• Pragerisms

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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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MSNBC, Where Obama Leftists are at Their Simplest, have Moved Al Sharpton to Sunday Services

Will progressives flee to web TV if MSNBC bails on them?

by Jazz Shaw   at HotAir:

“Personally, I think it’s too early to start shopping for headstones for MSNBC’s liberal opinion lineup, but there’s no doubt that there are big changes going on at the network. Morning Joe seems in no danger of going away and Rachel Maddow is hanging on to the 9 pm time slot like grim death, but many of their other shows are either gone, moved to the low rent district or being looked at by executives with axes in their hands. Ronan Farrow, Joy Reid, The Cycle and Ed Schultz have effectively vanished. Alex Wagner moved to the weekends and Al Sharpton (who the executives are terrified of firing entirely for fear of lawsuits and protest marches) has been shuttled off to an hour on Sunday mornings when nobody is watching. Despite persistent rumors of his impending doom, Chris Hayes is still doing an evening show but that seems to be a week by week decision.

But if progressives are the “mainstream” of the new generation as they always claim, and MSNBC is really the only bastion for them in terms of finding consistently liberal programming, what went so wrong? Leslie Savan, writing at The Nation, seems despondent over the changes but hazards a guess at one reason why things didn’t work out. The content was just boring pablum.

Mainstream news standards, which turn on he-said/she-said attempts at “balance,” can eclipse the truth. But MSNBC’s he-opined/she-opined standards, especially in daytime, had become boring: one uninspired if liberal show after another, all of them indistinguishable, featuring the same stories, the same guests, but different hosts. And, ultimately, boring hurts the left—it always has. Poor ratings don’t prove that progressive thought is unpopular, just that MSNBC had become predictable. Function followed format, and the format was flat.”    (There’s more below to underscore what MSNBC offers as news prostitutes the word ‘progressive’).


Dennis Interviews Jewish Leftist, Jay Michaelson of Daily Beast

Autumn came to the Twin Cities this morning doing what it usually does in October here in the northland.     The outdoor temperature dropped about 35 degrees over night, which along with its wind and eventually  its wet stuff,   my workday was cut short.   I abandoned my weapons, the wheelbarrow, shovels, mulch, pruning, and plantings and headed indoors to the radio to hear the last hour of today’s  Dennis Prager  radio show.

Dennis introduced  a Jay Michaelson, a leftist  American Jew  writing at  the Daily Beast to his audience.   Mr. Michaelson had written a strikingly negative article against Ben Carson, a strikingly civil and polite American and an unusual  Republican candidate for our nation’s presidency.   Note the following youtube video:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwCRGFfUP5g

Jay Michaelson advertised his authentic  Jewishness as Dennis began inquiring why the Daily Beast writer slandered Mr. Carson as “anti-Semitic, immoral, and disgusting”  for uttering his view that Germany’s Jews in the 1930s  might not have been as victimized by the Nazis  had they  second amendment protections to bare arms as we do in the United States.

How dare Mr. Carson blame the victim! today’s national irrationals  screamed….a claim common among America’s leftists these days in their effort to set opponents  everywhere into oblivion.  Mr. Michaelson is  an activist  in the American gay crowd as well as an extremist in political affairs.  He apparently has an enormous  ability to speak very rapidly, very wordily and at great length expelling any need for him  to be forced of find cause to  listen to anyone’s  response……a common rule of verbal practice among history’s  tyrants both at home and abroad.

Rational Dennis bobbed and stuttered, rational as usual, attempting to  break  into the obnoxious  Michaelson’s  “Ice Cap” for even an inch or two of thoughtful conversing, Jew to Jew, let’s say, in order to help Jay think rationally for at least a moment or two about his claims against Christian Carson.

I lasted listening to the disorder for about  fifteen minutes.  True tyrants care nothing about Truth.  Winning by whatever means is all that matters.  Dennis tried to converse, but lost.   Jay spoke an entirely different dialect, perhaps even  language.

I was raised in a modest, newly built  neighborhood where Jews resided, here  in the urban  midwest , beginning school in 1939 where “minority” had no meaning for me and others,  until, I am guessing,  about sixth grade when THE War was over.  True, I had not been allowed by Jews  to play with friends  inside  their homes in our  neighborhood as a child,  but I had no feel of meaning  regarding the matter for I was welcomed elsewhere.

I was very dyslexic then.  I was a very crippled reader.  I couldn’t make visual sense of letters rather essential when trying to read sentences and paragraphs and gather in what has been ‘read’.

I had no Jewish friends until third grade when, I unexpectedly starred in class when Lucille Jaeger, my teacher  asked me in front of the entire class,  it if were true that I could draw  the map of the United States by heart.   (I could….and actually  even knew all of the state capitals as well.)

She knew I couldn’t read, but that didn’t stop her from having us  students practice our  reading skills…..or lack of them….by standing up next to our desks in front of everyone to prove it.  All I could do was stutter something or another, or repeat  what jokesters (usually a  Jewish kid)  sitting nearby offered  me  words  “to read”….usually to get the class to chuckle over my imaginations.   I had no friends in these classes, only those at home in my neighborhood…..until this very event when unaware of it all, I struck a bull’s eye, which, I believe, changed my scholastic life thereafter.

Mrs. Jaeger very politely asked me   if I wouldn’t  mind, to go to the  blackboard to make such a drawing…….as I recall, the first time I was ever asked something as simple to do to demonstrate  to others.  Despite dyslexia,  I could read the names of every country  in the world and their capitals  from all of the atlases I had been given at home and had countless times traced their borders, but drawing the United States and its states was my specialty.

I remember almost running to the board. As when drawing at home, I  began   with the state of Washington’s  Puget Sound, drew southward  down the California coast to Mexico,  turning eastward with the straight lines  and the Rio Grande to the Gulf where  funny-looking Louisiana sat with  its Mississippi delta, and so on eastward to Florida’s peninsula and upward along the Atlantic to Maine, then back west with the Great Lakes and Minnesota’s ‘bump’ and the straight 49th parallel  line back to Washington.

Mrs. Jaeger was astounded, but better yet, so was the entire class, even more so, when finished with my minute’s work, I asked if she’d like me to draw the states in as well.

In those days during and for a period  after the war, one could get state  road maps free at your local Diamond DX, Standard, Pure, Texaco, Deep Rock, Skelly and other corner gas stations by just asking.    I still have over three hundred of the collected  in my possession.   My love for maps sent me to love geography, history, astronomy, and discovery  in general despite my difficulties  with reading .  I discovered only recently that my mind took pictures of what I wanted to remember or have fun with.  Until my 81st year, my memory of much of what I had learned was impeccable.

It was that interest, that act at the blackboard that opened my life to our  local Jewish community.   I suddenly collected school friends…..even the  handful of the know-it-all in-your-face classical noisy, obnoxious leftish  Jewish boys, the Jay Michaelsons of my youth and  the Alan Dershowitz’s of my older years who only hear, and care to hear, the words of their voices with such complete certainty of their   superiority uber alles.

Throughout my aware life, I have discovered  the loudest voices among Americans  hating America  have been from the programmed, well rehearsed, antiChristian, very leftwing male Jewish sounds, noises similar to those of Daily Beasts’  Jay Michaelson advertised on Dennis’s radio show today, and those active in today’s Obama hate-America politics.   Luckily, I wound up bonding well with the more conservative kind of these fellow  Americans, the ones with whom conversations of significance can be shared, with whom I have found much in common.

The Left, Whether Obama’s or the World’s HAS NO SHAME, NEVER HAS, AND NEVER WILL!

It is likely the minds of more than 90% of the adult American population, today are totally vacant regarding  words behind:  the Soviet Union, the USSR, Joseph Stalin, the gulag, Alexander Solzhenitzyn, and so on.

Champion world murderer,  Mao Tse Dung,  the  Communist menace responsible for the slaughter of more than 60,000,000 souls while ruling China with Marxist fervor last century was publicly cited  by Anita Dunn, a leading member of Obama’s White House staff as her  most revered man in history.

American’s don’t know history, geography, plant sciences, zoology, physics, chemistry, geomorphology, climatology, astronomy, anthropology, and such .  They’ve become  victims to believe anything they are told.    Great art has been made to disappear from sight, called among other things, ‘sexist’ because it has been  expressed nearly exclusively by the human male.

In American the male and female are made equally ignorant.

Worse, Americans adult in age  have been made childlike at university, at home and school,  and by the press…..instructed to believe  perfections of leftist ideology such as alleging that there is no basic  difference between the human male and human female except inequalities caused by white males,  and the  Earth is about to explode with enough heat in 30 years or less, due to rising  ‘poisonous’ carbon dioxide,  to destroy life as we know it unless we humble ourselves to obey Leftist  dogma and its dictates.

Today’s American under age 60 is magnificently ignorant of Earth’s history of its past 100,000 years (out of its 5,000,000,000 years an more of showing up, for “ignorance is bliss”  is a truth for  the devious.

It is the Left’s tenet to control and  dictate only  learnings approved by the needs of the Party and its schools and press,  and exercised only by trained member comrades.   Since the leftist revolution in America of the 1960s and 1970s  teaching knowledge has disappeared from the nation’s educational curriculum at all levels of “Liberal Education” from kindergarten through university.

Atrocity is a habit of the human animal in his determination to survive and prosper.  The human being, however, especially its MALE, has  through his innate animal drive of curiosity, to build and defend and create comfort for his survival came to begin  to know wisps of the unknown which included the discovery of  “GOD”, the nature of the human rising from the animal to the human with a soul.

The Left does not wish to understand, to be be curious, to invent, to solve and seek into the unknown.   It wishes to freeze life into subservience by dictating its needs and comforts……to put an end to the human male where ever possible by sterilizing his mind and actions.

Ala the world of “1984”, the forecast of modern  life written by George Orwell, the Left rewrites history to destroy its enemies and make gods of themselves.   The degrading of Robert Conquest referred to below, is an example of profound the evils of the Left’s story writing:

What to Make of the Guardian’s Shameful Robert Conquest Obituary?

by John  O’Sullivan   at the National Review:

“Just as National Review was going to press in August 1991, Soviet hardliners launched a coup in Moscow, confined Gorbachev to house-arrest in Crimea, and ordered various preparations (telling the prisons to expect new arrivals, recalling KGB operatives back from vacation with increased salaries, even mass orders for handcuffs!) in order “to restore order” to a disintegrating Soviet Union. We had enough time to write a short editorial before the deadline slammed down. But what were we to say? Obviously we were against the hardliners. But what else? I rang Robert Conquest in California to inquire. He was extremely calm, and said, “The coup will fail. It is really only a question of how quickly. It will probably fail right away — that is, it won’t succeed, and the hardliners will all get arrested. But they will have to pursue something like the same policies as Gorbachev even if they secure power. And in either event the disintegration of the Soviet Union will continue.

My advice is to say something like that for this issue, and then to begin preparing the next issue on the collapse of Soviet power.” We did exactly that and, as a result, came away looking extremely prescient. Our special issue on the Soviet demise won a lot of praise for its comprehensive coverage. And I added one more practical reason to be grateful for Bob’s friendship to an already long list.

Bob was also a good friend of National Review. He wrote for us on many occasions, provided us with advice on others, and was a speaker at the early conferences of the National Review Institute. As we all knew, his articles for us were but a small part of a tremendous output of histories, monographs, novels, critical essays, poems, limericks — everything except plays and movies, and some of them made it halfway to production. A film version of the novel by Bob and Kingsley Amis, The Egyptologists, was canceled only when its star, Peter Sellers, was called away to Hollywood.

So I wasn’t surprised when Conquest died and obituaries, tributes, and reflections on his work and lifebegan to flood the Internet. ……”    Please continue to read the entire article: