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    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
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Welcome to Congress, Roy Moore! Our Donald Will Love You!…..and NBC’s Todd is a Chucklehead


by Steven Hayward  at PowerLine:

“I confess to having a soft spot for Chuck Todd, NBC’s chief political reporter. Despite his liberal Democratic bona fides, he’s got a lot of insight into the day-to-day dynamics of politics that he relates fairly for the most part, and I found him to be very cordial and forthcoming the one and only time I ever met him in person at one of those infamous, uber-elitist Georgetown cocktail parties.

But he’s also an exhibit of why the media is shredding its credibility, and why reporters should stick to reporting the news rather than trying to think. Chuck Todd describes Alabama’s likely new senator, Roy Moore, as a “fundamentalist.” Todd showed a clip of Moore saying “Our rights don’t come from government. They don’t come from the Bill of Rights. They come from Almighty God.”

To which Todd gave this coda:

“First off, he doesn’t appear to believe in the Constitution as it’s written. . . Now, that’s just a taste of what are very fundamentalist views that have gotten him removed from office twice as Alabama’s chief justice.”

First off—as Todd might say—it wasn’t Moore’s “fundamentalist” views like this that got him tossed off the Alabama Supreme Court, but his act of defying federal court orders. (And in the case of refusing the federal court order to remove the 10 Commandments from the courthouse, it must be said that the Supreme Court case the order was based on is completely incoherent and unprincipled, but that’s a story for another day.) But beyond this, there is Todd’s abysmal ignorance about Moore’s views on the source of our individual rights according to the Founders.

To be sure, the Constitution does not mention God explicitly, but it is not necessary to share Abraham Lincoln’s view that the Constitution should be understood through the lens of the Declaration of Independence, which of course does back up Moore’s outlook.* More embarrassing for Todd would be to look at the state constitutions from the time of the Founding. They all begin like Maryland’s: “We, the people of the state of Maryland, grateful to Almighty God for our civil and religious liberty. . .” Ditto New Jersey, North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, as well as the early admitted states like Ohio, Louisiana, etc, etc, etc.

Actually, most modern state constitutions begin with an affirmation of Moore’s outlook. Lets look at the last two (written I suspect by Democrats)—Alaska and Hawaii. Alaska’s constitution begins: “We the people of Alaska, grateful to God and to those who founded our nation and pioneered this great land. . .” Hawaii: “We, the people of Hawaii, grateful for Divine Guidance. . .”

In fact, 46 of the 50 state constitutions begin with an explicit invocation of God, and in most cases directly or indirectly attribute God as the source of our liberties. If believing this makes Moore a “fundamentalist,” then I’m a fundamentalist, too, and probably a large majority of Americans agree.

Which is why I think Senator Moore’s first piece of legislation should be a mandate that all public school children recite the preambles to their state constitutions in school every week. Just to watch liberal heads explode. And to watch the comedy gold of the ACLU arguing in court that state constitutions are unconstitutional!

Meanwhile, everyone is hereby authorized to refer to NBC’s chief political analyst as “Chuck Toad.”

* Question for Chuck Todd: Does he believe Abraham Lincoln should be described as a “fundamentalist”? Because his view was exactly the same as Moore’s.

* Second question for Chuck Todd: William O. Douglas, one of the most liberal justices ever to serve on the Supreme Court, wrote: “We are a religious people, whose institutions presuppose a Supreme Being.” Was Douglas a “fundamentalist”? Should he have been kicked off the Supreme Court for this fundamentalism?

P.S. Everyone knows “Moore’s Law” from computer science—chip speed doubles every 18 months. I propose a new “Moore’s Law” for liberals: Liberal panic and craziness doubles every 18 months in the Trump era….”

Comment:   There seems to be no doubt whatsoever Our Donald had no animus toward the Alabama Justice, Roy Moore recently elected to the U.S. Senate.   He hinted so the evening he celebrated for Alabama’s selected Republican Senator Luther Strange to replace Jeff Sessions whom the President chose for Attorney General.

That evening he also clarified why he wanted to endorse the Senator by organizing another Trump  night…..I believe President Trump wanted to attend another one of these terrific gatherings as President.   He wins so many friends doing so!

Senator Strange welcomed Our Donald’s  visit and support with no strings attached….and Our Donald was impressed.   Rumor spread before and after Moore’s election to the Senate that the President had a great ally to help “Drain the Swamp’ Trump style.

Fascism the New Confessional State?

The new confessional state

Secularism is becoming a religion.  (article sent by Mark Waldeland)
. . . Now, while pretending not to privilege any systems of life and belief, the state tacitly favors what might be called practical atheism, and penalizes contrary views.  To be sure, no one in public life is criticized – yet – just for believing in God.  The point is not so much that there cannot be a God, but that no God is needed and no God can be known.

But woe unto him who thinks believing in God makes a difference.  One is not required to be an atheist.  One is only expected to impersonate one.  Especially in law and the universities.

This masks the fact that Something Else is being elevated to godhood.  Secularism is becoming a religion.  We are growing an inverted confessional state.


“There is neither good, not bad.  ONLY THINKING MAKES IT SO!!

The above adage was first ingrained in me in the sixth grade by a forty year old German going on 90, a  Miss Mary Alice Koeneman the year World War II finally came to and end.

(GOOD, she noted more than once in her teachings,  was  one “O” added to GOD!  It should NEVER be forgotten!  )



Snob Fascists Working Normal Time at PBS Election Night, 11/09/2016

Leftism’s religious Primates  Judy Woodruff, David Brooks, Mark Shields, Cornell Belcher and their dozen or so station plebes   gathered together as one at tax- supported Public Broadcasting System election night to dictate and celebrate  the election of  world famous Crooked Hillary  Roddham  Clinton as  45th President of the once great, USA.    Remember the Hillary of the nation’s White House from 1993-2001 whose husband was noted for pillaging countless females during his ‘public service’, seducing at least one in the nation’s  White House, who,  while  PRESIDENT of these United States stood proud before  national television  oathfully swearing  to the American public, “Ah never had sex with that woman…..Miss Lewinsky!”

The Clintons were the most notorious, popular liars ever to occupy the White House in Washington and the State House in Little Rock Arkansas when they “ran”  the state in the 1980s.

Liberal enterprise, Wikipedia, claims that for nearly 50 years PBS “is an independently operated non-profit organization and is the most prominent provider of government-funded educational television programming to public television stations in the United States”.

These sixteen political clones of the PBS left weren’t alone election night.  Professional  Leftist national figures were introduced to the PBS audience to explain the Clinton victory more toward the  beginning of the evening, however.

David Brooks, a functionary PBS hired to be “Republican”, and side-kick chat man, old time traditional laborist, Mark Shields have been the political twins hired to analyze national and world news  leftishly to entrench the collegiate wealthy as viewers.

Over the eight hour PBS television review of the Hillary Victory to-be, only one real Republican, was presented to the PBS television audience….the Secretary of State from the state of Kansas,  Kris Kobach.     PBS scouts might, must have messed up here depending upon the number of years one is acquainted with PBS political persuasion control.

Kris Kobach was among the very, very best speaking and appearing state public servants ever to be interviewed on national television of any era.  (See for yourselves by viewing the video below.)

I believe David Brooks IS intelligent but shifty, silky,  and narrow minded often when playing leftist.   I wonder if he has ever put  foot on a farm or in factory he speaks so  “privileged”, to fit in…….Do you think he ever had to work at a Dairy Queen while in school?

Mark Shields burped the same stale labor-Dem sentences describing opponents  this election night as I remember he  did some  forty years ago when I was a Democrat.

Leftist fascism is becoming very popular in our country since Obama time, because the American  Left today OWNS American communication industry (with the exception of radio) the American entertainment industries, American education industries from Kindergarten  through College in the Social “Sciences” and whereever Climate Change is sold as an American white man’s crime.

During the first two years of America’s leftist president Barack Hussein Obama’s presidency, black urban  public schools were inundated with sing alongs to learn worshiping Barack Hussein Obama as their god president….straight out of Castro’s Communist Cuba or Stalin’s Union of Soviet Socialist Republic’s atheist choral hymnals.

Regarding  November 9, 2016 American election night:   It is my opinion, but I might be wrong, folks, that PBS was the most Soviet in its leftist political coverage Trump victory night…..probably due to arrogance, snobbery, and certainty before the arrival of their state of shock that “godess” Hillary might lose.  (I do believe these PBSers starring for Hillary election night mean to be good people, honest people, not the Cuban or Soviet brand of villainy people.   However, on that November election evening, PBS, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CSPan, all behaved  fascist  America 101 with their narrows in knowledge, their sneers and smears, their arrogance, their certainty and pride,  their class deceit and bigotry so remote from, yet contempt for the real, mostly Christian America, they curse.   Worst of all  they condone and actually preach feminism,  black racism and hate white America at college and university from coast to coast these days……and now sell  pages with  articles of alleged racial  sufferings of spoiled, scholastically unlearned  but athletically talented, millionaire black football stars to display their finger to America  as introduction to their professional sport shows and expect Americans to love their politics.

Plotting leftists  condone and contrive these ceremonies played out by  racist ignorants including  the team owners who make excuses approving these attacks  on  our America….They claim those Americans who object to finger show offs are white racists.   America the Beautiful must not be conned, however.

Yet, we must realize that  THIS BRAND OF BLACK  RACISM AT LARGE IS  INTENTIONALLY CONTRIVED BY THE AMERICAN LEFTIST EXTREMISTS, REVOLUTIONARIES  IN THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY  BEGINNING WITHIN  THE BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA ADMINISTRATION.      Please View PBS’s election night, 2016, coverage and its chapter of selling black racism and white hate to its viewers throughout the night.

Crooked Hillary Now Fertilizing Black Racism


by Paul Mirengoff at PowerLine:

Frustrated by the justifiably high marks President Trump received for the federal government’s response to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, portions of the left are attacking Trump for allegedly not being sufficiently concerned about Hurricane Maria, which pounded Puerto Rico. Hillary Clinton is doing her part. She slammed the president for his near silence about the situation in Puerto Rico. Ever the snob, Clinton stated, with no apparent basis, “I’m not sure he knows that Puerto Ricans are American citizens.”

Clinton’s vicious former spokesman Brian Fallon made explicit what the left is really alleging. He tweeted: “Trump’s racist neglect of Puerto Rico is threatening lives. It’s time to start caring about the crisis there.”

The rush baselessly to label people “racists” and “deplorables” is one the reasons Hillary Clinton did not become president and, thus, Brian Fallon did not become White House press secretary. Viewed in this context, I suppose we should be grateful that they are so quick to play the race card.

But is there any merit to the claim that the Trump administration has been insufficiently attentive to the crisis in Puerto Rico? Charlie Cook at NRO argues, persuasively, that there isn’t. He notes that “the critique seems [mainly] to be that Trump isn’t tweeting about Puerto Rico,” choosing instead, as Hillary moans, to attack NFL players who don’t stand during the National Anthem.

But Trump’s tweeting propensities tell us nothing about whether he is responding properly to the natural disaster in Puerto Rico. As Cook points out, those closest to the situation and with the most political skin in the game say that the federal response has been laudable. He citesthe transcript of an interview with the Governor:

JOHN YANG: Governor, are you getting all the aid you need or getting it fast enough from the states?

GOV. RICARDO ROSSELLO: First of all, we are very grateful for the administration. They have responded quickly.

The president has been very attentive to the situation, personally calling me several times. FEMA and the FEMA director have been here in Puerto Rico twice. As a matter of fact, they were here with us today, making sure that all the resources in FEMA were working in conjunction with the central government. We have been working together. We have been getting results. The magnitude of this catastrophe is enormous. This is going to take a lot of help, a lot of collaboration. So, my call is to congressmen and congresswomen to take action quickly and conclusively with an aid package for Puerto Rico.

(Emphasis added)

The mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulin Cruz, concurs. According to NBC, she called CNN to share “harrowing details of rescue efforts in her city,” and to “[praise] the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s ‘great job’ and ‘logistics help.’”

As with the recent hurricanes in Florida and Texas, FEMA’s strong response was the result, in large part, of advance planning significantly greater than that which has occurred in prior administrations. According to Politico:

Rossello and other officials praised the federal government for planning its response in detail before the storm hit, a contrast with what Puerto Rico has long seen as the neglect of 3.4 million Americans living in a territory without a vote in Congress or the electoral college.

This is the first time we get this type of federal coordination,” said Resident Commission Jenniffer Gonzalez, Puerto Rico’s non-voting representative in Washington.

(Emphasis added)

When the hurricane hit, the federal response was robust. That response, as documented by FEMA, included:

10k+ federal staff are on the ground in PR/USVI assisting with search & rescue, restoring power, & moving commodities”; “86 generators in PR & St. Thomas with 186+”; “@USCG continues hurricane #Maria response with 13 cutters, 10 aircraft, partners @fema @USNavy @prffa”; “today, 2,500+ National Guard members are responding in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico to support relief efforts.

Those criticizing Trump’s response are thus purveying fake news. And Hillary Clinton — bitter, pathetic Hillary — is leading the charge.


by Roger L. Simon  at  pjmedia:


“What happens to a country whose most important police force — and its key investigators — is no longer telling the truth to the citizens of that nation? Nothing good, I’m sure most would agree.  There’s almost no point in going through all the analogies to despotic regimes. Writers from George Orwell to Arthur Koestler have already done it for us.

But those analogies come immediately to mind following two revelations regarding our Federal Bureau of Investigation that surfaced this week. In one instance, the FBI refused to turn over documents regarding the Hillary Clinton emails because of — wait for it — “lack of public interest.”

The head of the FBI Records Management Division wrote Ty Clevenger, a New York Attorney who filed the FOIA request in March 2016, to inform him that his request was being denied in late August.

“You have not sufficiently demonstrated that the public’s interest in disclosure outweighs personal privacy interests of the subject,” the letter, obtained by Fox News, reads. “Therefore, records regarding your subject are withheld pursuant to FOIA exemptions.”

It’s hard to imagine what was going on in the mind of Records Management Division head David M. Hardy when he wrote — or was forced to write by some unknown superior — such a risible lie, but things have only gotten worse from there.  Now we learn that then FBI director James Comey may never have planned to find Clinton guilty in the first place.

While the transcripts of those interviews are heavily redacted, they indicate that Comey started working on an announcement clearing Clinton in April or May of last year, before the FBI interviewed 17 witnesses in the case, including Clinton and some of her top aides.

Clinton was interviewed for several hours on July 2, just three days before Comey’s announcement.

Defenders of Comey insist this early draft exonerating Clinton is standard FBI practice, but, not surprisingly, none of them mention that a similar draft deeming Clinton culpable has not surfaced.  One doubts it exists.

To millions of Americans, Hillary Clinton was as guilty as O.J. Simpson.  You would have to be an imbecile not to think she didn’t know she was doing something illegal secreting her professional emails as secretary of State on a private server hidden in a bathroom. And yet James Comey’s ultimate decision on Clinton depended on her putative ignorance after literally decades of government service……..”  Please read on:





Some guy at the American Thinker seems to want to know as well?   If you too are an American Thinker, THINK ABOUT WHATEVER HAPPENED TO REAL HUMAN MUSIC?