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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
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    • Racism
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Bill Kristol’s Whining Against Our Donald Continues

Still sulking, perhaps sitting in his bedroom  with his left thumb still in his mouth, alleged conservative, Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard group continues whining about the Republican presumptive candidate for the American presidency, Our Donald J. Trump.

I do sympathize with the boy.  I also dream about the conservatism for America that wounded Republicans Americans Bill Kristol and Dennis Prager gab and write about.   I am a generation older and have witnessed every year of the constant collapse of honor and truth in my Twin Cities’ public schools, my state’s honest voting standards, the disappearance of  the civil Negro urban family and neighborhood,  the rise of its crime and racism, and the rise of American feminaziism and rank Godlessness considered by leftist as liberation from white man’s enslavement.

There is no doubt our nation’s values, knowledge  of its human story,  civility, habits have declined closer and closer to cave man and woman leftist savagery…. to Stalinist style, Venezuela Hugo Chavez style, today’s standard American educational style,  1984 newspeak…..the war stirred by  the nation’s feminazis, black racists, and generally innocent tag alongs, Latinos and other immigrants the vast majority of whom sucker Left, because that’s where the dough is, where  propaganda wins, where  plots succeed…..

Today’s Obama and Hillary  drive to sustain rule is  to build and secure a SINGLE  DEMOCRAT PARTY  PLANTATION SOCIETY where  fascists  manage without opposition…..in particular from the God fearing…..for there is no God in Leftist ‘theology’….only the chief or chiefess of the Plantation.

In almost every  position regarding  matters of human importance, religious, education, honor, knowledge, ideals, awareness of good versus bad, lessons to expose the unknown in mankind’s drive to understand why, where, how, to recognize and defend the good, I am a carbon copy of my Dennis Prager, the dozen years I have met and been aware of him.

I landscape garden….Dennis is  an inside man….(after all, Dennis is Jewish…inside people in the western world via history…I wonder if anyone knows why?…..Did you know that in Shakespearean Europe, Jews generally were not allowed to own land.   Shylock was a money-lender instead, for in the Christian world then, money-lending was considered evil.

Black Racists, Feminists, Atheists all rely on ignorant, know-nothing, riotous  followers in order to spread their poisons……today, so easy to excite  when the culture abhors amassing knowledge….witness the leftist queen,  Hillary Roddham Clinton.   Past history, they whine, was written by old white Gentile men…..THE ENEMY OF THE STATE!!

Bill Kristol is a learned man, also Jewish.  I know nothing about his Judaism, but I do know he has been a thinker.  He is  articulate.   He loves his country, its democratic institutions, and dreams of a better tomorrow.

He, like Dennis is a devoted conservative dreaming of a better American tomorrow as independent, knowledgeable adults aware of the trials of their day.   That is who I think I am…..a man who used to teach ‘Modern Problems’ to urban twelfth graders,  Russian language in high school, and visited Obama Peoples plantation, the USSR, in Summer, 1966 and again in October, 1990 when I witnessed the early stages of this Communist police-state collapsing  into  evenings of fresh – air of democratic honesty in Kiev in the then Soviet Socialist Republic of the Ukraine.

For an entire week, thousands and thousand of survivors of this mature Obama police state took turns showing pictures of loved ones, parents, brothers, fathers, grandfathers, who had long since disappeared into the night  of their “Democratic Dictatorship” never to be heard of again.

The tanks of Kiev, the hundreds motor pooled in the open  less than a mile from this dark- to-dawn eulogy, never raised their noise starting engines…..the same year “churched”, Barack Hussein Obama was sitting in the pews of leftist, black racist religious fascist, Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s own  ‘father figure’ for twenty years, yelling, “God Damn America” preaching hate against the nation still  devoted to seeking Truth.

Along comes Donald Trump who, almost a year ago by now,  announced his candidacy to run for the American presidency as a Republican.   I thought him an embarrassment to the Party at that time.   I read America’s leftist newspapers then.     Talk radio didn’t talk much.   I didn’t gamble or  gambol, nor did I golf, and checking into Trump hotels or inns would be  too expensive for me.  I knew Our Donald  was an oddity in the culture.   He carried a huge ego and seemed to like a casino life….after all, I saw him interviewed on television more than once.    Nope, not my guy for the White House, I thought at first.

Being a former high school teacher of Modern Problems, so I decided  I’d give him a chance.

I was surprised the GOP bigs  placed Trump center stage in the first debate.  He was more interesting than all of the propoliticians put together that evening.  I went to the internet…..met his family and his marital history….and a bit about his business success.   I decided to give him a chance by trying to remain neutral.    He wussed every single human animal on that stage for the most part from the beginning of these ‘debates’  to the end.

Yes, he was often all over the map.  Yes, he was not presidential upon occasion.  Why should he be?  He isn’t a practicing politician, a Republican one especially, who is afraid to say anything that might upset lefty fascists, the ones at university, the black racists, atheists, feminists.

Yes, I confess, I used to vote Democrat until 1980 when I keyed in to Ronald Reagan, and joined his “Morning in America” four years later and ever since voted as a conservative and maintained my membership in the GOP.  (Do remember, the Democrat Party of those days predated Hillary and Bill’s sex and other fests  from Arkansas to Washington, DC.

If one ignored Bill Clinton’s sex hunts from the White House, I think his eight years of presidency was a good one, one which economically benefited from Reagan policies and his “Morning in America” aura.    Kristol and other hateTrump fanatics insist, the sex fanatic Bill aside,  the Clinton presidency still was overall a disaster…..Yes, its morals, but not its economy.

Kristol writes in his Weekly Standard today:  “Two Senior Juveniles”…with a picture of Donald and Hillary heads placed side by side.  “How do they fare in the maelstrom of history?   Can a nation founded on those principles long endure…referring to the Declaration of Independence.” when some ‘fluke’citizen builder  like our non-politician, U.S. businessman Donald Trump  has the chutzpah to nose into and, worse, win the GOP presidential primaries.   Kristol again: “The 9/11 generation – the young men and women who have volunteered by the hundreds of thousands to fight since the attack on America 15 years ago – provide the most recent evidence that we retain,  as a nation that kind of weight and elevation.  All is not, in today’s America, merely  high or  low….Trump or Hillary.”….but, then, read the Weekly Standard Bill Kristol peeve for yourself:




One Response

  1. Bill Kristol is a nudnik, really; few, if any, should pay attention to what he says about Mr. Trump. This tedious ‘faux journaliste’ is so bent on finding dirty linen in The Donald’s closet he’s become a monumental bore. Had he been as busy about ‘voodoo’ man Barry Hussein Obama Soetoro, the world would have been safer today.

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