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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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Dan Henninger on the election after “the most catastrophic American presidency in over 80 years”


by Dan Henninger at the Wall Street Journal:

“You have to feel sorry for Democrats. In a world warming to presidential politics, what do they talk to each other about? Nearly two years from the election, they’ve already got their launch vehicle in place, former everything Hillary Clinton . Fire and forget.

The one-time First Lady, U.S. senator and Secretary of State pumped up a political crowd in Silicon Valley this week by vowing, presumably as president, to “crack every last glass ceiling.” As a political issue, the “glass ceiling” dates back to . . . 1984. It may be older than “income inequality.”

But anywhere else two people gather who aren’t Democrats, you will fall into the same intense political conversation with a one-word question: Whoduyalike? Who do you like among the names floating in GOP circles for the 2016 nomination? Walker, Bush, Paul, Rubio, Jindal, Perry, Cruz, Christie, Fiorina, Carson, Santorum, Pence. I kind of like . . .

Two significant meetings of conservative groups take place today through Saturday, and some of these people will pitch themselves at both the CPAC conference just outside Washington, and to the Club for Growth in Palm Beach. Mike Huckabee will preach on his own behalf Thursday evening to the National Religious Broadcasters convention in Nashville.

It’s all great fun. But there’s something a little off about the Republican presidential conversation right now. It doesn’t come close to reflecting the seriousness of the task facing voters in 2016: Elect a successor to the most catastrophic American presidency in over 80 years. And it ain’t over yet.

Instead of offering an anxious electorate a recognizable alternative to this status quo, the Republicans look like they’re obsessed with discovering Captain America.

Their Captain America could be named Rand, Scott, Jeb or Marco, but the mere landing of this political superhero in the Oval Office will turn the country around. Really? That’s all it is going to take?

It is hard to overstate what one-man-shows these presidential candidates have become—one guy, some political pros they’ve hired, their donors and whatever thoughts are running through their or their pollsters’ heads.

In normal times, it might not matter much that a CPAC conference with its gauntlet of speeches and straw polls looks a lot like the NFL Scouting Combine. Chris Christie has no vertical leap, but man can he lift.

The task that Barack Obama is dumping on the next U.S. president, of either party, is overwhelming.

Here’s the job description: Needed, a U.S. president able to confront a world in chaos, rebuild shattered alliances, revive the country’s demoralized intelligence services and senior officer corps, manage foreign and domestic demands with a budget that will be drained for years by fantastically expensive debt servicing, and along the way restore public faith in an array of deeply politicized federal bureaucracies—Justice, HHS, EPA, Labor, Internal Revenue, the NLRB, FCC, EEOC, even the Federal Reserve.

The U.S. just tried electing a rookie president and had six years of amateur hour. It doesn’t work. And it won’t work again if the next president, whether rookie or former governor, shows up in the Oval Office in January 2017 with not much more than his victory cape and some political pals.

Given the scale of the challenge, the next U.S. president isn’t going to have a six-month honeymoon to figure out the policy details of what he wants to do. Whoever occupies the White House after the Obama Terminator presidency stops will have to hit the ground running from day one. Competent Cabinet secretaries and their deputies aren’t something you can grab off the shelf. The next president, before the Inauguration, will have to be someone who can attract about 100 of the most skilled and yes, experienced, people available into government.

By the way, the Clinton brigades could stock a respectable Democratic government overnight. Most of these Republican presidential candidates couldn’t name three people they’d bring into an administration today. One who could form a government? Paul Ryan , but he’s out of it. Jeb Bush, to his credit, has at least offered a list of foreign-policy advisers.

Normally, none of these issues of presidential competence or the details of post-election intent matter much this early in the selection process. With the hand the country and the world has been dealt, they matter a lot. And the anxious American electorate knows it. But the way the Republican nomination is developing doesn’t reflect that urgency. What one sees is mainly money and marketing. When does that stop and something identifiably presidential begin?

Given the new realities of politics, the only group that can press these candidates for more substance about how they would actually run or create a post-Obama government are the big donors. If they don’t do it, these candidates will deliver fundraising boilerplate—Control the borders! Replace ObamaCare! Restore respect for America!—from now til the final presidential debate.

Winning matters. But just winning this time isn’t going to be enough.”

Note: I do think Mr. Henninger miswrote using the number, 80, in number of years since the last “most catastrophic American presidency”.

I used to teach American history. I cannot think of a single administration so intellectually vulgar, so corrupt, so deceptive, so antithetical to the classical American dream and its JudeoChristian values, so tyrannically foreign in its political actions in our nation’s history.

The James Buchanan’s administration is usually accepted as the most inept of all American governments. But, Mr. Buchanan was merely a meek do-nothing with no particular political agenda cocked up to destroy the country. There was no George Soros, no Al Sharpton, nor an evil Eric Holder greasing the national wheels with sabotage, deceit, black racism, and feminism at the highest national level, 1857-1861..

American Hero, Jason Riley Reviews Eric Holder’s Fetish with Ferguson

By JASON L. RILEY ……article from the Wall Street Journal, February 24, 2015: WHY ERIC HOLDER WON’T LET GO OF FERGUSON


When all was said and done, the events that unfolded in Ferguson, Mo., last summer were not extraordinary but rather all too familiar. Eighteen-year-old Michael Brown, a black robbery suspect, resisted arrest, attacked a police officer and was shot dead. We’ve seen this movie many times before. But what might have prompted a helpful discussion about high crime rates in black communities has instead prompted a dishonest debate over police behavior.

Professional agitators in the civil-rights community push false narratives to stay relevant, but we should expect more from the Justice Department. Instead, we have Attorney General Eric Holder channeling Al Sharpton . Last week Mr. Holder said that he will soon announce the results of his Ferguson investigation. CNN, citing “sources,” reported that Darren Wilson, the police officer involved in the shooting, is unlikely to be charged but that Justice is preparing to sue the Ferguson police department “over a pattern of racially discriminatory tactics used by police officers, if the police department does not agree to make changes on its own.”

Manhattan Institute Senior Fellow Jason Riley on the Department of Justice’s climbdown in the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown investigations. Photo credit: Getty Images.
After months of looking into the incident, the Justice Department seems to have come to the same conclusion as the Ferguson grand jury and found no grounds for a criminal prosecution of Mr. Wilson. Mr. Holder might now be trying to justify his bigfooting by suing the city, but there is probably no basis for that, either. Hence, the leak to the media that a civil lawsuit may be in the works. The leak was an egregious breach of protocol and, in effect, a threat. We’ve seen this movie before, too.

In 1994, Congress passed a bill that made unlawful “the pattern or practice” of conduct by police “that deprives persons of rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States.” Since the law’s inception, the Justice Department has taken action against more than 50 state and local police departments, and nearly all have opted to settle rather than litigate. Investigations often come at the urging of groups like the NAACP and ACLU. Settlements typically involve a police department adopting “best practices” that can encompass the entire realm of policing—hiring, training, supervision—and are drawn up by Justice Department lawyers with little or no experience in law enforcement.

“This is about expanding federal power in the police departments,” said Hans von Spakovsky, a former Justice Department attorney, in an interview. “The lawyers at Justice believe they are the ones who should be promulgating national standards of how cops should behave. And police departments are so afraid of bad publicity that they agree to settle the case with all kinds of rules that Justice wants to impose.”

Pretending that racist police departments (or prosecutors or sentencing guidelines) are a bigger problem than black criminality may line Mr. Sharpton’s pockets and excite the Democratic base, but it won’t prevent future Fergusons or make inner cities less violent and more hospitable to the mostly law-abiding residents who can’t afford to live anywhere else. And to the extent that federal intervention results in police officers becoming overly cautious, neighborhood delinquents gain the upper hand and the community gets more dangerous. After New York City police cut back on the use of stop-and-frisk—after a judge ruled against the policing technique in 2013 and Mayor Bill de Blasio ’s administration refused to challenge the ruling—gun violence rose dramatically. Over the past year, shootings have climbed by 23%. As one police officer told the Daily News, “Guys know they’re not going to get stopped, so they’re packing more now”—in other words, carrying guns.

The Justice Department lawsuits imply that blacks are disproportionately targeted by police due to their skin color, not their behavior, but most serious research refutes that notion. “Contrary to frequently voiced accusations and despite a voluminous literature intent upon demonstrating discrimination at every turn, there is almost no reliable evidence of racial bias in the criminal justice system’s handling of ordinary violent and non-violent offenses,” Amy Wax, a former Justice Department official who teaches at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, wrote in “Race, Wrongs, and Remedies” (2009). “Rather, the facts overwhelmingly show that blacks go to prison more often because blacks commit more crimes.”

Attorney General Holder accuses Americans of being afraid to talk honestly about race relations, then uses his office to scapegoat police departments for black pathology. The conversation that Mr. Holder wants to have about race assumes facts not in evidence. It is also the wrong message to send to the young black men responsible for so much violent crime. These lawsuits make excuses for behavior that ought to be condemned and distract from a much more consequential debate about black cultural attitudes toward work, marriage, parenting and the rule of law. What ails these black communities are the Michael Browns, not the Darren Wilsons. And Mr. Holder’s war on cops won’t change that.

Mr. Riley, a Manhattan Institute senior fellow and Journal contributor, is the author of “Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed” (Encounter Books, 2014).

Communist George Soros “Progressive Insurance” – MoveOn.Org Funder

Every American should become acquainted with America’s powerful financial enemy, aggressive Communist Billionaire, Jewish Immigrant, Wall Street man, George Soros, as I recall originally from Hungary.

He is claimed to be the major financeer of things fascist left of the Democrat Party funding MoveOn.Org and countless other hate America enterprises.

Arlene Taber sent the following listings

Flo and her Boss Stephanie Courtney, the actress who plays “Flo,” gets $500,000 per year.

Flo is the television star selling Progressive Insurance.

In case you didn’t know…..
The “Harley Owners Group”, the biggest motorcycle club in America, maybe even the world, hasn’t found any members that have Progressive Insurance since the word got out about Progressive’s communist affiliations.

Their association with George Soros, alone, should bring chills up your back. Oh, you don’t know who George Soros is? He finances the Obama progressive affiliations.

Progressive Insurance….Who are they? You’ve seen and probably smiled at the clever Progressive Insurance TV commercials. Well, you’re about to learn the rest of the story.

You know their TV commercials, the ones featuring the ditsy actress all dressed in white. What you might not know is that the Chairman of Progressive is Peter Lewis, one of the major funders of leftist causes in America.

Between 2001 and 2003, Lewis funneled $15 million to the ACLU, the group most responsible for destroying what’s left of America’s Judeo-Christian heritage.

Lewis also gave $12.5 million toMoveOn.org http://moveon.org/ and America Coming Together, two key propaganda arms of the socialist left.

His funding for these groups was conditional on matching contributions from George Soros, the America-hating socialist who is the chief financier of the Obama political machine.

Lewis made a fortune as a result of capitalism, but now finances a progressive movement that threatens to destroy the American free enterprise system. His group is targeting television shows on Fox News.

Peter Lewis is making a fortune off of conservative Americans (who buy his auto insurance), then he uses
that money to dismantle the very system that made him wealthy. He’s banking on no one finding out who he is, so STOP buying Progressive Insurance and pass this information on to all your friends. Chairman Lewis’ gift helps the ACLU promote their anti-Christmas agenda such as:

§ Removing nativity scenes from public property

§ Banning songs such as Silent Night from schools

§ Refusing to allow students to write about the Christian aspect of Christmas in school projects

§ Renaming Christmas break Winter break

§ Refusing to allow a city sponsored Christmas parade to be called a Christmas parade

§ Not allowing a Christmas tree in a public school

§ Renaming a Christmas tree displayed on public property a Holiday tree. In addition to their war on Christmas, the ACLU uses gifts like that from Chairman Lewis to:

§ Sue states to force them to legalize homosexual marriage

§ Force libraries to remove porn filters from their computers

§ Sue the Boy Scouts to force them to accept homosexuals as scout leaders

§ Help legalize child pornography
§ Legalize live sex acts in bars in Oregon

§ Protect the North American Man Boy Love Association whose motto is “sex by eight or it is too late”

§ Censor student-led prayer at graduation

§ Remove “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance

§ Remove “In God We Trust” on our currency

Verify at: http://www.snopes.com/politics/business/peterlewis.asp
or: http://www.truthorfiction.com/rumors/a/aclu-lewis.htm

All of a sudden I don’t care for their “funny commercials”.

Checked Snopes and Truth or Fiction……both verify the donations.