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In Lefty Minnesota, Crooks, the Dead and Nearly Dead Vote unanimously for Leftiies


Dead voters & a dying democracy?

by Glenn Reynolds    at  the New York Post:

Before reading the article below, click on to the youtube video to observe how the Leftwing Government Establishment handle  voting integrity  and honesty…….Tim Tebow and Tom Brady apply for absentee ballots……in one of the most crooked  Democrat run governments in the nation:


Americans will fight and die for democracy, but when it comes to the actual business of elections, stuffed ballot boxes and cemetery voters are the subject of jokes more than outrage — though a democracy in which elections are decided by fraudulent votes created by corrupt politicians is no democracy at all.

That contradiction is the subject of “Who’s Counting: How Fraudsters and Bureaucrats Put Your Vote At Risk,” by journalist John Fund and former Justice Department attorney Hans von Spakovsky.

For all the national outrage about “hanging chads” and the like back in 2000, very little has been done since to improve the reliability of our system for registering and identifying voters, and recording and counting votes. In some ways, in fact, we’ve moved backward.


An ideal voting system would:

* Make it easy for voters to register.

* Positively ensure that voters were who they said they were.

* Make certain that no one could vote more than once.

* And guarantee that votes properly cast would be properly recorded, while making the recording of fraudulent votes impossible.

Unfortunately, no such system exists — and the ones we have are far from the best available.

Current voter-registration systems are flawed, with huge numbers of dead or disqualified voters still on the rolls. And, since voter-ID enforcement is poor, in many places a person can simply claim to be one of those people and vote in their name with no one the wiser.

(Sometimes it’s worse than that — one voting-rights activist, a twentysomething white guy with a pony tail in Washington, DC, managed to get a ballot in Attorney General Eric Holder’s name.)

You might call our system “Third World,” but that would be an insult to the Third World. As Fund and von Spakovsky note, to register to vote in Mexico a voter must provide a photo, a signature and a thumbprint. The Mexican voter-registration card includes holographic security, a magnetic code and a serial number. Before voting, voters have to show the card and have the thumbprints matched by a scanner.

Similar safeguards apply in many other countries, along with simple precautions to prevent repeat voting (remember those Iraqis with purple thumbs?) that America lacks.

In the United States, meanwhile, only 17 states even require identification in order to vote. Holder & Co., claim that requiring photo ID would be racist, because getting a driver’s license, etc., costs money. This claim has consistently been rejected by courts, and with good reason: If requiring photo ID to vote is racist, then what about requiring photo ID to exercise other constitutional rights, like buying a gun?

Of course, the real objection to requiring voter ID isn’t based in civil rights, but in civil wrongs. With elections often decided by narrow margins, the ability to produce a few thousand more ballots can often swing the results. (In Minnesota’s 2008 disputed US Senate election, won by Al Franken — who proceeded to cast the deciding vote in favor of ObamaCare — the margin of victory was 312, but it turned out that 1,099 votes were cast by felons who were ineligible to vote. Many of them have gone to jail, but Franken has remained in the Senate).

Voter ID makes that kind of trickery harder, which is why political manipulators oppose it.

Voters understand this. According to a Washington Post poll taken earlier this month, 74 percent of Americans support laws requiring voters to show photo identification.

The irony is that it is precisely the people who Eric Holder et al. purport to speak for — poor, often black, inner-city residents — who suffer the most from voter fraud.

Many of America’s largest and worst-governed cities suffer from entrenched and corrupt political machines that maintain their position in no small part via voter fraud. Corrupt machines (like that of Detroit’s disgraced ex-Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick) siphon off money that should go to essential services and instead divert it to political fatcats and their supporters. Efforts at reform are often defeated with fraudulent votes.

As we approach a presidential election that may prove to be as close as 2000’s, Fund and von Spakovsky’s book is a wake-up call. If democracy in America is to survive, something must be done. Will we do it?

Glenn Harlan Reynolds is a law professor at the University of Tennessee; his new book is “The Higher Education Bubble.”

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/opinion/opedcolumnists/dead_voters_dying_democracy_mZiteqXrMHygrJhVFYOTxL#ixzz24tEkxSht

Local MN State Candidates to Support

Local Candidates
Please volunteer and/or donate to the following SD44 GOP endorsed candidates.  They all need volunteers to door knock, lit drop, etc.  Here are the links to each campaign:
Sarah Anderson:
Twitter is @Rep_SAnderson (https://twitter.com/Rep_SAnderson)
For E-mail update go to www.house.mn/43A and click on “Subscribe to E-mail Updates.”
David Gaither:
Twitter is @david_gaither (https://twitter.com/david_gaither)
Facebook is http://www.facebook.com/GaitherforSenate
Mark Stefan:
Comment:   It should be noted at this point in the national battle to defeat Marxist Barack Hussein Obama, that here in Minnesota, the state of conservatives who suck up to Progressives at voting time, Lord Barack is only a couple points ahead of his challenger, Mitt Romney.
It is my belief that on election day, this state, my beloved Minnesota, will be a legitmate toss-up state and may be among the biggest surprises of the evening.

LOOKING BACK: My First Commentary at MN Prager Discussion Group blogsite

There was no title for the following, an introductory writing  to get something off my chest onto some recording device…..so I  could be held accountable for what I record.

February 20, 2010

“I listened to a conservative radio talk show host the other day interviewing a national Republican regarding the future of the Republican Party.

The leader postulated that in 2008 the Republicans nationally had swung too far to the religious right, to the culturally retro crowd. Henceforth, he said, it must wrench itself “to the center”, because the country won’t stand for the restrictions upon life these extreme antedeluvians represent. Furthermore, he sure said all this in tones very much like those of the lefty snot and snob clan one sees so often performing on television “truth’ shows these days.

He intimated that opposing gay marriage, universal health care, peace, open immigration, and by not sufficiently confessing white male America’s transgressions of racism, imperialism, and greed, we all failed to recognize the new age, the electability of the glib, bouncy, upbeat, young graduate school candidates fresh out of their classrooms who make women faint and college boys swoon; the leaders of today and tomorrow who have been taught freedom and license are synonymous. Move to the center. Join the crowd, the Republican pontificated.

The man is telling the truth. The man is entirely correct in his assessments and advice. America has become so corrupt in its social, cultural, educational, and economic fabric, conservative values have nearly disappeared from the Establishment norms of human give and take in our country. The retros are indeed living in yesterday’s American mainstream.

Most still attend church, don’t swear, are still married, believe in family, know that the inherent gifts of man and woman are quite different one from the other, don’t pass out on pot or enrage on crack or meth every few hours each week, are not gay, and most are not black, and certainly do not live nor want to live in the new age plantation society.

They still prefer the individual to the crowd.

They still believe in marriage, prefer not to slaughter the unborn, still recognize classic good from classic evil, seek truth rather than flattery about themselves and their children, do not cower under the yoke of makebelieve victimhood to con the local lefty government representative for more political handouts. In short, they’d rather not become a drone. How, retro, indeed. The Republican was right.

The retro is our “used to be” America. That America is nearly dead. And the “Republican” party needs to shed much of that old baggage IF the goal is to hoist, somehow, the Party to the ranks of the competitive in contemporary new age American politics. Its members must enter and play in and expand the world of the vulgar, the America of today.

We must try to capture a large bite of the Left Wing cultural slime being spread in its newsprint, entertainment, and educational industries, and even in some instances into our churches.

Remember Jeremiah Wright! There’s the advice for the future!

Later the same day, while watching television, one of those 7 foot plus NBA hotshots was interviewed on ESPN and this highly honored Black hero of American sports, in a three minute interview had seven bleeps cut out of his minimally understandable vocabulary. Other such model setters shoot themselves in the leg, promote cock fights, or celebrate the highest of the “high” life all in the quest to achieve “respect”.

Truth is, such stars have become major popular role models among many in modern American culture, especially in the Black community; a profile so common it censors almost all of what is decent among the hard working, peace loving retros who strive “retroly” in that plagued community simply to breath and live.

And the setting seems to be becoming the norm for the country. Like Chavez’s Venezuela, day by day, step by step, the good people yield…..ceding away the needed restraints of a civilized democracy, with less and less learning, less and less personal responsibility, a people with less and less courage, more and more vulgarity, more group think and ever deeper loneliness. Good Morning, 1984!

Comment:   I am not as pessimistic as I wrote in the above blog article two and a half years ago……If Mitt does win, there may be a beginning of the end of the evils which have crept into our culture, politics, schools, that is in  American life everywhere.

Romney is a very decent man.  He is incredibly American, including the habit of  taking Americana for granted.  Romney does not have a history or even a recorded hour of  deceit and dishonesty.

Obama is a very deceitful, dishonest man, a charlatan in speech and act, unwilling to put truths as he sees them  on the table for public examination and discussion.   He is a foreigner to the American Way.

Dennis, the radio show host, Dreams a Speech for Romney

My Dream Speech for Mitt Romney

Tuesday, August 28, 2012
ShareThis                 by Dennis Prager

My fellow Americans, my fellow Republicans: The 2012 election is not an election between two men but between two entirely different visions of America. President Obama and I are simply the standard bearers of opposing, and may I add, irreconcilable visions of what America is and should be.

The Republican Party and I represent American values as they have been understood since the founding of our country. The Democratic Party and President Obama represent different values. This does not make any Democrat, let alone President Obama, less American or less patriotic than anyone of us here. But millions of Americans who love our country hold values that emanate from elsewhere.

How could it be otherwise?

Given the influence of academia, Hollywood, and the news media, of course many Americans have embraced more of the French Revolution’s values than those of the American Revolution.

And, to make things worse, too many Americans of the last few generations never learned what American values are. Schools stopped teaching them. And parents often did as well.

Let me be specific:

American values are not a matter of any individual’s, or newspaper’s, or professor’s opinion. We can surely have different opinions about how to realize those values or how to apply them in any given situation. But American values exist beyond personal opinion. They have been enshrined for nearly all of American history on our coinage and our bills, not to mention in our hearts and in our minds, and emblazoned on the walls of Congress.

They are: Liberty, In God We Trust, and E Pluribus Unum (From Many, One)

The Democratic Party seeks to replace liberty with equality. Not equality before the law — that we all believe in. Not the equality of human worth — all Americans believe that all men are created equal. But the Democratic Party and this president believe in material and social equality — and for them this equality is a greater value than liberty. That is why they seek to control more and more of Americans’ lives — in other words, take away more and more of our liberty — for the sake of some Utopian ideal of equality.

The basic liberty to keep the money you have earned is the most obvious example. For most of American history, when some our fellow Americans honorably earned more than others, they were not resented, they were emulated. But in the eyes of today’s Democratic Party and in the eyes of our president, such Americans are to be resented — and as much of their money as possible must be taken from them — in the name of equality (sometimes referred to as “fairness”).

Our opponents do not value prosperity as much as they value equality.

And instead of a society rooted in God-based values, the Democratic Party seeks a society as devoid of reference to God as possible. God can barely be mentioned in our nation’s classrooms. I do not think it is a coincidence that in a little more than one generation, we have gone from students saying a blessing for their teachers to too many students abusing, sometimes even cursing, their teachers.

In the moral confusion that inevitably flows from devaluing God, many Americans have replaced the sanctity of the unborn human with the sanctity of rodents and fish.

And this president and his party have also rejected the third great American value, E Pluribus Unum, which has created the uniquely successful American experiment in rendering blood, race, ethnicity and national origins insignificant — by replacing all of them with one unifying American identity. They seek to replace “From many, one” with so-called multi-culturalism, with a cult of “diversity” and with the hyphenation of all Americans.

That is why, my fellow Americans, the upcoming election is not merely an election. It is a referendum on whether America retains its unique value system or not.

Big and bigger government is not an American value — because the bigger the government, the smaller the citizen.

Handing our children and grandchildren unprecedented debt is not an American value — because selfishness and irresponsibility are not American values.

Dividing Americans by race and class is not an American value — because race and class are not American values.

And a weakened America is not an American value either. Indeed, given the unique role America’s military strength has played in spreading liberty, a weakened America is not a moral value either. No peace movement on earth and no peace studies program in the world has done for peace what the American military has done for peace.

A vote for Paul Ryan and me is a vote to return America to its values, the values that are the reason this country became the greatest nation on Earth. Unlike our opponents, we are proud to say — here and abroad — that America is exceptional.

My fellow Americans, few elections in our history have offered Americans such a clear choice.

And the clearer Americans are about these differences, the larger will be our margin of victory.

Comment:  Although I can fully understand why Dennis is so careful not to tell the truth about what being American means.    He maintains a great relationship with a wide spectrum of political persuasions.    However consider his ideal speech above when he mentions:

“The Democratic Party and President Obama represent different values. This does not make any Democrat, let alone President Obama, less American or less patriotic than anyone of us here. But millions of Americans who love our country hold values that emanate from elsewhere.

That is Dennis talking as if he is still on radio……and in a way he is.     But, I am sorry, Dennis, a president who is so devious as to hide his distaste for the country he is supposed to lead, whose ideas are foreign to those of  our American fathers and practioners over the past centuries, and that ‘leader’ from behind is malisciously  plotting or innocently spending America to death, DOES MAKE THE PRESIDENT LESS AMERICAN!    Possibly even antiAmerican would be reasonable.

He may be very patriotic about his actions……that is another matter.  

Mr. Obama is the first foreigner to occupy the White House, ie, the first president to have never developed through his education, his own ‘family’  neighborhood, military service,  place of worship, readings, and dealings with fellow Americans even to feel a part of the American family. a love, a strong feel  for his country, as his home of birth, life and learnings.

It wasn’t Obama’s  fault that this huge hole in his development was created.   Most of don’t have family lineage who hated the good old USofA.    He is without feeling for his adopted land……except, if one is to believe his own  words displaying  distaste and resentments.

In another matter, Dennis knows full well Obama is  at least MARXIST, and most likely a MARXIST…..yet he refuses to admit it publicly.    I can understand that fully.    He doesn’t want to develop any kind of reputation of being ‘extreme’.   He values clarity over conversion, he suggests.

President Barack Hussein Obama is America’s LEADING MARXIST,  is very likely the truth of the matter.    I, too, studied Soviet Studies and bear a graduate degree from it.   I also majored in Russian and taught it for years and was fluent in it in the 1960s when traveling through the USSR in 1966 and even in 1990.

I returned in October, 1990 as the decay of rotting Marxism could be smelled everywhere including from countless railroad cars of spoiled cabbages  near Kimre, because the bribes  required to get them to Moscow, weren’t paid…..and when there were nearly nothing  whatsoever on the shelves to buy with rubles, I could  buy whatever with dollars offered under the table.     Soviet citizens could buy things with dollars too, if they had any and wouldn’t have minded a lifetime somewhere  in Asia if they were caught doing so.

Barack Hussein Obama has no interest at all for saving the economy beyond what he can chisel for re-election.

Dennis has not claimed Obama innocense from Marxism for a long time.  He just doesn’t identify the two together except  by very vague expressions.

Dennis remains and outstanding teacher…..his apparent noble primary purpose in life.    Some things tuaght by  a great teacher  must by carefully measured if they are to be learened at all and by all.

Dennis Prager is a great teacher.

A Black Man’s Struggle to Gain Freedom from Democrat Tyranny


The former Democratic congressman is a threat to his old party

by John Fund    at the National Review:

Only about 3 to 5 percent of voters are truly undecided between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. Focus groups run by Republicans have found that some of the most effective ads appealing to those voters feature Democrats and independents speaking candidly about how they voted for Obama in 2008 but are now disappointed.

That’s one of the reasons that Republicans have decided to showcase former Democratic congressman Artur Davis of Alabama as a “headline” speaker at their convention. Davis, a moderate black Democrat who voted against Obamacare in 2010 and was crushed later that year in a Democratic primary for governor, has since left the Democratic party and is backing Mitt Romney. He was an early Obama supporter — the first Democratic congressman outside Illinois to endorse the candidate in 2007. He seconded Obama’s nomination for president at the 2008 Denver convention.

“The Obama I endorsed was the constitutional-law professor who said he supported the rule of law,” Davis explained to me. “Instead, we got someone who always went to the left whenever he reached a fork in the road.” Now Davis spends a great deal of time describing his conversion to Republican audiences. Even Jamelle Bouie, a writer for the left-wing American Prospect who doesn’t find Davis’s conversion story all that compelling, acknowledges its power. “Davis, like Joe Lieberman before him (and Zell Miller before that), can tell a credible story of ideological alienation,” Bouie wrote in the Washington Post. “He thought the Democratic Party was a big tent, but now — under Barack Obama — it is a haven for intolerant leftism.”


Davis himself puts it very simply. He wanted to get beyond race and run as a moderate who would unite people of all kinds behind a reform agenda. “Democrats know that only a moderate can win for their party now in Alabama — the legislature even went GOPin 2010 — but I was a threat to their interest groups. The teachers’ union knew I backed charter schools and they preferred to have a Republican elected rather than a Democrat who might move that party to the center.” 

He says he is surprised at the reaction he’s gotten from conservative audiences. “You have a converted sinner who’s standing in front of you right now, and I thank you for letting me stand here,” he told a tea-party group in Falls Church, Va., this summer. “I used to go to the Baptist church in Birmingham, and Baptists are good folks. But they won’t let nobody preach on week one, or month one, like y’all will.”

A major reason Republicans have embraced Davis with such enthusiasm is the manner in which he abandoned liberalism. He wrote an op-ed piece for his hometown newspaper, the Montgomery Advertiser, in October 2011, endorsing a voter-ID law being debated in the Alabama legislature.

Requiring a photo ID in order to vote may be supported by a large majority of Americans — 74 percent in the latest Washington Post poll (including 65 percent of African Americans) — but it has been portrayed by liberal elites as a discriminatory tool designed to suppress black turnout.

One of those voices was Bill Clinton, who in July 2011 excoriated the nationwide movement to pass voter-ID laws as the return of Jim Crow. “There has never been in my lifetime, since we got rid of the poll tax, and all the other Jim Crow burdens on voting, the determined effort to limit the franchise that we see today.”

Davis took his party’s former president on. He wrote: “I was disappointed to see Bill Clinton, a very good president and an even greater ex-president, compare voter ID to Jim Crow, and it is chilling to see the intimidation tactics brought to bear on African-American, Democratic legislators in Rhode Island who had the nerve to support a voter ID law in that very liberal state.”

The former congressman had real credibility in blowing the whistle on this preposterous rhetoric. The two-thirds black district Davis had represented from 2003 to 2011 included Selma, home of the National Voting Rights Museum, and other landmarks of the 1960s struggle for racial equality and voting rights. He had been an active member of the Congressional Black Caucus, and his career had begun with an internship at the Southern Poverty Law Center, an iconic civil-rights group.

So it was startling to read Davis’s mea culpa:

I’ve changed my mind on voter ID laws — I think Alabama did the right thing in passing one — and I wish I had gotten it right when I was in political office. When I was a congressman, I took the path of least resistance on this subject for an African American politician. Without any evidence to back it up, I lapsed into the rhetoric of various partisans and activists who contend that requiring photo identification to vote is a suppression tactic aimed at thwarting black voter participation.

Davis recognized that the “most aggressive” voter suppression in the African-American community “is the wholesale manufacture of ballots, at the polls and absentee, in parts of the Black Belt.” A predominantly black region in Alabama known for its dark, rich soil, the Black Belt comprises some of the poorest counties in the state — and some of the most prone to voter fraud.

“Voting the names of the dead, and the nonexistent, and the too-mentally-impaired to function, cancels out the votes of citizens who are exercising their rights — that’s suppression by any light,” continued Davis in his op-ed. “If you doubt it exists, I don’t; I’ve heard the peddlers of these ballots brag about it, I’ve been asked to provide the funds for it, and I am confident it has changed a few close local election results.”