• Pragerisms

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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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    • Charen, Mona - DoGooders:How Liberals Hurt Those They Claim to Help
    • Coulter, Ann - If Democrats Had Any Brains, They'd Be Republicans; Slander
    • Dalrymple, Theodore - In Praise of Prejudice; Our Culture, What's Left of It
    • Doyle, William - Inside the Oval Office
    • Elder, Larry - Stupid Black Men: How to Play the Race Card--and Lose
    • Frankl, Victor - Man's Search for Meaning
    • Flynn, Daniel - Intellectual Morons
    • Fund, John - Stealing Elections
    • Friedman, George - America's Secret War
    • Goldberg, Bernard - Bias; Arrogance
    • Goldberg, Jonah - Liberal Fascism
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    • Klein, Edward - The Truth about Hillary
    • Mnookin, Seth - Hard News: Twenty-one Brutal Months at The New York Times and How They Changed the American Media
    • Morris, Dick - Because He Could; Rewriting History
    • O'Beirne, Kate - Women Who Make the World Worse
    • Olson, Barbara - The Final Days: The Last, Desperate Abuses of Power by the Clinton White House
    • O'Neill, John - Unfit For Command
    • Piereson, James - Camelot and the Cultural Revolution: How the Assassination of John F. Kennedy Shattered American Liberalism
    • Prager, Dennis - Think A Second Time
    • Sharansky, Natan - The Case for Democracy
    • Stein, Ben - Can America Survive? The Rage of the Left, the Truth, and What to Do About It
    • Steyn, Mark - America Alone
    • Stephanopolous, George - All Too Human
    • Thomas, Clarence - My Grandfather's Son
    • Timmerman, Kenneth - Shadow Warriors
    • Williams, Juan - Enough: The Phony Leaders, Dead-End Movements, and Culture of Failure That Are Undermining Black America--and What We Can Do About It
    • Wright, Lawrence - The Looming Tower

Advice to white males from NY Times Black Racist, Feminazi, George Yancey

In a democratic system it is vital to know  “What is True”  and “Who is Truth’s Enemy”.   Such knowledge must arise from a culture which respects the learning of knowledge.   One must know our yesterdays truthfully  to know  truthfully who and what we are today according to the knowledge available to us.

Fascism is the flavor of the day at the New York Times.   It is not the noisy Benito Mussolini kind.   In our America it is the ObamaTime kind,  dictated by  Feminists of all sexes, colors, shapes, and sizes, and Black Racists of the same ilk of haters who learn behaviors instead of knowledge  at college and university from American coast  to coast.

Feelings are now dictated replacing former accumulations of truthful knowledge.    Preferring the world of feelings over knowledge is a genetic trait of the human female.

Most American  rational human animals of my generation, (I am in my 80s)  to some degree understand the Truth that  the  human male is born a sexual predator and a natural killer,  drives needed  for reproduction of the human animal,  protection of kin, and defense of kind, if needed,  in combat  to continue the survival of the species.   The human female is born ditsy of these matters…..and genetically still is to this very day.   She can learn matter and is equal in human value.   She, however, is NOT the genetic copy  of the human male animal.   Not yet, anyway.

Instead she was genetically gifted with  “feelings” so vital  while nourishing  the products of her flesh and blood.

Today’s feminists, led by the Hillary Roddham Clintons, relish in feelings but war against Truth.    They feel good;   express  self esteem when they do so.

Despite the tenets of today’s Marxism, the  human he, not she, was, and still is, genetically driven to be curious, to investigate,  to invent, to build and expand space……and to defend;   DEFEND, not PRETEND!

Expect when expedient, Truth is allowed no room from  this particular brand of American feminism dictating feelings over Truth.  Instead, it has become required  indoctrination  throughout our America’s educational systems today,  almost a carbon copy   of the takeover of learnings  by the Nazis in 1930s Germany.

The normal adult  human male, not the human female when seeking Truth doesn’t give a damn about whether the path of seeking truth is a happy, good feeling one.   HE, NOT SHE, IS GENETICALLY DRIVEN TO DISCOVER TRUTH.

Please read the words of one of the countless  feminists at the the New York:


Warning: The following collection of noises will contain Beauty. “Beauty” is a Disease Deemed Sexist by the Obamaworld in Washington and at University! Proceed at your own risk!

The “Grand March” from Verdi’s “Aida”-  is a well known  noise- assembled drug causing Beauty,  long absorbed predominantly  by human male animals who come in aural contact with it.  It is  known for its power to inspire, to drive the  human animal listener  to become ecstatic when within distance of  its hearing.

Currently in America, Obamaworld folk promote and distribute marijuana to replace and/or  dull the experience of facing the power of authentic inspiration caused by Beauty.

Beauty is a visual and  aural-attacking drug, that is, in the case of  noise arrangements, when heard, quickly attacks the brain primarily via the ear, thereby causing irrational excitement to the body’s soul,  creating social disorder at the most basic level of life.

Beauty then becomes exposed to the brains of others, causing inequality of thought and feeling, and so, forever threatening the peace and quiet of Obamaworld equality of “Righteousness through Ignorance”. Social equality then is made unequal according the Obama tribes now controlling the nation’s communication world.

The following noise arrangement is titled “The Grand March from an opera composed by Giuseppe Verdi, a dead white human male animal of Italian blood born before Benito Mussolini fame, of the similar prescription, of same sex and stock, but from a different profession and condition of mind.

Do note, that this presentation of the Grand March from Verdi’s Aida was made inspiring by the Symphony Orchestra of Sri Lanka (nee Ceylon for years in our western world) geographically  well beyond the powers dictated by our American Obamaworld’s rules of political correctness.

Further, there are added chapters displaying  “Beauty” to follow whenever you find the time:

Click at your own risk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMTzyANTb7U

(Please pray for Donald Trump!)

How Can Intelligent George Will be so Limited of Thought and Deed?

I have been aware of the Donald Trump for nearly 40 years  even since before I quit subscribing to  bigoted Democrat newpapers.   I was a teacher of Modern Problems in an urban senior high school.   He and his world seemed  beyond my like.  They never interested me.  I had my own life to work out.

I think he announced his presidential intentions this past June……as a Republican….oh my God!    My personal and cultural duty as a former public school teacher demanded  I look everywhere throughout the internet (and there’s a lot of stuff there to look over) to find something ugly about him…..besides his two divorces.

Good family man apparently, whose four or five off spring were unbratted, civil, working, earning beings who loved their dad.    Trump workers, likewise, spoke well of the Donald…..and the Donald was wealthy from being a successful businessman….and the guy was very, very bright.

(That’s not a bad start!)

Then I saw the hair again.  Others plowed into his hair job….the guy shrugged it off…..He plowed into Carly Fiorina’s  pathetic facelift, the one that ruined  her character appearance which without its  teeny bopper lift could  have blossomed in the truth of life  often, usually told by  the lines and depth of real wrinkles….oh, that wasn’t okay for Donald to say, according to all, and I admit, he could have said it more gentlemanly…..but Dennis’ popularity increased to the puzzlement of all believers, especially those GOP practitioners  of political correctness.

I am suspecting more and more, Donald might be the ‘real thing’…..like his hair swath.

I have long had it with the feminazi drives creating and expanding  universal censorship via their ditsy rules of political correctness.

Donald, I noticed early on, loathes political correctness…..I fell in love with his honesty, even if some of it does have  an exaggeration added to it from time to time.   Donald, despite terrified, surprised,  and blinded GOP  operatives, is a terrific candidate for the job……and, if maiden Hillary escapes jail, the Donald will verbally tear her by truth from limb to limb…..She’ll be late to every debate  hiding in her guarded  stalls surrounded by her secret police.

Republicans are  lucky to have Donald go after Hillary.   Hillary if fattened with full blooded Hillary……Donald  does have an unusual  mouth at times, but reeks love for his country.   He is a bloody American first…as the Brits would diagnose.

DONALD IS WORRIED ABOUT HIS COUNTRY MORE THAN HE IS ABOUT HIS PARTY…. Yet, he will build the party much broader than closeted George Will’s, Charles Krauthammer’s, and, sorry Dennis, on this one, Dennis Prager’s, and nearly everyone on Fox as well.

Give a very, very bright Donald some honest space…..for isn’t he , indeed, the best business man in the world for the job he seeks.   Thank God, he isn’t just another programmed Republican with a  Marxist-feminist “Democrat” standing against him.

Defend traditional conservatism,  but not the  Paul Ryan’s  of recent stupid-mouth mood when he  claimed to dictate what the Republican Party stands for which includes allowing Islamists of any flavor of kill-America they espouse, to hop on a bus or boat as a refugee, paid my Obamalings  to give it a try or to become Democrat fascists of the future. If some in the meantime blow up a city hall or fifty….well, that’s life?

Donald buries all candidates, especially his left wing ones,  thus far  in honesty, guts, truth, skill of communicating , with the ability to identify right-on targets of trouble, and possesses freedom from donors to buy any promises.   Beyond the case for humor and challenge, and a few enlargements of speech,  my God, what a terrifically entertaining candidate he is…..and, I believe, he is just beginning.

You, the Republican clones at Fox and elsewhere, sell your brands of conservatism to him by helping him become that candidate closer to your conservative dreams.
Donald wants, demands to win. Seek harmony in your work…..in your party.

George Will is sour on the idea, and the anxious at Fox and elsewhere are still very angry at this Trump interloper…. Will apparently knows the future  and the future, he scours doesn’t include a Trump victory against the Frump.

Forgive George even though he should be taken to the shed from time to time, to make him more tolerant to the Republican-American base.

Read George anyway to know his angst knowing that George, too, is bright, but perpetually grumpy if things don’t fit into one of his corpuscles. I read him as often as I can.

Trump and the GOP dancing together will destroy perpetual liar, Hillary.



Satellites don’t cheat for politic’s sake…Obamalings do.  And leftists who profess at university lie for notoriety and lots of dollars.

Current report from Craig Rucker  at the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow.

“For 37 years satellites have provided the world’s most accurate and unbiased temperature data.

Warming campaigners choose to ignore them.  The reason is simple.

Real-world temperatures measured by satellites are consistently cooler than those projected by climate computer model simulations.

Marc Morano posted graphs of data assembled by satellite researchers at the University of Alabama, Huntsville at CFACT’s Climate Depot.

What they reveal is stunning.

Contrary to global warming scare stories in the media, the world has not warmed as the models projected.

There has been no warming at the:

  • South Pole – 37 years
  • Southern hemisphere – 19 years, 10 months
  • Tropics – 19 years, 3 months
  • Tropical oceans – 22 years, 11 months
  • North Pole – 13 years, 10 months
  • Australia – 18 years, 1 month
  • U.S.A. – 18 years (49 states)
  • Globally – 18 years, 6 months

Check out the full report at Climate Depot.

Satellites measure the entire world.  They are not subject to the gaps in coverage andsiting problems that plague thermometer stations.  That makes it much more difficult for warming campaigners to put their thumbs on the scale and “adjust” temperature readings from satellites upward.

The inability of the UN to put teeth into a binding climate treaty at COP 21 in Paris buys time for more scientific data to come in.

Real-world scientific evidence is devastating to the global warming narrative.

Thanks to everyone who helps CFACT share the science the media ignores and warming pressure groups fear.”

“Beauty”, a Disease Conquered by the Obama Administration and the Universities who Worship Him

One of the most powerful drugs imbibed for the past three centuries has been quite successfully eradicated in the United States by the current Obamaling administration.

Beauty  is an aural-attacking drug, that is, its noise arrangements, when heard, quickly attack the brain via the ear, thereby causing irrational excitement to the body’s soul, thereby creating social disorder at the most basic level of life.   It also is a drug  assaulting  human vision particularly powerful and crippling  when experienced  by the human male animal.

Beauty then becomes exposed to the brains of others, causing inequality of thought and feeling, and so, forever threatening the peace and quiet of Obamaworld equality of “Righteousness through Ignorance”.

The following noise arrangement is titled “Appalachian Spring, composed by American, Aaron Copeland.  Beware of its beauty of inspiration, for inspiration is exceedingly contagious.

Further warning: The composer of the following noise arrangement, now deceased, was a white male, and worse, born a Jew raised in a then Christian country.

Remember, Beauty  cannot exist without ugliness.  There will be a brief introductory noise, a familiar current American variety, to remind you.

(Please pray for Donald Trump!)

A Drug of Choice Banned by the Obamaling Government

One of the most powerful drugs imbibed for the past  275 years especially during the winter season  has been quite  successfully eradicated in the United States  by the current Obamaling administration.

It is an aural-attacking drug, that is, its noise arrangements, when heard,  quickly attack  the brain via the ear, thereby causing irrational excitement to the body’s soul, thereby   creating  social disorder at the most basic level of life.   It is also  a drug assaulting human vision, particularly powerful and crippling when experienced by the human male animal.

Beauty then becomes exposed to the brains of others, causing inequality of thought and feeling, and so  forever threatening the peace and quiet  of Obamaworld equality of “Righteousness through Ignorance”.

The following noise arrangement is titled “Hallelujah” from the “Messiah”, conducted by Georg Solti.

Further warning:  The conductor of the noise arrangment, now deceased, was a white male who earned a Sir to his name.   Be further warned that the composer of the noise was not only a white male, but born German as well.

Proceed to listen at you own risk!  Listening to beautiful and  inspiring music is a threat to the world of the ignorant to remain equal!



Who Better Understood, Practiced the Spirit of Christmas, GW or Obama?

The American or the Islamist?     George GW Bush or Barack Hussein Obama?    The democrat  or the dictator?  The Republican or the Marxist Democrat?

The one who protects and respects the American Bill or Rights or the foreigner who assaults  American Civil Liberties with his secret police at his  IRS and Department of Justice injustices?

Who remained in the White House during these holy days of American tradition while the other flew off to Hawaii to spend weeks  and multimillions of American tax payers’ dollars to golf and play Hollywood before the leftwing American press?

Know or not, please read the following article from Western Journalism sent by fellow conservative, Mark Waldeland:


………and Merry Christmas to you all even to you evil misled Obamalings.

Prager: The Importance of saying: “MERRY CHRISTMAS”

Saying “Merry Christmas” is very Important

by Dennis Prager at Townhall.    Article sent by Mark Waldeland:

“The nearly universal change from wishing fellow Americans “Merry Christmas” to wishing them “Happy Holidays” is a very significant development in American life.

Proponents of “Happy Holidays” argue that it’s no big deal at all, and that proponents of “Merry Christmas” are making a mountain out of a molehill, especially when proponents say that the substitution of “Happy Holidays” is part of a “war on Christianity.”

But the “Happy Holidays” advocates want it both ways.

They dismiss opponents as hysterical while, at the same time, relentlessly pushing to rid America of “Merry Christmas.”   please read on…..



Five Conservative Novels Predicted U.S. Mess


article by  John Zmirak  at  The Stream…….sent by Mark Waldeland:

“Sometimes the truth is too painful or offensive to speak directly, so we tell it by means of a story. An old joke goes that while a sensitive eight-year-old boy was away for his first summer at camp, his beloved tabby cat, Rufus, got crushed by a passing car. His overprotective parents decided to break the bad news to him gradually, so their first note said that Rufus had climbed on the roof, and wouldn’t come down. He worried at night, but didn’t despair. The next week he got a note that the fire department had tried but failed to catch the cat. The boy sulked a little, but he didn’t fall apart. On the third week, he learned that Rufus had disappeared, and probably would not be found. He cried for a while, but having been gradually prepared for losing Rufus, he took the news pretty well. Then a few weeks later, the boy got a fresh new note that informed him, “Your grandma is up on the roof….”



“Hillary is Terrible” Against Obama, 2008, She got “Schlonged!”

……..so said the Donald this past week.

(Writer’s commentaries regarding the Donald from past to present:

1980:  via television:  “My God, what a loud mouth arrogant creep!”

1990:  via television and business news:  “My God, what a sharp, but show off,  loud mouth arrogant creep!”

2000: via television and daily news:  “My God, what an ‘in-one’s-face’, spoiled brat, well known, well knowing, and so  proud of himself, rich  guy.”

2010: via television and occasional daily news: “My God, what a popular guy he is in the entertainment world….Oh, he’s married again?”

2014:  “Oh, yeah, I remember  Donald Trump. He’s sure been around a long time.  He’s sure a confident cuss.    I’ve heard a rumor he’s thinking of ‘entertaining’ up the presidential race in 2015.”

2015….about midJune after researching his family, his marriages and divorces, and successes in business, and unique sense of humor….”My God, I hope he runs!” and then broke out in a sweat thinking about what I had just said.   I was for Governor Scott Walker at the time…..when all of the still active  candidates seemed to grab on to the forever civil sounding of leftist  politically correct utterances, even  the untruth ones,  to make sure they never said anything which might cause negative noise among the country’s press corps,  95% of whom are Journalism school, Liberal Arts school, Law school, well,  nearly every school  from coast to American coast,  are programmed to be  Marxified.

2015, December 23  CNN national poll, Republican primary:   Donald Trump:  39…Ted Cruz 18, Rubio 10, Christie 5,  Paul 4, Bush 3.

Dear Donald:   “Where can I send my budgeted $100 to support your candidacy?” for I  support you,  because of your business success, your political independence built on a solid  conservative core, your mouth telling it like it is without the feminist poisons of political correctness,  and your freedom and spirit.   We want to love you……and thus far your are magnificently lovable,  a real American guy at heart, in thought, and body.

Please be kind to your Republican know-nothings in the press and elsewhere in opposition to you.  Note that you do occasionally hurt their feminized feelings and lies  for a moment or two , but your goals to FREE, not FEE America more for its citizens to work with pride and accomplishmet  for a living, not getting paid for voting for obama and company for higher handouts for greater comforts for doing nothing but.

You have shocked the good folks at PowerLine.   Give them a call to remind them all how Republican you are and can be.   It’ll help….they don’t burp for Hillary.