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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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Thankyou Good Man, Mitt Romney…..Your’s Was a Noble and Honorable Campaign

Evil spreads far more rapidly than good……and far more difficult to clean up……especially Marxist evil.

The Marxist Grinch is far more entrenched in our culture than we  have accepted.    It’s wave of evil Marxism has infested nearly every social science department from coast to coast.

One of its major evils, bigotry and pitting groups against  groups,  teaching as a study women to hate males and the unMarxist in Womens’ Study Departments, Blacks to hate the unblack in Black Studies Departments, Gays and Lesbians to hate the unGay and unLesbian in the Gays and Lesbian Studies Departments, and now listed in  its new curriculum,  Latino and Latina to hate nonLatino and nonLatine in Latino Studies Departments,  is bound to become STANARD PRACTICE IN THE MARXIST WORLD OF AMERICAN LIFE.

Marxism is not only a political panacea to herd humans into dictatorships, it is also are religion.   Since there is no God, by Marxists decrees, a new god determined by the STATE must replace  all other spiritual teachings and concepts.    The Marxist State will decide government’s gods depending upon government’s needs.

Marxism’s battle against God has been waging for nearly a half century and has become a driving force throughout  the country’s  educational systems, it communication, entertainment,  and arts industries and even throughout much of the nation’s Roman Catholic,and Protestant  preachings and widespread throughout synagogue America  and Wall Street.

In addition,  millions of dollars of public tax monies, most of it from conservative taxpayers, is spent for the sole purpose of electing  Marxist candidates throughout our major metropolitan centers in the name of community assistance.

Governor Romney came within a hair’s breadth of dislodging America’s first Marxist president against all  of the built in financial and cultural advantages which exist in the day to day fabric of American political graft.

All good Americans should commend and thank Governor Romney for his honest and uplifting campaign in human kind’s  battle against the evils of Marxism.

Obamaling Advice to Conservatives……Join Us in Our Marxisms or We Will Bury You

Dennis Prager respond….”Obviously we conservatives have more work to do.”       It should always be understood that the work of the American conservative is never ending.     Love for democracy and its institutions doesn’t pass through the umbilical cords as President Ronald Reagan reminded us…..It must be taught generation to generation.

The present Curse of Obama disease and its arrival upon American shores of Marxist government powers is a result of the collapse of teaching in its schools and universities, in entertainment and communication, America’s special values of democratic tolerance, citizen responsibility,  and respect for good and therefore the ‘fear’ of God to accompany our path through Life.

The following brief listing is a look at the Marxists’ view of its victory and our conservative loss on Tueaday.     These are authoritarians all.    These are people unchallenged  intellectually and spiritually…….they are various clones hardly different from the functionaries which ran  life in the good old  Union of Soviet Socialist  Republics during its 70 year dictatorship claiming to make people become equal at all costs.

                                                           * * * * *

Values, Not Demographics, Won the Election     at the New York Times


     * * * * *

“Republicans Learn the Cost of Alienating Women Voters”…by Eleanor Clift at Daily Beast:


     * * * * *

Obama’s Victory Should Settle a Bitter Argument

By E.J. Dionne



        * * * * * *

Mormon Moment’ RIP

By David Mason
* * * *


Denial has poisoned the GOP and threatens the rest of the country too.

by Frank Rich
 * * * * *

President Obama sent Republicans a message on Friday: I won. Get over it. 

by Jonathan Cohn,  The New Republic:


* * * * *

 GOP voter suppression fueled black turnout
by Roland Martin     CNN

Obamalings Continue their Character Assassination of Squeaky Clean Mitt Romney


Truth among the Left is measured by whatever agrees with  Marxist overseers.   In America any verbage anywhere which deviatesin any way from the bleatings of Barack Hussein Obama or his Obamalings, is considered lying.


Romney fails the trust test


By Joan Vennochi     

 at the Boston Glove:

Ted Kennedy would approve. President Obama took down Mitt Romney the same way the late Massachusetts senator did.

In battleground states, it was all about Bain Capital. As veteran political analyst Charlie Cook recently explained, voters encountered an unending barrage of attack ads aimed at Romney’s tenure there. The ads highlighted plant closures, layoffs, and outsourcing — the same themes Kennedy used to beat Romney in 1994. Like Kennedy, Obama turned Romney into a businessman with a heart of cold. Once tagged that way in America’s heartland, it was hard for Romney to change minds, even after a much-lauded first debate performance.

Beyond Bain, Romney failed the larger trust test. At the end of the day, Americans need to believe in a basic reliability in the person they send to the White House. On Election Day, Americans still didn’t know which Romney they would be electing. The Salt Lake Tribune put it best in an editorial explaining why the newspaper was endorsing Obama: There were “too many Mitts.”

Would President Romney be the moderate Mitt who won the governor’s office in Massachusetts or the “severely conservative” Romney of Republican primary days?

Romney promised to create 12 million jobs, but never explained how he would do it. What was his magic formula for cutting taxes and increasing defense spending? He never shared it. Would he repeal Obamacare or salvage parts of it? No one could be sure.

In the final days of the campaign, Team Romney ran an ad claiming that Jeep production would be outsourced to China. Chrysler and GM, which was similarly accused, angrily refuted Romney’s charges.

The Jeep ad took special chutzpah, since Bain was criticized for acquiring companies that outsourced jobs to China. It underscored the Romney trust problem that Kennedy — and then Obama — exposed.

Comment:    Keep these lefty contrived sins of Mitt Romney collected by  Obamalings  in listings and memory……..

They are in top arrogant mood now and will not hide their joys of revenge.    Begin or continue to add  to your volumes already collected  of   deviousness of  the Marxist ‘leading from behind’,  Barack Hussein Obama.    He cannot hide his revenge.  It is who Obama is every day, day after day.

Saboteur, Chris Christie, Betrayer to his Party and American Values FOR PRESIDENT IN 2016!

Yes, Democrat Chris Christie for President in 2016.    Yes, the Chris Christie, the  Judas to himself and all believing conservatives, who  a   week  ago  posed for a   photo with and praised  the most dishonest, devious, unworthy man ever to occupy the Oval Office securing, as it turns out, the deviant’s  return  back to the White House to corrupt more of his flock for future Marxist use.

Barry Obama is a pro as a deviant American…..and it  could be difficult to neuter him politically, of course, for he will have ambitions to run for a third term….you know how he disdains the Law of the Land, for he ‘taught’ Constitutional Law in Chicago while swimming in his dreams about his future.

But, I have an idea……In my view Christie is a criminal in our American  conservative community and must be extricated from our ranks as a disease for his betrayal.

Betrayers are welcomed in Marxist circles.   Murderers would be to if they could provide enough financing for the Party.   However widely and wildly  the 44th president  is dishonest, he is true to his dishonesty’s values  and its Marxism.

Christie, on the other hand does have a conservative tongue, a conservative understanding of America’s finest values,  is intelligent and quick minded.    He speaks well, knows the law, is a leader and claims to be a Christian man.

Of all of the top 100 characteristics of who I am, body and soul, listed in order I would like to be, I would answer, a man of the finest classic JudeoChristian values.     Every moment of life we humans make choices concerning classic good or classic bad.  

I view the Christie television betrayal performance as a calculated advertisement for Democrats and Marxist Democrats to consider Christie a good friend of the president to gather Democrat votes for his  next year’s re-election bid  to retain his position as Governor of New Jersey.    He likes the president and can sabotage Mitt Romney’s chances to be elected at the same betrayal scene.

As a Republican candidate for anything except to continue as Governor of New Jersey, I hope and expect him to be handled like a stinking carcas.   He must be shunned sufficiently, if only in public to make him leave the Republican Party and become a Demcorat.

If Christie becomes a Democrat, let’s say by February, 2013, he puts himself into an excellent position to run for the presidency AS A DEMOCRAT in 2016…….where he will have an excellent chance to become the nominee, far better than his chance to become the Republican candidate   because of  his betrayal, much less become elected while remaining a Republican.

As a Democrat charismatic,   Chris Christie  would be worshipped by all of the Marxists from coast to coast, all of the few sane Democrats still alive, 100% of the American Jewish community even from synagogue to synagogue,  become headline star of every newspaper including the Wall Street Journal,  star in every Hollywood movie in production, even  high schools  might  already be renamed, single women even lesbians and gays would swoon over the converted candidate despite his tonnage.

Even his tonnage would attract votes to this  overwhelming Marxist Democrat coalition.    His landslide victory would be unimagineable in its numbers……..and then…..on January 21, 2017,  his first day in office he begins his reign as America’s most dynamic conservative and traditional patriot ever and by year’s time winning over the nation back to its conservative principles as he did in “Jersey” when he was such a wonderful breeze of fresh conservative American air for us all.  

What a dynamic political coup!     America would be at last rid of Obama and his reds.

I am a conservative American.    It’s the return to traditional American conservative values I seek; restoring the rule of law over the rule by men.   If our nation cannot be restored to its traditional higher station for personal citizen liberty in life under  the Republicans why not take over the Democrat Party by stealth with conservative Chris Christie as Marxist Barack Obama and his Obamalings have swiped control of the Democratic Party from its traditional American base? 

If one were to review the articles I have written and collected for print her on our MN Prager computer home, know how excited I have been that this conservative Republican coming out of New Jersey of all places , the Corzine state of political corruption,  paralyzed by brick and mortar neighborhoods with  ossified political thinking from union and lefty  leadership.

Despite this Judas moment which was as foul as foul can be, he is a devoted Roman Catholic conservative by upbringing and instinct.    His Judas moment will become a sacred event among eager Obamalings anxious to continue the Obama road to Marxist impoverishment.

I am an conservative American before I am a conservative Republican.   And I am old enough to know who I am.     Glenn H. Ray, conservative American.

MSN: ‘Caesar’s “Triumphant Return” to Forum Washington

from Lefty MSN: