• Pragerisms

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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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Krauthammer: ObamaCare So Lawless, No One Even Complains

Krauthammer on Obama’s constant ILLEGAL resculpting of ObamaCare:

“….it’s willful breaking of the constitutional order. Where in the constitution is a president allowed to alter a law 27 times after it’s been passed?



“Beauty” has disappeared in America ever more each decade since the Second World War.

There can be no doubt it is associated with the marked decline of JudeoChristianity. It is primarily in its decline a victim from the rise of feminism, the spread of greed and narcissism, self pleasure, the arrogance of the “entitled” and hence, the inevitable arrival of Marxism and its authoritarianism….and the arrival of Barack Hussein Obama.

Today’s Left teaches us in school, college, university, the press, and even is some approving Chrisian sancuaries, that if something is honestly declared beautiful, ergo something becomes less beautiful.

Marxism not only moves against the beautiful, (God and that which is more Godlike) it destroys the beautiful as it destroys the male drives of Nature; liberty, creativity, curiosity, invention, replacing things male with the feminist drive for peace, security, and the mundane.

Beauty can arrive to the eye, ear, and therefore the mind not only in all sorts of components, shapes, sizes, and sounds, but also in the ensemble of it all its parts.

In my life time in American society most adults dressed special when they ascended to the public outdoors…..hats and colorful dresses to declare the females, straw hats, jackets covering white shirts and ties, and pressed trousers to show the male.

Not only did the public look more beautiful, it acted so.

And now, on to Maastricht….Do you know where Maastricht is?





It’s ART at Wellesley College in Massachusetts:

Man in Underwear…Sleep Walking

Dennis discussed at some length a center of attention at the ‘girls’ only leftwing station, Wellesley, these days.

I am wondering what the original symbolic intent of the ‘sculpture’ might have been.

If I were asked to judge, I’d respond….”It perfectly represent the 21st Century human male’s miasma resulting from the rise of the feminist fascist movement.

For centuries he was programmed to follow his instincts to explore, invent, build, to defend and protect his female counterpart and offspring. As he became less wild, his JudeoChristian learnings further directed him to consider this female more than just another species of animal to supply continuation of the species.

Eventually, as a matter of honor, in most of the more advanced cultures, he elevated his mate to a special status of protection and caring, despite his labors.

Family, life and country became clear ‘duties’.

Today, he is torn. Although born a killer per usual, he is still a rather rational animal, a thinking animal, for the most part, despite both official and unofficial demands at school and university by the nation’s feminized, that he learn how to weep more often, stop inventing, building, and problem solving, stop dreaming about a better tomorrow….stop exploring, stop repairing, and learn how to dress and appear more like the female…..to close the gap of the differences between the sexes. He must become more DITZY and learn how to be better bribed by the Progressives in Government to lose his will to be a human male.

By government edict he must be made equal to the human female, therefore all of his Natural male abilities must be taxed.

I doubt, however, that such a thought ever entered any female mind, butch or other, at Wellesley College for Girls.

Do view the ‘art’ for yourself: