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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
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    • Sexism
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    • Racism
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Is Donald J. Trump the Only Fair and Rational Person Left in Today’s American Politics?

Warning…..I am expressing my opinion gathered from my 83 years of human life, an American male who was made well educated primarily by his old maid public school teachers from K through 12  more than six decades ago.
They made me accumulate knowledge primarily so I and my fellow students, both male and female, could better understand the difference between what is and what isn’t….and what is good versus what is evil.
I was male and was treated as a male.  Females then were still allowed to be female.   Today’s Democrat leftist Hillary-like authoritarian  feminism of all colors, sexes, shapes and sizes hadn’t been invented yet.   Universities were still advancing knowledge six decades ago…..until the Gloria Steinem gurus and snakes came out of the nation’s  rotting wood work.   Feminizing the nation’s human animal became a Noah’s flood without an ark for survival……until, it seems,  the arrival of a real live actual American MALE, DONALD J. TRUMP,  IN THE AMERICAN WHITE HOUSE.
My old maid school teachers, ‘Miss this’ and ‘Miss that’, were far better educated regarding things that matter in a freedom-oriented  culture than any of today’s  television or radio programmers and newfolk, leftist fascist or conservative.   These small “l” Liberals not only have disappeared from our America schools, from   the once honorable Democratic Party, the one I attended until the rise of Ronald Reagan, but from the American ballot box.  Two plus two are supposed to  equal four.
The human male animal is born male, to be a father, to be strong,  a builder, protector, curious, a problem solver and a killer, if needed, to survive.  The human female animal is born to be a mother and a nurse with feelings, emotional, caring, ditsy, devious,  rarely a killer….all in order to survive.  Two plus two don’t have to equal four if a human female animal doesn’t want it to be.  She, after all, has feelings (hopefully!)
Politicians, of all sexes, colors, shapes, and sizes  in a democratic form of government are either born devious, or learn their deviousness in college,  from the elders of their political party, or merely from social learnings or business.
In America’s past,  its religion,  JudeoChristianity, was the people’s primary guide to achieve  righteousness…..to know decency and recognize the advantages of good over evil.   “There is neither good nor evil” that ancient adage was ingrained in me…..”ONLY THINKING MAKES IT SO!!!!!”
We now live in America of the leftist era, about fifty years now of rising noises and actions from the feminizers of all sexes, colors, shapes and sizes……where TRUTH IS CONSIDERED SO MALE!   Gone are the real male presidents of my lifetime,  Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy, and Ronald Reagan.   Gone are the schools and universities, that JudeoChristian educated America which sought TRUTH AND JUSTICE FOR ALL.
We now live in Jeremiah Wright’s black and white  racist Obamaville America, one size, one sex, one color, one thinking, one Party, one BIG BUSINESS, one news agency and language,  the faker the better to unify the country, the one schooling unified by atheism, Islam, or perhaps even nativism…..on the way to create a fascist New World feminized into security, forever the same, stable, changeless, safe and void of knowledge and worry.
………but, along comes a Donald, an unpolitician, ….a  Donald whom I have come to adore, a real “honest-to-goodness” American guy,  a non-drinker, a non-druggie  who loved his parents, who loves his family, and who loves his country, the one before the leftist fascists gained control of the Democrat Party, the American school and university, the American Press, and the American greedy Big Business  manipulators:  Google, Amazon and such guys.
Along came Our Donald yesterday standing at Trump Tower foyer problem solving, preaching real, not fake truth,  freedom of thought, deed, and action while reviewing  honestly  amid the fake news CNN, MSNBC, and even Fox mobsters,  reviewing as fairly as evidence could provide,  the confrontation of two terror gangs  rioting in Charlottesville, Virginia last Saturday.
Note:   John Podhoretz usually advertises himself to be a conservative.  In his article below he  claims to be expert in White Nationalist, KKK, neoNazi goings on in our country.   He does have a Jewish last name.  Does he mask himself when he walks and talks in these KKK, White Nationalist and neoNazi crowds he know about so intimately?
Are they the hoodlums who trash and burn college buildings at the University of California at Berkeley?….the black and white Black Lives Matter  thugs to block traffic and shout hate and murder against whites and their establishments in step as they march  along   downtown streets?…..or the white feminazis, and other has-been  actresses screaming hate against President Trump?……or the countless savages, nearly all black,  who burned up sections of Ferguson and Baltimore USA not too many years ago?
Where exactly have these, yes,  “repulsive shouters, KKK racists, proNazi” practiced and enforced their evil  over the past year,  or years since they have exited the American Democratic Party so much that MATCHES THE VIOLENCE AND HATE of the BLACK LIVES RACISTS OF ALL COLORS, SEXES, SHAPES, AND SIZES?

Caitlin Huey-Burns, RealClearPolitics

NY Times Jewish Bret Stephens Attacks Our Jewish Dennis Prager about Western Culture……Our Dennis’ Response to the Leftist Idea

Bret Stephens devoted his New York Times column last week to admonishing me for my tweet from two weeks ago and critiquing my follow-up column last week explaining the tweet.

The tweet reads, “The news media in the West pose a far greater danger to Western civilization than Russia does.”

Since he wrote the column as a “Dear Dennis” letter to me, I will respond in kind.

Dear Bret: I’ll try to respond to the most salient arguments you made. I’ll begin with one of the most troubling.

You wrote: “Wiser conservatives — and I count you among them, Dennis — also know that when we speak of ‘the West,’ what we’re talking about is a particular strain within it. Marx and Lenin, after all, are also part of the Western tradition, as are Heidegger and Hitler.”

I was taken aback that such a serious thinker could write that nihilist communists and nihilist Nazis are all “part of the Western tradition.”

That’s what the vast majority of professors in the social sciences teach: There’s nothing morally superior about Western civilization — it’s as much about Hitler and Lenin as it is about Moses and Thomas Jefferson. And, anyway, Moses never existed and Jefferson was a slaveholding rapist. Among those professors’ students are virtually all those who dominate the Western news media.

Am I wrong? Do you think your colleagues at the Times or the Washington Post or Le Monde or BBC believe in the moral superiority of the West?

Of course they don’t. Most believe in multiculturalism — the doctrine that all cultures are equal — and it is therefore nothing more than white racism to hold that Western civilization is superior. Didn’t nearly all of your (nonconservative) colleagues who commented on President Trump’s speech in Warsaw call it a dog whistle to white supremacists?

On those grounds alone, my tweet was accurate.

I am surprised that anyone — especially you — thinks Vladimir Putin’s Russia poses a greater threat to the survival of Western civilization than the Western left. No external force can destroy a civilization as effectively as an internal one — especially one as powerful and wealthy as the West. The Western left (not Western liberals) is such a force. Western liberals always adored the West.

I was also stunned by your saying, “I’m not sure that Justin Trudeau declaring there is ‘no core identity, no mainstream in Canada’ counts as a Spenglerian moment in the story of Western decline.”

The prime minister of Canada announces with pride that his country has no core identity and you don’t think that counts as an example of a declining civilization?

And here’s another upsetting sentence: “To suggest that Vladimir Putin is a distant nuisance but Maggie Haberman or David Sanger is an existential threat to our civilization isn’t seeing things plain, to put it mildly.”

The reason I found that troubling is I never cited Haberman or Sanger, and you well know that no generalization includes every possible example — that’s what makes it a generalization. But I did specifically cite the writers in The Atlantic who equated Western civilization with white supremacy, and your substitution of your New York Times colleagues for The Atlantic commentators allowed you to avoid dealing with The Atlantic writers’ and others media attacks on Western civilization.

Despite the fact that neither my tweet nor my column said a word about Trump, you devoted almost half your column to denouncing the president. Yet, as I wrote in the column, my tweet would have been just as accurate had I sent it out during former President Obama’s administration or Hillary Clinton’s, if she were president.

Bret, to your great credit, you are a lonely voice of strong support for Israel at your newspaper (your readers should see the videos on the Middle East you made for Prager University; they have eight million views for good reason). Doesn’t the almost uniform hostility toward Israel in the media and academia trouble you? Does it trouble you that most Democrats in America hold a negative view of Israel? That Jewish students at many American, not to mention European, universities fear expressing support for Israel or just wearing a yarmulke on campus? That so many young American Jews, influenced by the media and their professors, loathe Israel? I am certain all of that greatly troubles you. Is any of that Putin’s doing? Or is it all the result of the media and academia?

You mentioned that you will be sending me a birthday gift, a book about Putin’s Russia, “Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible” by Peter Pomerantsev. I promise to read it. And I request a promise in return: Read the book I am sending you, “The Strange Death of Europe” by the eminent British thinker Douglas Murray. The book describes Europe’s suicide at the hands of its progressive elites — in particular, its multiculturalism-affirming political leaders and mendacious news media. To the best of my recollection, in describing the death of European civilization, Murray doesn’t mention Putin once. (Regarding the mendacious media, read the report published this week in Germany about the dishonesty in the German media, which routinely substitutes left-wing opinion for facts in reporting the immigrant crisis in Germany.)

Perhaps the most troubling part of your response was your penultimate line: “Don’t be a hater, Dennis.”

Where did that come from? You cite not a single hateful word in my column — because there are none to cite. And “hater” has become the all-purpose left-wing epithet to dismiss all conservatives. Why would my friend Bret Stephens use it?


This column was originally posted on Townhall.com.

Fox Gurus Still Dancing Around Their Future? What’s “In Store”?


In Education White Elites Played Black Racism Games 45 Years Ago in Minneapolis

The Rise of Black Racism by Well Meaning Whites  in the 1970s

School crime had exploded in most Minneapolis’ black school community in the late 1960s.  Busing was the school district’s  solution, sending junior high school students from black neighborhoods, usually  young male hoodlums at the head of each list,  into white communities in order to reduce  the violence in black majority schools in their home districts.

As starters, the overwhelming more liberal than Liberal white school administrators in charge refused to have the district  record, admit, share any information whatsoever about the out-of-control black, nearly all male hoodlums, in home district schools.   Knivings, beatings, stone throwings, thefts were  perpetrated primarily  against white students in these colored school districts.   Politically, the black community demanded busing  their students to white schools to share the crime statistics.  Only a black shooting at blacks during lunch hour (over a girl in the high school where I taught}   ever made the Minneapolis Star newspaper….a small paragraph.   Teachers were forbidden to discuss such issues outside school.  My  following article appeared at this  Prager site on  February 25, 2012:


Unless otherwise noted my remarks in the following essay do not refer to the elementary school systems of education.  They have not been in my  fields of knowledge.   I mainly refer to what I have known years ago from teaching at the junior and senior high school level until February, 1972  and some public school teachings  in the 1990s  and my readings about highschool and college occurrences ever since.

Almost everywhere  coast to coast we Americans are living in troubled times.    Two generations ago the Nation was profouundly damaged  by its worst, most antiAmerican of all uprisings with  the most devastating consequences.

It endured the most vulgar, violent, and irrational  extended assaults on its learnings and learnings’ culture in its history.   Our United States was struck by  sex revolutionary, black racist, feminist,  Marxist, anarchist, and druggie  riots and bombings throughout college and country; an assault on both major political parties, and most of all an assault on the country’s God and family.

The physical and mental violence of this Cultural Revolution reigned between 1965 and faded in the streets at some time during the late 1970s.    It had elected Jimmy Earl Carter.    It had exited Richard M. Nixon.   It defeated America in the Vietnam War.  But it went to sleep when Ronald Reagan was elected president in 1980.

However too late it might be, America the good,  America the great, may be reawakening.    All nations become  the collection of what had been taught their children.    President Barack Hussein Obama and his Marxist statist allies are products of the insitutions the violence and tyranny of that Cultural Revolution.   Its cobras entered the university classrooms.   Obama, Schumer, Specter, Corzine, Jackson, Waters, Sharpton, Kerry, Raines, Emelt, NPR, Leahy, Maher, Hollywood, Harvard, Yale, state universities, ‘religious’ colleges, the New York Times, TIME,  and such are its products.

America’s soul and body was relieved during the 1980s and well into the Bill Clinton years.   By then the revolutionaires had taken their bodies to university and many became professors and teachers to profess Marxism and hate toward the country and people they had been bombing.    Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn were among  the stars.

Marxism had become America’s new religion at the temples of learning originally built  by America’s Christian past.

The battle for the soul and mind of the American child between the Bill Ayer Marxists and traditional American values folks  had begun without much of a battle.   Its educational structure fell immediately  into the hands of the extremists, the Marxists.    Administrators placated student rabble  to place  learnings in the social sciences into the hands of the America haters.    Educational insitutions   retained their  usual anti-intellectuals and fattened bureaucrats  to decide what American children should learn.    Mobs had to be served.     Students must be made equally uneducated.

This  history in the general has created  our  past and present generations as likely  the most uneducated and maleducated Americans ever….who have paid the highest tuitions ever to go to college, longer, and exitting unlearned, and a generation whose teachers of our young are the dumbest, some the druggiest ever and abiding in institutions lacking adult male supervision.

And responsible city officials, honest politicians, concerned parents and citizens, leaders in the business force wonder why.

American public schools are in trouble.    Their  traditional ‘systems’ and subjects have collapsed, have become  contaminated,  or have disappeared.

The American family is a mess.   Children,  many without fathers, and  hoodlums, hoodlum parents,  foreigners, the druggied, the drugged by teachers, and special-interest national, racial, and sexual  groups demand to dictate  every pimple on the student face and  disrupt  city and suburban school, and the nation’s present and future environment.

Poorly educated teachers are supposed to succeed in a classroom….Vacuously educated because the Nation’s education industry  hasn’t been interested in  developing skilled  and/or  learned student populations  for decades, especially in black urban  plantation communities of the inner cities.

I was caught early in this forty years of the rotting of  learning at the American public school.    My teacher contemporaries were better educated than those of this past generation….There was that Christian air  that still stimulated adult control and decent behavior still permeating the the halls of most high schools in Minneapolis where I taught.   Males were still in control

In the inner city black highschools, however, crimes were already regularly occurring both in school and on school grounds.

I taught in such a school, Minneapolis Central High School in 1972.    I, a tenured teacher  had been fired by the same school district  for alleged insubordination the school year earlier…..for not filling out a school form ‘properly’.

At the public hearing to which I was entitled the School District Administration was thoroughly embarrassed for their action.   The School Board had to support its District Administration and fired me on a 4-3 vote but stipulated that if I wanted to return teaching, they would welcome me to do so but without tenure.   I accepted and chose to teach at a predominantly black inner city highschool, Central High School.    I sought the challenge.

Even before I entered my first classroom to begin teaching there, I was harrassed by various small groups of black racists, curiously many of them white, including an English teacher at the school.    Although there were some blacks teaching at the school from which I had been fired the year before, there were no black students.    The racist word running around Central, said that those highschools  with few or no ‘minorities of black color’  were white racist schools both students and teacher, a total untruth…..but they had been taught so at home and by some teachers at Central.

I was determined to conduct my teaching with the same expectations as those I had in the highly civilized highschool in a neighborhood  of predominantly blue collared working people with rather large families.

There were many issues dealing with black misbehavior, black lack of discipline and respect for schools, for property  and education,  Drugs were not yet a serious problem, but school administrators would confront only the more serious crimes in the school and deny all of the rest.   All criminality was caused by black hoodlums both in and outside the school.   About half of the victims were also black.    The administration insisted no one should know about this.

Truth was seldom a factor in communication.   Administrators wanted  the school to succeed whether it was or not.   All of the teachers at Central were heroes for showing up.   Most were very capable at teaching and prepared in their topics.   All of their energy had to tend with the heavy air of hate against whites already so well ingrained in their culture.

While you are reading my essay, you should be reminded that many American public schools are confronted with troubles far  worse than I and others endured at Central.

Today, parents, administrators, professors, pontifs at colleges of ‘education’ , politicians, Marxists, gather in varying groups around the country to plot New Education for America.    Christians are fleeing these troubles, home schooling or paying dearly for a more civil, learning-oriented, safe,  male run educational system where knowledge might be taught…….just like the school system I was so lucky to experience when I was young, an educational system run by knowldgeable and demanding old maid school teachers backed up  by no nonsense male authority.

I was fired in early February, 1972, which really ended my public school teaching career.    The school administration claimed that I wasn’t fitting well  into the special conditions of minority mileu, and deemed me incompetent.

Even with my fairly powerful dose of confidence then, as well as now, and knowing that the claim was a complete lie, I was hurt.   I had some terrific kids to teach at Central.   Usually the hoodlums avoided classes.  A few even showed up and straightened out.     I had viewed my public school teaching as my lifetime career of choice.   I had purposely chosen the school and was succeeding in my goals in each of the classes I taught……despite all of the crimes some just outside of the class door and school windows.

I was finished as a career teacher, with the single exception of the following occurence, a speech by a parent of one of my  best students I have ever had anywhere at any time in both mind and habit, Joey.    His mother  Harriet Lykken and her husband David enterred my life.    What a blessing and reward.

She spoke on my behalf, on March 14, 1972.   I was allowed to have one person to represent me at both the private firing by the School Administration and at the School Board Meeting at which I would be officially ‘severed’ from the Minneapolis School system.    The School Administration strenuously fought my request that she represent me.   They expected the teacher’s union attorney which would make everything appear as a normal procedure before the public and the press.

Harriet Lykken was a God-send to me.  Rational, totally adult with all sorts of soundness of mind who proved to anyone who met her she was dedicated to improve  education, and that such improvements depended upon talented and skilled teachers.   Bright, charming, dedicated, devoted, and so well organized and articulate as one can deduct from her message to the School Board below…..THE BEST MOMENT IN MY PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHING CAREER:


by Harriet Lykken:

“Chairman Allen and Members of the Board:             I speak to you tonight as a parent of a boy at Central, one of Mr. Ray’s students.  We live in the Ramsey-Washburn district – my oldest son is now a senior at Washburn – and I have been active on PTA boards for some years.  It became obvious to us – and to our sons – that Ramsey and Washburn have rested on their laurels for too long, that except for a few outstanding teachers,  they do not provide the challenge and the stimulation that their students have a right to expect.  So my second son, Joe, welcomed the chance last Fall to leave Ramsey and enter tne “Magnet” program at Central where one of his first teachers was Glenn Ray, for American History.

It soon became apparent that Mr. Ray was exactly what we had expected of the Magnet program, a knowledgeable, enthusiastic, dedicated teacher, interested in teaching not just facts but the principles that lie behind the facts, and especially concerned with teaching his students how to think, how to form their own opinions and defend them when challenged.   When Joe signed up for another course from Mr. Ray, we all looked forward to more family discussions about what had been covered in class today.  We were therefore as shocked and distressed as Joe was to learn that Mr. Ray had been suddenly fired – told to clean out his desk and leave at once.   Like reasonable citizens, taxpayers and parents, we  began to try to learn all we could about the reasons behind this – on the face of it – extraordinary action. We talked to Mr. Ober and the principal Mr. Trammel, without much illumination.   We read the charges alleged against Mr. Ray and, later, his detailed answers to these charges.   We cross-questioned our son about these allegations and we talked to other of Ray’s students and their parents.   We talked  to Mr. Ray himself.

My husband,  who is a Professor of Psychology, frankly wanted to find out if the real reason behind this business might be that Mr. Ray was some sort of strange character.   His conclusion was that Ray was emminently sane and unusual only in being unusually high principled, unusually well trained, and unusually interested in teaching.

We even read the record of the hearing last year at which Ray was deprived of tenure and his job at Edison because he refused to answer certain questions on a meaningless form, because he had the courage to insist that the Administration had no right to FORCE him to answer questions about his private life and summer activities on pain of losing his job.   These were questions he would have gladly answered voluntarily but which he felt the Administration had no right to MAKE him answer.   I must say we were shocked to discover that this Administration was capable of such a petty and  punative action and that several members of this present Board condoned it.

Finally, at Mr. Ray’s invitation, I was present last week at a private hearing before Mr. Ober at which Mr. Trammel reviewed his charges and Mr. Ray rebutted them, one, by one.  I think, therefore, that I can fairly claim to know as much about this matter as any member of the Board.   Nor do I have any personal ax to grind;  I never met Mr. Ray until he had been fired for the second time and, before this incident, I have always been a supporter of the School Administration and the so-called “liberal” members of this Board.  But JUSTICE is more important to me than politics, and the education of my children far outweighs old friendships and loyalties.   Having considered all the  evidence I have come to  two inescapable conclusions:

First:   THE OFFICIAL CHARGES ARE RIDICULOUS AND HAVE BEEN TOTALLY REFUTED.  Mr. Ray is accused of not making written lesson plans and of leaving his class unattended.   Experienced teachers laugh at the idea of written lesson plans and Ray leaves his class no more often than any teacher must from time to time.  With such charges you could fire half the teachers in the system, including all of the best ones.   Mr. Ray asked some students not to wear their hats in class, thinking this might help maintain a minimum of discipline.  This reasonable request is now suggested as a basis for dismisssal.  I won’t review  the whole list; some of  these charges are absurd on their face and others are downright false or misleading.  The Board has seen Mr. Ray’s detailed and reasonable responses to every charge and what he says accords completely with reports we have from a number of his students.

Second:    THERE ARE NO OTHER COMPLAINTS OR ALLEGATIONS AGAINST MR. RAY THAN THOSE CONTAINED IN MR. TRAMMEL’S LIST OF ‘CHARGES’.   We’ve looked for them, we’ve asked for them, they don’t exist.   Ray has repeatedly asked for a public hearing and never behaved like a man with something to hide.   This is important, because the official charges are either trivial or vacuous or false and already we have heard ugly rumors of the sort that arise whenever the official reasons don’t make sense.

Since the Administration has persisted to its vendetta against Mr. Ray in spite of the lack of any case against him, we have been forced to certain further conclusions.  First. we assume that Superintendent Davis has managed to line up his four obedient Board members to support him, willy-nilly.   Secondly, we conclude that this Administration, for from being as progressive and student-oriented as we had previously thought, has become a hidebound bureaucracy more concerned with purging independent spirits, protecting itself from criticism and maintaining its absolute, despotic authority than it is with the fate of the school system, the quality and morale of its faculty, or the education of our children.  Thirdly, we must conclude that this action is not only a flagrant violation of academic freedom, a callous injustice to a blameless and remarkable man, and that it will cost this system one  of its most talented career teachers, but also that the firing of Mr. Ray cannot help but have a chilling effect upon every other decent teacher in Minneapolis.  We have already heard of several who are afraid to support Mr. Ray or even to talk with him in public for fear that THEY may be next on Mr. Ober’s list.   Finally, we have concluded that we can no longer uncritically support this Administration nor rubber-stamp the outrageous action recommended here tonight.”