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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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PowerLine’s Scott Johnson’s Grab at Words to offend “The Donald”

Thus far,  yet this early in the upcoming 2016 national political war for the presidency to follow Islamist-Marxist B. H. Obama,  the folks at PowerLine are still dragging their brains and heels regarding the Donald.  The article by conservative Scott Johnson  following  my comments will illustrate the matter.   Mr. Johnson is not alone among his flock.

They fuss and muss about the Donald’s  techniques of speech adding and/or  subtracting from required nuances dictated by constraints dictatated by the leftist language of political correctness they have learned at  and since college…..an adjective here,  adverb there….does, will  Donald display and utter  the correct establishment Republicanese they require of him?

These are a better brand of establishment people selling their closeted Republican views of 2015 American life…..good people, still patriotic American people according to their words of blog matter.   I merely challenge their inability to include tolerance regarding  the conservative, the Donald,  which might challenge their fixations about the glories of leftist political correctness rules.   Would they prefer the conservative Donald  be running against Hillary in the Democrat primaries?

He’d destroy  the ugly, devious,  foul liar, unAmerican she truly  is.

I am concerned about the PowerLine folks’  impatience, intolerance, prejudices against (hopefully) our next president of these United States,  the Donald,  Trump, the Republican, thinking he is not conservative enough…..

“the Donald” doesn’t seem to want to be a loser.   In business he is known as a good listener, for he wants to win!

I feel for their pain, their misguidance, their errors of judgment at PowerLine…..I’ve been there, done that while in their spot six months ago while not liking the guy over the past 30 years of his notoriety  advertised in the news.

I checked out the internet way regarding his family, his divorces, his arrogance,  his ups and downs financially and found him wanting at first  introduction.

I then hunted further and found  he’s civil,  very bright  and   astute far beyond the closets of politics- as-usual…….and quick minded….(although occasionally, yes,  quirky)….a go-getter…..

I have concluded Donald Trump, pride and all,  will….as he has already begun to do at last, free our country from  the Marxist universities’ cultural command over  human thought and feeling  through its dictatorial control  of language called POLITICAL CORRECTNESS……..the only one presently in the United States of America to have the talent, habit and drive  TO DO IT.

Let us unite and  rally behind “the Donald”…..as Americans who still want to defend,  to restore,  to educate once again,  and strengthen  humanity’s greatest  values of   LIFE, LIBERTY, AND PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS as a   nation under God….. our country’s reason for being.



Introductory note:   Unlike the Hillary feminist Marxists, the Republican Party to which I belong means well for America.   It presently is caught in the webs of bureaucrats, functionaries, and the isolated, including the  excellent brains possessed by Charles Krauthammer, Bill Kristol, and my Dennis and similars….honorable men who live in American closets  who lunch and dine with each other, if not in restaurant,  in rank of being.

What in hell do  any of the above know about making an American dollar to live on these Obamaling days?

Our American Donald is a huge breath of fresh air…..and  an enemy of both Republican and Democrat Party’s speech control of fascistic  political correctness.     Dammit…..a human female is not the carbon copy of the human male.   Despite what is  preached NAZI-like at university.

Am I and Donald Trump the only Americans who see and understand that TRUTH…?   Take your wife or girl friend and look into the mirror.   You don’t even have to disrobe!!!!

Moreover, we are genetically, not politically or university programmed,  to be that way.   WE ARE GENETICALLY DIFFERENT?   Where did your ignorance of the otherwise come from?    Feminist propaganda at school and university!

How dumb is the Republican Party and its worriers?    They’re  fighting  the most exciting  culturally astute American political candidate  to enter a presidential campaign perhaps in our history.

How lucky the GOP is for the Donald to run as a Republican…. If he ran as a Democrat, he’d  destroy  the flabby, mouthy, liar, cheat, criminal Hillary Roddham Clinton in the primaries.    Think what he has already done to  Jeb, Marco, and Ted!

Not that my Donald doesn’t possess certain  graces of  language and gesture. So he exaggerates!   Has he lied about Benghazi?      He’s not a programmed politician….He’s not an Obamaling!    He’s an angry American like I am.

He is a successful  American businessman….a man of compromise in business to confirm deals.  Sure, he wears his ego all over his hair, shirt, and pants and where he now sweats his energy for his country!!!!

Hurray!     One Trump televised look at Hillary will be worthy of SHAKESPEARE!

Donald Trump is  a full-blooded American who is damn mad at what nearly all Obamalings, their fascist feminists, their thuggish black racist liars, their thieving cross-sexuals  and probably most habitual Republicans  who go to Washington to fatten their pockets and stink with fame along with Nancy Pelosi,  Harry Reid, Hillary Roddham Clinton, Maxine Waters, and nearly every Democrat seated in the Senate who each have personally  celebrated the disintegration of American culture by their votes for the past fifty years.

It is the Democrat Party which is directly responsible for the destruction  of the civilized Negro family in once democratic America.  Why isn’t this TRUTH being shared by honest Americans all?

“Negro” happens to be a once beautiful word.   I hope Donald will chose FREEDOM to help all of us Americans  remember WHY!

How about Republicans rallying around Donald rather than sneaking around wasting conservative money on losers like the likable, Jeb Bush?

Please read further….William Voegeli’s article written at the Claremont:


The Obamaling Destruction of Our Middle Class

Sanders’s and Clinton’s Fake Middle Class

Is $250,000 a year in household income “middle class”?

“That sort of income puts a family in the top 5 percent of American earners, which seems like an overgenerous definition of “middle class.” Why, then, are Democrats so allergic to raising taxes on people who make less than this fabled cutoff? Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders want to spend money on a lot of stuff: single-payer health care, more generous Social Security benefits, universal preschool, free college, worker training. They are probably not going to be able to pay for it with the piddly sums one can raise from even large tax hikes on the very highest earners. Yet both of them seem wedded to the idea that taxes should not rise significantly for anyone who makes less than $250,000 a year.

In the New York Times, Bryce Covert of ThinkProgress argues that this is a mistake. The middle class is suffering, she says, and it’s time to tap the merely affluent as well as the fantastically well off. She does a good job of making the case that Democratic priorities can’t be funded without broader-based taxes. What she does not do, however, is explain why Democrats are avoiding this obvious arithmetic.

One answer is that they get a lot of their support in high-cost states where, say, $125,000 a year does not feel like riches beyond dreams of avarice. Over the past five years or so, the commentariat has been periodically convulsed by arguments over whether high earners have any right to feel pinched because their “basics” — a decently sized home in a good school district, a diet filled with lean protein and fresh produce, and an amenity-filled coastal city nearby in which to enjoy their hard-won socioeconomic status — are very expensive.

Living in a coastal city is actually not a civil right; it is a consumption good, and therefore, yes, you are still very affluent if you make $250,000 a year and choose to spend it on living near Manhattan. But this is neither here nor there; most people do not feel this way, in part because they compare themselves with people they know, and their own expectations from growing up, not everyone in the country. Those people are going to freak out if you tell them that they have to pay higher taxes…..”   Please continue reading more of the bad:



The Atlantic’s Nat’l Geographic Photo of the Beauty of Horror!

The winner of the following set of photos in contest from the Atlantic magazine, is, I think, the most powerful view of Beauty of Horror I have ever seen in my now eighth decade of American living.

We live in a generation where beauty is banned, for according to feminists, if something is deemed beautiful, it makes something deemed less beautiful, therefore causing bad feelings.

Feminists’ greatest enemy is Truth.

Guys are born curious…..so guys, do take a look at the terror of beauty captured in the winning photo of the National Geographic photo contest:


Freedom’s Problem: Feminists Don’t Give a Damn about FREEDOM

No paragraphs written describing  our human male drive for FREEDOM have ever entered and remained in my mind  more powerfully and beautifully than the following assemblage of verbs and nouns.

Only a human male animal could have written such paragraphs of such overwhelmingly male content.

The human female animal is born without such a devotion to be free.  Her primary genetic drive in life is security, NOT freedom…..for, despite the false claims of the Hillary Roddham Clintons of the world,  God’s  primary purpose throughout existence and  until further notice for  human  animal existence  is to genetically  perpetuate the species, not the politics of enslavement  to create the human  equal.  To quote dead, white male animal,  William Shakespeare…”Therein lies the rub”.

In truth, if truth  is still allowed, everything, the good and the bad, which has driven the human male animal from cave to Americana and today’s world, has been built, embellished, and protected, as well as often destroyed,  exclusively by the human male animal.   It is in our genetic material.

(The human male cannot yet bear offspring.)

The following masterpiece of English explaining the innate human male animal drive for freedom, its spirit, its meaning, its blessings, rubs, angst,  pain, and suffering, was written by Shelby Steele, a man younger than I,  but raised closer to my generation than the American of today.   It appeared five  or so years ago in the Wall Street Journal:


by Shelby Steele:

“ What drew me to conservatism years ago was the fact that it gave discipline a slightly higher status than virtue.  This  meant it could not be subverted by passing notions of the good.  It could be above moral vanity.  And so it made no special promises to me as a minority.  It neglected me in every way except  as a human being who wanted freedom.

Until my encounter with conservatism, I had only known the  racial determinism of segregation on the one hand and of white liberalism on the other;   two varieties of white supremacy in which I could only be dependent and inferior.
The appeal of conservatism is the mutuality it asserts between individual and political freedom, its beautiful idea of a free man in a free society.  And it offers minorities the one thing they can never get from liberalism; human rather than racial dignity.

“Conservatism “seeks the discipline of ordinary people rather than the virtuousness of extraordinary people.  The challenge for conservatives today is simply self-acceptance, and even a little pride in the way we flail away at problems with an invisible hand.”

B. H. Obama and the Twilight of America’s Christmas

One of America’s most racist presidents in history is celebrating his  holidays pampering hither and thither on the islands of Hawaii at American taxpayers’ expense at about $3,000,000 per day.

No president has so damaged the country he leads while in office as this graduate of university left wing studies and  leftist islamist auras as Barack Hussein Obama…..

Those who voted for him, the feminists who worship their sex, black racists who worship their color,  homosexuals who worship themselves, the  atheists who worship their godlessness, the armies of unlearned college graduates and other gangs of “the felt under privileged” who worship their freedom from knowledge,  will continue to poison the air where ever  American freedoms still exist, respected, and defended.

Fellow conservative, Mark Waldeland sent the following youtube recording of the Christmas holiday message from the White House, December 1983.

Please spend five minutes to help you  recognize what was sincerely valued in the White House in 1983 to  today’s replacement, the  “god-fearing”  IslamoMarxist feminist politician Barack Hussein Obama who’s father figure for 22 years was HATE AMERICA,  Jeremiah Wright.

Jeremiah Wright’s “preachings”, 2008AD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYqrXVNfYUI

 President Reagan’s Radio Address to the Nation on Christmas — 12 24 83 1


Warning! The Noise You Hear Below May Be Injurious to your Health if Living within Today’s Obamaling Climate

Nearly 250 years ago some chronically irritable human white male animal  was born in Germany which launched his life to conquer the world with  beautifully composed music….much of it reaching the breath taking stages of invented noise. His influences came to a halt with the atrocities of the First World War, 1914-1918 leading to the decay of  Western JudeoChristian culture.   The institutions which nursed him to brilliance, faded into the mist, never to be created again with very few exceptions for argument.

University bureaucracies  began to pretend to teach things ‘musically’ classical eventually  killing the art form as if murdering it…..Inspirational art comes from the soul…..Today’s universities are universally  soulless.   Cultures without soul are forever  atsea with Beauty.

And then there is in our United States the censorship by feminism to forbid inspiration and beauty.  Beauty must be sacrificed  for the sake of political equality.  If something is deemed beautiful, ergo, something must be less beautiful which might hurt feelings.    Feminists prefer to broadcast their sexism and black racism as an ally in their warring against things white male, and therefore nearly everything rising from Western Culture and its JudeoChristian character.

Explore yourself.   Please listen to “Ode to Joy”, this dead  white male animal’s created noise-making below as assembled and exalted  by 10,000 white man’s sisters and brothers in Japan…..a free nation in Asia about the size of our  neoMarxist state of cultural disorder, California:

(Please Pray for Donald Trump!)

Islamist “Wannabees” in Border State, once Peaceful Minnesota

The father of  flaky Minnesota is HHH….Long ago dead, a Senator and US Vice President devoted to making everyone feel  equal.   I, as a Democrat then, couldn’t stand his blabberings of sweet talk to make the public feel   he was an American “Saint” for speaking and spending for forced equality, but I voted for him all the same.

What do you expect….in 1956 I graduated my first college round from the University of Minnesota.

Democrats conned goodness in those days, yet,  here in Minnesota these con artists devoted to conning for votes then were, unlike Hillaryites today, honest and likable people…..and Americans devoted to democratic life.   Moreover, they were good public servants for the most part.

People knew their neighbors.  Black Lives Matter hadn’t arrived.   School people  still taught knowledge and the importance of learning some.

Flaky Minnesotans have made Minnesotans of today discover we have become a border state…..a more uncomfortable one to cross than the one along our American  south  most months of the year, but, until a few leftwing years ago, I never had to carry a passport to enter Manitoba, my favorite point of entry into the “farther” North.     Flaky Minnesotans and others since have  opened up  and welcomed the world to enter no-borders-America to share my daily earned income with the less fortunate in the world…..

Flaky Minnesotans graduate from “Women’s Studies” and  “Black Studies” preachments at University  to learn the tricks of left wing trade to win local, national, and international praise by electing Al Frankens to rule Obamaland.

Gopherfolk  have now been forced   out of their  peaceful forests, lake sides, farms and prairies, ice and snow.   Flakyfolk have put the state on the world map of notoriety for their  advancement of Soviet  humanities where citizens  now can suffer in the name of equality  the real experiences of Third World disease, disorder, intrigue, and slaughter, dictatorships both by the few and by  the equal, and the profiteers.

“Death should become equal and moreover come with a smile to make feminists feel good about their mouths and  deeds!” is flaky trade.

Click below to discover the peace and glory of our  Minnesota future Minnesota’s flakes are creating, so you all , can feel better too.


Ugly Queen Hillary is Loved by One

“Feelyioma” is a cancerous  disease  common  among  the underdeveloped leftist  human female animals,   a mental disorder of  exercising  feelings to conquer facts and   truth…..hope  over reality….. make-believe  over actual accomplishment,  peace  and comfort of the day over solving problems caused by absence of  curiosity of the mind.

The disease is not life threatening to the female carrier herself, however very contagious among non-thinkers everywhere especially those female.  The disease is particularly dangerous, often  lethal  among fading democratic societies.

The best known carrier known to the American public is Hillary Roddham Clinton…..

Read the story below to become more acquainted with a transmission of the disease:


“Beauty”, a Disease Conquered by the Obamaling Administration and His Universities

One of the most powerful drugs imbibed for the past  300 years especially during the winter season  has been quite  successfully eradicated in the United States  by the current Obamaling administration.

It is an aural-attacking drug, that is, its noise arrangements, when heard,  quickly attack  the brain via the ear, thereby causing irrational excitement to the body’s soul, thereby   creating  social disorder at the most basic level of life.

Beauty then becomes exposed to the brains of others, causing inequality of thought and feeling, and so  forever threatening the peace and quiet  of Obamaworld equality of “Righteousness through Ignorance”.

The following noise arrangement is titled “Spring Sonata”. It’s composer, Ludwig von Beethoven, was a cantankerous, in-one’s-face, yet recluse bachelor who didn’t seem to be able to get along with any one. Yet, no creator of music in human history so revolutionized and influenced the art of creating beauty from his soul for all generations following, ever at the zenith of magnificence and popularity.

Further warning:  The composer  of this noise arrangement, long ago deceased, was another white male, and, God forbid, another German.

Proceed to listen at you own risk!  Listening to beautiful and  inspiring music is a threat to the world of the ignorant to remain equal!

(and please, Pray for Donald Trump)