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Al Gore, the MasterFrauder of Climate Change, Doesn’t Mention Death by Cold is Earthlings’ Fate!!

Some day our Blessed Earth will become absent of life.   This is known by honest folks in the trade of seeking Truth.

And then there is a Barack here, and an Al Gore there, and American haters everywhere to sell the story the Earth is heating up, the result of the inventions of the  white male of West in his drive to make dollars.

This line of Global Warming  is the religion of the day worshiped by college feminists and street Black Racists and the Democrat Party  which funds their lies.  It is also the religion of the United Nations and  a major fable sold by the Islamic firsts over all.

Tens of thousands of countless coherent throughout the world have been financed by the United Nations and leftists of Uncle Same to sell the fraud that  global warming  as it is developing  upon our Earth,is lethal to all living matter, that it has been  caused by the white male who invented matter such as autos, locomotives, air craft carriers, rockets,  and heated structures in winter with coal and gas, and by  humans and other living matter required to  exhale carbon dioxide and die and decay.

These Gorites, nearly all leftist fanatics,  are banking upon an illiterate world to remain illiterate forever in order to increase their own wealth and earthly status until with death they do part…..to lay happy in their decay exuding CO2.

Mother Earth has been herself by solid shape…. for about 4.8 billion years.   Then there came water…and  eventually all hell broke loose….with wind and rock, and eventually dinosaurs and mankind.   She cools and warms in the short term century as well.  Wind currents change their paths causing cooling here, perhaps warming there.   She was  lot warmer before mankind, and has been cooling  in a long more recent term….

And eventually, it is expected  she will cool and cool and cool as her  Morning Sun no longer is able to “arrive”.

Carbon Dioxide is sold as a poison by knownothings in the Al Gorite world.  Auto emissions cause carbon dioxide….so do you and I, when  alive.  Yet, it is as vital to Earth’s living matter  as oxygen.      Before man and his kind’s development,   CO2 was more than 100 times more dense at Earth’s surface than it is today….as recent as the peak of  dinosaur world  67,000,000 years ago.   Why?   What causes the balancing act between Oxygen and CO2?    (I learned it in 1948 from Miss Marie Hart  in high school General Science at St Paul Central public school.)   Teachers were learned then.

Minnesota was colder when my parents lived in the area 100 years ago than it is today.  I was born in the 1930s when coal  and wood  warmed our houses in the Twin Cities winters.

Gorites rely on our American Leftist  ignorance exploding  from universities, colleges and school, made popular to force the population to be made equally illiterate.

Billions of dollars are made available each year to bribe Gorite leftists at government, university, college, and school to sell their political wars.  The more stupid the population, the easier it is to control and therefore make equal the male and female.

Please learn all you can about con-artist, Al Gore and his con-alikes.


4 Responses

  1. Ask the phony ‘global warming’ Al Gore why has it snowed in the Sahara; one meter of snow! The Bedouins are having fun sledding but the camels are confused and disoriented. The Europeans are freezing. Hey, it also snowed for five (5) days in Istanbul.

    The planet is experiencing much cold/snow/ice in unusual places; the Middle East is one big killing field, Europe is awash with Muslim refugees and terrorists; the feminists and black racists in the US have gone off the deep end; Red China is illegally expanding its maritime limits; the Putin ‘techno-geeks’ in Moscow are having fun hacking and leaking embarrassing emails; and natural disaster are occurring all over the globe. Has the world gone mad?! The only place where there is some joy, peace, and tranquility is Papua New Guinea.

    Is all this mess the result of global warming and the progressives’ political ineptitude and corruption? But from all this, in the US, two larcenous ‘Nobelists’ have become rich and famous from the world’s madness and ignorance–Mr. ‘Convenient Lie’ Al Gore and US ex-prez Barack ‘Snake Oil’ Obama. Shouldn’t they return their unwarranted Nobel prize to the senile, pablum-fed, old farts on the Nobel Committee in Oslo? It would seem the right and proper thing to do. But don’t hold your breath, it’s not going to happen, Liberals have always lacked the courage and integrity to do the right thing.

  2. The planet is experiencing much cold/snow/ice in unusual places; the Middle East is one big killing field, Europe is awash with Muslim refugees and terrorists; the feminists and black racists in the US have gone off the deep end; Red China is illegally expanding its maritime limits; the Putin ‘techno-geeks’ in Moscow are having fun hacking and leaking embarrassing emails; natural disasters occurring all over the globe. Has the world gone mad?

    Papua New Guinea could be the only place on earth where you may find some joy, peace, and tranquility. Go ahead, book a room in the Port Moresby Hyatt; but don’t venture into the wild, you may find some Democrats recruiting bushmen for the Jackass party. Oy vay!

    • Cjack: Do go to the head of the class! I remember Papua from 1942 Sunday news pictures before the beginning of WWII’s Guadalcanal campaign where some of our GIs were stationed and warned about the nearby headhunters. I remember asking my dad what “headhunter” meant. He showed me pictures from a recent National Geographic…..I couldn’t sleep that night. I saw the dwarfed remains of rural Papua neighbors’ more rural heads on necklaces drooping from male necks as they sat eating fresh meat.
      I mention this memory with no intent to compromise the Papua scene you described. I merely wanted to agree with you that it’s ‘suburbs’ would be a good place to send a lot of today’s Democrats!

      Perhaps you could share with us where in your life’s development did you learn such knowledge regarding outdoor Earth…..so absent among America’s population for the past generation or two. I suspect you have been overseas a number of times….and perhaps lived in New York City a time or two….
      How are you handling Our Donald? ghr

      • Yes my dear ghr; I have lived, worked, served in the US military, and continue to travel abroad. I’ve enjoyed wonderful places, and been saddened by the corruption, poverty, illiteracy, and ignorance in many other places where the main daily concern is focused solely on food and shelter. Places where folks are extremely grateful for one meal a day and somewhere to sleep under a roof. And if you supply them with a bamboo mat and a pair of flip-flops, you have forever won their hearts. What is really heart warming to every American is the generosity of our people everywhere I have been—CARE, American Red Cross, US AID, American religious missionaries and organizations, and private corporate foundations—delivering food, computers, school supplies, clothing, toys, medicine, medical equipment, health care, farming equipment, grain, seed, money, building schools from the elementary level to higher-ed, etc. For that idiot Senator Bernie Sanders to say to Rep. Tom Price, Trump’s nominee for Sec. of DHS, that America is not a compassionate country compared to others, is enough to run him out of office. That statement is so unfounded and so anti-American you have to wonder about the sanity of the folks in Vermont who elected this fool to high-office. Duh!

        Human flesh in Papua may no longer be as high on the menu of some natives, thanks to the Christian missionaries canvassing the island; but processed foods (high-fructose drinks/juices, soda, Cheetos, potato chips, corn flakes, M&Ms, etc…) are destroying their health. Yes, I do recommend Papua as a retreat for the unhinged, psychotic, butterfly-snaring Democrats; introspection, solitude, kava brew, taro, and bush meat may be their cure.

        Unquestionably, Donald Trump’s electoral victory has exposed how desperate the DNC is in need of serious long-term psycho-therapy. Well, here’s where Dr. Charles Krauthammer can make his bones by delving into the mind of the politically deranged. Sigmund Freud, move over; there is a new shrink in town.

        Oh yeah…Our man Trump is moving at supersonic speed delivering on his promises but the phony, grandstanding, lying Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is deliberately delaying the confirmation of our man’s cabinet. Shame on the obstructionist Senator Schumer and his pack of dirty Demo-rats! Didn’t Harry Reid retire?

        DNC: ‘Democrass’ National Crooks. Phew!

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