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When Did Racial Segregation of Twin City Public Transportation Finally Come to an End?

To claim that I was brought up “Christian”, the Protestant variety, is true, but without further comment incomplete as a truth. I was born American Christian of the Protestant kind.

I entered public school, to the relief of my Mother, in 1939 in St. Paul Minnesota.

The most powerful religious-political community in St. Paul throughout my upbringing, however, was Roman Catholic. Things that mattered at the voting box in St. Paul would always be a Roman Catholic victory through the Democrat Party.

From age two on, I lived in a new section of the city. Think 1936 when our house was built, to 1948 when the last lots of all the streets surrounding us were filled with new houses almost all in lots of 45 feet by 95. The community was a suburbian community before its time consisting of youngish families moving away from older settlements. World War II intervened. Everything in culture turned toward the war effort.

Being a new neighborhood there were no ethnic rules one needed to follow…..only American ones…..and most of those were determined by the war.

East of this ‘suburbia’ was a wealthier section where Jews lived….meaning in those days, the vast majority of larger lovelier homes there housed Protestants. Jews and Roman Catholics in this poshier area would compete for runner-up.

How did I know this even then from kindergarten through eighth grade? Until sixth grade the community youngsters went to the same public school, Horace Mann Elementary School. Immediately following the War Catholics opened St. Leo’s Elementary School which shredded almost all of this religious group from the public school. (I had a crush on Judy Ryan. She lived on Scheffer, only a block from me, but suddenly disappeared one September. She lived in the same house, but shifted school to St. Leo’s. I didn’t know what a Roman Catholic was until they disppeared from Horace Mann School.

I never saw Judy again.

There were three Jewish families in my immediate neighborhood, all, as I think back, struggling economically similar to my family.

The Abraham Nehenskys lived directly across the street. They had two kids, Marlene, who was older than I, a sophisticated, nice looking, well adjusted (in my view in those days) and a very good student….which since first or second grade turned out to be a requirement of mine when appreciating other folks around my age. Marlene had a much younger brother, Harvey….a squirrel with energy of an everticking timebomb. He and I had fun especially in winter building Nazi fortifications in the snow and then dive bombing them with snowballs according to the latest bombing style shown in the movies. Midway through elementary school the Nehenskys changed their name to Nolan.

Keep in mind that in those days I did my thing as adults told me to do. I really didn’t know what was going on outside of my “Walter Mitty” world into which I was forced, unknowingly by both, ‘me and she’, my Mother.

I was born genetically unable to read novels as my girl student competitors were able to read. I had no scholarly disciplines…but as long as I can remember, I always wanted to know what was going on and why. This made me a foe of my Mother who had other things in life to do than answer my questions…..but not my well-educated, highly disciplined old maid school teachers.

Neither of my parents were intellectually inclined. They were bright, capable, hard working, fun, very honest folks who enjoyed life and were surrounded by friends.

Nor were they religiously ‘wild’. Mother ran that show… She pounded into me a major truth in life from an early age….”You”, she’d snarl while shaking her finger in my face, “Can never escape your God”…and that made sense to me from a very early age.

I read atlases, war stories, short stories about Kit Carson, Davey Crockett, and Daniel Boone…bought my own wartime paper back (which I still own) titled “Abraham Lincoln”, and ate up encyclopedias and news articles about the War.

I had no idea what a good student did. I obeyed each old maid school teacher as if she were my Mother. I didn’t even know what learning was for….but I knew I wanted to learn.

Although undisciplined in my studies, I knew all sorts of stuff no one else in school did. I was good in math, always a fun game, I thought. I loved the grammar part of English, picking apart sentences, identifying adverbs and gerunds. I was great at picture puzzles and anything else visual. I knew the names and looks of birds, weeds, trees, shrubs, any thing botany, history, geography, it was all so much fun exploring … School, the scholastic part was a playground for me unless I had to read novels or read anything new out loud.

Despite my lack of scholastic discipline, I became friends….good friends in a certain way, a scholastic way, especially with Jewish students, from third grade …and to this very day, to be truthful.

Yet, even way back then I asked myself, “Why doesn’t Mrs. Nehensky ever allow me to play with Harvey?”

Harvey told me because my family was different. She worked during much of the week. So, when she wasn’t home, Harvey and I had no problem entertaining each other.

I loved topics my Jewish buddies and I would discuss, history, politics, grammar, war, math, geography, botany. I became their friends because I knew stuff, but not because I was I…..When in high school English classes where I didn’t excel, I had no Jewish friends. I couldn’t read novels. In classes where I excelled, especially a day or two before tests, I was always popular .

Tests or no tests, on two occasions pre high-school I was never allowed in two of my Jewish friends’ homes in the poshier zones of my neighborhood. I wasn’t Jewish. I admit it never bothered me in the least, but I thought it peculiar….but being a Gentile, a goy, I think I was made some kind of difference.

Nor did anyone of the three Jewish families in my closer neighborhood ever attend any of the two-a-year neighborhood picnics during the War….although always invited…..

These neighborhood picnics ended the year St. Leo’s was built.

I spent a couple of hours this morning watching CSpan 3, reviewing a history of Jews in America. Jonathan Ray, no relative, led a class, Jews in the Progressive Era.

Proof I am still nerdish at age 80, I do watch CSpan 3 television , even the horrifying leftwing hysterical stuff about how evil white conservative America has been in the world.

Much of today’s hysteria stirred to hate traditional American comes from the Marxist atheistic Jewish left in its endless war against the country’s Christianity.

It was warming to ‘sit in’ with the students to review the prejudices of the day…as I often do. It was a quality class….of course, in my view based on my experiences. I noticed no lefty Marxist stuff coming from Mr. Ray….which made me proud of his name…..but how about this assignment for you readers?

Ask your friends, “When, at last, did racial segregation of public transportation in the Twin Cities come to an end?”

I keep tabs on the answers I get to indicate a level of ignorance spread by today’s lefty America haters in and out of official educationdom.

Of twenty two adult white individuals I have asked the question, ages guessing 18 to 55, including the manager of a major supermarket where I do my supermarket shopping here in the Minneapolis area, ALL TWENTY TWO HAVE ANSWERED “SOMETIME IN THE 1950S”.


The correct answer is NEVER.

Public transportation here in the Twin Cities has never been racially segregated….and I suspect that is true in every northern municipality in America.

Not so by way of contemporary American college education who foster today’s learnings based of dividing the country preaching hatred of conservative whites.

American Christianity led a Civil War to end such bigotry….but that, too, is not taught in today’s American school, k through college.