• Pragerisms

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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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The lazy thinking  American Church and Synagogue goers and thinkers usually  answer:   “God comes first”.

The lazy American thinkers and non-thinkers, the  what’s ‘left’  in  society,  especially  those  worshiping atheism, answer:  “I come first” or My country comes first”.

Today’s Islamists cannot be trusted regarding such questions.  Were they or were they not propagandized at the corner madrassah?  Could  they be trusted to tell  the truth?   Could citizen’s of Nazi Germany be trusted to tell  truths in 1938?

What if today’s “God-fearing”  folks are Islamists in Iran, Saudi Arabia, warring in Lebanon, in Gaza, Yemen and Libya,  or nearly anywhere  earlier than a century or two ago whether in the Amazon, Europe or Asia or during warrior America when God-fearing was essential for tribal survival where ever one lived?

Knowing  there always are always exceptions to things in life,   the World’s  most civilized religion based upon human order and  decency  ever invented by thinking mankind arose from European Christian Protestantism,  the English  kind, the brand connected to, emanating from,  Queen Elizabeth’s Anglican church of her days of religion-warring Europe and the  standard  religion-warring world of mankind before then.

Why England?  Why Queen Elizabeth the First?

What great swaths of today’s Earth  lands have been populated by  yesterday’s  folks most devoted, or the offspring  of the most devoted human animals  seeking knowledge, i.e., driven by curiosity and need, to discover TRUTH,    invading God’s world snooping into  the knowable and unknowable, to exposed  the mysteries of the unknown….genetically driven to understand  the Nature and purpose of God’s World?

“There is neither good nor bad”,  curious ancient Greeks claimed and added, “ONLY THINKING MAKES IT SO!”…they attested.

How can the top of that small list of peace and truth seeking humans  not include Canada, Australia,  and what remains from the Obama-damaged United States of America,  and  today’s modernized India, even to the Union of South Africa?

What language by custom, law,  and practice do the citizens of  each of these land masses, all practicing or attempting to practice tolerant  democratic governments,   have  in common?

English, of course.   And with it,   the  values that English carried, went on contagiously  to help build  modern Japan, South Korea,  war devastated Germany, Italy, on  to defeat Communist  USSR and Mao China evil where a hundred million people  were murdered in the name of government and religious communism both, even reaching  to challenge fascist Cuba and other dictatorships of the New World.

They, WE free people, are products from places   invaded by subjects of the  Protestant English, the major world power roughly from 1588 to 1916…..the same MALE  Protestant English who came to  balance God with mankind, who brought with them their male  curiosity to satisfy their God and their  Earthly needs and intellectual appetites, worshiping  discovery  as well as  God the unknown.

Why the English, not the French, Chinese, Germans, Saudis, Iranis,  Bantus, Maori, Ainu, Turks etc?

Luck of the draw….they lived on an island whose natives  managed to unite enough to  escape killer  invasions  from 1066 until the Islamists and their narrow religious measurements of tolerance   began to arrive  in droves beginning at the end of the twentieth century.

With this in mind, please read the following article:  “CHRISTIANS FIRST, AMERICANS SECOND”


GOP, Fox Establishment Determined to Eliminate Trump


GOP, FOX Relieved!    Thursday’s Republican Debate Excelled  in  Balance, the  repetitious  and  the petty!

GOP, Fox continue to examine  little on our current American political scene  beyond their own belly buttons where they can hide among the blubber, name call and smear the Donald without any retribution both wise and the stunning to upset their own rules of political correctness.

Thank God for Blessing America thus far with the Donald’s presence in our 2016 Republican presidential campaign.    The dullness of Bush, ugliness of Kasich, belchings  of Christie,  the pretentiousness of Cruz and weaknesses of all the rest becomes weary…..with these exceptions:  the  clarity  and balance  of Marco Rubio……and the memory of all the talents, the gifts of our Donald.

I refused to view the live Donaldless Thursday “Can You Bicker” show starring “Gotcha-Gal”,  Megyn Kelly,  and others playing  this  unusual Foxy game of “Gotcha” for the audience making  themselves appear clever, quick,  and superior compared  to the pathetic candidates…..pretending for Republican’s sake  its good for America  to pepper their candidates with cheap shots, the sleazier the better,  to enhance  their own pride,  ratings and profits among their own  television tribal wars.

However, I have reviewed the reviews of the “Gotcha” games from internet sources.   The entire Republican establishment seemed much relieved that nothing of value,  beyond the picky and sicky was really discussed.   Everyone on stage sang the same solo without any real melody…..Please read the article below I offer as support:


Hillary and the Criminalization of America

Hillary Clinton and the Criminalization of America

“The continued expansion of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal — now with 22 emails from her personal server deemed too classified for public view, even in redacted form — is making Watergate seem like a shoplifting episode at a 7-Eleven.

That now-ancient scandal was a pathetic and ugly fiasco — a dimwitted defense of an absurd break-in an election that was already won. Nobody got hurt, even remotely. Some sleazy pols went to jail and Nixon’s reputation — in an otherwise decent presidency — was besmirched forever.

Emailgate is far worse.  It’s now clear it involves the potential endangerment of human lives (our lives and those of our friends) across the globe and the national security of the United States and undoubtedly the free world.  It is an incomparable scandal.

But, on the eve of the Iowa caucuses, a far greater danger looms…….”   Please read on:



David Limbaugh Roots for Cruz

……….and so does my good friend and public high school teacher colleague  of fifty years ago,  fellow Republican, Mark Waldeland:


by David Limbaugh   at Townhall:

“I keep hearing from supporters of other GOP candidates that Ted Cruz can’t win the general election because he is too conservative and too preachy. These same people criticize him for not being authentically conservative and also support others who are preachy.

I have long lamented the conventional wisdom, swallowed whole by many nominally conservative Republicans, that a true-blue consistent conservative can’t win a general presidential election because he can’t attract moderates, centrists, independents, Perotistas, Trumpsters, disaffected Democrats and certainly not women or minorities….”  Please read on:


The Perfect Pictorial of Today’s American Politics

Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md, the ranking member of the House Select Committee on Benghazi, looks over toward Committee Chairman Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)


The Anti-Abortion Activists Targeting Planned Parenthood Have a Slew of Legal Troubles

by Dahlia Lithwick at Slate:


(……We shall see, for the legal tricks of the charge made against those exposing  the evil of Planned Parenthood empire have not yet been made public.)

USA Today Reviews Republican Scarers at the Fox “Debate”

I didn’t know USA Today was still in existence until I caught eye of the following this morning:

Donald Trump GOP Presidential Debate

“With the exception of debates hosted by CNBC and Fox Business, the six previous debates have also had a distinct focus on foreign policy and immigration. But Thursday’s took things to an extreme.

Sen. Rand Paul did manage to make some important points about civil liberties. And former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush stood up for reasonable immigration policies and a broader, more unifying GOP message. But, with few exceptions, the candidates played into people’s fears about terrorists, about the large number of undocumented workers in this country, and about the prospect of another four years of a Democrat in the White House. And that was without Donald Trump, the biggest fear-monger in the field, on the stage.

This tone is a far cry from when Ronald Reagan ran for president in 1980. His campaign, based on economic and national security issues, and was less about scaring people than inspiring them.  Americans have questions about jobs, health care and retirement. They didn’t get many answers on those topics Thursday night.

(Strange.   I wonder what Ronald Reagan would have looked like and said at that Trumpless debate last Thursday at around 110 years old.   America was still America then….without the stains and scars  of Hillary and Barack.)


The Email Crimes of Feminist Hillary

Why Hillary’s EmailGate Matters

In casually disregarding basic security, Secretary Clinton harmed our country and helped our adversaries

Why Hillary’s EmailGate Matters

Now, for something LEFTY  different…..please read the following Hillary Democrat report:



And now, for something LEFTIER different….please read the following Hillary Democrat report:

We do not need another Clinton administration. If only Sanders would say it

Hillary’s cynical Medicare assault reminds us how the Clintons play ball, and why Dems must demand something better


Tucker Carlson’s Great Article about Yesterday’s Trump

I am much older than Tucker Carlson of conservative Fox television world fan….That means  if I were publicly aware on our American scene for the past 35 years,  I would know the Donald he writes about for a helluva lot longer than Carlson has even living despite this Minnesota distance from New York City.

Being raised intellectually and religiously German  Protestant, I believe in salvation, even within one’s earthly life.   I suggest the following as an example.   I never voted for a Republican until 1980 when sour, dour, incompetent, confused, isolated  Jimmy Carter was running for re-election.   I have never returned to the Democrat Party, nor ever could I   since its transformation into its Marxist, feminist, atheist, black racist, antiAmerican amalgum it has since become based upon the core values causing man to be civilized, the recognize and follow good in good’s battle against evil.

In  youth I was told to memorize the following ancient Judaic saying:  “There is neither good nor bad.   Only thinking makes it so!”

As flawed in the manner Tucker Carlson has described of Donald’s yesteryears, and a few occasions more recent moments, it is my belief the Donald is experiencing a personal transformation from his past misbehaviors and drives and is attempting to achieve duty honestly, in the best way he can, to serve his country….almost as if he is signing up for the draft…with every intention to fit the rules of behavior commensurate to the office he seeks……because he knows his beloved America is falling apart being destroyed in his view by both Democrat and Republican misbehaviors….many of which from his own experience in business, has has seen up close.

I am sure I see a convert to practicing conservatism in this Donald Trump of New York City.   He’ll be clumsy, hotheaded, and awkward from his years of such habit described probably quite accurately  by Mr. Tucker in his excellent article below….

I see in him today a man WHO TRULY WANTS TO SERVE HIS COUNTRY THE BEST HE CAN.   He will be confused about some of his native conservatism from time to time due to his former bad habits.  HE WANTS TO SAVE HIS COUNTRY, and to do so best, he will want to rebuild it as a CONSERVATIVE….AND I BELIEVE A JUDEOCHRISTIAN KIND, not too dissimilar from the lessons of  the Bible of  his mother and his family’s Presbyterian Church when he was a child….He then by ego  will discover how essential its lessons will be in leading his country back to its promise land  with himself as  its President…..AND WILL JUSTIFIABLY  GET THE CREDIT FOR DOING SO.

Our the Donald is NOT a dumb man, nor an antiAmerican one.  Count on it.  I even suggest his JudeoChristian background……even a Presbyterian one is beginning to penetrate his condition of life and service to family and country.   After all, he knows what a King James Bible and toward the end of ones life often reviews his own worth in life.

Do read the terrific  article below written by Republican Tucker Carlson!   Be forgiving of our Donald , too.   He’s a good American.



Why Trump Now?


I have not yet read the article featured below from realclearpolitics with the above title.  Such is often a habit of mine, anticipating the prejudice of the article base upon its title, responding in thought to that prejudice, then read that prejudice in order to discover how accurate I am when compared to  my own original  prejudices.

I am not perfect,  folks, but I am still loaded with history, facts, and figures all the way back to the 1940s when I was suffering so profoundly  from dyslexia (long before it was invented)….and totally ignorant of its secret blessings….that is its side effects.  I still know the census figures of 1930 St. Paul, Minnesota’s population….271, 606, and of 1940 287, 736 and the capital of Iceland is Rejkjavik…..and in third grade I could draw the map of the United States by heart…..the 48 of them in those days, including all of the boundaries of each state on teacher  Mrs. Lucille Jaeger’s blackboard.

I am also not perfect as a 2016 American male having lived at a time in America when God was ‘feared’,  adults were adults,  family was family, whether Negro or white, decency was decency, women were women,  men were men, and America, America.

Today we live in Obamaland sinking into all of the foul tarpits  our today’s educational systems have created to appease  feminists of all sexes, shapes, colors, and sizes….an Obamaland where feelings, not knowledge,  is taught kindergarten through graduate school degrees in the social science departments of current American universities.

Of all of the television networks of more than a dozen viewers  (a slight exaggeration) in our US of A today, only one, Fox News dares to declare  a conservative approach.   Of all of the major newspapers in the country today, hardly a handful of the thousands dare to set aside a single page of  news beyond   political left propaganda…At the Wall Street Journal, only four editorial pages of each daily provide opinions of the news beyond the Nancy Pelosi variety.   Nevertheless, although I cannot afford it,  I still  subscribe jealously fond of those three or four pages.

Yet at Fox news there is only ONE variety of conservatism allowed to serve all.   Whether from blowhard Bill O’Reilly, feminist Megyn Kelly,  smiley Howard Kurtz,  chubby Karl Rove relative of some degree of  reality, it’s all the same tone without  melody….much less any melody which might sound beautiful.

I am old enough to remember when white and Negro men in my town of birth and youth, wore straw hats from spring to late fall while going to and from work.  I still remember how lovely, stately, and proud, how unbimbo  in dress, face, and sound, all the women were when out “in public” whether to walk the baby carriage along the block, go grocery shopping, or travel to work by bus or street car…..

No one made their faces plastic like Carly’s  without flab or  Hillary’s with flab in those days.  Faces were thought to be  the window to ones soul.  Obviously Hillary lives without soul.   Carly’s teachings prove she is still a true American woman.

Women, before the butchness of  feminism was discovered, spoke the tones and words of adulthood, not the programmed pre-adult human females of all ages mindlessly making  speedy  teeny-bopper ditsy noises for talk habits  of today’s American female animals including those dominating national and local  television very likely from coast to coast……if TRUTH BE TOLD.

So…..What about Donald?

I hold my breath every time candidate Donald Trump opens his mouth….an American mouth, a male mouth, one from  a very successful American business man.   Any reader aware of the man’s habits, the good and the bad, knows why I hold that breath.  I sure you Trump followers do too.

I am a former teacher of social studies when I first left college  sixty years ago…..a career I loved because of my respect for and learnings from the incredibly knowledgeable old maid public school teachers (all of them Christians) who taught me from 1939 to 1952……All of them American, none a  feminist, bimbo or on drugs, not a one of them who didn’t love the country in which they lived.

That is why I believe today’s Donald Trump could be  a God-sent candidate for today’s American presidency.    By any measure the Donald is far more   qualified than anyone  among   the standard, same old narrow focused, today’s politically correct  pecked at, groomed up by  “Karl Rove”-like rules listed  by the  well-meaning Republican Party establishment  and its sympathetic and decent American folks at  Fox Cable.

He has the anger, the energy, owns a  will and drive from that  anger,  and above all,  the brain, ego (gasp) and with all of that,   a unique  business experience that backs up  his ability ‘to build or  rebuild’  which make  him UNIQUE in our time for the job he seeks.

I don’t care who politically  Donald has financially  supported  in his past.  I don’t care if he once accepted the idea of abortion on demand so yesterday….I think I was wishy washy about that one time in my less adult life as well. He has become an angry Republican as angry  as I am when I look and think of the America in which  I now live.   The Donald for good and bad, is arrogant, true, but above all he doesn’t want to be wrong….So he  is vulnerable to today’s  TRUTH….I cherish him for his anti-political correctness speech, but most of all,  he’s pissed just like I am.    HE IS A FULL BLOODED, TRADITIONAL AMERICAN, more of MY generation than the feckless, Godless, spoiled, selfish, self loving, fatherless,  unbelievably uneducated, college trained Marxists and their feminists and their druggie culture of our generations under the age 45.    (A generalization, folks, just to be politically correct.)

Thank you for your reading….I shall now read the following article, and hope you do to.