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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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Black Racism at Fox TV News?

The following basic assumption I make in this article is based upon conjecture, not yet fact, Truth.   I have intentionally avoided examining further vital details regarding this story for the purpose of teaching an American habit of selling feelings practiced throughout my post World War II lifetime.

While following Fox TV News this morning, I learned:

Three youngish men in Indiana had been arrested over the weekend charged with being involved in  a murder and robbery of a youngish white Indiana  Protestant minister’s wife in her home.   She was also raped.

The race of the young murder suspects was not identified…..which means, if the news habits of the past fifty years in urban America of the rise of black racist murder and pillagings, the killer and his buddies are black.

For thirty years or more toward  the end of the past century into the first decade of today’s,  the above ‘balanced’ reporting of crimes in my urban community of Minneapolis was  to ban showing  pictures of accused criminals if they were black.  It didn’t want to upset anyone.

Feminists of the press- political  community  were worried about majority readers  accumulating the wrong feelings.

Then there was a plague of attacks along the city’s Lake Street.   Some male, his color wasn’t reported, during the summer season, was assaulting certain persons walking along that major business thoroughfare, stabbing his victims in the throat and/or torso.   Eventually, the would-be killer was apprehended.  He was black.   All of his victims, 20 or so, were white.

It was policy at the Stribune not to stir white racism by reporting certain truths….but it was okay to accept expanding black violence racism.   The newspaper was then, as now, a leftist feminist institution devoted to sell ‘proper’ feelings.

(One was supposed to understand, to “feel” then, as now, what it’s like to be black,  no matter how savage the crime.)

That no pictures …..or comments about the race of the arrested, accompanied Fox’s  story of the atrocity is remindful of that previous devious policy politicking by picture in Liberal newspapers.

I might be guessing wrong regarding race protecting blacks  in  this Indiana horror story!  I shall see.  Feminizing, that is, the politic of basing policy and action on feelings, rather than Truth, overwhelmingly popular at feminized universities throughout the nation,   is an evil of all generations popular especially among the human female without children…..and among other leftists devoted to manipulating truth.

In the Minneapolis fraud, about the fifteenth  victim, a GUY, was guy enough to sue the Minneapolis Tribune from distorting  truth in its reporting by hiding the race of the attacker in its reportings.   Thereupon, the newspaper changed its policy……It still maintained its difficulty to print any words dealing with human race color and crime, but included  pictures with articles about the accused instead.

I don’t know what the newspaper’s policy is these days.   I haven’t subscribed to  it for more than a decade, but it’s been  an Hillary-feelings institution for years, so you guess.

Being male, I shall seek the truth, for I am a twentieth-century JudeoChristian  guy, bred and educated when truth trumped feelings….when civilized males led America……the world before the feminist ‘truths’  of Betty Friedan,  Gloria Steinem, and Hillary Clinton.



An Almost Totally Untruthful US Magazine Article about Muslims in America

The following words, nearly none of them finished off in groups making truth, were published over the weekend from a long time, once honored American magazine for the richer, in-the-east part of our country’s life. What is the sex, what is the political party, and what group or groups within that political party might belong to the life of the author of the listing of untruths published below? Religion? Race? Education? What are the clues?


“The first Muslims who came to the United States were likely African slaves. Later, in the middle of the 19th century, Muslims emigrated from the territories that would become Syria and Lebanon and settled in places like Ohio and Michigan. They arrived around the same time as many Jews from Eastern Europe, and just a few decades after many Catholics came from Ireland.

And yet, discussions about Muslims in the United States are not the same as most discussions of Catholics or Jews or other religious minorities. It has been a little more than a week since the attacks in Paris, claimed by the Islamic State; it has been two days since attacks in Mali, in which hostages were reportedly asked to recite the Shahada, Islam’s testament of faith, in order to be let go. This kind of extreme violence seems to serve as the unspoken backstory for public comments by politicians and articles in the media. Muslims—whether they’ve been in the U.S. for generations or for just a few years; whether they’re white or South Asian or of Arab descent; whether they’re practicing or lapsed or somewhere in between—are often considered as a mass, and mostly in relation to terrorism.

This elision has tangible consequences. Donald Trump suggests that all Muslims in the U.S. should be registered, apparently in all seriousness. Congress moves to halt assistance and resettlement for refugees fleeing Syria and Iraq. Communities from Houston to Tampa to Omaha report threats and defacement of mosques. Students experience Islamophobia on their campuses. Passengers refuse to get on flights with people who look Muslim. Ben Carson likens violent extremists to “rabid dogs.”

It’s easy, and probably politically savvy, to wave away anti-Muslim sentiment with rhetoric about security and radicalization, as almost all the GOP presidential candidates have done. But the backlash against Muslims isn’t a temporally limited flare-up, tied only to recent violence and set to die down once the memories of Paris fade. No matter how tightly they wrap themselves in the American flag, Muslims are largely seen as other in the United States—not just now, but all the time.”

Why The Trump Hump?

The Orange County Register is a suburb America California kind of thing.  It used to be a news center for ‘modern’ conservatives, meaning rather neoChristian, the kind more liberal, more California, more amenable  to a “potted”,   more morally corrupt culture, one ever becoming  more distant, freer from suburban moderates who might still be in the marriage and family business…..the establishment type, busy in their collections of life, but carefree of the health of the soul of the country.   Culturally, after all,  most of this kind of suburb America is still soft on our foreigner president, Obama, anxious to prove that his skillful evils have something to do with his whiteness of his past,  when their  own ancestry must have had some  responsible for creating.

Voting, feeling, politicking, feminizing  Democrat Obama, the university and public schools systems  have  relieved them of their pains of civil  America past……when, they ‘believe’, as they ‘believe’ here in suburban  Minnesota,  we white Americans   possessed the evil of slaveholding.

“HUMP” in the dictionary I  have in hand, is defined as, 1. “a rounded protuberance on the back of some animals,” and 2. “a pronounced convex curvature of somebody’s upper spine resulting from injury or disease, a congenital abnormality, or  an accumulation of fat,” and 3. “a rounded protruding mass such as a mound of earth.”….anyway, you get the idea.

I like that last definition, the one about a protruding mass….in our case,  of human being followers.

Establishment America is at sea trying to handle, size up, and destroy The Donald.  They, both left and many on the  right, such as those at Fox, don’t know where to put him in their pockets.   Their gods have left their soullessness!

I admit, I also have been holding  my breath,  hoping that my mind is  right.  I used to teach  Modern Problems and Russian at senior high schools.   I am from a generation that still loves our  country, scarred as it has become by living the good life while losing the basic reasons for thinking mankind’s living.

I still personally love my traditional  JudeoChristianity,  but not as foreign as the kine that  has become as a thriving feminist-leftist see-no-evil  institution, so much of it relying upon  “learned”, modern American moral and intellectual  nothingness,  where ignorant  ditsy females of all sexes at Church, in Government, and throughout University,  are pretending to be wise and knowing  about God, life, and the mysteries of our vast universe.

They believe in the gods of global warming instead.

The human male is not the clone of the human female.   There is evil, danger for any culture, in teaching and preaching such  untruths, especially the lie  so vast as politicking in leftwing  America that the human animal is all one great big package of the same ‘equal’  human being, (and to be ruled, directed, ordered ‘as one’ by the whims of an Obama or Hillary, and so on, in Washington .

So I remain personal regarding my ‘church’.   For religion I live,  think, and  go to play  and work in my and others’ gardened grounds, the place where Christianity taught me in my childhood I’d be closest to God.

It was male America during the time of its male  founders, through His wisdom and through his  belief in God,    who gathered together to establish a nation based upon life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, at that time for the male citizen, who was deemed through the centuries of western culture,  personally responsible for the fate of his family.

The above and below has to do with the Donald.   I love him because despite his habit of  bragadoccio, his often peculiar language style, despite often  being a Democrat for much of his life, (so was I….but I love such converts, don’t you?)….. and despite being a New Yorker and  his belonging in a cultural  America  so foreign to me,  I see him as deeply worried, as I am,  about the decay of our country,  with passion not merely political words, and with soul before  salesmanship.   And he is NOT today’s typical politician of the left along with some others, selling what donors buy to hear.

I do believe Donald Trump might be the Man of our Time, saving Democracy and America.

Please  read the following article from the Ocean City Register in California to exercise your own thoughts about “the Donald I like”:

P.S……I think he’ll win “yuge”…..if he’s given the chance!    AMERICA NEEDS YOU, DONALD…..SO DON’T LET US DOWN!