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Mpls. StarTribune’s Ditzy Queen, C.J. Decries, “Five Racists, from Right Here in Minnesota”.

This morning I had an appointment to get a flu shot at my local health factory, Health partners.   While sitting in a cold, nearly vacant ‘corridor’ for adult waiting, I spied a two  page spread of Minneapolis Obamanews which used to be called The Minneapolis Star-Tribune in healthier times of its  news reporting.

“10 electoral votes, five racist tweets”  one side of the newspaper spread headlined  in large print.   I pulled the sheet toward my lap.    The odds were 99-1  that the racist headline had something to do with Obama’s squeaking out his majority vote for president a week ago.

On closer look I  a saw picture and name of one  ‘C.J. the dish’   the  local gossip  page artist.  Please read what I read.

C.J.: 10 electoral votes, five racist tweets

“The re-election of President Obama prompted the usage of certain racist terms on Twitter, according to the research by the website FloatingSheep.org.

Five of those tweets came from right here in Minnesota, from five separate people.

On the day after the election, FloatingSheep.org searched for tweets containing the words “monkey” or the N-word and “Obama” or “reelected” or “won,” wrote Barry Petchesky on Gawker.com. He was depressed by the result of the research.

“Some Americans are racist,” wrote Petchesky in a post that can be read at startribune.com/a1882. “We know this, though there’s nothing quite like a black guy winning a national election to bring them out of the woodwork. The sheer volume of racist Tweets is disheartening, but can we learn anything from them? Because this stuff is now nationally broadcast rather than confined to poorly Xeroxed newsletters, there’s data waiting to be mined. Floating Sheep, a group of technologically minded geographers, has attempted to determine just where the racism is coming from.

“Sorry, Southern states. Once again, objective data throws shade your way,” wrote Petchesky.

He also specifically chided two non-Southern states: “Seriously, Minnesota, Oregon, I’m very disappointed in you.”

Reached Monday, Petchesky told me via e-mail: “The stereotype of MN and Oregon is that they are both quite liberal open-minded places.”

Minnesota hasn’t always been as liberal as its image. We were a hotbed of anti-Semitism, dating to the 1930s. Until the late 1970s Anoka County had a N-word Lake (spelled with all six letters) that finally underwent a name change, to Burns Lake, over the objections of some residents. While many Minnesotans remain fairly open-minded, from where I sit, there seems to have been an influx of intolerants who came to here to escape other states with larger, more colorful populations. As a result, it seems Minnesota is growing less liberal the more people of color move here.

But to our credit, on Election Day a majority of Minnesotans were not so revolted or threatened by the idea of an elegant, well-educated, cerebral black man being our leader as to vote against him for re-election to the presidency.

In other great news, FloatingSheep. org’s Matt Zook, an associate professor of geography at the University of Kentucky, said the group’s study confirmed only five racist tweets from Minnesota.

That’s because the study only included “395 geo-coded tweets,” said Zook. “Geo-coded tweets probably [are] between 1 and 5 percent of all tweets. So there were more tweets with those terms but we couldn’t put them on a map.”

Translation: There were probably more than five racist tweets from Minnesota. Zook just couldn’t connect them to our state.

“The study was focused on the geographic distribution of the hate tweets rather than the overall size of the phenomenon,” said Zook. “Obviously, one hate tweet is too large.”

She’ll be back.”

Further comment:  I am quite sure that Dennis Prager might wince at my use of the word, “ditzy”  in any thought  I might put into print.

I wince at words I write  once in a while as well…..and sometimes I chicken-up and erase them.     Being a Christian raised American,  I hate,  always have hated  lying, swearing and vulgarity.

I think the word nigger must be used again and again in prose until the word no longer has its sacred protections insisted by anti white Liberals.   But I do not practice this message I sometimes preach.

Countless black males tend to add pepper with  the word nigger during street life on a daily basis.   One would have to be deaf or a lefty not to hear it in the inner city.

Although CJ is black, she appears  white-like in her gossip column photo.

I am wondering if she has ever written or even put into conversation her experiences  overhearing her protected race repeating any derogatory curse/comments about whites ….especially the learned  ones motored by habit….such as:

“”Goddam yuh muddufukkinwite” after this white male, politely turned down a pan handler’s  assault on my public walk space by saying, “No, thankyou”,  when being spacially assaulted by black males sweet talking.

The most racist group of significant cultural identity in our America in  AD2012, is the inner city BLACK  racist most often  of the male variety.

CJ also wrote, charging in a quote, that Minnesotans:      “were a hotbed of anti-Semitism, dating to the 1930s. Until the late 1970s Anoka County had a N-word Lake (spelled with all six letters) that finally underwent a name change, to Burns Lake, over the objections of some residents.)

I lived among Jews in St. Paul’s Highland Park area from 1936 to 1956.   A neighbor and then a second one both located directly across the street from my upbringing  were Jewish.    There was no “hotbed of anti-Semitism around where I lived or went to school.   Even in high school where the only groups organized close to gang level were AZA  clubs for Jewish boys only, there was no “hotbed” of any anti-anybody except………

…..Nearly all….probably all…..story telling about Minnesota racism this or that, came and comes from Lefty propagandists, the ditzy many who reek evil with mouth rather than sword to advance some kind of political agenda besides their personal  craving to feel good about themselves.

Another story I remember, this one from the Sunday St. Paul Pioneer Press, some Negro gal who had moved up from Dixie to St. Paul, was pining about the days of segregation on Twin Cities public transportation.    It was a major article the Pioneer Press feminist ditzies, male and female, were gathering about feminist  female suffering in the Twin Cities.

There never was any kind of segregation of races de jure or de facto practiced in TwinCity  public transportation services.     The cities were Christian cities then, folks.  As a thirteen, fourteen and fifteen  year old boy, I traveled by public transportation all over St. Paul, mostly via trolley, and hiked  through all kinds of racial and national neighborhoods and never was accosted or even cursed by anyone.    I was exploring the world around me for ten cents a tour.

The greatest adventures came from crossing the Mississippi River over dangerous, but thrilling bridges into a world beyond each visit for another ten cents.

Even then I always travelled alone.   I followed my curiosity which also took me through occasional slums,  both black  and white, almost Haiti like in smell and look.

P.S.   How does Lefty ditzy or ditzy of any kind conclude that Nigger Lake in Anoka County was named as a put down to Negroes?    Lefty racist  with a political agenda in the 1950s stole  the meaning of these words for political purposes.

Have you forgotten that lefties  in St. Louis Park including its large Jewish community,  championed the banning of Mark Twain’s Huckleberry, from the 1950s on, because Huck’s close friend, a Negro, was named Nigger Jim.

The Lefty crowd in Minnesota, like lefty crowds  everywhere,  ruin everything they touch.

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