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Obamaling Marchers Chant: “Kill Police” during Anti Trump Protest

Marchers Chant ‘Kill the Police’ During Anti-Trump Protest

by Rick Moran  at PJMedia:

“Seven people were arrested at a protest march in Indianapolis as demonstrators threw rocks at officers and chanted “Kill the police.” The crowd also chanted “Love trumps hate.”

Nothing quite says “Love trumps hate” like threatening to kill police, eh?

Three of those arrested were not from Indianapolis, say authorities.

Indianapolis Star:

The protest that started at the Statehouse was mostly peaceful until later in the evening when police used what appeared to be a pepper gun on some protesters walking in the street.After rallying at the Statehouse and walking towards the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, the group splintered in two. On Facebook, the rally was set to end at 8 p.m., but a sizable portion of people continued to march, and police began asking protesters to get on the sidewalks around that time.

One group stopped at the corner of Washington and Illinois streets. The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said at that point, protesters started chanting threats, such as, “Kill the police”………Please read on:


One Response

  1. Goodbye to King Obie and his eight-year fermented shovel-ready manure. And please take the garbage cans with you!

    Barack Obama is again traveling to a foreign country—Greece, this time—to avoid another national crisis he’s responsible for, all the while living high-on-the-hog at the expense of the American taxpayer. What the heck, just add the cost of this ‘insignificant’ self-indulgence to the $44.4 million already incurred on the many personal travel indulgences of King ‘Obie’ over the last eight years; after all, what are a few millions added to the $20.0 trillion we owe the pawnbrokers he pawned the future of our grandchildren to? But there he is again in Athens spouting his anti-American garbage as our nation is assaulted, vandalized and its flag burned by the Soros dregs at home; his silence assuring the unruly crowd to bust up the joint in protest of the new GOP ‘bogeyman’ who’ll take away their rights. So what has the Marxist ‘globalist’ carpetbagger to offer the proud but economically battered Greeks desiring to ‘Grexit’ the EU…as they grow anxious about NATO’s response to Russia’s presence in the Mediterranean? All was well when we were the big dog in the Med; but it has all changed with Russia’s naval fleet anchored in Syrian port, and its aggressive posture in the region. Yet of Athens two concerns, Grexit or NATO, it’s the unpalatable rehashed Marxism of Angela Merkel they are more upset about. Like us with NAFTA, they lament the loss of their industrial base to the Germans and the suppressing executive directives from Berlin’s controlled bureaucrats in Brussels.

    Here at home, however, the incoming administration should not to be concerned about what the lame duck charlatan King Obie says in Athens, or anywhere else. Now abroad he’s met with passing courtesies; and on the way out, faint grins and whispered words. …Goodbye, turkey.

    On November 8th we repudiated Barack Obama’s government. On January 20, 2017, we’ll sanitize our Oval office and get rid of his noxious garbage can. We can’t wait to get rid of the trash!

    All that money and time George Soros invested down in the Southwest trying to rig the elections in favor of Hillary Clinton didn’t work, but his flunkies in the liberal media make it look as if his visit had to do with Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s stand against Obama’s unconstitutional support of illegal immigration and disregard for the laws of the State of Arizona. Wouldn’t that be something if Arizona’s ex-Governor Jan Brewer was appointed to lead the Department of Homeland Security? Why not?!

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