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Comey Served at the Pleasure of Himself


by George Neumayr    at American Spectator  

“Of the show trials in the Soviet Union, it was said, “Everything was true, except the facts.” One could say the same about the show trial Donald Trump is suffering at the hands of a hysterically partisan ruling class. Its frenzy over James Comey’s Senate testimony bears no relationship to reality; it is simply a reflection of its own ruthless power politics and determination to nail Trump at any cost.

Comey’s testimony was utterly unpersuasive. Though presented in high-minded terms, it amounted to little more than sour grapes over a sacking, and a wholly justified sacking at that. Comey’s directorship was an unmitigated disaster.

Trump “lied” about the reasons for my firing, whined Comey. No, he didn’t. If Trump said that Comey’s lousy judgment had caused “turmoil” at the FBI, that’s because it did.

That Comey characterized Trump’s comments about a demoralized FBI as a “lie” should discredit the rest of his testimony. It just underscored the straining, self-serving character of his appearance. He showed up not to defend an “independent” FBI but to justify his own dubious tenure at it……”  Please read on below:

One Response

  1. —-Dark Days for the American Republic—

    James Comey, that slithering 6′ 8″ snake in the grass, has confirmed the length and breath of his cowardice and treachery. Comey’s leaking to the media, and his collusion with the Clinton Foundation/George Soros/Barack Obama & his ‘deep state’ shadow operatives in the US Government/and the corrupt Democratic Party (aka CPUSA), must be fully exposed to the world. This intent to bring down the presidency of Donald J. Trump is a very serious matter that warrants a thorough investigation, swift prosecution, and punishment. Steep fines and jail sentences are in order; and in the case of George Soros, revocation of his naturalized US citizenship, fines, jail sentence, and deportation.

    Therefore it’s incumbent upon the President and the US Department of Justice to urgently pursue the full prosecution of the treacherous, self-serving ex-director of the FBI James Comey and his cohorts.

    The Russians did not interfere with our electoral process. The vindictive, corrupt ex-FBI Director James Comey did; and so did the corrupt ex-US AG Loretta Lynch, the corrupt ex-president of the US Barack Obama, the impeached ex-president of the US William Jefferson Clinton, and the nefarious globalist George Soros. And don’t spare Hillary Clinton, she was their willing accomplice. But let us start the legal process to fully unmask their evil deeds by investigating the slimy conduct of the ‘long worm’ James Comey. Who could have imagined that the ex-Director of the FBI would be the mysterious leaker?! Tom Clancy and Jack Anderson would have certainly uncovered the plot.

    This is a scandal from which the American Republic may never recover; the transformation of our country the anti-American Barack Hussein Obama had promised the world in Grant Park. And it may well be the darkest night in our country’s history. Oh yeah, Josef Stalin and Frank Marshall Davis must be celebrating in Hades; not to mention Valerie “Mata Hari” Jarrett still roaming in the vicinity of the Oval Office.

    By the way, the NY Times (the New York Slime, really) is offering low cost e-subscriptions. Ignore the offer!

    CJack, Lighthouse on the Gulf Gazette
    June 12, 2017

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