• Pragerisms

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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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Is Obama as Bad as Carter? NO, HE’S WORSE


by Tyler O’Neil   at PJ Media:

“Conservatives have long attacked President Barack Obama by comparing him with Jimmy Carter. Obama seemed to be following in Carter’s footsteps, becoming a failure both at home and abroad. That comparison is mistaken, however. Obama is far worse than Carter.

“I think of Jimmy Carter as the good old days,” said former ambassador and American Enterprise Institute senior fellow John Bolton.

In the late 1970s, Carter came to represent American weakness abroad and decline at home, from the Iran hostage crisis to the terrifying effects of “stagflation.” The late Obama years have seen the rise of the Islamic State (ISIS), Russia’s posturing in Ukraine and Syria, and a tremendously sluggish “recovery” with low labor participation rates.

In Carter’s last years, however, he changed course — beginning the policies which, under his successor Ronald Reagan, would reinvigorate both the economy and American presence around the world. By this measure, Carter achieved a much better legacy, and Obama would be hard-pressed to catch up.

The “Good Old Days”

While America suffered throughout the Carter years, in 1979, U.S. setbacks around the world reached fever pitch. As the year opened, Cuban troops were roaming Angola, and a pro-Communist regime ruled Ethiopia. Then the Sandinistas won in Nicaragua, leftists took control in Grenada, Soviet Russia invaded Afghanistan, and in November an Iranian mob captured the U.S. embassy and took over 60 American hostages.

President Carter had campaigned against the “intellectual and moral poverty” of the allegedly over-aggressive Nixon and Ford administrations. In 1977, Carter declared that America was “now free of that inordinate fear of Communism” which had led his predecessors to confront the Soviets. After 1979, however, he changed course completely……”   Please read on:


The Smell from the Hillary – Abedin Liaison


by Paul Mirengoff  at PowerLine:

“We’ve written before about Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s protege and trusted adviser. In 2012, Abedin, then Clinton’s deputy chief-of-staff, received a sweetheart deal from the State Department whereby she became a special government employee (SGE). As such, she could double-dip — working as a consultant to outside clients while continuing as a top adviser at State.

Abedin took advantage of this arrangement to work as a consultant for clients such as Teneo, a strategic consulting firm co-founded by former Bill Clinton counselor Doug Band. According to Fox News, Abedin earned $355,000 as a consultant to Teneo, in addition to her $135,000 SGE compensation. The New York Times says “it is not clear how much Ms. Abedin was paid by Mrs. Clinton privately, or from the Clinton Foundation and Teneo.”

Teneo describes its activities as providing “the leaders of the world’s most respected companies, nonprofit institutions and governments with a full suite of advisory solutions.” Inthis post, we discussed some, though not all, of the potential conflict of interest problems raised by Abedin’s dual employment. Politico and the New York Times have also taken up the subject.

Now, documents obtained by the invaluable Judicial Watch from the State Department (via a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit) show that Abedin shouldn’t have been approved as a special government employee. The documents include an email from the agency’s top financial disclosure official revealing that Abedin failed to produce important financial transaction records of her husband, former Rep. Anthony Weiner (yes, that guy), as required by law before obtaining her position as a SGE.

On June 5, 2012, Sarah Taylor, the State Department’s Financial Disclosures Chief sent the following email to Heather Samuelson and Marieta green of the State Department’s Financial Disclosures Division:…..”  (Please continue reading.)


But, Hillary, Don’t You Leftists Know the Human Female is NOT a Human Male?

Marxism is a religion. Today in America it happens to be the religion of the Hillary-Obama Democrat Party. At its universities, schools, churches and synagogues and press forced equality has become its primary selling point based upon the utter nonsense that there basically is no difference between the human male animal and the human female animal.

I discovered from my public school education and a touch of my Protestant upbringing of the day sometime during my junior year (AD 1951) in public high school that homo sapiens was, indeed, an animal. He looked like one. He acted like one, made noises like one, and communicated like one….at least like the ape and chimpanzee kind. This discovery did not depress me. It furthered my curiosity that knowledge my old made school teachers forced into my head that excited me to search ever for more knowledge.

I was born curious…..I learned much later in life that I didn’t really elect the drive to wonder about the unknown. I was programmed genetically to do so as a human animal. My well educated old maid school teachers had drugged me with the knowledge they possessed teaching me to wonder ever further, frankly into answering the question “Why am I here? What is the cause, the purpose of life, thought, action? What is God? What is Death? and most of all Who are we and Who have we been?

I also recognized the obvious. The human female animal was and is not born MALE. The one is very different from the other, in purpose, drive, expression, size, creativity, power, violence, thought, performance, and role in civilized human society……despite the poisonous Marxist doctrine the American feminists and other dogmatic leftists of today’s America have forced upon society, that they are inherently equal and are to be made more equal despite genetics even if society must be drugged to be and believe so.

The American public these days provides very little knowledge. Knowledge is a guy thing, our butch propagandists shout. And society with its history of knowledge never taught, has to worry about mere survival and what government tells them to do, what to be and how to feel and think in their daily lives than to perform thought, and discovery, male or female. This public never had the tough, well educated, no nonsense male-controlled schools where our well educated old maids could perform their arts of teaching. It has been made more equal in ignorance.

I have just finished watching another television review of the “Miracle on the Hudson”, this one called “The Miracle Landing on the Hudson”. It is in crises where the natural, the innate human drives, the animal in us, come alive whether we like them or not. The human male animal is born a killer, a sexual predator, a builder, a protector, and driven to be curious. By Nature the human female is born to survive, to seek security, to avoid threat and danger, to adjust to an environment where she is as free from danger as possible, instincts necessary to prepare an environment to continue the species.

Leftists especially of the Hillary sexist kind, insist the human sexes are the same……despite all measurements of all accounts. She and her crowd ignore reality…..for that is what true Marxists do…..adjust whatever is needed to fit Marxist dogma and needs.

What is the immediate response when the human female animal is suddenly horrified by threat? She screams.

Why? It is the terrified animal in her to announce to the protectors in her ‘tribe’ or ‘pack’ she is in trouble. The immediate human male response is to freeze in automatic response in order to save HIS pride, HIS flock….to dictate FLIGHT OR FIGHT.

The human female can learn to think, and can learn well in those areas of special interests. She’d rather learn readings and how to decorate her environment as she matures seeking above all, security.

Both sexes adjust to a pecking order depending upon the circumstances and the folks around them. That the human male is bigger and more muscular than the human female, and much bigger and more powerful when aroused regardless of how aroused, is an irritation to Hillarian feminists, doesn’t seem to enter their professings at university, schools, or anywhere else where truth becomes a problem.

I have a handful of personal experiences which have driven me to understand power from being a human male animal. Let me list a few:

I joined the military when I was in my early twenties….One reason, not the main, but the animal drive within me needed to know what I would do when shot at in battle.

The most powerful drive of the killer-instinct within me was the evening our first-born came home from the hospital. I became a guard dog with feelings which never left me regarding all three of my children.

Another almost of equal animal emotion was when I was arrested near Galatin, Missouri in the 1970s. I was sleeping in the back seat of the car my wife was driving, returning home from visiting her parents in Arkansas. I awoke as the car was slowing down and asked my son what had happened. A state trooper had flagged her for allegedly not slowing down at a cross section in the middle of corn country. But she had been driving behind a huge truck, too big for her to pass, as it turned out, and she NEVER drove over the speed limit.

The officer had a newbie officer accompany him as he approached our wagon, and rudely told my wife to exit the driver’s seat. I noticed the rudeness, but truly let that pass…..until he continued a verbal assault chastising her for committing a crime neither she nor I were aware, for we knew it wasn’t for speeding. As he continued his shouting, I snapped totally in defense of my family. “Who the hell are you to talk to my wife that way”…as I began and shouted further.

The officer pulled out his gun and ordered his newbie to handcuff me. My wife was horrified, more worried for me than anger at the cop especially after the weapon was drawn. I spent the evening and the next day in jail and hitch-hiked home. I had to return a month or two later for sentencing. I was saved by the newbie’s testimony, however, who admitted the officer did seem to be rather ‘out of sorts’ as such a term went in those days.

We human beasts have different natures, but natures nevertheless. The human female is born ditsy. She needs socialization and education to become civilized. The human male is born a killer and needs socialization and education to become civilized. We need female mothers and male fathers to make civilization successful as our civilized religion guides us to do.

One more scene. Many years ago while watching on my black and white television set, I was mesmerized by a news video of a horribly devastating tornado attack had hit suburban Austin, Texas…..the worst destruction I had ever seen from a storm in America. The suburb was a new, modest one for young married families. Every home in the landscape was leveled. What struck me was the division of our God-given parental roles doing what they were meant to do. Despite everything leveled, the human males by the hundreds were climbing among the abyss, seeking material salvageable despite the danger. Some neighbor aiding neighbor, but all male.

What were the women doing? There they were on television, doing what blessed mothers are programmed to do, for in those days the mother ‘worked’ as a mother in her home to guide and teach her children to be human. Some were crying while petting a child or two next to them. Others carried a child in her arms with another pulling on her dress as she helped the best she could to soften the pain of facing disaster.

Despite the Hillarian Marxism evil of our day ordering literal equality the sexes through schools, universities, the press, television, and entertainments, and all other institutions of our Marxist day, is a VERY DANGEROUS DISRUPTION OF NATURE….and there will be a horrendous price upon humanity to pay if it continues.


Back in the days of Richard Nixon and Watergate, Donald Segretti had a word for it.

Unfortunately, I can’t use that word in a family newspaper, but suffice it to say it had something to do with rats and everything to do with a vulgarism for political dirty tricks: using plants and double-agents in order to embarrass a candidate and boost their own man’s chances.

Last week it was GOP front-runner Donald Trump’s turn to get, well, ratfreaked.

A young woman at a campaign event in New Hampshire — self-righteous, hands on hips, a-quiver with indignation — popped up to declare, “I don’t think you’re a friend to women.” (“I knew I shouldn’t have picked her,” Trump immediately joked.)

Oops. Turns out that the woman, identified as Lauren Batchelder, 18, is a college volunteer for the fading candidacy of Jeb Bush.

The Bush campaign immediately backpedaled away — but not before getting its digs in: “While this question was not sanctioned by the campaign,” said a Jeb spokeswoman, “we can’t help but notice Mr. Trump does seem to be very sensitive about being challenged by women.”……Please read on:


Pat Condell on Palestinian Standards for Peace in Israel

Now that Barack Hussein has made certain adjustments in the Middle East playing tootsie with peace-loving Iranian fascism, there has been unrest again  in the Palestinian-Israel front of human civilization.

Islamists have again  announced Jews are at it again in its war with Islam.  But what do Obama’s Americans know about the real facts of life in this Palestinian area of perpetual Islamic peace?

Pat Condell spoke about it as it was a few years ago.  Nothing has changed about Islamic peace plans for Israel, so let’s listen to Pat’s analysis of the matter once again:

Hillary’s Washington Post Smears the Donald WHO GETS THINGS DONE, even when DEALING WITH MAFIOSO DEMOCRATS!

The Smear Begins at the Washington Post…….Donald Worries the Hillary  Press

Trump swam in mob-infested waters in early years as an NYC developer

by a Robert O’Harrow, Jr.   at the Washington Post:

“As billionaire developer Donald Trump became the toast of New York in the 1980s, he often attributed his rise to salesmanship and verve. “Deals are my art form,” he wrote.

But there is `another aspect to his success that he doesn’t often discuss. Throughout his early career, Trump routinely gave large campaign contributions to politicians who held sway over his projects, and he worked with mob-controlled companies and unions to build them.

Americans have rarely contemplated a candidate quite like Trump, 69, who has become the unlikely leader among Republican Party contenders for the White House. He is a brash, Queens-born scion who navigated through one of the most corrupt construction industries in the country to become a brand-name business mogul.

Much has been written about his early career, but many details have been obscured by the passage of time and overshadowed by Trump’s success and celebrity.

A Washington Post review of court records, testimony by Trump and other accounts that have been out of the public eye for decades offers insights into his rise. He was never accused of illegality, and observers of the time say that working with the mob-related figures and politicos came with the territory. Trump declined repeated requests to comment……”   Please continue reading the smear searching especially  for anything untoward: