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NBC’s Lefty Bias about Life revealed in Mormon Report, but DID NOT TANK for Prince Obama


Americans learn this NBC poison of picking the small and pinched and  many other poisons  at university in the ‘social sciences” to advance their devotion to make everyone equal……think equal…..read equal…..learn equal……eat equal……have sex equal…..and above all equally vote for Marxists.   

“Professors”  profess  judgments about  BC Israelites slaughtering their foes,  fifteenth century Roman Catholics burning their heretics,   America’s  Salem Puritan witch hunts, and troubles at Wounded Knee  etcetera at university attacking our human past ,  preaching   new  justice and righteousness based on today’s higher Godless standards.   These selections of ‘misdeeds’ from the  past are used to propagandize university   bigotries to advance  today’s practicing Marxists’ religion, atheism.   It is in a Godless society man becomes responsible for all things…..especially all things good.

The Marxit bad disappear and are never heard of again.

Both America’s young  leftist know-nothings and young non-leftist know-nothings attend the same lefty American universities.   One size fits all.   It produces the feminized bureaucracy which we Americans now endure.   

Those beyond university, both in age and  experience, knowledge  and intelligence might pick out  the stories of these lefty bigots at National Geographic channels on today’s cable tv and succumb to the  phony dramas or from one’s daily mass media news or drama programs and in elementary school.

Shortly after the inauguration of   Barack Hussein Obama as  America’s first foreign president January, 2009,  city elementary schools were  assigned to memorize adoring religious and patriotic songs to their  Savior, Barack Hussein, and began singing them ‘religiously’.

In Greek times  of “Achilles” and in  the centuries  of City State wars, it was the practice of ALL of the known world of the day for the victor to kill all of the loser males warriors and sometimes all males of the population, and in some form or another arrange for the the child producers of the loser population to become tools to replace the winner’s killed young warriors to prepare for the next war.

This was the way it was done.

In the New World every American Indian population came from similar religious backgrounds of fomenting torture on all of its male defeated warriors incorporating such beastiality into the belief that the strongest, most brave of the male doomed would spiritually transfer his strenth to the torturers, either by flesh through cannibalism, or by the spirits of nature.

This was the way it was done.

Christians have had their own past based on ‘this is the way it was done’ at the time.   Lefties use the history of the Church’s imperfections  as proof Christianity is Godless in its quest for Marxist followers.    

Such professors avoid reminding students of the 110,000,000 people and more who perished at the hands of the Godless in order to defend,  maintain, or correct   the ideals of Marxism as their dear leaders directed.

American lefties at university and the New York Times very likely are too modern in the school learnings to know anything about yesterday except what the Bill Ayers’ trained instructors have been programmed demanding that evil in the world had been brought upon the peaceful by the perpetrators of the British Empire and its Christianity.

COULD THE WORLD BE SO LUCKY that such grace and kindness, learning both factual and spiritual, traditions so humane and rich could have continued rather than be replaced by Marx?

America could never have elec ted a president as intellectually FOUL as Barack Hussein Obama.

 Change in the present of life is inevitable and  has its consequences, whether caused by violence, which is always with us humans, and always will be as long as we can think and breath, or passivity.

As long as there is LIFE, there will be change.   Peace  can become boring to populations  …..especially to the human male…….for his  drive to be curious and hunt for something.   It  lies in his chemistry.    The Marxists, those inheritors of Obama’s connivings and ignorance,  will have to do alot of murdering and/or drugging or employ other chemical and surgical correcting to truly implement their  paradise of forcing  their versions of equality upon their herd.  

The Left, that is, the Marxist and kin, will always display its presence as perfect and select  from the past that which it declares ‘imperfect’ by religious devotion and use that evil past as  weapons  to gather new believers.

Knowing nothing about ones history, much less world history, is a great boon to Obamalings inside university and out.

Good Morning, America, 2012 and something….Welcome to ‘1984’.


NBC takes inside look at ‘Mormons in America’
by Carole Makitia:

LEHI — On Thursday at 9 p.m., NBC aired an hour-long special about what it means to be “Mormon in America.” A Utah couple interviewed for the documentary said they were a bit disappointed in the final product.

The focus of this week’s “Rock Center with Brian Williams” was entirely on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saintsincluding its history, controversies, and customs through the eyes of individual members, families and the church historian.

Following the presentation, Juleen and Al Jackson, who were featured as a typical Mormon family, told KSL News they think NBC focused too much on the “fringe” aspects of the LDS faith rather than the faith itself.

“I think 98 percent of the members of this church are indicative of how our family is, but (NBC) seemed to focus more on the 2 percent that are disenfranchised at some level,” Juleen said.

The couple said they spent three days with NBC’s production crew, showing them how the family lives their religion.

“I wish they had shared more in-depth things,” Al Jackson said. “I wish they had shown more with our kids, ’cause that’s really who we are.”

Still, he believes that most Americans who have interacted with Mormons know who church members are and what they stand for.

“For the most part, we’re becoming more and more accepted in mainstream (America),” Al Jackson said. “A tree is known by its fruit, and members of this faith who live their faith … their fruit is good.”

LDS Author, Joanna Brooks was also a part of the segment and discussed her points of view as a Mormon feminist.

Mormons do believe this is their moment in time. They’re very excited about it.

–Abby Huntsman

And Abby Huntsman also took part in an interview with Brian Williams.

“Mormons do believe this is their moment in time,” Huntsman said. “They’re very excited about it.”

NBC also looked at why Mormons seem to excel at running businesses and corporations, as presumptive GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney did.

Two Mormons, David Neeleman, founder of JetBlue Airways, and Jeff Benedict, author of “The Mormon Way of Doing Business,” told NBC’s Harry Smith that Mormon success can be traced directly to the Mormon missionary experience and to the attention paid to Mormon sons by their mothers.

The episode also dove into the ins and outs of the LDS Church’s welfare system: If you are a Mormon in need and you ask for help, the Church will provide food, clothing, training and much more.

Harry Smith received a rare tour of the Bishops Central Storehouse in Salt Lake City — more than 500,000 square feet of food and supplies under one roof, enough to support a year’s worth of Mormon welfare efforts. He also visited Welfare Square, where they process Mormon milk, cheese and honey as part of his portrait of what he calls “the Mormon industrial complex.”

Many KSL viewers who watch the program has similar feelings to those of the Jackson family. View their responses in the “Social Media” clip above.

Move beyond the Prisons of Leftwing America’s Media….See “Obama’s America, 2016, TODAY!







The Decent and Civil Plan to Defeat Jeremiah Wright’s Marxist Obama

How to Beat President Obama


by James Freeman   through the Wall Street Journal:

“To political pros, they are known as “the persuadables.” By Nov. 6, swing voters in a handful of states will decide whether to rehire Barack Obama. Right now, no one’s studying these voters more closely than Steven Law, president of American Crossroads. Mr. Law, who aims to spend $300 million to defeat Mr. Obama and liberalism generally, likes what he sees.

The 52-year-old former Republican Senate aide says that centrist voters are moving away from the president. The sense that President Obama is “a fine person” but lacks the ability to solve the country’s problems “has only widened and deepened with people in the middle.” Undecided voters “are among the people who are the most sour about the economy and how Obama’s doing his job,” Mr. Law adds. Meanwhile, these voters see Mitt Romney as “a guy who fixes things.”

Given that Mr. Obama holds slight leads in several national polls and in key battlegrounds, Mitt Romney seems a long way from closing the sale. But “we feel pretty optimistic,” says Mr. Law. Polls have barely budged in recent months even though “President Obama and his various minions have dumped $100-plus million” of negative ads on Mr. Romney. Meanwhile, “public confidence in Obama’s management of the economy has just cratered.”

American Crossroads president Steven Law on how Republicans can win the White House. Photos: Getty Images

 Assuming that’s true, how do Republicans translate it into a Romney victory? Voters in presidential elections essentially face two decisions. The first is whether they’re willing to replace the president. Americans seem to be moving toward a “yes” on that one. While Mr. Obama holds razor-thin leads in almost every swing state, his support is below 50% in all of them.

But now comes the second decision: Even if voters are willing to fire the president, is the challenger an acceptable alternative? Americans aren’t so sure. Mitt Romney’s task, especially at his party’s convention starting Monday, is to define himself in a way that’s “very different than the caricature” that appears in Obama attack ads.

Mr. Law says Mr. Romney is fortunate that the president has focused on character assaults. If Democrats had persuaded voters that Mr. Romney’s agenda was wrong for the country, the perception would be hard to change at this stage of the campaign. But, says Mr. Law, when Mr. Romney presents evidence that he’s a “decent, competent, successful” person, the “negatives can fall away very quickly.”

The persuadables encompass roughly 8% of American voters who call themselves undecided, plus perhaps another 3% on each side who are leaning toward one candidate but potentially available to the other side. Mr. Law is working on the people who swung left four years ago: “When we do focus groups, we only talk to people in the middle who voted for Obama in 2008 but are undecided.”

Mr. Law says their votes this fall will be driven in part by the summer of 2011. “The debt-limit fight of last July was much more of an important catalytic moment in the progress of the Obama presidency than most people focus on. In our own polling and focus-group research, that was the inflection point at which people began to seriously doubt whether President Obama had the skills necessary to solve the most important problems.” Swing voters viewed the Beltway stalemate, which culminated in a downgrade of the U.S. credit rating, as “a sour, lousy process,” one that Mr. Obama “was an unhelpful part of.”

The Crossroads chief believes that the president’s greatest vulnerability is that he is “increasingly perceived as a deliverer of controversy. What he produces is controversy and fights and clashes. What he doesn’t produce is the result that people want. And when people look at Romney they look at somebody who doesn’t strike them as terribly ideological and if he has a fault, that’s it, right?”

It may seem easy to dismiss all this as Republican spin. Mr. Law is, after all, the man who teamed with Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie to build the Super PAC that MSNBC loves to hate. But judging by the way Barack Obama is campaigning, he appears to concur with much of Mr. Law’s analysis. The president’s rhetorical attacks on business and the wealthy, and his promotion of loan subsidies for college students and higher spending generally, seem designed to turn out his base voters rather than persuade moderates that he can create jobs. Mr. Obama’s television ads suggest that he is not so much hopeful of winning over undecided voters as he is trying to convince them to despise the challenger.

It might work. After the financial crisis, voters may be willing to dislike a wealthy financier. But Mr. Law is skeptical. “I don’t think that the class-warfare push works as well right now as it did last year.” He adds that, according to some of his group’s recent research, “people seem to be increasingly in a mood for problems to get fixed. And the ideological filter or the class filter is becoming less interesting.” Meanwhile, “Romney’s best calling card is that he’s somebody who dispassionately fixes problems.”

Mr. Law thinks that the president’s demand for higher taxes on the wealthy may benefit Republicans, because a big class war “may feel kind of irrelevant” to the working person who just wants the economy to improve.

The Crossroads chief says he was surprised when he recently tested an Obama ad called “The Choice” with swing voters. In the ad, Mr. Obama speaks directly to camera. In a calm and reassuring voice, the president claims that Mr. Romney wants to help the wealthy while the Obama plan is to make the rich pay more to fund education and other priorities. Mr. Law thought the ad might be a winner for the president. But voters told him they had heard it all before from Mr. Obama. “I was shocked,” says Mr. Law.

“On the other hand swing voters are not necessarily fans of capitalism,” he says. They tend to have negative views of big business in particular. Yet they trust Mr. Romney more than Mr. Obama on the economy, presumably because of his business background.

 American Crossroads and other conservative groups enrage the left because they are able to raise unlimited funds and therefore match the spending power of unions. Mr. Law says he expects “rough parity” in this election, with the right and left each spending about $500 million through independent groups outside the two parties.

Left-leaning groups will likely continue to attack Mr. Romney for his business career and resulting wealth. But Mr. Law says his group doesn’t plan to raise any personal issues, such as Mr. Obama’s pre-presidential associations with radical figures. “We’ve never put a Jeremiah Wright thing in front of focus groups, but my sense is that people would heavily discount previous data. They’re going to judge him from the last election and what he’s done.”

Swing voters are “resistant” to the idea that Mr. Obama is radical or ideological, although Mr. Law believes that the administration’s relaxation of work requirements in federal welfare rules could change that perception. “You can tell they’re landing punches,” he says of the Romney campaign’s recent effort to raise this issue.

But the punches have to be targeted very carefully. Recent focus groups have convinced Mr. Law that the issue is “definitely resonating now with swing voters, including those who were Obama voters in 2008.” And yet, he adds, “We also picked up conflicting emotions: The economy is so lousy for middle-income Americans that the same people who chafe at the rise of welfare dependency under Obama don’t automatically default to a ‘get-a-job’ attitude—because they know there are no jobs.”

Mr. Law concludes that welfare reform could be a “powerful issue to talk about this fall, but it needs to be done sensitively. Right now it may be more of an economic issue than a values issue: In other words, more people on welfare is another disturbing symptom of Obama’s broken-down economy, rather than an indictment of those who are on welfare or the culture as a whole.”

Among the other campaign issues, “the mother lode is economic insecurity.” That will be the focus of Crossroads advertising. New GOP vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan, with his history of promoting pro-growth tax reform, can help “add texture to a robust economic argument.” The Ryan pick also symbolizes “a newfound aggressiveness with the Romney campaign, and that’s very welcome.”

What about the most controversial aspect of the Obama presidency? Mr. Law says that Republicans have to be careful not to assume that simply calling for the repeal of ObamaCare will move votes. Many voters have a vague sense that the 2010 law brings too much government into health care and that it passed “under unseemly circumstances,” but they need to know the specific impact on their families before they will base their votes on it.

Mr. Law says the best opening for the GOP is to show that President Obama’s promise that those who like their health plans can keep them “is patently false.” With many employers now saying in surveys that they will drop coverage under the new law, there is now a concrete message for the GOP: “The health care that you currently depend on—and have at least a reasonably good feeling about—will not be there. You will be dumped in a government pool.”

For older voters, he likes the Romney camp’s focus on the planned reduction in Medicare spending growth that is contained in ObamaCare. There is also an opening to talk about the law’s new rationing board, known as IPAB, or what Mr. Law calls “the board of unelected bureaucrats that can restrict seniors’ care.”

As for younger voters, Democrats are trying to figure out how to get them to show up as they did in 2008. A recent Crossroads TV ad targeting such voters asks, “What happened to Barack Obama?” As Mr. Law describes it, the spot contrasts the inspiring message of a 2008 Obama speech with the president’s current habit of running “ads that independent news sources say are riddled with falsehoods.”

Mr. Law expects Democrats to try to motivate youngsters by painting Mr. Romney as extreme on social and environmental issues. In contrast to 2008, Mr. Obama “is going to have to scare them somehow, not enthuse them.”

To sum up, Mr. Obama is losing independents, his base is less enthusiastic, the economy stinks, and his re-election depends on his ability to convince people that a Massachusetts moderate is a right-wing ideologue. Also, Mr. Obama won’t have the money edge that he enjoyed over John McCain in 2008.

Yet many polls still show the president with a lead—and an edge on the electoral map.

Mr. Law lays out the big caveat to any optimistic GOP scenario. “The toughest part of this election is that Obama can afford to lose Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina, Indiana and Florida and still win the election.”

Those states often go Republican, but Mr. Obama won them in 2008. With fewer than 75 days before the election, Mr. Law says the Republicans must begin to move some of them into the Romney column, and he is encouraged by recent polling. “We’ve overrun their defenses in Indiana, but we’re also breaching the walls in Virginia and North Carolina,” he says. “We still have some distance to go in Florida and Ohio.”

He also sees positive trends for Republicans in states that Mr. Obama should have been able to count on, such as Iowa. “Plus we are coming behind their flanks in Wisconsin,” where Mr. Law sees Mr. Romney ahead, as well as in Michigan and Pennsylvania, where the challenger now is “just a few points behind.”

“We’re really starting to gain ground on the economy,” says Mr. Law as he tries to turn the “persuadables” into the persuaded.

Mr. Freeman is assistant editor of the Journal’s editorial page.

Comment:   Mr. Obama has chosen to lead the most disgusting politcal campaign in my lifetime of 78 years.    As an American who never voted for a Republican in his life until Ronald Reagan, and then in 1980 as an angry Democrat, I claim that there really isn’t any second place. 

Yes, Lyndon Johnson pulled the nuclear weapon video on poor remote Barry Goldwater as a scare tactic, but this sleazy president for whom I voted, didn’t organize rumors that the conservative guru was a murderer of women and conducted  wars against them, was a gangster who hid his incomes in foreign lands….which nearly all successful Democrats do to  reduce their American tax burdens,  and while restructuring failing American business connivingly sent American jobs to, of all places, Red China……although the lefty American press doesn’t use the word “Red” any more.   

There is more, however,    The foreigner, President Obama, fancies himself as a great American financial invester, believes in the elves of “Climate Change”, rather than what unbribed scientists know about global warming,  and has hired a product of witch’s brew, Eric Holder,   as the top “Lawman”  to play KGB  by controling free speech, intimidating folks in the health industries, the border protection forces, and any of the United States which  have issues against  voter fraud, nearly all of which is black and urban and Obama loving.

Mr. Obama has been programmed to be an enemy of the America as we know it and have lived peacefully in it.    He has never been raised as an American and is foreign to to the nuances of decent American intellectual and verbal intercourse.

Furthermroe, he is a crook, a liar, and led by the power of deceit.   We have never had a major candidate for the presidency even close to this foreigner.

John Hinderaker at PowerLine NOT impressed with Drones at Mpls School district number 1

I once belonged to the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers” Union in the 1960s and early 1970s before I was fired from the school district in 1071 and again in 1972.   It was an inane group of men mostly who at their mass membership meetings would pass inane good  feeling resolutions by mob approva.

We went on strike, illegal strike in 1970.   I was in my seventh year in a life=time position…..except  a bit over a year later I, although tenured, was fired for not filling out a form properly.   

This men’s union made its members very, very small, but not as small as the women’s union who belonged to the Association.    These members generally were wives of men who had real jobs with which to make a living.    

The school administration under John Davis and Nathaniel Ober were, on paper and in stately posture and speech among the most qualified ever to sit in such offices.    But they were not educators, not interested in preparing an intellectually and otherwise able student, but trying to adjust to the Marxist racial curse of the day, forced busing.

Compared to the more recent Minneapolis public school administrations, the John Davis crew came from  and returned to Valhalla as geniuses.   They were salesmen of forced busing of blacks to  communities outside the violent black plantation culture on the premise that by bumping elbows in the same room as the family and discipline oriented, the hoodlums would learn to behave like normal human beings.    It was the first generation following the Leftwing destruction of the black family by paying for children to their mothers more than a male could amass in income.

At PowerLine today there is an article by John Hinderaker about the woeful, incompetent, anti-intellectual lefty drones running education in the public schools of Minneapolis:

 John Hinderaker in Education, The War on the Koch Brothers, Union Thuggery

A Teacher’s Union Hits Bottom

I am not a big fan of teachers’ unions. In most cities, they are the primary obstacle to controlling budgets and improving education. But sometimes they are even worse than that.

Local 59 is the City of Minneapolis’s unit of the Minnesota Federation of Teachers. Minneapolis public school teachers have their work cut out for them: many of the city’s schools are poor. How much the union is to blame for this I don’t know, but it certainly bears some responsibility for the abysmal performance of the city’s public education system. So one might think that Minneapolis public school teachers would focus their efforts on doing their jobs, and trying to educate their often-challenging student population.

But no: like so many other public employee unions, Local 59 can’t resist meddling in politics. This email recently went out to all Minneapolis public school teachers:

From: all-teachers-bounces@list.mpls.k12.mn.us [all-teachers-bounces@list.mpls.k12.mn.us] on behalf of Lynn Nordgren [lnordgren@mft59.org]
Sent: Sunday, August 05, 2012 3:11 PM
To: All-Teachers@list.mpls.k12.mn.us
Subject: Taking on the KOCH brothers by boycotting their products!

BOYCOTT the ANTI-Union, ANTI-Teacher, ANTI-public education KOCH Brothers!

As many of you know, the very rich KOCH brothers (poster children for the 1 %) are a major funder of the effort to take down unions and public education.
They fund TEA party candidates and the far, far right agenda. They truly are trying to take over the government.

An email and Facebook campaign to boycott products made by Koch Industries is growing. There is also a new film out entitled: EXPOSED: The Billionaire Koch Brothers Who Are Buying American Democracy. MFT is trying to get a copy of the film as we speak.

What can you do if you wish to stop the Koch brother’s campaign?
You can boycott the following paper products:

1. Georgia-Pacific (GP) Products including paper towels, soap dispensing systems, toilet paper brand: Envision, Coronet, SCA, Tork and Fort James and Pacific Gardens soaps. They also produce ink and office paper under the labels Advantage, GP (including GP Harmon recycled papers), Image Plus, and the Spectrum family of office papers products.
And…they produce:
2. Angel Soft toilet paper
3. Brawny paper towels
4. Dixie plates, bowls, napkins and cups 5. Mardi Gras napkins and towels 6. Quilted Northern toilet paper 7. Soft ’n Gentle toilet paper 8. Sparkle napkins 9. Vanity fair napkins 10. Zee napkins

Koch brothers are involved in many more American products that most of us are probably not aware of.
Wood products, textiles, and plastics (PET) polymers for carbonated soft drinks, water, beer, juice.
They produce coal and oil including gasoline, diesel, jet fuel. To learn more about how their products are embedded in our everyday lives, go to : http://inspirationgreen.com/koch-brothers-products.html

To see more about the campaign, go to: http://peoplesworld.org/online-campaign-to-boycott-koch-industries-grows/

The richer they get, the more power they have to take over. They have financed the downfall of unions in Michigan and Wisconsin and others.
This is just one way to fight back and a pretty easy one at that!


The Minneapolis Federation of Teachers
Local 59

“Onward?” So these are the people who are teaching our children? Yes, unfortunately. Most people who have a choice leave the Minneapolis public school system by, say, the fourth grade, if not before. These union members deliver their politicized product to a largely captive audience. What must normal people make of teachers who link to a Communist web site (“People’s World”), advocating it as a useful source of information on public policy issues? No wonder most of those who can flee the Minneapolis school system, do.

The union’s email describes Koch Industries as “anti-union,” as well as “anti-teacher,” without, of course, offering any explanation for these claims. In fact, Koch Industries employs 50,000 Americans, many of them union members, in consistently high-paying jobs. Koch is known for the excellent relations it has with its unions. See, for example, this tribute by a national union official:

The Koch brothers own Georgia Pacific. It is an American consumer goods company that makes everyday products like facial tissue, napkins, paper towels, paper cups and the like. Their plants are great examples of American advanced manufacturing. Incidentally, GP makes most of its products here in America. The company’s workforce is highly unionized. In fact, 80 percent of its mills are under contract with one or more labor union. It is not inaccurate to say that these are among the best-paid manufacturing jobs in America. 

…[T]he brothers’ company in practice and in general has positive and productive collective bargaining relationships with its unions.

As for being “anti-teacher,” the Koch brothers favor competence, hard work and accountability, so you can see why some members of Local 59–not all, of course–would see them as enemies. If these union leaders weren’t such dummies, they would understand that American workers need more companies like Koch Industries, not fewer.

The KochFacts site lists data regarding Koch Industries’ presence in Minnesota. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Koch is contributing a heck of a lot more to the State of Minnesota than the teachers’ unions are. One might say that Koch’s employees, whom the teacher’s union is trying to harm by urging a boycott of Koch products, should respond by boycotting the Minneapolis public schools. But my guess is that already, few if any of Koch’s well-paid employees are consigning their children to the problematic, left-leaning Minneapolis public school system.

Rush Reviews News of Romney’s easily available Birth Certificate

Limbaugh On Romney Birth Certificate Joke: “Right On, Right On, Right On”

The one and only RushLimbaugh stars again



Romney in Michigan.   Observes:  “No one’s ever asked me to see my birth certificate.”