss those godless sodomites off the John Hancock Tower, he’ll officiate at your ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The Obama Soviet-Style Political-Bureaucratic Cover-up of Obama Failures at Annenberg

Every voting American’s eyes and ears should be focused on the qualifications of Barack Hussein Obama to continue as Commander in Chief of the United States of America.    This last phrase regarding Commander in Chief is  one I use to elevate even further the pomposity of the bloated Obama himself and do so for the pleasure of wooing my leftwing non-Marxist Democrats who might be disgusted with this foreigner Marxist from Columbia and Chicago.

My favorite, my beloved super leftwing non-Marxist Democrat is my daughter who is coming to town soon, the first visit in nearly a quarter of a century to the land and house where she was raised……or, kinda raised.  

She is bright, verbal, gifted, and remaining faithful to so many of her sex,  ditzy politically and educationally, for her entire reason for existence has been ballet, both as a dancer, choreographer, and teacher.     Of my three children, she is the most like her father in countless ways…..but, I think I shall avoid listing them here.    My friends and readers can figure out my drift.

My beloved daughter has not liked her midwestern father since she was about two and a half years old.   I noticed that way back then, and was amused by it.    We both had personalities more furnace-like than anything Buddhist or the cool mists of mountainside  Delphi in March.  

We have both mellowed some since……and therefore her first visit home.

Being female and despite her native mental gifts, she is unable to discuss any political, religious, or cultural topics of concern regarding family or nation.    She wouldn’t know where to begin to articulate matters, but she, by the grace of her leftwing gods, knows she is right on all matters.    She lives on Manhattan and would never find a way to challenge them. 

Silence, therefore, keeps her mind pristine of all dust and breeze, even the gold and cool.

Dennis of Prager fame speaks so eloquently about ones love for family and the invasions of ObamaMarxism into our once serene American cultural and political world.   We never have had a president whose person and entourage  have acted like a Soviet gangsters before.    Like this gangster and his politically correct police everywhere,  if one is to keep peace in the family or neighborhood, one may never refer favorably to any opponent of this Marxist Commander in Chief  lording over  you and me.

We have never had a president who dislikes  the nation and so many of its people  which he ‘leads’.  Yet, we have had four years and more to examine him and his qualifications.    

 That cannot be done, however.  The American establishment press won’t allow it.   The American establishment left wing university has become Marxist religiously and politically and do its preachings and spread its censorings.  

 Does the  part of the president which is black, the part which he has clearly chosen as an asset, demand that no one from his other half speak  anything but Godlike praises or face  the basest in political bombardments?…..such as lying, cheating, bullying, intimidating, race bating, character assassinating,  censoring, obfuscating anything and everything possible to bury his opponents. 

Has he no shame?    Is he the reincarnation of the fevered Joseph R. McCarthy but stationed on a much higher throne?

I happened to come across the following article by Thomas Lifson, a conservative with the American Thinker, dated, August 21,2008,  of before real Obama time.    His title, OBAMA’S LOST ANNENBERG YEARS COMING TO LIGHT, turned out to be false for the mainstream press kept  the Soviet squeeze on anything which might not tingle a voter’s leg about the rising gangster Chicago politician.

“The cloak of media invisibility is slowly beginning to lift from Barack Obama’s most important administrative leadership experience, helming an expensive educational reform effort in Chicago that failed to produce any measureable academic gains, according the the project’s OWN FINAL REPORT.

Add in the fact that former Weatherman and admitted terrorist William Ayers (whom Obama described in the Philadelphia debate as merely a “neighbor”) was head of the operating arm of the CAC, working with Obama on distributing scores of millions of dollars to grantees in the wards of the city, and you have a topic that the Obama campaign wishes to avoid at all costs.

A compliant media has averted its eyes so far.   A timeline of Obama’s career from George Washington University omits it.   Why the McCain campaign hasn’t raised more questions on the subject is a question beyond my pay grade.  But there are signs it is on the case.

The four plus years (1995-1999) Barack Obama spent as founding chairman of the board of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) represent his track record as reformer, as someone who reached out in a public-private collaboration and had the audacity to believer his effort would make things better.  At the time he became leader of this ambitious project to remake the public schools of Chicago, he was 33 years old and a third year associate at a small Chicago law firm, Davis, Miner, Barnhill and Galland.

This was a big test for him, his chance to cut his teeth on bringing hope and change to the mostly minority inner city school children trapped in Chicago schools.   And he flopped big time, squandering lots of money and the time of many public employees in the process.

Given Senator Obama’s lack of any other posts as leader of an organization, someone unschooled in the ways of the American media might expect that for months reporters have been pouring over the records of the project to get an idea of how it managed to fail so badly.   Examining the track record of the guy who wants to lead the federal government would seem to be part of the campaign beat for media organizations.

But as a matter of fact, until recently, only a few bloggers were looking into the most important organized effort ever led by Barack Obama, prior to his successful campaigns for public office.


Now, it appears a cover-up is underway, in order to prevent journalists and reseacrchers from getting access to the records of this charitable project housed in a taxpayer supported library.   And there is a mystery:

The UIC Library says it is acting on behalf of the donor, whom it refuses to name.

It took Stanly Kurtz, of National Review Online to ask permission to see the files held by the publicly-funded University of Illinois Chicago (UIC).   After initially agreeing, The Richard J. Daley withdrew permission……..”

I never really knew how deep and profound and rather animal-like a father’s attachment to his children could be, until that day my first  arrived home, December 20, 1965.    I couldnt sleep all night, almost all week,  on alert every second to pounce on anything and everthing real or unreal which might endanger that precious miracle lying in his tiny basket crib.  Never was my wife more sacred.    I had three ‘younguns’ who have never in any way altered  my guard dog instincts.   

Eventually, their existence and my real-life experiences beyond government employment and  the outstanding public school teachers of my youth, so many of them  learned old maids,  and the solidness of the family and church from which I was raised, led me to discover why good people like Shelby Steele  became conservative who has written so beautifully about it.


A Brief Expose of the Obama Lovers Lying at America Mass Media

MRC: History Of Media Falsely Blaming Conservatives For Massacres

from realclearpolitics video:

MRC: It seems everytime there is a violent attack in the United States the liberal media’s first act is to blame conservatives or the Tea Party. It is time that the liberal media quit lying and learned to tell the truth. (via)


Krauthammer Exposes Obama Lie about the Churchill Bust

Mr. Obama and those in his White House don’t seem to be able to tell truth from their fiction.

Krauthammer Responds To White House Over Churchill Bust Controversy

from realclearpolitics video:


On “Special Report” tonight, FOX News contributor Charles Krauthammer responds to the White House criticizing his column for mentioning how Obama returned the bust of Winston Churchill upon his arrival to the Oval Office:

Obama started his presidency by returning to the British Embassy the bust of Winston Churchill that had graced the Oval Office.

Krauthammer’s response:

It’s astonishing. He doubled down. All he had to say is, ‘We got it wrong the first time.’ The British ambassador, today, said that the bust that’s in his residence, the one that was returned when Obama came into office exactly as I had written — 100% as I had written.

So not being able to deny it, he pretends that it never happened and he says the idea that the bust was returned is false. And then he talks about the reason that the bust was returned was because of antipathy. I never talked about antipathy. He should have honorably have said, ‘We made a mistake. It was an old bust in the White House [that’s] been around for 50 years and we got them confused. That would have been understandable, that would have been the end of [the] story.

That would have been honorable, but you don’t expect that out of this communications office in this White House.

Gustavus Adolphus College Opposes Obamacare Mandate, Drops insurance plan for students



University kills insurance plan for students over Obamacare provisions

 By Josiah Ryan……       article sent by Mark Waldeland:
 A Lutheran University in Minnesota has announced they will cancel a voluntary insurance plan for students rather than comply with a recent Health and Human Services (HHS) mandate.

In a letter to the campus community, vice president of Gustavus Adolphus College cited an unspecified HHS mandate as the reason for cutting students from the service. 

“Recent changes to student health plan regulations and the Affordable Care Act issued by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) have resulted in our reconsideration of offering a voluntary health plan to Gustavus students,” wrote JoNes VanHecke in a letter recently forwarded to Campus Reform by a student. 

“The result is that Gustavus will discontinue offering any health care coverage for students,” said VanHecke.

Gustavus Adophus College currently mandates that all students purchase health insurance. The decision to repeal the university plan means that students will either have to seek a private plan or, if they are a dependant under the age of 26, turn to their parents. Before, they had the ability to enroll in the university’s optional plan.

“It’s unfortunate the plan had to be cancelled due to politicians tinkering in Washington,”  said former student Rebekah Cleary. “When I tore my ACL the plan covered almost all of my expenses. I don’t know what I would have done without it.” 

One controversial mandate issued by HHS in January will require all employers that provide health insurance to employees also provide contraception at no additional cost. That ruling has prompted dozens of Catholic universities, and other institutions that say they are morally opposed to the use of contraception, file lawsuits against HHS in federal court in attempt to reverse the decision.  

In May, Catholic Franciscan University, also made news when they announced that they would drop their student health care plan over the contraceptive mandate.

A spokesperson for Gustavus  was not available despite multiple requests over a period of several weeks from Campus Reform.