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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
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    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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ObamaRot Reaching Democrats Here in Goopher Land

Mark Andrews, local lefty guru, adopts ObamaTongue spitting Koch-evil disease. Freedom to do so, but a lie of a smear is a lie is a lie.

Folks at PowerLine present a more local report of the Koch business people. Please read the following:


ISSA: Obama’s “Operation Choke Point” Is Illegal

Lisa Rich sends the following news from California:

Issa: ‘OPERATION CHOKE POINT’ Is Illegal, Must Be Dismantled

by Michael Patrick Leahy

The Justice Department’s “Operation Choke Point” is so flagrantly illegal it cannot continue in any form under the law, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Charman Darrell Issa’s staff said in a new report, setting up a constitutional confrontation between the legislative and executive branches of the federal government.

“In light of the Department’s obligation to act within the bounds of the law, and its avowed commitment not to ‘discourage or inhibit’ the lawful conduct of honest merchants, it is necessary to disavow and dismantle Operation Choke Point,” the report said.

The controversial Obama administration initiative known as Operation Choke Point was launched in 2013.

DOJ has said the program is targeted at fraud, but the oversight committee report provided evidence the program was “was created by the Justice Department to ‘choke out’ companies the Administration considers a ‘high risk’ or otherwise objectionable, despite the fact that they are legal businesses.”

In one internal document uncovered by the committee, Obama administration officials described banks cutting off an entire class of businesses – Internet payday lenders – as a “significant accomplishment” of the investigation. The document also acknowledged “the possibility that banks therefore may have decided to stop doing business with legitimate lenders” but said “solving that problem – if it exists – should be left up to the legitimate lenders themselves” who can make additional efforts to prove to banks they are not engaged in fraud.

“Such an expectation – ‘if they are legitimate, they can prove it’ – is patently absurd, and
reminiscent of the formulation that “if one is not a witch, then they will sink rather than float,” the report said.

The report said “Operation Choke Point has forced banks to terminate relationships with a wide variety of entirely lawful and legitimate merchants,” and that the Department of Justice “is aware of these impacts, and has dismissed them.”

The report was issued more than four months after Representative Darrell Issa (R-CA), Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, requested the Department of Justice turn over all documents related to the secretive Obama administration initiative.

The initial deadline for compliance with the request, January 23, 2014, passed with no indication that the Department of Justice had complied.

Sources tell Breitbart News that the long delay between Chairman Issa’s request for documents from the Department of Justice and the release of the staff report was caused by a reluctance on the Department’s part to fully comply with the request. It is still unclear if all the documents requested have been turned over to the committee.

The report found that Attorney General Eric Holder knew about Operation Choke Point prior to its launch, knew that it was designed to target legal, law abiding citizens, and fully supported its implementation. It also suggests that subsequent to the discovery of the program by the press in late 2013, there may have been an effort by the Department of Justice to cover up key aspects of its operation.

Executives in the payday loan industry have said their industry was targeted by the initiative. Lisa McGreevy of the Online Lenders Alliance, said the staff report confirmed what the industry has been saying for some time. According to McGreevy, the Department of Justice has been “engaged in a coordinated effort to eliminate the online lending industry and choke off consumer access to the short-term credit millions of Americans need.”

Though spokespersons for the Department of Justice publicly denied targeting a specific industry, the report found that “[c]ontrary to the Department [of Justice]’s public statements, Operation Choke Point was primarily focused on the payday lending industry.”

Many business executives have publicly expressed concern that the list of targeted industries has steadily expanded beyond the payday loan industry. The staff report confirmed those concerns, nothing that manufacturers, distributors, and dealers of firearms and ammunition, and coin dealers are now also being targeted by the Department of Justice.

The program’s lack of statutory authority was also addressed.

“Operation Choke Point,” the report said, “is being executed through subpoenas issued under Section 951 of the Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery, and Enforcement Act of 1989.”

Noting that “[t]he intent of Section 951 was to give the Department the tools to pursue civil penalties against entities that commit fraud against banks, not private companies doing legal business,” the report concluded that “[d]ocuments produced to the Committee demonstrate the Department has radically and unjustifiably expanded its Section 951 authority.”

This approach, the report said “fundamentally distorts Congress’ intent in enacting the law, and inappropriately demands that bankers act as the moral arbiters and policemen of the commercial world.”

On Thursday, Justice Department spokesperson Emily Pierce commented on one aspect of the staff report, stating that the Department “only investigate[s] banks and third-party payment processors that violate federal law, and these documents suggest nothing to the contrary.”

The Department of Justice has not responded to a Breitbart News request for comment on the staff report’s conclusion that the Department should “disavow and dismantle Operation Choke Point.”

Dennis Answers to Kids Confused by College

The following is Dennis’ column for the week. It has to do with ‘religion’ now taught by college priest-professors from American academia from coast to coast…..the people who formed the Obama presidency:

Follow the lesson carefully:


Jay Carney Quits as Obama’s Press Secretary

Stalin, Saddam Hussein, Mao are all dead. Had a Jay Carney been press secretary to any one of them, with a responsibility to explain their lies, deception, murders, imprisonments, duplicities, disappearances, explosions, stench and more stench, in a boss-approving manner, admittedly the position would have been more tense and treacherous.

I confess I enjoyed watch the liar Carney squirm passing on ObamaLies and deceit as forthright, as honest, as honorable, as the American way to keep the people aware of issues.

After all the voting population in a free society isn’t supposed to be tribal primitives. The Founders of America relied on an aware population to maintain their freedoms.

But Jay Carney was press secretary for the most dishonest, devious, least American, most antiAmerican president, the president most contemptuous of truth an forthrightness in the nation’s history.

The fact Jay Carney also squirmed while in performance of his duties explaining ObamaLies, was a credit to the press secretary. He should have been pained.

The Obama administration makes every thinking American squirm with shame that such a devious man was elected president, not once, but twice. He was a Jeremiah Wright student.

Richard Nixon had his moments with Watergate coverup…..but this pales relative to ObamaTime.

As the god of irony would have it, some guy named “Earnest” will be Carney’s replacement. Lots of luck there!

Below is the video of the event at realclearpolitics:


However Did Camille Paglia Become so Rational?

Dennis ran a rerun yesterday on his show. He spent an hour listening to Camille Paglia speak intelligently, rationally, speedily, and so right on on every matter she reviewed except her confessing to atheism. She must have misquoted herself.

The human female is born ditzy. She has a hard time organizing mind and fact, truth with emotion, the reason why so many can never come to solving problems.

In my lifetime many, nearly all ‘old maids’ in their time, were among the best teachers of young people in the world……a skill long ago abandoned, when feminists began returning collectively to the ditzy.

A woman who can work out reason from facts, observation, and reality in the quest seeking truth….imagine! If this were the norm, feminism would become worthy of human acceptance and respect, rather than deserving ridicule from female-damage done to all when programming feelings to decide what she prefers to decide.

Again, what a spectacular interview with Dennis. Readers may want to call the Prager people at 1-800-225-8584 to purchase a recording of it.

Click below to follow Ms. Paglia’s taking on the sex education industry in America today:


The Climate Change Fascist Front

from Craig Rucker at the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow:

The reports of militant Political Correctness keep coming in – and they are very disturbing.

College commencement speakers have been hounded off campus. People are being persecuted and even losing their jobs for making political contributions or expressing their opinions. Fear and intimidation are chilling public discourse.

This is especially true on the climate front.

On the Internet, Gawker’s Adam Weinstein claims to have found, “clear precedent” to “punish the climate-change liars,” while Grist’s David Roberts wants “Nuremburg” style trials against skeptics.

But this isn’t just “online” jibber jabber. Such belligerent talk is going on in academic circles as well.

Harvard Professor Naomi Oreskes called for those who question global warming to be arrested under international law. Dr. Robert Nadeau of George Mason called for charging them with “genocide,” while Professor Richard Parncutt of the University of Graz, Austria claims to have found justification for actually executing climate “deniers.”


Howard Dean’s version of ObamaWorld affairs:

“Media doesn’t know how to deal with Obama’s sophisticated foreign policy.”

Barack Obama’s version of ObamaWorld affairs:

“I can’t define my foreign policy (in a sentence.)”


Hello Camille Paglia. I’m Very Pleased to Meet You!!!

I was born happy, but was sculpted a loner. Unbeknownst to me while participating in life, most of the sculpting was done by me. I have always lived day-to-day in a very disorganized way.

I was born totally curious. Why this, why that? How come?
Why not? and so was punished daily to stand at a bare wall for one hour, so my Mother could do all of her house work, cooking, canning, sewing, gardening and listen to her classical music on radio, and practice things she had to do to help the war effort all at the same time. She also worked at the drugstore part time.

Dad was a pharmacist…and eventually bought his own drug store. A nicest guy in the world, but he worked 60 hours a week running his store.

I like what I have become. Most people, like beautiful landscapes gain character with age. Before the end of summer I shall be 80. I like my ex-wife and still have a love for her from time to time. I love, adore, my three grown-up children. In enjoy and am inspirited by the grunts and artists with whom I work.

I have enjoyed every job I have been hired to do, and am glad to have moved on from all of them except for teaching young adults, and working as an artist and grunt as a landscape gardener, the passion of my labor.

I am my Mother’s child, but blessed by the all of me that is my Dad. Mother scared me about the human war between good and evil. She got me to like things Church and School.

I am a guy who likes working with guys, debating with guys, studying problems with guys. Gals are not guys….and because of that I love being with gals other times…After all, I loved both mom and dad.

This early afternoon I heard the best interview, discussion, chat, sharing of information between two people I have ever heard in person, on radio or television….

Dennis Prager “interviewed” Camille Paglia. It was a Dennis rerun.

Dennis Prager and Camille Paglia exposed so much of the generally unknown not just about any old social topic, but one regarding human sexuality expression and a certain connection with the recent growth of fascism throughout the United States left….

For what it’s worth, I write this as a former professional high school teacher of Modern Problems and Russian, the language, but above all a grunt who lives and works in his garden.

Camille is a lesbian, a noted one, one who writes books and speaks confidently and accurately about reality, decency, and the evil she notices in modern American political culture.

“Everything is politicized.”

She is also interested in art, so much so she teaches at the University of Arts in Philadelphia.

The one hour program was so rich with learning and reasoning there is no way I can elevate it to the level earned in this writing.

Ms. Paglia had strong intellectual passions very early in childhood. So did I. She didn’t fit in with the set due her age. I did up to a point. I liked guy things outside of the world of machinery. I wanted answers.

Girls were a curiosity.

I was very content relgiously. I was told often and more often, “There is neither good nor bad….Only thinking makes it so”…..and that I “could never escape my God….meaning the Christian God, his teachings and his Spirit. That seemed clear enough which side was which if you listened in Bible Studies as well as to ones Mother.

My learning years were the war years. I had ‘cousins’ who joined the Navy to fight the enemy in the Pacific. These were years of excitement and uplifting for us Allies. I remember reading the news headline in June, 1942 of our American victory in the battle for Midway.

We guys played bombing ships for the entire week following. Girls played dolls…..and paper dolls or jumped rope.

Never have I heard a human being so gifted of speech with information so accurate, so poignant (and stinging) with every paragraph as came from the mind and mouth of Camille Paglia…..a woman I could intellectually agree with….including despite her (foolish) atheism especially her view of the uplifting of the soul in search for the Godly.

Please let me introduce her to you Prager conservatives, especially those in wonderment about the visciousness of the American Left and its well-organized gay fascisti:


Paglia on Duck Dynasty: http://dailycaller.com/2013/12/19/paglia-duck-dynasty-uproar-utterly-fascist-utterly-stalinist/

Paglia quote regarding the contemporary American university:

I’m worried about the future of America insofar as our academically most promising students are being funneled through the cookie-cutter Ivy League and other elite schools and emerging with this callow anti-American, anti-military cast to their thinking.

More Sickening News about Government Run VA “Health Care”

Inspector General: Veterans wait 115 days for care in Phoenix Veterans Affairs system

by Susan Ferrechio at the Washington Examiner:

More than 3,000 military veterans were found waiting for an appointment with a primary care physician in the Phoenix Veterans Affairs system, with 1,700 left in limbo by being excluded from an electronic waiting list, an inspector general has found.

The average wait time for a vet’s first appointment? 115 days.

An interim report by the Veterans Affairs inspector general has found that “inappropriate scheduling practices are systemic” throughout the Veterans Health Administration, with a particularly acute problem in Phoenix, where those who have been left off of the waiting list for care “continue to be at risk of being forgotten or lost in Phoenix Health Care Center’s convoluted scheduling process.”


1,800,000 BA Degrees in 2014 Today’s HighSchool Diplomal Level

from the National Center for Policy Analysis:

More College Graduates Than Jobs Requiring Degrees
May 28, 2014

More and more, today’s college graduates face uncertain futures. Many will end up in jobs that require only high school diplomas, explains economist Richard Vedder.

In 2014, colleges and universities across the United States will confer 1.8 million bachelor’s degrees upon American students. Many graduates will enter the labor force and take home large salaries, but many others will end up in jobs that have historically been the province of those with only a high school diploma. Today, more than 1 million college graduates work in retail sales.

While the 2008 financial crisis can take some of the blame, this state of affairs is not merely the product of a weak economy and poor job growth. Rather, there are simply more college graduates than there are jobs that require a college education. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), this problem will only grow:

•The BLS predicts that between 2012 and 2022, the U.S. will see a net increase of 15,628,000 jobs. But of that number, only 4,230,500 will require a minimum of a college degree.
•According to the agency, nearly 9 million of these jobs will require no postsecondary education at all.
•Of the 10 occupations with the largest projected job growth, none require a bachelor’s degree. Only one job (registered nurse) requires an associate’s degree. Six of the top 10 jobs — including personal care aids, construction laborers, and retail salespersons — do not even require a high school diploma.
•Of the top 30 jobs in projected job growth, only five require a bachelor’s degree. These include general and operations managers, elementary school teachers, accountants and auditors, software developers and management analysts.
The growth in college degrees is having a negative impact on less-educated job seekers, Vedder explains. Because so many Americans have degrees, employers are narrowing their applicant pools by raising job educational requirements. While administrative assistants do not require a bachelor’s degree, for example, employers are beginning to insist upon them. This trend is increasing unemployment among the lesser educated.

Solving this problem, writes Vedder, will be difficult until the American system of financing higher education is reformed. As long as the federal government continues distributing student loans to all students, regardless of their prospects for academic success, the U.S. will continue to have large numbers of indebted college graduates in low-paying jobs.

Source: Richard K. Vedder, “Congrats on That Diploma. You May Not Need It,” Bloomberg, May 25, 2014.