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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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Turning around a tragedy……..the Colton Harris-Moore story

Who is Colton Harris-Moore?

Out of a hundred boys from birth to early teens who have had a dreadfully mangled home life with a drunken violent parent or two or worse, how many do you think reach adult life as a self-educated, productive, civilized, balanced, law-abiding, kind, almost exemplary young American by age twenty-five?

Three? Five? One?

I’d guess there might be a few. Our prisons our filled with the rest or they are already dead.

Girls as human animals suffer similar pain, may suffer in like numbers, but are not measured by the same standards. We care more about them….they are future mothers.

They may be more likely to be abused more foully more often, but they don’t measure up to the human male in the violence scale. We males are born to be violent and not civilized. It’s in our testosterone….If not allowed to experience civilizing, learning, and reasoning by observation or by lesson, usually taught by a father and mother, the human male has a hard time finding his role in the community.

I, like many others, became profoundly fascinated a few years ago about some creature out West called the ‘barefoot thief’ who eventually discovered how to steal and fly airplanes. The boy had a sense of humor. He stole food for upkeep and slept often in fancy quarters he had invaded uninvited…..and sometimes would make his footprint presence be known.

When captured….in Bermuda or the Bahamas or so (to where he had flown a stolen plane and crashed landed) it turned out he was a fatherless, loner kid from Washington state living in poverty with a Mother incapable of mothering, but managed a mother’s bonding with her only child.

It is a story to set examples, not to emulate. We would know without question that the barefoot bandit would be male. Yet our universities and other leftwing-devoted institutions insist, devotedly uneducated by feminist propaganda, there is no difference between the human male and female except for socialization.

In other words, these propagandists claim females act female only because they have been taught by a mean male dominated society throughout the ages. The world would be better if estrogen were running the world. Think carefully about this insanity…primarily created by wild eyed feminists and certain politicians to win more votes at the polls and satisfy the rules of Marxism.

Most stories about kids like Colton Harris-Moore wind up tragically taking innocents along with them to ‘dusty’ death. We don’t know all of the chapters of this boy’s story….they are yet to come. Let us pray for Colton.

I see him as a hero….a Huckleberry Finn of our day….in real life form…..if he continues his path to become a pilot….or something else serving and productive. Maybe he can teach America a lesson or two.

Below meet the ‘candidate’ as he pleads guilty to another charge of theft winding up the cases against him.


When Will Ginsburg, the Lefty Judge, Resign?


That is the question facing Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the retired-age super-lefty Supreme Court judge. Politically, she’ll obey her fan in the White House, the wild-eyed president Marxifying America.

On the other hand she commands the title of Judge, Judge of the United States Supreme Court, that is.

The following article from the Los Angeles Times by Erwin Chemerinsky was sent by Mark Waldeland:


The 81-year-old Supreme Court justice should retire this summer to ensure Obama can choose a like-minded successor.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg should retire from the Supreme Court after the completion of the current term in June. She turned 81 on Saturday and by all accounts she is healthy and physically and mentally able to continue. But only by resigning this summer can she ensure that a Democratic president will be able to choose a successor who shares her views and values.

A great deal turns on who picks Ginsburg’s successor. There are, for example, four likely votes to overturn Roe vs. Wade on the current court: Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and Justices Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, and Samuel A. Alito Jr. If a Republican president selects Ginsburg’s replacement, that justice easily could be the fifth vote needed to allow the government to prohibit all abortions. On many cases — including ones involving environmental law, healthcare, gay marriage, the death penalty and the rights of those in Guantanamo — the four liberal justices have joined with Justice Anthony M. Kennedy for a progressive result.

But if a conservative had been occupying Ginsburg’s seat when the court heard those cases, the rulings might well have been very different, and if a conservative takes her seat when she leaves, they might not survive.

Read further:


Maureen Dowd Has Her Sexes Mixed up Too

I have ‘followed’ Maureen Dowd in the funny papers for more than a decade.

She is feminized bright, mouthy, pinched, arrogant and ignorant. She, after all is a contemporary Democrat. But, that isn’t anything special. She is just another fanatic in the Leftwing of the ‘women’s movement, a more rational Nancy Pelosi….but a bit brighter than most…..my guess, folks as a former professional high school teacher.

I’d bet she’d be fun to talk with, however.

She is my choice to be “harpie” of the decade or perhaps of her generation.

Her brother, or one of them, is sensible, modest, intelligent, rational, and, or do I repeat myself, conservative. Maureen introduced me to him via her article while weeping at the New York Times a day or two after creep J.F. Kerry was denied the White House in November of 2004.

Maureen was bawling in her column. There was no phony performance, as is the case with nearly all Obamaling writers…they perform writing rather than write honestly…She had spoken to her brother regarding her depression caused by the Kerry defeat.

She loves her brother…..you could read it in ever word of her dismay. She honestly didn’t know how he could remain a conservative in her, the feminazi world…her world of feelings where ditziness conquers all.

Unfortunately, the Maureen Dowds of all sexes now are ruling and ruining America in every blue state you want to pull out of a hat.

They believe religiously, Marxilly, that the sexes are exactly the same…..and the female part of them all is devoted to putting a freeze on all thought, all ideas, all things liberty….to create a world of men for security above all. Freeze learning, freeze building, freeze scientific inquiry, freeze history, freeze change and provide peace by becoming feminized and do what the ditzies want. It is the only way to demasculinize the human male….and then we’ll have PEACE forever.


Ms. Dowd is a star at PowerLine this morning in an article written by Scott Johnson.


In her New York Times column “Dems in distress” — at the top of the RealClearPolitics honor roll this morning — Maureen Dowd originally observed that Democrats were “kvelling” (dammit, don’t spellcheck me, bro) about President Obama. “Kvelling” is Yiddish for “taking pride in”; Dowd meant that Democrats are “kvetching” about Obama.

Dowd’s error went undetected by the Times’s layers of editors and fact checkers. I cut them slack. It’s hard to read the op-ed columns by the Times’s roster of worthies more carefully than they write them.

Dowd’s error was trivial, but embarrassing. She holds herself out as a cosmopolitan columnist with literary pretensions. She has won the Pulitzer Prize for distinguished commentary. Andrew Ferguson has dubbed her “unofficial spokesman for her generation’s mainstream press.” Attitude is her stock in trade.

The Times has silently corrected Dowd’s error in the online version of her column.

(Comment by g. I’d rather not use nouns to describe human beings such as the one used to paint, John F. Kerry. I try hard to think of something good to say about the man….I cannot. Can you?

I prefer honesty.

I have followed the traitor since November of 1968 when be organized himself to jump into American politics.

I was a Democrat then.)

No, Americans Under Age 60……Julius Caesar Did NOT Play for the Lakers

Note to Today’s University graduate Cement and Concrete Americans and their magnificent victory over Learning anything about Our Western Yesterdays:


As with American conservatives today concerned about the foreigner president Barack Hussein Obama, the citizens of Rome around 50 years before the Christian Age, were concerned about the decay of its democratic style of rule slipping into dictatorship.

Julius Caesar had become a powerful hero from his military campaigns to expand Roman control over main Europe. Roman Congressman were fops so remindful of most Democrats and about a third of Republicans in Congress today, while an anti American, foreigner president presides.

The foreigner president with a racist background had promised to change America forever. Blacks, feminists, and other tribes with narcissism as their god, cheered….and continue to do so till this day.

My generation was the end of any shadow of classic learnings where we were taught knowledge in general, and studies relating to our past from whence we came in those days past when our republican form of democracy was cherished….When the masses understood the tyranny of bloated government rule.

Today, feelings are sold as learning.

Today, more than half of those who voted for foreign president, Barack Hussein Obama, pay no federal income tax. Large majorities of those voters have been politically bought votes primarily from devious lefty politicians greedy for life-long opportunities to bully those they are taught to hate when they attend college.

Nearly half have no clue where Canada is located. Sex, drugs, and collecting freebies sponging off of others with or without violence is the growing American habit.

These lefty Americans are products of the druggies, addicts, and terrorists of the American Revolution of the 1960s and 1970s. They own the American university.

WARNING: Learning is a drug…..with enriching side effects.



ObamaCare Obama Waives Mandates with ObamaSleaze

Isn’t it about time Congress begins to stir regarding Obama’s misuse fo executive privilege and power starting with his dictating with sleaze an ObamaCare law that has nothing to do with the ObamaCare Law that only Democrats passed years ago……Remember…the 2,500 page monstrosity which Democrats didn’t read, the one which loony-tune Nancy Pelosi, then governing the House of Representatives, boasted it had to be passed before anyone could read the ‘good’ in the bill?

The following article from the Wall Street Journal was sent by Mark Waldeland:


ObamaCare’s implementers continue to roam the battlefield and shoot their own wounded, and the latest casualty is the core of the Affordable Care Act—the individual mandate. To wit, last week the Administration quietly excused millions of people from the requirement to purchase health insurance or else pay a tax penalty.

This latest political reconstruction has received zero media notice, and the Health and Human Services Department didn’t think the details were worth discussing in a conference call, press materials or fact sheet. Instead, the mandate suspension was buried in an unrelated rule that was meant to preserve some health plans that don’t comply with ObamaCare benefit and redistribution mandates. Our sources only noticed the change this week.

That seven-page technical bulletin includes a paragraph and footnote that casually mention that a rule in a separate December 2013 bulletin would be extended for two more years, until 2016. Lo and behold, it turns out this second rule, which was supposed to last for only a year, allows Americans whose coverage was cancelled to opt out of the mandate altogether.

In 2013, HHS decided that ObamaCare’s wave of policy terminations qualified as a “hardship” that entitled people to a special type of coverage designed for people under age 30 or a mandate exemption. HHS originally defined and reserved hardship exemptions for the truly down and out such as battered women, the evicted and bankrupts.

But amid the post-rollout political backlash, last week the agency created a new category: Now all you need to do is fill out a form attesting that your plan was cancelled and that you “believe that the plan options available in the [ObamaCare] Marketplace in your area are more expensive than your cancelled health insurance policy” or “you consider other available policies unaffordable.”

This lax standard—no formula or hard test beyond a person’s belief—at least ostensibly requires proof such as an insurer termination notice. But people can also qualify for hardships for the unspecified nonreason that “you experienced another hardship in obtaining health insurance,” which only requires “documentation if possible.” And yet another waiver is available to those who say they are merely unable to afford coverage, regardless of their prior insurance. In a word, these shifting legal benchmarks offer an exemption to everyone who conceivably wants one.

Keep in mind that the White House argued at the Supreme Court that the individual mandate to buy insurance was indispensable to the law’s success, and President Obama continues to say he’d veto the bipartisan bills that would delay or repeal it. So why are ObamaCare liberals silently gutting their own creation now?

The answers are the implementation fiasco and politics. HHS revealed Tuesday that only 940,000 people signed up for an ObamaCare plan in February, bringing the total to about 4.2 million, well below the original 5.7 million projection. The predicted “surge” of young beneficiaries isn’t materializing even as the end-of-March deadline approaches, and enrollment decelerated in February.

Meanwhile, a McKinsey & Company survey reports that a mere 27% of people joining the exchanges were previously uninsured through February. The survey also found that about half of people who shopped for a plan but did not enroll said premiums were too expensive, even though 80% of this group qualify for subsidies. Some substantial share of the people ObamaCare is supposed to help say it is a bad financial value. You might even call it a hardship.

HHS is also trying to pre-empt the inevitable political blowback from the nasty 2015 tax surprise of fining the uninsured for being uninsured, which could help reopen ObamaCare if voters elect a Republican Senate this November. Keeping its mandate waiver secret for now is an attempt get past November and in the meantime sign up as many people as possible for government-subsidized health care. Our sources in the insurance industry are worried the regulatory loophole sets a mandate non-enforcement precedent, and they’re probably right. The longer it is not enforced, the less likely any President will enforce it.

The larger point is that there have been so many unilateral executive waivers and delays that ObamaCare must be unrecognizable to its drafters, to the extent they ever knew what the law contained.