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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
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    • Sexism
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    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
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    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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Regarding Feminists and the “Libido” word, Krauthammer Proves He’s Not Perfect


My good friend, Mark Waldeland sent this following article by Charles Krauthammer, where Charles writes about female ‘libido’ and the lefty war on women:


No one is perfect. That is a certainty of science and culture.

My favorite intellectual hero, Charles Krauthammer missed the boat while writing the following article at the Washington Post…..perhaps the Post is having trouble with feminists reading his columns.

No, that’s not Charles. He’s worried about America’s future.

There IS a female libido problem in American culture these days. Whether it is a female fault or not can certainly be argued. Our Obamalings paraded Sandra Fluke across America for weeks complaining about her libido needing financial help from American tax payers. She inferred that female college lefty ‘interns’ like her self needed $3,000 per year to cover their ‘needs’.

Mike Huckabee is a rare hero these days who dared to challenge today’s selling American sex-porned broad, apparently the university’s trained idealized female one sees flaunted on television channels from 2 to 300, movies, and certain advertisements.

I prefer honesty to political manipulations of speech. Charles should write better than his writing of this article. It is in our maleness that drives us to protect, defend, idealize our female human animals in ways we would never think of protecting our own brothers.

Slutting is “in” in America, and has been for decades. Two hundred pound, five feet tall, fifty year old female human animals turn up in the public market wearing just enough summer clothing to disgust normal folks into immediate stomach disorders upon their first glance.

Slutting is visually sold on cable Fox nearly all day long. Pasty faces, wiggling legs, and phony boobs might turn some viewers on…. I know they do, but how can anyone stand the screechy, breathy, whiny, shallow, raspy, repulsive teeny-bopper shrills they emit every time they open their mouths to speak?

Our Minnesota’s Gretchen Carlson is an exception, however. After all, she is a mother and from the midWest.

The ‘butch’ seem to be popular on MSNBC.

Charles is usually a sentinel for free speech.

What Mike Huckabee said about the American fem exposing her libido for public use is a reality in today’s American lefty drive for feminist equality and political power. Further, she uses her Democrat Party power to censor any and all who criticize anything female.

The female human animal uses deceit rather than physical power as her primary weapon of attack and defence.

Enter Barack Hussein Obama….

….and Barack Hussein Obama’s victories in 2008 and 2012 winning the vote from the perceived helpless, unlibidoed, innocent, abused, male bashed and battered, frail, peace-loving, the ideal American sweetheart, the college trained Sandra Flukes of the Nation.

And, these lefty harpies have a point in a free society….they have a right to be vulgar human females if they want to.

Much of the vile in lefty American politics today is from the feminists. By Nature the female human animal is moved by emotion over truth. Mothers might be better at recognizing truth and realizing truth’s advantages…certainly until her child reaches puberty.

Today’s Obamaling Democrat Party is the product of the corrupted human female mind…..of the feminist movements of the past generation and more. It is a sick mind….of the Andrea Dworkins, Gloria Steinems, and Betty Friedans both dead and alive. These tyrants live, dead and alive at universities. They hate free speech. They hate liberty….Many hate men.

“Men are all so yesterday, so male.” they instruct at university.

Anyone, especially a Mike Huckabee, who dares to see and speak about a pimple on the face, body, and mind of these libido- driven lefty hysterics, is going to be buried by the feminist play to evil men and even good men, like Charles Krauthammer, for protection and defense.

Charles is worried about America’s politic and cultural future. I am too. He knows conservatives cannot win the White House if Marxists command 70% of the female vote. The American, both female and male, is so poorly educated at school and university these days, perhaps conservatives have to become more deceitful in order to compete…hide their wording, cover truths, broadcast lies and corruption as Barack Hussein’s Obamalings do.

I want truth on my side. Otherwise I cannot be an American or maintain my personal Judeo Christian beliefs.

CHARLES: If America is to become adult, American females need to become adult. Being adult includes foolishness and errors, but should be led by wisedom and good values.

The human female has difficuties with wisedom perferring the clutter of emotions. That is a danger to humanity whether the human female is in Washington, but especially if she is foolishly forced into a fox hole for military duty. Guys, can you imagine two females among twelve of you in a fox hole being pummelled at by gunfire? How could you ever trust these hysterics? How soon will they scream and run?

America needs to defend free speech which includes speech regarding flaws of the human female animal. Thank you, Mike Huckabee, for what you said regarding government, the Democrats and their protection or extension of the female libido needs to opened for discussion.

Sochi….and the Russia Left Behind

This coming week marks the beginning of another worlds’ winter olympic session….this time to be held in post Soviet Union’s Russia.

Same dictatorship, perhaps less mean and invasive. Different decade, with a richer, freer elite.
Similar poverty and primitive countryside reminiscent of the dictatorship of the equal during the seven decades of Soviet Marxism ‘equality’.

The following is a repeat of an article I wrote here as advertisement for Minnesota Prager fans to read and view Ellen Barry’s New York Times Review, “The Russia Left Behind.” The review follows my introductory remarks.

A major part of my academic life while at university was in Soviet Studies. I learned Russian and earned a graduate degree at Middlebury Language School in the mid 1960s.

As a child during the Second World War I learned that it was my duty to be prepared to serve my country as my cousins were doing fighting in the Pacific. When forced to decide on a foreign language to accompany my academic requirements as an undergraduate, I chose Russian, which I thought would be the language of my country’s chief competitor of the future.

A great opportunity of my lifetime occurred in 1966 when I received a six week NDEA grant to travel to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics with a group of twenty American teachers of Russian.

It was a well-armed nation of central planning…..of central control, secret police, gulags, male drunkenness, isolation, empty markets and near poverty living, and the well educated in controlled learnings authorized by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

With the exception of members of the Communist Party, the population lived below the poverty line by western standards, but with the exception of being a police state policing ideas sending millions of the ‘misfit’ to Siberia, ordinary crime in the USSR was low….again, because it was a police state.

Citizens were programmed to speak of Americans much as Obamalings of the news and television, in Washington, at university and schools describe conservatives.

Because at the time I spoke conversational Russian fluently and precisely, and because I often had an opportunity to mingle in the general population unnoticed once I purchased Russian clothes to wear daily, I blended into the population allowing me to choose my time for striking up conversations at my choosing with no one every having a clue I was from the States until I confessed it which immediately caused shock, shock, and more shock leading to endless conversations often attracting hundreds of participants and eventually, inevitably police.

I returned to the USSR as helping interpreter with a Twin City Protestant group which had collected money and aid to help the victims of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster not far from Kiev in the Ukraine. The Soviet Union was already in a state of collapse. One could even see it in the eyes of the many police. The rebellion had already begun in Kiev during my visit in October with tens of thousands marching to the local Ukraine SSR Soviet in general protest.

Drunkenness and poverty were more visible. The Government stores were either nearly empty of produce or carried merchandise no one wanted. The ruble was replaced by the dollar as the currency of preference and controlled by a black market.

I trust Ellen Barry’s New York Times review below regarding the 2013 version of the good old USSR, Russia Left Behind.

Do read it. It is a remarkably worthy piece….that could have been written either in 1966 or 1990:


A Journey Through a Heartland on the Slow Road to Ruin


Footnote: I spent several days in Sochi that summer, 1966. About an hour after arriving by bus, I rushed to the stony beechside along the Black Sea. It was about three in the afternoon. Our group had been on a bus forever winding around the willies near the Caucasus.

On the stones of the beech was parked a Chevrolet-looking auto, about a 1955 model almost identical to the one I had parked in my driveway back in Minneapolis. I had been in the good old USSR for weeks and this is the first foreign car in view….in a nation where only Party elite’s commanded automobiles…Volgas and such.

About twenty males youngish to thirty years old were surrounding the vehicle…some even standing on a bumper or two occasionally bouncing the vehicle.

They were checking things out and arguing about where the car might have been built. “German….it’s German. Look how solid it is…” “It’s too big” “French?” “No, English!” the argument continued. They mentioned things more mechanical…words I probably didn’t understand even if spoken in English. I knew America’s auto companies and their products, but not much beyond that.

That is was a Chevrolet was beyond question, for it was written on the vehicle….but in English. As I was enjoying watching the exploring, I noticed a gal sitting at the passenger side of the front seat. She seemed nervous…very worried. She didn’t look Russian. Her window was ajar about three inches….I went to her and asked quietly in English if she spoke English.

She beamed…just lit up and answered ‘leetle’. It turns out she was from Belgium. She and her husband had driven all of the way from Brussels to Sochi. He had gone to get instructions of some kind or another and hadn’t yet returned. The young men overwhelming her Chevrolet had frightened her. She knew no Russian.

I assured her that they meant no harm. They had never seen a car like hers before and were arguing regarding its origin, I explained.

I then turned my attention back to the curious exploring ‘mob’ at hand…and decided to enter their conversation.

“No, it’s an American automobile,” I said authoritatively. “It’s German” was an immediate reply while some guys by now were trying to snoop to see what was inside. They paid no attention at all to the worried foreigner in the front seat. They only saw vehicle.

The argument turned American….that is, the word America had now entered into the roundabout conversation. Then it came to “Who said it’s American?”… Attention then turned to me. “Yes, one can see Chevrolet is advertised here at the front of the car….Chevrolet is an American make.” Much of the resulting conversation dealt with parts of the vehicle, a vocabulary which was never at the top of my list of words to know when I was in the more classical learning stages of Russian studies.

They began to agree…”Yes, it’s an American car…Look how big and rich it is. It must be a top expensive car, its’ so big.”

“No, I corrected. It’s a General Motors make….actually the least expensive ‘model’ they make. The top model…the most expensive one is Cadillac.” (In those days they made Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac as well, but I didn’t tell them that.)

Then came the silence. My Russian was beautifully spoken. I had no clue of this. That came later in the evening when I was invited by two young Georgian married couples for drinks at a local pub. They would treat if I would speak my beautiful Russian for them.

(I had been taught by Tsarist refugees, elegant aristocratics from Manchuria who had fled the Soviets in the 1920s and then the Maoists in the late 1940s, and wound up in the States. High quality people who demanded high quality pronounciation and word use from their American students. I had no clue about elegant or unelegant Russian, I pronounced that which I was taught.)

There were some mumblings going on around me, but I couldn’t pick them up despite the silence. Some of these auto-loving guys then collected into groups. Others continued to bounce and examine the vehicle. Then one came to me and asked….”Why is it you know so much about American cars?”

Of course I didn’t know anything about Americans cars except where to insert the key, fuel, and windshield fluid. But, I did answer, for that was what I was leading to…..

“Well, I am an American. I am visiting here.”

Shock, shock, shock. A couple of the guys, older ones nationalistically, almost angrily, asked “What are you doing here”….meaning why aren’t I at home where I belong. That lasted about 30 seconds. And then came the questions….for two hours….which, in the meantime, came dozens more locals who joined the crowd with more questions and conversations.

I admit I was on a stage where I wanted to be, had been, and would again be during my stay in the good old Soviet Union, that Marxist paradise for poverty, deceit, and tyranny.

In all occasions police eventually arrived and dispersed the crowds. Conversations were not allowed in public….In all occasions the police performed their duties according to the demands of the state.

I have a very, very warm spot in my heart for ordinary Russians, their endurance, their education, their understandings, their struggle for life at that time and again in 1990 when I returned.

Sochi was private, rather shabby and remote then. I shall be looking forward to see the Potyomkin village, the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics on television , with a keen eye.

If I don’t forget, I’ll continue my Soviet experiences again at a later date.

Conservatives: Say NO! Vote NO! to a Jeb Bush Presidency and Immigration Policies

According to Pugh research 55% of those invading or who have invaded our United States from across the borders illegally are invading NOT because they yearn for personal freedom, NOT due to religious or political persecutions at home, NOT to improve their personal skills and education, but to get on the Left Wing American DOLE, criminally or otherwise. America is where the money is.

Democrat Marxists, the Obamaling kind, know this. They even write books about how dumb Republicans are not adjusting their political messages to certain Leftwing realities of modern American demographics. The devious president Obama knows the truth of these demographics….after all, he was aided in his re-election by the realities of these demographics, both the legal and the illegal.

The Obama political-class message is based upon gathering minority groups and mindless women to hate-America.

Jeb Bush is thinking about making his plutocratic run to lead America in 2017. He needs every immigrant voter he can muster.
Apparently, from the stratosphere of his life looking down observing and respecting working Americans from his high floating clouds of guaranteed wealth, his Eastern university cement and concrete concepts, his experiences while successfully governing Florida, he has no curiosity what in full truth has caused the collapse of once America the Great.

Yes, we white old men are dying out. Yes, our wives, most of them loyal to a Church, have not yet discovered the joy of weed, shared sex, and other learnings of the nation’s universities’ Women Studies Programs.

America’s black populations haven’t been so fortunate. Over 50% of its younger males have celebrated murder, rape, pillage or burn. Most are fatherless. Democrats have run the urban American black show exclusively for fifty years. Countless illegal immigrant males learn their lessons as Americans from these inner city Democrat Party run troubled communities. They become community organized by the Obama left to become politically active.

Perhaps Republican Bushes like Jeb believe this well-organized population on food stamps reads the Bible of whatever modern version, as the major guide for immigrants to become, or remain decent, honest, hard working Americans? Perhaps these cement and concrete Republicans believe these new American breeds will pick up their tolerance for, and an understanding of the liberty and the citizens’ responsibilities to teach and defend it along with Godfearing values to keep the light of Human Dignity and Knowledge bright as bright can be by simply breathing our very clean American air?

Such Obamaling-trained Republicans, from the offices they maintain, cannot be trusted to sustain, defend, much less teach voters the American way. I DON’T THINK THEY EVEN POSSESS THE VOCABULARY necessary to share the required conversations with their constituencies. (Remember, they were forced to remain quiet during their social science class sessions while in college.)

Americans are facing an Armageddon. An immigration bill will be presented by the Obama Marxists in Washington some time in the next three years of Obama-America’s misery. Americans devoted to liberty and personal responsibility must vote NO, NO, and NO to any Obama concocted bait dealing with Immigration “Reform”.

Not one ‘Yes’ must come from a Republican in Congress to support an Obama bill on immigration reform. Voters, therefore, must become aware of any Republican who even dares to vote Obamaling.

Immigrants who demand American citizenship, yet hate the country, have no cares about the country, its citizens, white and/or male, its wealthy and/or poor, its conservatives or its Obamalings, or have no respect for individual responsibility or classical learnings of right versus wrong….should not be allowed to receive citizenship. If they come here simply because the money is here, the money won’t be here very long especially under Marxism.

To become a citizen of America of Law of the Land, requires study, memorization, understanding, a tolerance, and a kind of fervor which must be taught from generation to generation.

Obama Democrats have appeared on the American stage primarily from an evil university, one and nearly all religiously preaching leftism for personal and collective profit. It is a product of the sex, drug, atheism, and narcissism of the 1960s-70s cultural revolution which has come to dominate our culture.

Just say NO to Jeb Bush, nice guy, intelligent guy, though he likely is, NO! to any idea he might have of entering the 2016 Republican-Conservative race for the presidency. Save his money and our conservative resources to offer America a higher cause, a rejuvenation of human dignity, honesty, and liberty.

Is Barack Hussein Obama Really Stupid?

In a few of these writings ago I wrote a headline, “EVIL AND STUPID, OBAMA SAYS: CLIMATE CHANGE IS A FACT”.

“Ignorant would have been a kinder word in the headline. Mr. Obama IS ignorant on the “Climate Change” and “Global Warming” matters.

He is NOT ignorant how he uses these terms, habitually wielding them as weapons of language, weapons of selling ‘evil’ ideas, weapons of thrusting his own hates upon those he sees as his enemies.

Americans have never had a president as evil as Barack Hussein Obama.

The man is particularly tyranical. His speech and behavior habits have made it clear, “he” has no time for “the white, conservative, freedom-loving traditional American world”. No gangster, neither the mental or the physical, has pity for truth and decency. They are only tools to be used when necessary.

I don’t want to be kind to our 44th American president. He is too devious, arrogant, and nasty. The damage he is causing the nation should be terrifying to all decent, honesty-loving, peace-loving, freedom-loving, hard-working, tolerant brothers and sisters of mankind….in other words to the God-fearing kind, especially those who take time to think beyond the flock.

Obama is a bribe of the diseducating greedy world who have interests only in themselves. Watch and examine television to see and hear what the New, Obamaling American looks, acts, thinks, and sounds like.

Mr. Obama is a foreigner to America who learned to be unhappy, lonely, and became akin to mind-breeding clones representing his angry self…. He had no father. His mother was a lefty, a sex-chasing, Liberated female of her day, not a mother of a more reliable teacher kind. Her family was very rich, but hated America. An outsider, the loner Obama’s verbal skills and quick mind grew without the fresh air of variety of thought and station, of tolerance, respect and classical empathy for someone different from himself.

And he wanted to be somebody. He wanted to be liked by somebody. His skills chose the devious and dishonest, the imagined, not the real. His god became himself.

He also became an individual of his time. He could choose his race, and even had the opportunity to choose none. Looking for advantages and having gone to college where he was cloaked and fed advantages, and learned how to shape his loneliness, anger, and hate, Barack Obama chose to be black.

Most folks know when they lie, cheat, and steal or even when they begin to think about lying, cheating or stealing. They recognize these short-circuitings by the feeling of the thought itself. Such senses are not passed on as a gift, body to body, generation to generation upon birth. We are born ‘innocent’ of knowledge. We must learn the differences between good and evil, always collecting knowledge in an ever changing world.

What happens when innocents are taught evil?

I chose the word “Stupid” to head the article on Obama’s SOTU Climate Change aside, to be kind to Barack Hussein Obama as my country’s president, to be a compliment. Yet, I think I was being disingenuous. I do believe evidence from the president’s past five years of behavior, and adding his background of hate, Marxism, and isolation, Mr. Obama is an evil person doing evil….He knows exactly the disorder he is causing…and seems quite disturbed he hasn’t been more successful.

He is deceitful, likely even criminally so. But we don’t really yet know his motives. Is he a man dragging his flock to the slime and perdition of poverty, distrust, ignorance, and suspicion stupidly or intentionally?

He IS a Marxist. Where along the Marxist line he prefers to be placed, is unknowable. What IS knowable is Obama’s actions and the history of Marxism and Marxists.

Marxism is a religion. Since there is no God, therefore no classic, eternal good, there is no BAD. Only Marxist government leaders can determine good and bad…”for the people’s sake”.

Marxists have murdered more than 100,000,000 humans intentionally in their fight to dictate and police human equality.

Obama Still a Baby on Global Warming…..European Union ALMOST Becoming a Teen!

The suckling Obama is still nursing from his Global Warming-Climate Change baby bottle…..While the European Union is at last, becoming quite adult about the fraud.

The lefty Los Angleles Times has gathered courage enough to report trouble in “European City” which is contemplating taking action to rise above the blind, ignorant devotion to the international fraud called Global Warming or Climate Change. It placed the following article on its Opinion Page….


Despite the word “Heart” instead of “Mind”, the Los Angeles Times editorial page reports its following worry and disappointment:



A Republican Plan to Replace ObamaCare

A Republican Plan to Replace ObamaCare, cover pre-existing conditions and lower costs:

by Sen. Richard Burr, Sen. Tom Coburn, and Sen. Orrin Hatch:


Obama’s 2014 SOTU Talk…..The Transcript

from the Washington Post, the following is a transcript of the 2014 State of the Union Declarations:

Warning: The following declarations are not necessarily compilations of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

President Barack Hussein Obama spoke the following:


2nd Amendment and the Jesse James-Younger Gang Visit to Minnesota in 1876

Jesse James meets the Second Amendment

by Gene Veith


If there should ever be a monument to the Second Amendment, it should be erected in Northfield, Minnesota. In this little college town in 1876, Jesse James and Cole Younger, with six other members of their gang, tried to rob the First National Bank, only to get shot up by an aroused citizenry. I just finished reading a new book on the subject, Mark Lee Gardner’s Shot All to Hell: Jesse James, the Northfield Raid, and the Wild West’s Greatest Escape.

I knew about the Northfield raid and when I spoke at St. Olaf College a few years ago, my hosts took me to see the bank and the marks of the bullets that still adorn the downtown buildings. But I did not know the details, nor did I know about the equally thrilling aftermath. Gardner’s book, while being sober history, reads like an action thriller, but what I most took away from the book was a glimpse of something we don’t see all that much anymore; namely, a genuine community, whose members look out for each other, protect each other, and pull together for the common good.The first three chapters of Gardner’s book tell about Jesse and Frank James, as well as Cole, Bob, and Jim Younger. They got their start in the neutral border state of Missouri as “bushwhackers”–pro-Confederate guerrillas–who battled their counterpart “Jayhawkers” on the Union side. We learn of the men’s complexities, talents, and grievances. They became outlaws after the Civil War, and although one can see why they attracted fans with their exploits, they were also cold-blooded killers. They robbed trains and banks all over Missouri, and then they headed north.

I’ll try to tell the story without spoilers.

After carefully casing the “peaceful” town, three men went into the bank, with the other five staying outside on their horses to cover the robbery. Inside was the first act of heroism on the part of the ordinary folks of the town. The cashier just would not open the safe. The outlaws threatened him, beat him, and cut him, but he refused to do what they told him to.

During the delay, passersby looked into the window and saw what was happening. The word spread throughout the town. “Somebody is robbing the bank!” In those days before deposit insurance, as Gardner points out, everybody’s money was at risk. Those who lived in town got their guns. The owners of the two hardware stores loaded their entire stock of firearms and passed them out to people on the streets. Before long, the most formidable outlaws in the West were facing a hail of gunfire. A medical school student, who found an old .50 caliber breechloader with four paper cartridges in a stable, went to a second-story window and started picking off outlaws. A hardware store owner went to the corner of the bank building with his Remington and out-dueled Bob Younger. A druggist, the undertaker, farmers, apprentices, and Scandinavian immigrants all acted like heroes. An African-American man started throwing big rocks at the outlaws. The young women who were students at Carleton College, concerned lest the robbers would show up there, armed themselves with fire axes. Two of the townspeople were killed–including the cashier who refused to open the safe–but so were two of the outlaws, with most, if not all, of the others wounded.

Gardner’s blow-by-blow account of the attempted bank robbery and the ensuing gun battle was the subject of his fourth chapter. But there were five chapters to go! There is much more to the story. The surviving bandits fled the town, but the Northfield telegraph operator notified the surrounding communities, which, in turn, organized posses of citizens that tried to cut-off their escape. Some of the members of these posses–as well as the professional police force that came in from the big cities– didn’t really know what they were doing, so there were some Barney Fife moments. The outlaws, showing stamina and ingenuity worthy of their legends, slipped away again and again. But when the Youngers were cornered at Madelia, Minnesota, seven citizens–led by a sheriff and a Civil War combat veteran–marched into the brush to flush them out, leading to yet another thrilling gun battle that the ordinary folks won.

Then we see how the citizens of Madelia treated the outlaws once they took the survivors into captivity. They gave them food, new clothes, and medical care. (Cole Younger had taken 8 bullets.) They protected them from the threat of lynching. Townspeople, caught up with the celebrity of the criminals, crowded into the jail to see them. But they wept over them. They prayed for them. The outlaws themselves wept and prayed.
The good-heartedness of these frontier citizens and their sense of community struck me as much as their physical courage. We see the hospitality of the farm folks who were willing to give traveling strangers something to eat and shelter, no questions asked. We see a doctor who set out in the middle of the night on horseback when he got word that a woman was sick 23 miles away. The outlaws exploited this generosity–stealing the farmers’ horses and taking the doctor hostage–but these were communities, made up of men and women who cared about each other. And they even cared about the outlaws whom they defeated, doing so not just by keeping and bearing arms but by acting like a community.”

article sent by Mark Waldeland


California Lisa Rich sent the following:

The poem was written by a MARINE CORPS Officer (ANON)


We’re the battling boys of Benghazi
No fame, no glory, no paparazzi.
Just a fiery death in a blazing hell
Defending our country we loved so well.

It wasn’t our job, but we answered the call,
fought to the Consulate and scaled the wall.
We pulled twenty Countrymen from the jaws of fate
Led them to safety, and stood at the gate.

Just the two of us, and foes by the score,
But we stood fast to bar the door.
Three calls for reinforcement, but all were denied,
So we fought, and we fought, and we fought ’til we died.

We gave our all for our Uncle Sam,
But Barack Obama didn’t give a damn.
Just two dead seals who carried the load
No thanks to us………we were just “Bumps In The Road”.

ObamaTalk Puzzles….Do Any Dems “Really Know What Time It Is?”

All Americans should have been forced not just to listen to Marxist Barack Hussein’s speech last evening, but to study carefully the president’s speech skills conveying deceit and dishonesty…..both in expression, substance, and speech of story telling.

However, we conservatives support creativity and God-fearing individualism as the basis for liberty over government dictate…..particularly over government dictates which don’t value truth and therefore the search for truth.

We can only hope that the words of last evening’s ObamaSpeech were heard and understood near and wide. The leftist hound howled loudly and often.

Hound Obama was loudly, approvingly bleated by his sheep in the audience….for his racism, fascism, arrogance and falsehoods all…..for a divided America.

Scott Johnson at powerline asks: