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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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The Sinking of the New York Times into the Tars of the Left

New York Times a sinking ship

that can no longer aid Obama

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2012/08/27/new-york-times-sinking-ship-that-can-no-longer-aid-obama/#ixzz24nK7oIB5


As they head to the convention, anxious Republicans wonder, do Americans get it? Do they understand what is at stake? Will the liberal media prevail?

To which I say: not to worry! Americans are on top of the issues, and ahead of the curve. How can I be so certain? There are several data points, but let’s start with one that is especially gratifying – one that shows that the country no longer believes in the New York Times. 

In a recent Pew poll, the legendary paper of record was voted less “believable” than ABC News, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, NBC news, and CBS News. What a comedown for the Grey Lady. 

Not only is the paper considered less trustworthy than most others news organizations, the decline has been sharp. The average believability of the 13 news organizations reviewed was 56%; the Times came in at 49%. (The Wall Street Journal comes in at 58%, by comparison.) Whereas trust in all those outfits has dropped in recent years, the Times has fared worse than most. Since 2010, their rating has sunk from 58 to 49.

For a paper that boasts a proud heritage and certainly a devoted following among liberals, this should be worrisome. Indeed, in his “farewell column” published this past weekend, Public Editor Arthur Brisbane, essentially the paper’s ombudsman, took the Times to task, saying that its “political and cultural progressivism…virtually bleeds through the fabric of The Times.” He describes the paper as a “hive on Eighth Avenue…shaped by a culture of like minds” – a uni-view that he suggests is more visible from the outside than the inside. That may or may not be correct, but for sure, Americans have taken note.

 Americans are on top of the issues, and ahead of the curve. How can I be so certain? There are several data points, but let’s start with one that is especially gratifying – one that shows that the country no longer believes in the New York Times. 

-For the Obama White House, this disaffection with our leading newspaper should be something of a heads-up. If the Times acts  as a virtual mouthpiece for the administration, and people do not find it credible, what does that say about the president? 

It is not only 63% of Republicans that judge the Times lacking in credibility, it is also 56% of independents. Among those same independents, only 45% consider the Wall Street Journal unreliable. 

The Times’ performance is nearly identical to that of Fox News, which is widely considered right-leaning. While neither organization is likely to welcome such pigeon-holing, branding the Times a partisan mouthpiece would surely have been more controversial in the past.

For someone who grew up in a Republican household that nonetheless considered the Times an essential part of our intellectual diet, the paper’s increasing bias over the past decade has been breathtaking. 

The carefully placed articles that laud the president’s security chops (pieces that have now landed the White House in hot water for information leaks) and those that incessantly remind Americans that Mitt Romney is a MORMON and a wealthy one to boot – the reporting has become as one-sided as the sledge-hammer editorials and over-the-top op-eds. (Does anyone really consider one-note Paul Krugman, who never met a government spending hike he didn’t like, a deep thinker?)

An article that appeared last week is typical of the paper’s embarrassing slide. The online headline claims “In Poll, Obama is Given Trust Over Medicare.” The piece states that the Romney-Ryan approach to reining in our most threatening entitlement program is “deeply unpopular” in Florida, Ohio and Wisconsin. The authors point out that Medicare is the third-most important issue to likely voters in those critical states, and say polls show the GOP team not winning the debate on that subject. It is only after 6 paragraphs that other findings of the same polls are revealed – namely that since Ryan came on board, presumably bringing  Medicare to the fore, President Obama’s six-point lead over Romney in Wisconsin and Florida has evaporated. The race in those states is now too close to call – despite what the Times claims is “the risk Mr. Romney took when he chose Mr. Ryan to be his running mate.” A risk, apparently, worth taking.      

Does the Times care? When the paper’s Managing Editor Dean Baquet reveals that Obama and Romney campaign officials are reviewing and exercising veto control over their coverage, does the Grey Lady blush?  

Frank Rich, writing in his final column for the paper, probably reflected the sentiment of his former colleagues when he wrote, “The Times is our essential news organization, and more so now than ever, when so many others have dwindled in size, ambition and scope.” Many people would agree with that assessment. Does it still hold true if the paper is not believable?  

The public has caught onto the biased New York Times, but that’s not the only reason for optimism. Consider the (unlikely) election of Scott Brown in sapphire-blue Massachusetts and the thumping handed the president in the 2010 election. Remember the Wisconsin win of incumbent Governor Scott Walker who survived a recall election despite a veritable tidal wave of money and support from organized labor. The pundits anticipated none of these upheavals. 

Remember, too, the persistent skepticism about ObamaCare? Mr. Obama has now given dozens – perhaps even hundreds – of speeches in favor of his health care bill, and has spent millions on ads touting the law’s advantages. Notwithstanding this onslaught, Americans are as opposed as ever.

Really, it is extraordinary – and it is promising. Our country understands that you can’t offer free health care to 31 million people and not have it deepen our deficits.  They understand that taking $716 billion from Medicare cannot leave our seniors with the care they have counted on.

This is a tight race. The president remains popular personally, despite the unpopular nature of his policies. I have every faith that come November policy will out, and that Americans will vote for the good of the country; I believe they get it.

Liz Peek is a FoxNews.com contributor. She is a financial columnist who also writes for The Fiscal Times. For more visit LizPeek.com.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2012/08/27/new-york-times-sinking-ship-that-can-no-longer-aid-obama/#ixzz24nHSqjTb

Dennis was Peeved today…..Dummy Republicans canceled the Convention Day Hysterically

I am a conservative drugged by Dennis Prager.   I am envious of his demeaner while on the air, and I do suspect he carries it whereever he appears.

First on the list causing my adoration….I suspect is  I agree with him on every issue, certainly in the general, but also in the minor, which I find remarkable.    He smokes cigars.   I don’t smoke anything.’

When I heard the Republican National Committee had cancelled the entire first day, today, Monday, of its vitally important National Convention, I swore at them all day long Tuesday…….except when I attended my 60th St. Paul Central class reunion dinner that evening.

Two days before Monday, the opening day, and these idiots are giving up their opportunity to show the nation WHO THEY ARE, AND WHY THEY WANT TO STRAIGHTEN OUT THE NATION.

I had and have an answer for it.    Here is another example of the idiotic power of the modern womanish thinking of women and idiotic men.    “Oh, Salvero, don’t climb on that rock….you may fall and hurt yourself……Oh, Cary stay away from the bonfire, you may get burned.    Cynthia, I’ve told you a thousand time not to touch thing we aren’t goint to buy.   Dearies, it’s too cold outside to play.

Our institutions have become feminized.   They make noises like women,  single women without children.   But the noises really don’t mean anything.   They think sparingly……usually foolishly, selfishly, and never think about the consequences of their smotheringss demanding to control everything around them, now that so many Lefty men have been feminized enough to allow themselves to be inconsequential in being manly……that is, making decisions which solve problems, not making decisions to please  brattish single women. and men who behave like them, meaning Left Wing America.

Dennis was also peeved.    He reported beginning his more peevish  peevings on Saturday, and admitted even into the third hour of his today’s program he hadn’t been able to let go….yet.

“I notice a few leaves moving on the trees outside the window”, he moaned.   “They canceled it two days agao….for no good reason!    They could have waited until this morning and then decided.   But no!………I hate the idea of the Republican Party becoming part of the Nanny State!

He verbally  reached for former Pennsylvania Governor,  Ed Rendell for kinship, when Ed, the man, complained wildly about a postponement of  the Philadelphia Eagles-Vikings football game in his state a few years ago,,….because of a little snow.   The Eagles were contenders for a playoff game, to boot.

A few days after the snowfall,  the football poverty stricken Vikings played the game of their year and drilled the Eagles with  a total unheard of quarterback playing his first start in the big time.

I thought the call turned out to be delicious.  I still taste the victory.     But Ed blames the choice of  the womanish to delay the play till another day because of a Pennsylvania flake or two of snow.

“It’s the decline of Society..”  Dennis moaned again….and, of course, dear readers, I agree with every moan…..”Decline doesn’t happen in  a flash……it occurs slowly, relentlessly,  unforgivingly”….and I fully agree.

Now Dennis never mentions the following which is my basic reasoning for the disappearance of the male mind from issuing better decisions, wiser decisions, more practical decisions, more reasonable decisions, decisions causing good results.


Our chief, indoor person, Lord Obama,  is a perfect example of the womanish.   When spoiled and unhappy, he even festers like a jilted female, is secretive and selective about honesty and plots to get even.   

That appeared  obvious even before viewing, “2016, Obama’s America”, which I saw yesterday during people’s church-going time.     I saw the most disconcerting sermon of my life.

“I am thoroughly disgusted,” Dennis continued reporting about the cancelled Monday of the convention.     “I am angry and disgusted that the possible storm might possibly rain enough to possibly get someone wet….possibly.”

He didn’t mention that Republicans attend the same universities and colleges as the lefties do where they as conservatives are forced to play invisible as a thinking young man or woman.

Let us hope that these Liberal College educated Republicans of the RNC will act more manly in 2016.  It might set a good example for all Americans, young and old, left and right, indoors and out. 


Oh, the lefties might ski in Colorado while conservatives work


Obama, the tale-teller himself claimed he was born in Kenya

Obama, the ultimate birther jokester

Ethel C. Fenig   at  the American Thinker:

Why are President Barack Obama’s (D) acolytes so upset at Mitt Romney’s (R) jokingly truthful jab about birthplaces? Didn’t Obama himself admit that he was born in Kenya when he willingly mentioned his Kenyan birthplace to his literary agents who recruited the first black editor of the Harvard Law Review to write something?

Oh sure, he was a mere pup of 29 and fresh out of Harvard Law School so he may have been a bit confused. So confused that maybe, since the circumstances of Obama’s admittance to law school, his funding for such an expensive education, his grades and other pertinent information about his time there and at Columbia are mysteriously unavailable, Obama was afraid Harvard would discover he was actually born in humdrum Hawaii and was not really a foreign student thus canceling the diversity advantage that gave him his Harvard admissions ticket?

Obama’s lying joke seems to have backfired and his adoring fans are bearing the brunt. So joke away Mitt Romney. And maybe Tina Fey will actually joke that she can see Kenya from Hawaii.

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2012/08/obama_the_ultimate_birther_jokester.html#ixzz24huczLPS