• Pragerisms

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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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Weinstein: All but Rubio, Cruz, Christie, and Trump Should Drop Out of the Race

Weinstein is a Jewish name…..I am guessing, for I don’t know the young man.  I also am assuming he is a conservative.  He is active at the Daily Caller.

Until I met Dennis Prager in 2004, I only knew one family, a normal husband and normal wife with children who was  conservative AND Jewish.    I was raised,  and until 40 years ago  had  spent half  of my life living in communities where  the largest minority among neighbors was Jewish…..the leftist, in ones face super confident obnoxious kind….the making fun of Christianity kind.

I write this for historical record rather from any animus I have ever held.   On the contrary I enjoyed their company and the competition they presented as classmates…..even from the girls who so often cheated on tests in 7th and 8th grades.    Jewish girls and most boys in those school days seemed to know exactly what was expected of them by their parents and kin.  I attended school alone, doing the best I could as explained and demanded  by singularly  well  educated old maid,  Bible aware,  teachers who loved their country.

In high school Jewish guys ran around school wearing their AZA jackets, hugely proud of their collective advantage over others uninitiated.   I bonded with  the leftovers who didn’t fit into the milieu.   I came to like them a lot…..they  conversed in honesty.

It should be noted, that I, being gentile, was never  admitted into the homes of two of my Jewish friends, but was allowed to play with my buddies out in the street.    I never knew or even noticed, and therefore felt nothing about this unforeseen item.   I was told so  years later in high school, when one of these buddies reminded me of the ‘segregation’….with embarrassment, I must add.

Today’s Jewish folk running both television and the world of paper  news, even the conservatives, don’t like the Donald…. Charles Krauthammer, Bernie Goldberg, even my  American hero, Dennis Prager for starters.

I’d add Jamie Weinstein to the lengthy list as well.

I think I know the reasons for their prejudices piling up against the Donald, and will explain them in a later article.   He’s not a man of the indoor Jewish thinking world.

It has to do with the problem that American Jews are indoor people…..Indoor people know nothing about managing car motors, farm tractors, mechanical repairing,  trees,  asclepias, chamaecyparis, pachysandra, raccoons, voles, and moles, the unspying sort anyway….. one mustn’t forget the Julius and Ethel Rosenbergs,  traitors  of my college years.

They show little respect for outdoor  and garage working people,  generally considering  these   American human animals as failures in life,  untermenchen…..the more or less unworthy  and unwashed.

I speak from experience….and I speak amusingly so as a recipient.

Traditionally too, American Jews have for generations carried powerful feelings,   uncalled-for,   toward America’s  Christianity,  with the exception of an  urban ghetto conflict or two a century and more ago.

American Christianity is or is among  the kindest religion ever to tolerate  a competing religion and its culture in its neighborhoods.

There are historical reasons for these habits having nothing to do with anything American…..Can you think of where this habit of hate came from?




by Fay Voshell at the American Thinker:

The following collection of words, an article BY fAY VOSHELL, sent by fellow conservative, Mark Waldeland, is the most accurate, most truthful, and most frightening of them all for contemporary Americans to contemplate when facing reality of what our Islamophile, Marxist 44th American president has accomplished and the reasons why.

Barack Hussein is a Marxist and Islamist contriving hate-Americana animal.  His personal religious priest of choice for 22 years,  Jeremiah Wright, was a Chicagoan, an openly  black racist , hate America Marxist, a  traitor to JudeoChristian and America’s most honorable values.

His religious priests of the past who formed Obama’s HateAmerica  devotions were anti-American communists and sister  rabble rousers in the departments of Hate-America studies at the posh universities he attended.  Barack Hussein, as you all should know, has made his records at these leftist cathedrals of Marxist gods legally sealed, unavailable for friend and foe alike…..

The American communications world, also educated at HateAmerica institutions of Marxist learnings,  are the communications directors who keep  Americans sufficiently ignorant of the hell hole their beloved country has become…….

…….the hell hole to expanded in the future by feminist Obamaling, Hillary Roddham Clinton.




Who Are the Gangsters Now Professing at Our American Universities?

ANSWER: To come immediately to the point, Marxists, Atheists, Rapists, Feminists (including feminazis), Black Racists, Homosexuals, Immigrants of the legal, illegal and hating kind, and, as always, the Leftest of the forever Left wing, American Jews of the Noah Chomsky flavor….and a touch of this and another of that of something whatever.

Where is there absence of TRUTH to anything, any clause, any words assembled above?

There are not only required classes of these modern international studies, but entire departments to learn Hate the American White Male devotions, required indoctrinations paid by you, me, and your neighbors’ taxes at your state universities, and tens of thousands of dollars per annum of the snootier, wealthier, feminized, circles of the New World Order worshiper kind. The New World Order to sabotage the United States of America into a dictatorship of the equal.

A cultural revolution is being waged.

The tenet is feminist- feminazi Marxism, now religiously driven to create feminists of all sexes, colors, shapes, and sizes, preaching there is no innate difference whatsoever between the human male animal and the human female animal, that the white JudeoChristian human male has ruthlessly dictated his murderous domination over all human sexes and colors from the beginnings of his “HOLY BIBLE” to this very American day….and in the name of equality forever, the university masses must unite to create a New State of Feminized Equality Rule, the first in human history.

I am moved to remember my English class studies in 1948, my freshman year of public high school in St. Paul, Minnesota when by dictate of a demanding old maid, a shriveled 68 year old gifted artist of a teacher preached Shakespeare which I quote of reference to our leftist, anarchic collegiate America of today:

“You blocks, you stones, you worse than senseless things!”


The following “must read”  for all Americans who still believe in our Constitutional form of government based upon “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, was sent by  well-known Minnesota artist,  Steve Levin:


by Matthew J. Franck  at First Things:

“Next autumn will mark forty years since I arrived on a college campus as a freshman. I’ve never left the academy since then. I have been student or teacher at many types of institutions: the small liberal-arts college, the “Research I” state university that completely dominates a small town, the ambitious urban Jesuit university “in the Catholic tradition,” the middling-quality “comprehensive” state university educating many first-generation college students, the great self-confident Ivy League institution, even a very fine university in an Asian capital city.

Much has changed in these four decades, and I have watched it change. Fewer of us in my undergrad years had televisions or cars, but fewer of us had to work or take out loans to get through school. There were no cell phones, no internet, no personal computers. Distance from our parents in those days was very real—no “helicopter” parents as I later came to know them. This meant our liberation from the constraints of family and home, for good or ill. The collapse of the universities in the 1960s on many fronts was by then largely complete, signified by curricular incoherence, the drug culture, and the triumph of the sexual revolution. (Who does not like the joining of those words “sexual” and “revolution” at 17?)

My undergrad years were thus a crazy combination of prodigally wasted time; plunges into all manner of extracurricular activity; the making of friendships that seemed deep but turned out in many cases (not all) to be evanescent; a wandering into a spiritual desert from which I would emerge after many years with a powerful thirst; and through it all, somehow, real intellectual discovery. It was four years of eros every which way, from the lowest to the highest. I had so much fun I essentially missed the Carter administration. This was not really a loss, but seems odd even to me today, since I was majoring in political science.

If you went looking for it, then as now, there was still an education to be found, and I found one, stumbling into the warm and tolerant mentorship of a real teacher, who treated thinkers of the past as people to learn from, not just about. He introduced me to Plato, Rousseau, the Federalist, Tocqueville, Nietzsche, and more. This was a stroke of good fortune for which I have spent four decades being grateful.

Resolving on a career in the academy because boredom was my default setting and nothing else came close to being so interesting, I found that from graduate school onward my studies caused my inclinations to grow more and more conservative along every dimension. Intellectually this meant pursuing the wisdom of dead people whose books had endured—they were reliably more interesting than the work of any living scholars. Morally and politically it meant being pro-life, critical of the sexual revolution, devoted to the dignity of human beings as equal, rights-bearing creatures made in the image of God—and therefore being a patriotic critic of American cultural and political life, friendly to markets, leery of utopianism, skeptical of “experts,” and more trusting of ordinary Americans’ instincts than of the rarefied tastes of my fellow professors.

Academically, conservatism made me a defender of Dead White European Males as preponderant (but by no means exclusive) figures in the liberal arts curriculum, not because of who they were but because of what they say to us (emphasis on the present tense for the best of them). Academic fields traveling under the name of “X Studies”—Women’s, Environmental, Race/Class/Gender, Peace—I came to view as suspect because they nearly always spring from preordained ideological conclusions, not from the impulse of intellectual inquiry. Equally suspect are the latest pedagogical fads (“competencies,” “critical thinking”), or the mania for “strategic planning” that grips the modern administrator who fills his day with memos and meetings.  (Please continue !)