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Is Donald Right Exposing the Pig in Today’s American Feminist?

Looking back several generations ago, yet still in my lifetime, the American female was venerated, lovely to look at, to talk and listen to, an honor among the America’s JudeoChristian religious  rules of life, a creature worthy to protect.

There were no Barbara Boxers, Nancy Pelosis,  Dianne Feinsteins, Hillary Clintons, Al Sharptons, Harry Reids, Gloria Steinems  or Megyn Kelly Fox broads belching, slinking or starring in the public spotlight outside of the grunts of all sexes in Hollywood.

Is evil Hillary  a slut worthy of  any American veneration just because she is a human animal female?   Well, I suppose it depends upon your definition of  slut, for honest folks know she is EVIL!

Why throughout much of  our  JudeoChristian past has the human female animal been provided such idealistic  honors until the  arrival a couple generations ago of public sluttage and feminism now hounding our nation’s culture?


Motherhood was considered sacred even in my own lifetime,  before television and the collapse of our American family.

Fatherhood was the protector!  There used to be a family unit.  There used to be a religion based on thinking-man’s war of RIGHT VERSUS EVIL!

Hillary has a daughter, Chelsea…..who prospering so successfully without doing anything productive,  appears to be a perfect chip off her parents’ block!

Donald Trump has a number of children who seem to be more American, more gifted than a block.

Donald Trump  has not been groomed to be a sleaze in Truth.   His children and success in business in real, not foul  political life, are examples of what the man ACTUALLY DOES PRODUCE in the family world.

For what reason should any American, should anyone anywhere venerate the foul acts and plots of soulless Hillary Roddham Clinton.   As a rational person, try hard to look at the kind of political campaign she runs every day of her life……for this creepy, dishonest Clinton, the Queen of Sleaze,  has been running her own campaigns to power for the past two generations.

Motherhood no longer seems to be honored by leftist America….nor is Fatherhood.   The traditional human family needs to be replaced by government office fascists built and paid for by university, like thoroughly evil, Hillary herself, a slut in politics and leadership, if not of the street.

Hillary is not alone in today’s fascist feminist invasion of institutions American.  While real Americans still work or have worked for a living, a new religion is being propagandized at  our local and national universities from coast to coast…feminazism.

Despite feminist and feminazi doctrines, Nature, nature’s God, has not made the human male animal an female animals identical,  reduced to a one of the same shapes,  sizes, and gifts  to be reduced enslavement ala the world of 1984.

All civilized societies are civilized when seeking Truth, Truth being the human God.

Although Our sometimes street crude Donald may stumble on his way seeking Truth and presidency of our United States, he is gifted  builder, a winsome  man of honesty and integrity to have achieved what he has achieved……something very foreign to Democrat and most Republicans now occupying our American political arena.

Is the American public too slobby, too ignorant, too foreign to God and Country, to recognize Truth when Truth  enters their realm?

Donald Trump is not a politician, a chameleon like Hillary, Bill, and Barach.  He is a gifted American who builds things, and an American who loves his country and is truly concerned about its tomorrows…… an American who happens not to be a feminist, but a male by sex with its   gifts and burdens.

Our America is presently in a classic war  of   good versus evil to be decided in an election this coming   November.  How ironic that its leader to redeem our nation, our  winsome but humanly flawed Donald J. Trump,  is  remindful  of  the great, but profoundly flawed,   Judaic King David of our Bible, who is our today’s American warrior to resurrect good in his country!

It’s this bright American, Donald Trump the flawed, the still alive JudeoChristian  and barely alive  American Constitution   versus ……….the corrupt, devious Obama, the profoundly evil Hillary and her sexual pervert, Impeached  Bill, and their  fascist international -left machine, its one party  news and entertainment industry,  and their  Wall Street power houses funding them.

Our Donald seems to have a degree or two of pride to accompany his skills.  Can our America become so lucky to have him uplift our nation as King David did for his?

YES….but he needs to be elected first!   Vote for Donald!!

One Response

  1. “Hillary has a daughter, Chelsea…..who prospering so successfully without doing anything productive, appears to be a perfect chip off her parents’ block!” Yes, Hillary is her mother, but, is Bill her father? More people are pointing out, practically every day, that Chelsea really doesn’t look much like Bill, and, that she looks a lot like Web Hubbell, a long time business associate of Bill’s and “friend of the family”. An aide from Bill’s WH days says Bill told him he was sterile due to a childhood illness. That’s enough evidence to speculate that Web is Chelsea’s father, not Bill. How does that compare with the video of Trump that is causing so much furor? Isn’t Hillary having another man’s baby while married to Bill, much worse than what Trump did? It would be one thing if Hillary, as a feminist, owned up to what happened, but, as a politician, that could cost her votes! So she, Bill, and, probably, Chelsea, pretend to be one big, happy, biological, family! I think Trump should go after Hillary on this issue, as a counter to the video issue she has unleashed on him.

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