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Mark Cuban Defends Sterling’s Right to Speak “Stupid”

Unfortunately in the American black inner city plantation culture nurtured by the American leftwing politicians over the past 50 years, there has been little respect for freedom of speech, freedom from rape, pillage and burn and from an endless assortment of directions of civilized educational learnings.

Think about the ‘boy members’ of the Los Angeles Clipper’s basketball team who tribal-danced in public while removing their team shirts in ‘protest’ of their owner’s private, personal, but publicly considered ‘stupid and unpopular’ remarks about black males.

Should the person criticizing these black athletes for their childishness, their tastelessness, be sent to jail?…..fined?…..lose his job? forced to work for the Obama administration because some racist leftwingers consider this hate speech?

It is about time the Lefty Laws of Racism and Intolerant Politically Correct Speech be exposed for their fascism.

Mr. Donald Sterling whether privately or not, expressed an opinion, most of us in our conservative world find untruthful and so insulting in content and tone. Mr. Sterling threatened no one. Mr. Sterling, (shame on you, my hero-intellectual, Charles Krauthammer for your and others at Fox suckering into the fray of street-level lefty hate speech for forgetting free speech) should even be allowed to write a book about his experiences which led to his use of such words…..if there is such a story.)

Black racism and other insanities are taught at American universities from coast to coast….PERHAPS THAT IS WHERE FOLKS INTERESTED IN FREE SPEECH SHOULD EXAMINE THE FOULNESS OF RACIST DOCTRINES.

Mark Cuban, a wealthy Democrat who also owns a franchise in the NBA is one of the few, almost none “few” Americans who seem to remember we live in the United States of America where we have a right to free speech until this era of the Barack Obama censorship. He worries about the slippery slope.

The leading fascist in this antiAmerican attack upon Mr. Sterling’s right to free speech is NBA head, the angry Adam Silver who banished the Clippers owner from basketball and this team which he owns.

I hope Donald Sterling sues the NBA!!! ….and that he honestly and sincerely apologizes to all the vast numbers of black male Americans who are decent, responsible, law abiding citizens.

Read further…Mark Cuban’s remarks about booting Donald:


Adam Silver, angry NBA man, bans Sterling from NBA and adds a 2.5 million dollar fine for dessert:


One Response

  1. A complex situation? Not really. Every fool in America has the right to speak his mind, but private comments recorded on tape cannot be used as evidence to condemn the accused. Neither can the NBA force Donald Sterling to sell his property (franchise), the LA Clippers. The new NBA Commissioner may have been ‘politically correct’ but not so legally.

    As far a Mark Cuban is concerned, that’s another rich fool who has proven that wealth has nothing to do with wisdom.

    “A prudent man concealeth knowledge; But the heart of fools proclaimeth foolishness.”
    Proverbs 12:23 “The Holy Scriptures” According to the Masoretic Text

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