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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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Don’t Ever Forget What Social Democrat Hugo Chavez ‘People’ Did to Once Democratic Venezuela

A battle raged among our America’s  Democrat Party, or more accurately, what’s left of it since John Kennedy days.   It’s own ticking time bomb for America was lit this past Saturday…..when fascistic rabble-rousers Tom Perez and Islamic   “Minister” Louis Farrakhan man, Keith Ellison representing  once Swedish Minnesota battled it out for supremacy among the Bernie Sanders’ university trained  street thugs.

Our United States is in trouble…..$20,000,000,000,000 of  Bush and Obama debt from  their era of buying votes, the disappearance of teaching knowledge throughout American academia, and the rise of fanatic feminism and violent black racism and open borders have come to plague the nation.   Seeking and teaching Knowledge and  Truth have succumbed to preaching and exuding “Feelings”, the more hysterical, the better.   The Era of the Human Female rule has arrived?

Leftist mouthy Democrat of our Minnesota’s Islamist Keith Ellison kind,  Hugo Chavez, introduced leftist equality a few years ago to Venezuela, throughout my life time, the most democratic people ever to manage a population throughout  America SOUTH OF THE RIO GRANDE.   Venezuela  possessed  petroleum, and still does.

Get to know better what these  leftist “Social-Democrats” can and do accomplish when a nation’s folks return to study ignorance over knowledge.



Democrat’s Feminism, Black Lives Matter, Open Borders = Fascism


There was a time when I spoke Russian quite fluently with an old fashioned Russian aristocrat accent.  For years I subscribed to Pravda and Izvestia among other such Soviet matters.

Of my  700 quarter credits of life university  study  I have a graduate degree in Soviet Studies.

On two occasions, the summer of 1966 and the autumn of 1990, I dwelt and traveled in this dictatorship of dictatorships, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic.   Relative to the Stalinist era of intrigue, terror, and slaughter, that first visit to  Soviet dictatorship was one amidst  intrigue and some terror, but usually  without much slaughter, but filled with poverty.   I was very careful with my steps and visits, but overall, I felt safe.

The Soviets, as usual,  were in deep financial trouble and had made an agreement, the National Defense Education Act, NDEA, during the Eisenhower administration to allow American teachers of Russian  with  graduate degrees  to travel  but with Soviet “guidance” from city to city,  kolhoz to kolhoz.    Three of us in this group of twenty were fluent in the language and were able to weave in and out of official observation.  Yet at the end of this extraordinary life experience for an American, when our plane exiting the USSR landed in Helsinki, Finland, automatically, we, the moment we landed and descended the Soviet plane,   without any guidance or expectation, all kissed the ground of this part of the free world, the bearing of this USSR  police state was that profound.

I was one of the interpreters for a Twin City religious group, on visit, October, 1990,  a Christian group which had collected funds to aid the victims of the atomic mishap at Chernobyl in 1986.   Revolution was in the air.  I had noticed a motor pool area loaded with at least a hundred of tanks less than a mile from our hotel upon our arrival   in Kiev.   Later in the week of our visit,  an organized rebellion broke out one morning under the screech  of thousands of whistles,  while I was shaving at the bathroom sink in my room on the seventeenth  floor of a newly Soviet- built hotel.   The only  elevator designed to reach the seventeenth floor, was out of order the entire week of our stay in the city.    Over  ten thousand people peacefully but noisily blew  whistles  while  passing by  the hotel  to surround local government buildings about a mile away.

Not a tank arrived.

Yet, every evening for the next six days when I left for home, thousands gathered at the square adjacent to our hotel from dusk throughout the night in quietude of mourning while countless thousands, mostly women,  took turns showing pictures of  grandfathers, fathers, brothers, and sons who had been taken from life, made to disappear by the Communist Party over the past thirty years, most simply providing the names, the relationships, and the dates of the disappearances of their family’s lost loved ones.

That is more than twenty five years ago.  Glasnost was in the air.   In a few years Kiev would  become the capital of the Ukraine.  Soviet fascists weren’t going away, but were forced to reduce the Soviet empire.  More recently the dictatorship has regained strength under the fascism of Vladimir Putin from  the Soviet  secret police empire.

Today, Sunday, February 26, 2017, I spent the day watching FAKE NEWS on cable’s MSNBC and CNN.   I have been worried about  the collapse of things  democratic in our  present Democrat Party, being made “Soviet” foreign under the leadership of Charles Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders,  Tom Perez,  and Islamic religious fascist, Keith Ellison, and financed by Communist George Soros and billionaires in communications and finance…..and the murders and riots by  Black Lives Matter,  by illegal immigrants, by drug masters and mistresses, and the millions of illegal Latinos and Latinas made comfortable by leftist fascists running sanctuary cities throughout America’s Democrat Party-controlled metropolitan areas, and the brainless  social science  graduates from Harvard and Yale throughout  the country  Northwestern to UCLA.

CNN and MSNBC are not alone among FAKE NEWS folks…..NBC, ABC, PBS, CBS, the New York Times, Boston Globe, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Mpls  Strib….and countless others are members of the same Leftist print.  FAKE NEWS IS SOLD THROUGHOUT THESE CENTERS OF  today’s fascistic leftism.

President Donald J. Trump tweets to the  public…… Cable Fox not too far behind the Leftist Cable propaganda throng complains that President Trump  tweets.   Chris Wallace’s  Cable Fox is among the established Left is paid very well for his efforts.   Fox advertises balance and fairness to sell more ‘news’.

Our Donald has, besides his tweet freedom, and our Dennis Prager show on radio,  ONLY ONE NATIONAL  TELEVISION CHANNEL, a cable one,  to rely on to  share  similar traditional freedom-loving American brotherhood and sisterhood beliefs in thought and deed;  BUSINESS FOX starring  Stuart Varney  in the morning during week days.

How lucky we Americans, immigrants and all  who love democratic freedoms, truth, and honesty  are, that  Donald J. Trump, the energetic who loves his country,  is leader of “Making America Great Again”!

The Fraud in “Climate Change”


“Billions and billions of dollars throughout the world  have been wasted by world governments  over the past generation selling  the political leftwing anti-American  world of “Climate Change Science”….that 1) our globe’s Climate is changing…and we know that to be true, for it is always changing,  and that 2) Climate Change  IS life-threatening to the human and other animal (and plant) world….and we know that to be  true eventually,  for life on Earth exists on borrowed SUN time……but, there is a third clause caused by our Obamaling world of communist/socialist/feminist and racial fascism, a political one…..that our “Mother Earth” is heating up….AND  WHITE MAN has caused this  grave climate change threat to the human race and the nature of the plants and bunnies around us.   If he hadn’t invented all of these terrible things over the past six hundred years of his learnings, discoveries,  and inventions…… automobiles, air-conditioning and heating systems, marijuana, Hillary, submarines, tanks, rockets, and planes, suits and dresses, houses and sky scrapers, and that Titanic…..

Is it all a trillion dollar fraud?

The western, that is the guilt-ridden white world,  led by American politician, now professional  science hooker, the former  Vice President and noted Presidential loser, Democrat Al Gore, has led the charge to save world’s womankind by spending  white man’s   money  selling climate change through the United Nations over the past decade and two.  Yes, most likely if truth were allowed to be told.

Please read he following:


Is Global Warming Science Just A Fraud?

by Will Happer at  Investor’s Business Daily:


“Climate Change: We’re often told by advocates of climate change that the “science is settled.” But in fact, “science” itself is in a deep crisis over making claims it can’t back up, especially about climate.

As BBC News Science Correspondent Tom Feilden noted last week, “Science is facing a ‘reproducibility crisis’ where more than two-thirds of researchers have tried and failed to reproduce another scientist’s experiments, research suggests.” This isn’t just his journalistic opinion, but the conclusion of the University of Virginia’s Center for Open Science, which estimates that roughly 70% of all studies can’t be reproduced.

And this includes the field of climate change, by the way. It’s a disaster. Being able to reproduce others’ experiments or findings from models is at the very heart of science. Yet, radical climate change advocates would have us spend 2% of global GDP, or roughly $1.5 trillion a year, to forestall a minuscule amount of anticipated warming based on dubious modeling and experiments.

Meanwhile, the federal government spends literally billions of dollars a year on climate change, with virtually none of the money funding scientists who doubt the climate change threat. There is no serious debate. This is a problem for all of science.

Worse, our government’s own science fraud is a big problem. Dr. John Bates, a former top scientist at National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, recently detailed how a government paper that called into question the 18-year “pause” in global warming was based on “experimental” data and politicized. That “paper” was used to justify President Obama’s signing of the Paris climate agreement.

Meanwhile, Georgia Institute of Technology climatologist Judith Curry recently retired, blaming the “CRAZINESS (her emphasis) in the field of climate science.”

Even so, mythical claims of a “consensus” among scientists about climate change continue in an effort to shut up critics. Those who dissent, and literally thousands of scientists and engineers do, are shouted down and harassed.

As Princeton University physicist Will Happer told the left-wing British newspaper the Guardian earlier this week: “There’s a whole area of climate so-called science that is really more like a cult. … It will potentially harm the image of all science.”

It’s time for some science Glasnost. New EPA Director Scott Pruitt has called for an open debate on climate science, rather than the name-calling and outright dishonesty of the past. Real science has nothing to fear from more openness and discussion, but everything to fear from more politicized dishonesty……”


Global Warming And Climate Change: Facts & Fiction

If Global Warming Is Real, Why Do Government Scientists Have To Keep Cheating?

Global Warming Alarmists Claim A Scalp, Drive Skeptical Scientist From University

Can Donald Trump, a Father of a Jew, Whose Son-in-Law Is Jewish, Be Anti-Semitic as Leftists Claim?

Answer:   Not if those Leftists are American Obamaling  Democrats.  They have ‘feelings’.    Leftists have powerful feelings about who is racist.   All Republicans, male and female,  are considered racists, for to quote that leading Democrat, Hillary, they are “deplorables”, and “irredeemables” therefore, automatically antiSemitic.

What more needs to be said among leftist Democrats?

Please read the following article by Roger Simon at PJMedia:  WHAT’S BEHIND THE ACCUSATIONS THAT TRUMP IS ANTI-SEMITIC?


Sorry Obamaling America, America’s Human Adult Males Are Back in Business

Barrack Hussein Obama was not the Mother of the rise of feminism and its feminazis of all sexes, colors, shapes, and sizes, who now operate nearly everything within the American  fascistic left, its   Democrat Party and its sycophants running things at CNN, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, PBS, ABC, THE NEW YORK TIMES, WASHINGTON POST worlds, and today’s  schools and universities of leftist religious teachings from coast to coast…..the “Fake News” and “Black Lives Matter” people who sell the politics of  single sex, single  party,  with ignorance,  hysterics, and  religion,   FEMINISM!

Mr. Obama was feminism’s leading politician while in office earlier this decade.

However, “one sex fits all!” does, however, have its opponents….Trumpy Republicans, those rational human animals, the ones male and female  who bother to think in order to problem solve, rather than today’s  Democrats who emote, shout, and threaten others with extinction for a living !

Yet, these Obamalings  are becoming united into one political machine with one goal in mind, to rid America of its brilliant masculine present President and his associates as soon as possible….. all those ‘incorrigibles’ along with him.

Truth among Obamalings  no longer has  meaning. Truth is far  too masculine, too JudeoChristian to be valued.   In ‘school and university’ today it is taught  that human  history, discoveries,  its structures,  and science,  have been “recorded, invented” overwhelmingly and unfairly  by  the white racist  male, and so has no value, no meaning.

Moreover, Truth  competes with  Obamalingism, the  religion of one sex and size fits all.

Obamalingism’s one sex size seems to have become popular in  Sweden recently.   Around a million of ‘legal’ immigrants from Islamolands  have been settled in this part of Scandinavia  by leftist government fiat.     Swedes, it has been advertised,  never make  mistakes.  Whether in Minnesota or in Stockholm, they’ll  worship whom they please  with or without Truth…..as long as they feel good, no matter how vile and wild the crimes by those foreigners who invade their culture en masse.




Jew Charlie Schumer Backs antiIsrael Islamist, Gopherland Keith Ellison for top National Democrat Party Job


by Daniel Greenfield   at Frontage Magazine:

“Intense pressure from his base forced Senator Schumer to briefly come out against the Iran nuke sellout. But now he’s at it again, backing Keith X. Ellison, who had a history of defending anti-Semitism in his Nation of Islam days, for DNC boss.

While Ellison’s defenders claim that his defenses of anti-Semitism and Nation of Islam past are ancient history, there’s plenty of more recent history. Like this Tweet.


Trump Could Destroy Local Arizona Economies!

Neighbor Bruce Taber sent the following notice regarding troubles in Arizona:
(Read to the end, especially the Canadians)
TRUMP could destroy the local AZ economies.  Illegal immigrants are boycotting Arizona by the thousands and moving elsewhere showing their outrage with Donald Trump’s proposed law of sending illegal immigrants back to their native countries.
In the small town of Guadalupe, AZ, south of Phoenix, Manuel Renaldo is one of those who are vowing to punish Arizona by leaving.  As he loaded his stolen car with his taxpayer-furnished belongings and family of ten, Renaldo told this reporter through an interpreter: “It’s a matter of principle; I refuse to be supported by a state that treats me like a criminal!”
The effects of the exodus are already being felt by some Arizona retailers, who are reporting dwindling thefts & sales of beer, tequila, spray paint, and ammunition.  Also hit hard are the state hospitals, which have reported a dramatic decline in births and emergency room visits of non-revenue patients!.
State welfare agencies are preparing to lay off staffs that distribute food stamps and unemployment benefits.  Tattoo parlors are in an absolute state of panic!
Renaldo told a reporter, through an interpreter, that he and his family are moving to Canada, with a new Liberal government under Justin Trudeau and new higher taxes and hardworking people who will better support him and his family with dignity!
Kinda brings a tear to your eye, doesn’t it?