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Hillary’s Pay to Play Culture Exposed

Judicial Watch reveals Huma emails indicating pay-to-play culture at Hillary’s State Department

By Thomas Lifson  at American Thinker:

“Judicial Watch has been doing the work that Congress and the Justice Department can’t or won’t do, uncovering evidence of Clinton scandals heretofore hidden from the public.  Thanks to their FOIA lawsuits, the State Department is coughing up redacted documents that are part of the public record – even the ones on Hillary Clinton’s illegal server and (soon, we hope) Anthony Weiner’s laptop, where Huma Abedin forwarded classified emails “to make them easier to print.”

In the latest release of 1,606 pagesJudicial Watch noted “repeated use of unsecured communications for classified information and numerous examples of Clinton Foundation donors receiving special favors from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s staff.”

As Hillary’s closest aide, Ms. Abedin had access to everything Hillary did.

There is a lot to go through, but the U.K. Daily Mail picked out this highlight:

[An] email from 2009 released by the State Department reveals Kelly Craighead of the Democracy Alliance and friend of Hillary Capricia Marshall, a former HillPAC director, putting in a good word for a person they describe as a ‘loyal supporter.’

Craighead followed up to try to get the booster a job.

‘It would mean a lot to me if you could help or advise on a personnel situation for a dear friend,’ she wrote.

Abedin, who worked for Clinton in the Senate and State Department and went on to join her presidential campaign, seemed to buy it. ‘We love [redacted]’ she wrote. ‘Looking into this asap.’

If and when a special counsel is appointed to look into the possible crimes associated with the Clinton Foundation and State Department, I am sure that this interaction will be the subject of inquiry and cross-examination of Ms. Abedin.

And this:

The emails also show the reemergence of Hillary Clinton brother Tony Rodham, who intervenes to try to get someone help with his green card.

In the 2010 email, assistant Monica Hanley wrote Abedin: ‘Hi Huma – Tony Rodham called again looking for an update with his greencard issue. Let me know if this is something I should follow up on.’

A March 2010 email from Hanley appears to show an effort to get out of the task.

‘Do you want me to tell Mr. Rodham that the State Departmtn doesn’t handle Green Card matters or do you want me to tell him something else?’ she inquired.

If only the State Department handled Green Cards, there would not be a problem in granting the favor – special consideration, it sounds like.

Leftist apologists are claiming that because Hillary Clinton lost the election, she should be immune from criminal prosecution.  These are potential crimes in office, and the American people deserve a full inquiry.  The left demands investigations, so let’s show how it is done.



2 Responses

  1. It is time for the White House to order the US Attorney General to name a ‘real and untainted’ Special Counsel to reopen the investigation on Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. I’m talking about their “collusion” with the Kremlin, obstruction of justice, and their pay-to-play shenanigans. Bill and Hillary Clinton should be locked up for their corruption and acts of sedition against the American people and the government of the United States.

    • I cannot agree with you more, cjack….The woman is so “masterfully” corrupt, however, she is a contemporary Democrat, the most corrupt American national institution of our day and in my lifetime reminiscent of its century of fascistic white racism in Dixie.
      Today it is feminist fascism, one of all sexes, colors, shapes and sizes where Truth has no meaning.
      Seeking Truth is so male. Today’s Uncle Sam’s feminism is a world in which only leftist feelings count and overrule our once world-honored Federal Constitution. Besides, today’s Dems get paid very, very well..

      Our GOP is still old fashioned enough to worry about real matters, but so many are too gutless to really get involved with exposing and supporting Truth. Half of them have never shaken the leftism they were taught in college.


      Crooked Hillary will never be jailed although it is where she belongs…..She is too leftist DEMOCRAT AND IS STILL CONSIDERED FEMALE. It just won’t happen through today’s American political court system. Nor will any other criminals from her gang. After all, their corruption is too commonplace throughout the leftist Democrat Party world of today and among the fake news industry led by the New York Times and Washington Post, CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, MSNBC, and their ‘universities’ from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

      Hope you are well! ghr

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