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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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Semantha Strayer Goes to the Head of the Class about Our Donald Trump

I began professional life as a school teacher of Modern Problems and Russian, the language.   The Russian part kept getting interfered with upon occasion from the Modern Problems part.   How could a teacher help it in the years of my teachings, 1960-1972 without discussing modern problems in a Russian language class?

In language teaching, one starts with rules and ends with rules.  Feminists then and now can’t simply order a change in sentence meaning to adjust truth and structure to fit her moods, feelings of her day and expect to learn much knowledge. Fortunately then gals were interested in accumulating good grades when learning knowledge was required.

A noun is a noun is a noun, unless it is a pronoun, whether in Russian or English.   A verb is a verb is a verb, unless it is an adverb (or gerund).   Sometimes there are rules of word order in a language foreign to ones own.   That fascinated me when I went to college….a place then, but NOT NOW, where one could explore learnings…..a very guy, not gal, thing.

Besides Russian I investigated Chinese, German, Finnish, and Spanish.   I had taken three years of Latin in high school a three years (of occasional study) I HAVE NEVER REGRETTED LEARNING IN MY MALE DRIVE TO SEEK TRUTH in order to understand what this Earth and earthlings are all about.    (Besides, I was horribly dyslexic when young and still am to this day, but with different playing cards in may hands and before my failing eyes.)

I learned early on in home and school life there were tremendous differences between the human female and human male animal.    One of the absolute greatest advantages I found in a gal early and ALL OF MY LIFE, is she is NOT born a guy as a starter, a most important one!

Gals, no matter how high their scores when test-taking then, are born to be ditsy.   They read better, earlier, and in my day as a high school teacher, were by far better disciplined as students (including using crib notes during tests).   After all, school is a drag for most male animals of those years of age.  They were and are born to be curious, to explore,  to challenge, to invent, to defend, to challenge.

Gals as born animal, think differently,  if allowed to according to their nature.  Security, not liberty,  is her primary demand…I don’t wonder why, do you?

She is not born a killer by nature.  I was, and guys, so were you.  We in most of the West have been taught by JudeoChristian principles, required learnings to become closer to God,  civilized to strive for peace and knowledge, and a good life with family to sustain the species.    Despite, today’s social  diseases spread by mostly  left wingers, Obamalings of all sexes, shapes, colors, and sizes,  a human ‘gal’ is not born a Marxist carbon copy of the  human ‘guy’ according to  the overwhelming  genetic rules of life and civility.

What does this introduction to the following article have to do with Trump, the Donald one?

It is written by a real gal, an American not a lefty one….one who actually  recognizes  certain differences between the human male and human female animal and doesn’t pout, pretend, vote, go to college to learn otherwise, but actually is happy about these, mostly natural differences,  including her ability to recognize these truths which so terribly cripple our leftists who do not, can not, or will not,  and the countries they,  usually led by males of all sexes,  fail not to  destroy  people  in the name of Marxist equality.

Warning!!   A real American adult gal according to the folks advertising the Federalist, a Semantha Strayer, wrote this marvelously accurate, truthful resume and associated  dealings below,   regarding  the rise of that someone I call “the Donald” who is presently disturbing nearly all  breeds  of the left, which is natural among such, but also  currently confounding the present  Republican male establishment, which from this distance, once included me, which shouldn’t be established at all if Truth be known:



While Islamic Obama Drives to Islamotize America

and Alan Dershowitz-led   tribes still  drive to establish Jewish  atheism of the American Civil Liberties Union secret police variety to  assault the religion which caused America to be the America of civil liberties and Israel’s best friend in our world today, we report the unfortunate news illustrated in the article below:

Dear Christians…..IT’S NO LONGER ENOUGH TO WORK HARD, RAISE A FAMILY, AND HOPE TO BE LEFT ALONE!        article sent by Mark Waldeland….

“Jan. 4, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – It’s a common complaint in pro-life circles: Why is it often so hard to get the churches involved in social causes? We know that Christians have abortions, too—so it is impacting us personally. We know that Christians are, for the most part, very anti-abortion—so it’s not as if they disagree with the pro-life movement. So what is holding so many people back from getting involved?

Apathy is part of it. Lack of awareness is part of it. But by and large, the real reason is an attitude that runs much deeper. The answer is simple: Church-going people are often traditional, conservative people. And here I don’t mean those terms in the way that political analysts might use them, to describe specific policy positions. I mean simply that they are people who want to work hard, raise their children, and be left alone.

Prayer is out, queer theory is in, and many a middle-aged conservative has found occasion recently to splutter his coffee and gape at his newspaper: “How did things change so fast?”

“Have you ever met a parent of nine kids who was a Democratic activist?” Dennis Praeger once asked wryly. Everyone laughed. Perhaps not everyone even knew why it was so funny—it was just an absurd thought. Such a parent, everyone presumes, would have better things to do. People like my grandparents, who immigrated virtually penniless to Canada from the Netherlands in 1953, began working the land, and raised eleven children on a farm they built through blood, sweat, toil, and tears. They were too busy raising children and putting food on the table to trouble themselves with the screechings of Canadian feminists and other such activists.

Herein lies the problem the pro-life and pro-family movement has in recruiting conservative people to engage the culture to combat the social ills infecting our society: There is something fundamentally foreign about “activism.” Indeed, the term “conservative activist” itself seems to be something of a contradiction in terms. Small-c conservatives and traditionalists do not want to change the world. They want to live in it and not be bothered.” ……..do read more!


Note: To be fair to the 60 year career of that foul, ugly, Jewish intolerant American leftist ‘intellectual’ dictator of temper, great mouth, and Christian-hater, Alan Dershowitz, please note his new face, mouth, and complaint of this very man now moving his WAY THROUGH TODAY’S AMERICAN UNIVERSITY CAMPUS, THEIR INTOLERANCE AND BIGOTRY HE LED TO CREATE!!!

Oh my, the irony of life if one ever pays attention to it! JudeoChristians then as well as today, did NOT deserve this Alan Dershowitz foulness….But, he made a bundle of money and notoriety from that mouth.

Maybe he has discovered Truth after all. BETTER LATE THAN NEVER, ALAN! IF THE CONVERSION IS TRUE, JUDEOCHRISTIANS FORGIVE YOU. I want to as well, but I am not  “Church-going”, so I am not quite there, yet….I just don’t trust you yet as a truthful American! I know you too well from your decades of mouth.

As Pandora of things ancient Greece discovered so long ago, there is always HOPE! May Godbless those ancient Greeks. They knew the Dershowitz’s of our world even back then!


Alan Dershowitz: I Need Armed Guards When Speaking in Favor of Israel on Campuses



by Byron York   at the Washington Examiner:

“Nathan Hanson and Rich Lewerke are perhaps the most discussed, most invisible and most important people in Iowa politics: Long-time Iowans who have never attended a caucus before but say they will do so for the first time on Feb. 1 to vote for Donald Trump.

“I just never really paid attention to politics as much as I do now,” Hanson, 36, who works in an auto dealership, told me as we waited for Trump to appear at the historic Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake Saturday. “Everything that’s happening around us now, and the way things are going — it’s just sparked my interest a heck of a lot more now.”

“It’s almost like Republicans don’t want Trump, even though a lot of the American people do,” added Lewerke, 52, a building contractor. “So I do think it’s very important to caucus this time.”

Bob and Donna Marreel, just retired, are two more of those non-caucusers who plan to show February…..”    (please read more….and Pray for Trump to do his best!)


Massachusetts Trump Center Vandalized


by Jessica Chasmar at the Washington Times:

“Vandals targeted Donald Trump’s Massachusetts campaign headquarters in Littleton over the weekend, writing “pig” and “Nazi” across several windows in red spray paint.

Police said the graffiti was reported Saturday morning at the historic Conant Building on King Street. Vandals had spray-painted “vulgar and sexual references,” “references to Trump as a nazi” and the word “pig” across three storefront windows. A local CBS News affiliate reported seeing “a phallic drawing” and a curse word written in large letters.” (please read more details:)


Ezra Levant Canada Report: Muslim Terrorists Shoot up Calgary Bar?

Were The 2 Mohameds who shot up a Calgary bar, Muslim terrorists?

A report from Canada sent by Ezra Levant:

“Late on Saturday night, three Muslim men pulled up to a bar in Calgary. One of them just walked up to the front door, pointed a gun in and randomly shot — sending one man to hospital and barely missing others in the crowded bar.

Before he could shoot again, he was tackled by the bar’s bouncers.

The whole thing was caught on the bar’s security cameras, which you can see by clicking here, in my video report.

Yesterday, police held a press conference and revealed the names of two of the men: Mohamed Elmi and Mohamed Salad. At the press conference, a reporter asked police if it could be terrorism — and the officer said he wouldn’t rule it out. You can see that in my video report too.

But not a single media outlet today even breathed the possibility of terrorism. In fact, they did their best to hide the names of the attackers — Mohamed and Mohamed — burying them deep at the bottom of the stories.

Isn’t it the media’s job to report the news, not to bury it?

Watch my video here, and judge for yourself. Was it “just” a random shooting by a Muslim gang? Or was it an act of jihad?

If you relied on the mainstream media for your news, you wouldn’t even know police considered it a possibility.

Yours truly,

Ezra Levant

P.S. Please forward this e-mail to your friends, to show them the video of the shooting attack, and the video of the police refusing to rule out terrorism. Tell your friends that if they want to get the real facts about Islamic terrorism, they’ve got to visit The Rebel — they just can’t trust the mainstream media to tell the truth.

P.P.S. Please post a link to this story as your Facebook status update.Click here to do that!”

comment by ghr….(I wonder if  the Democrat Mayor of Philadelphia would declare about the above the above Mohammeds  ‘revelry’ in Calgary,  regarding what Islamism is in the hearts of everyone in his midst, while dictating that the shooting by Islamists has ‘NOTHING WHATEVER TO DO WITH ISLAM!)