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Paul Ryan is a Disgrace

I have voted straight Republican both local and national since 1980 and have been active in local candidacies here in Minnesota since that time of my conversion from hanging around the Lyndon Johnson and the Paul Wellstone crowd.

I’ve been to the Soviet Union on two occasions folks, with Russian my second language.   I have seen and heard what Hillary liars, plotters, contrivers,  and dictators say and  do in single party states.

I admit I have not followed the disgraceful, Paul Ryan, very closely until he was chosen to join the Mitt Romney presidential ticket in 2012.   Big shot GOPers advertised him as worthy and bright… He demonstrated as a national candidate, however,  that he was a bore, feared his own shadow, and was remindful of a turtle on a cold day.

This past year, as House Majority Leader, Mr. Ryan joined president of Obamalings, that Barack Hussein in Washington, in spending another $2,000,000,000,000 for Obama needs, a debt this nation’s people, even the millions of Obamalings paid off on food stamps, cannot afford…..and with that,  the pricey, phony peace agreement with Iran….to help that Islamist fascist state develop its nuclear weapon program.

Mr. Ryan has been advertising lies about Trump’ statement about stopping willy-nilly Islamic immigration into the United States.  Mr. Ryan has been advertising propaganda that Mr. Trump is now a racist, a Mexicanphobe regarding a leftist judge who is leading a frivolous court case against Trump’s Trump University.  What a loser!

Read the following article at realclearpolitics about disavowman Ryan:


2 Responses

  1. Paul Ryan will always be the cowardly politician singled out by Obama as a non-factor during the surreptitious formulation of Obama’s “Affordable Care Act.” Yet Ryan had the audacity, coached by his mentor Mitch McConnell, to “negotiate” a contract to accept being Speaker of the US House of Representatives. So why expect Paul Ryan—another GOP vacillating duplicitous politician—to unequivocally endorse Donald Trump, a non-politician who tells it like it is?

    Paul Ryan, who knows Donald Trump is not a racist, is simply paving the way for his own coronation as future commander-in-chief of the dying American republic. I say ‘Paul the Rabbit’ will run for the big carrot on Pennsylvania Avenue come November 2021…♪♪ Just you wait and see..♪♪

  2. To reiterate: Paul Ryan, who knows Donald Trump is not a racist, is simply paving the way for his own coronation as future commander-in-chief of the dying American republic. I say ‘Paul the Rabbit’ will go after the big carrot on Pennsylvania Avenue in 2020. The man acquired a taste for the ergonomically-designed chair in the Oval Office when Romney selected him as his VP for the GOP presidential ticket against the jackass party’s Obama-Biden tandem…The current Speaker of our ‘impotent’ House of Representatives is an ambitious politico. Paul Ryan for the Presidency?..♪♪ just you wait and see, believe me..♪♪

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