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Charles Krauthammer “Turns Bigot”, Assaults Old Timers

As residue continues from the private, but the alleged “inappropriate” remarks made by NBA basketball team owner, Donald Sterling, Charles Krauthammer has decided to ‘bigot’ against American aged…..attacking Donald Sterling for his age….and worse suggesting enjoyment that people of that age will die soon.

Which includes me now in my 80th year.

Even Donald Sterling never uttered such wishful foulness in such a violent manner as Fox’s Krauthammer. He made no threats or wishes against the lives of anyone!

One expects anti free speech emotions and pronouncements from lefty Juan Williams, Obama’s representative on the network.

At age 80, however, I do not plan to discard my shirt and dance tribally in public in protest of Charles’ right to speak what he spoke….but I might do it in support of his right to make his statement.

As you will notice from the video below, Charles was quite animated when he reached into his medical bag of knowledge for a weapon to use against my generation. I wonder if he might be insulted if I forgive him for his “misspeaking”?…and yet, will still seek his opinion on all matters….No one is perfect!…but Charles still runs second place in our American experience.

Dennis Prager is still champion.

Since the days I taught Modern Problems at an inner city minority high school, I have never been around folks who talked like Mr. Sterling did in his phone conversation.

All of the racist talk at the school came from vulgar, foul behaving black students, mostly male.

I wonder if their habits have changed in any way since.


2 Responses

  1. Reblogged this on CLINGERS… BLOGGING BAD ~ DICK.G: AMERICAN ! and commented:

  2. As the ‘Good Book’ says, we will never be able to legislate hate from the heart and mind of man. But we are exhorted to do what is morally right at every opportunity, if we are to experience that inner peace necessary for spiritual reconciliation with our Creator [there is no room for hate in ‘His’ dimension].

    So we must ask: where is the outcry of the minority community when white folks and others are assaulted by gangs of young blacks? Why do we, as a society, remain silent when Al Sharpton and his ilk incite hate and violence? Surely tax-exempt donations to race-hustle organizations such as Al Sharpton’s NAN (National Action Network) and Jesse Jackson’s PUSH must be disallowed by the federal government, if we are to begin mending the racial/ethnic quilt our country has become. Choking their economic capacity would be the most effective way to purge America of these race-hustlers, whose aim is to transform our nation into a vulgar and violent place—an Edom of recriminations and past-grievances.

    Of course in America there shouldn’t be room for bigots like Donald Sterling and Al Sharpton and his ilk, but why is Dr. Charles Krauthammer vehemently picking on feeble old farts? He should be ashamed of himself. Doesn’t he realize he’s destined to be one of them?

    Warm regards, Dr. K. America’s old farts still love yah!

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