• Pragerisms

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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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What’s William Kristol’s Problem with the Donald? Bigotry, Isolation, Class?

One of the leaders of the eastern GOP establishment hate Trump activists is William Kristol of the Weekly Standard, the only political publication I have subscribed to these past five or six years. He is a good man as was his father who struggled with conservatism and eventually came around to see its light, likely earlier than did I. What causes this eastern GOP conservative to hate a Republican so? When appearing in public, Mr. Kristol appears to be an exemplary conservative American.

Below he describes the Donald as, “never having been much of a conservative” and “not being remotely equipped to be president of the United States”.

No, Mr. Kristol, he is not from your private circles smoking your brands. Yes, the Donald has been in the world of business making money, not losing by the trillions of dollars as our Republicans have been accomplishing with Obama’s socialists over the years and very recent days. I find the Donald a more honest, more realistic, gutsy and energetic in devoting himself to save what is left of traditional America the Beautiful than all of today’s Obamaling Marxist-Democrat traitors to America’s liberties in Congress and nearly half of our current Republicans who ally with them and call themselves frugal.

And then there’s this Paul Ryan who stupidly claimed the American president has no power in protecting America’s borders from enemies devoted to destroy our country, claiming Donald Trump’s comments about controlling our borders from enemy Islamists “is not what the Republican Party stands for”.

Sir William Kristol, I am a Republican, have been for 35 years. Your sulking and comments are not helpful to our Party! Your tolerance and knowledge should be.

Donald Trump is standing up for America over our political party….And we Republicans are lucky to have him on our side!!!! Don’t be so dumb to lose him. Mr. Trump seems to be a winner in life. How about you, Mr. Kristol, close your mouth, get up off your office ass, and smooth out your conservatism differences with the Donald Trump who has by his own actions given a breath of fresh American air to millions of new and old Republicans throughout the country. Make your deals with our Donald. He will need your help.

I find him magnificently conservative nearly every time he opens his mouth even though I, no doubt like you, hold my breath. Nearly every time it’s open America regains more and more of its rights provided by the first amendment to our Federal Constitution…..the rights the political correct Marxists and feminists have been methodically destroying from college to university to state and the national capitals.

Dear readers please review carefully Mr. Kristol’s Happy New Year article below:

HAPPY NEW YEAR, by William Kristol at the Weekly Review, a fine conservative publication:

“Well, we’ve endured 2015, the next to last year of the Obama administration. It’s not been without damage to the country—both to its constitutional fabric and its standing in the world. But endured we have. One more year to go.

The point, though, per William Faulkner, is not just to endure but to prevail. America can prevail if today’s conservatism prevails—by which we mean a conservatism that incorporates most that is good about yesteryear’s liberalism and today’s conservatism, and that is also willing to think and act anew, as our case is new. And conservatism can most easily prevail if the political party that is the home of conservatism prevails—the Republican party.

In fact, the prospects for victory in 2016 aren’t bad. Barack Obama began 2015 with (in the Real Clear Politics averages) a 43 percent approval rating and a 52 percent disapproval rating. He ends the year in almost exactly the same place, with a 44 percent approval and 52 percent disapproval. He has no upward momentum going into his last year. It’s hard for a party to retain the White House when only 44 percent of Americans approve of the performance of that party’s president.

Especially when most Americans also have an unfavorable view of that party’s candidate. Hillary Clinton began the year with a 54 to 41 percent favorable rating. She ends the year upside down—at 42 percent favorable, 51 percent unfavorable. This reversal of Clinton’s numbers may be the year’s most significant development with respect to prospects for 2016. And it’s a heartening development for Republicans.

Tests of Clinton matched up against her likely opponents have followed the same trajectory. Take the three most likely GOP nominees: At the beginning of the year, Clinton defeated Marco Rubio by 12 percentage points; now she trails him by 2 points. At the beginning of the year, Clinton crushed Ted Cruz by 15 points; now she leads by less than 1. At the beginning of the year, Clinton led Chris Christie by 10 points; now she leads him, too, by less than 1. Hillary Clinton is an eminently beatable Democratic nominee. Republicans should thank Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and many others for choosing to forgo the race.

On the Republican side, two candidates of whom big things were expected at the beginning of the year, Rand Paul and Jeb Bush, have fizzled. That too is a good thing—unambiguously so in the case of the second Paul, somewhat sadly so in the case of the third Bush. But in both their cases, we could say the system—that is to say, the judgment of the Republican electorate—worked.

So in 2015, from a political point of view, all seemed to be going reasonably well. Only vague difficulties remained, like faraway clouds on a beautiful summer sky. These soon took the shape of Donald Trump—who became in midyear the frontrunner for the Republican nomination and who has remained the frontrunner ever since, despite never having been much of a conservative and despite not being remotely equipped to be president of the United States.

This is a bit of a problem. But in the storied ranks of political demagogues Donald Trump, though talented, is a second-rater. If Republican politicians and conservative leaders can’t overcome the challenge of Trump, they’re probably not up to the challenges of governance.”

Notorious Immigrant Communist Billionaire, George Soros, Leaves Obama for Hillary

The father and financier of the new Marxist order of the traditional American Democrat Party, immigrant Communist, and enemy of western democracy, billionaire George Soros, has finished his advise and consent  financing Marxist Barack Hussein Obama to sell his Communist dictatorship of the plantation of equals with Hillary Roddham Clinton, the notorious feminist queen.

The following article, SOROS REGRETTED SUPPORTING OBAMA IN 2008 CLINTON EMAILS SHOW,  is from left wing Politico, written by Kyle Cheney and Kenneth P. Vogel:

“Billionaire liberal donor George Soros told a close Hillary Clinton ally in 2012 that he regretted supporting Barack Obama over her in the 2008 primaries and praised Clinton for giving him an open door to discuss policy, according to emails released Thursday by the State Department.

In an email to Clinton, Neera Tanden, head of the Center for American Progress, recounted a conversation she had while seated next to Soros at a dinner sponsored by the liberal major donor club called Democracy Alliance.

After Tanden informed Soros that she had worked for Clinton during her bitter 2008 campaign for the Democratic nomination against Obama, Tanden wrote that Soros “said he’s been impressed that he can always call/meet with you on an issue of policy and said he hasn’t met with the President ever (though I thought he had). He then said he regretted his decision in the primary – he likes to admit mistakes when he makes them and that was one of them. He then extolled his work with you from your time as First Lady on.”…..there’s more:


Trump Already Circling Hillary’s Deceit and Fraud Wagon

What Nomination?  Trump Already Bashing Hillary as Election Year Begins

by Michael Walsh  at PJ Media:

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, Trump, yadda yadda. No matter how you feel about the bloviating billionaire, you’ve gotta like this:

“For as long as Hillary Clinton has been in the public eye, she has answered questions — and sometimes volunteered information — about how much and how hard she works to get it all done. Few, even her political enemies, have questioned her work ethic or staying power — until Donald Trump.“She’ll do a couple of minutes in Iowa, meaning a short period of time. And then she goes home,” the GOP presidential front-runner said in Davenport, Iowa, a few weeks ago, as his attention turned to those areas. “You don’t see her for five or six days. She goes home, goes to sleep. I’m telling you. She doesn’t have the strength. She doesn’t have the stamina.”

Ever since — and increasingly in recent days — the magnate has lobbed a barrage of insults at Clinton from onstage at his campaign rallies, on television and online. The former secretary of state is “low-energy,” Trump says. She lacks stamina. She’s physically weak. The attacks — often coded, always personal — seem to be aimed at raising questions in voters’ minds about a factor that has long been whispered in some GOP circles: how Clinton’s age could affect her ability to serve…….”    There’s more: