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American Lloyd Marcus to Black Leftists: “LET MY PEOPLE GO!”

The Congressional Black Caucus Prayer Breakfast: The Great Black Deception

By Lloyd Marcus at American Thinker:

“Flipping through my TV channels, I stumbled upon the 2017 Congressional Black Caucus Annual Prayer Breakfast on the Word Network; the world’s largest black religious channel. This year’s theme was, “And Still I Rise”.

Folks, I thought, “Oh my gosh, these people have no shame.” This breakfast was all about exploiting black’s Christian heritage to deceive them for the purpose of furthering Leftists’ anti-Christian agenda. Every musical performance praised Jesus. Leftists despise Jesus, aggressively seeking to ban the God of Christianity from the public square. Several of the all-Democrat speakers quoted the Bible to strengthen their political deceptions. The truth is, quoting the Bible is as repulsive to Leftists as showing Dracula the cross.

I thought, does anyone in that hall know Obama led a leftist war on Christianity, making him the most anti-Christian president in U.S. history? Do y’all know the 2017 Women’s March and Trump resisters whom you’ve praised at this breakfast seek to continue the Leftists’ war on Christianity?

The CBC Prayer Breakfast had nothing to do with Jesus or spreading His Love. Quite the opposite. It was about spreading hate for police, strengthening the Trump resistance, and strengthening black’s bogus belief that they are victims in America. The breakfast was also about despicably instilling hate and fear to register new Democrat voters.

Oh, how I wish I could grab my fellow black Americans by their collar and slap them into reality. America is the greatest land of opportunity on this planet for all who choose to go for it. Forget the Democrat/Leftist victim nonsense and pursue your dreams.

My 89-year-old black dad was extremely active in the early civil rights movement. As a kid, I accompanied Dad to the 1963 March on Washington at which Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his remarkable, “I Have a Dream” speech. The modern civil rights movement has abandoned the vision of unity articulated by Dr. King in his speech, “I have a dream that one day right there in Alabama little black boys and little black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers.” Oh, how the civil rights movement has fallen.

Though opposed by his peers, Dr. King stood firm on the principle of nonviolent activism. Today, Democrats praise violent hate groups Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Obama honored Black Lives Matter at the White House. You have not heard a single word of criticism from the CBC against Black Lives Matter calling for the killing of cops and whites.

Dad pressured/shamed me and my four younger siblings into voting and joining the NAACP. Dad said, “A lot of folks suffered and died to give y’all the right to vote.”

As a young man in the 1970s, I joined the NAACP. Upon attending my first meeting, I thought, “What is wrong with these people?” It felt like I stepped back into 1950s. The vibe was depressing. I was surrounded by long-faced blacks singing, “We Shall Over Come.” I commented to Dad that the meeting felt like I walked through a time warp into days of black misery. Dad chuckled.

I was a young black man enjoying the fruits of Dad’s and his fellow civil rights activist’s labors. I attended the mostly white Maryland Institute College of Art on scholarships. I was the first black graphic designer employed at WJZ-TV, ABC affiliate in Baltimore. Life was good. But the folks at the NAACP meeting were sad, depressed and angry; acting as though black slavery was alive and well in America.

Watching the 2017 CBC Prayer Breakfast, I witnessed the same absurd lie that America is still a hellhole of racism for blacks. The “And Still I Rise” theme means blacks stand strong despite being persecuted daily in America.

All that hate promoted at the Congressional Black Caucus Prayer Breakfast was insidiously shrouded in Christianity. As a Christian, I found the so-called “prayer breakfast” a sad, evil deception.

As a black American, in the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I command Leftists to, “Let my people go!”

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American

(God bless you, young man…from ghr)



4 Responses

  1. As you’ve pointed out without meaning to, the Liberals and Progressives’ hatred of- and attacks upon Christianity and Christians do NOT extend to the Blacks. Black “Churches” have never had issues with separation of church and state being used as weapon against them. Those “churches” and their “ministers” have always been allowed to as involved in secular politics as they wanted and in whatever form they wanted.

    • Thank you for your comment. In my lifetime the Democrat Party has treated its black voters as their forever dependable urban slaves, slaves whose vote they buy through government handouts, dreams, plots, and promises, investments just enough to keep these Americans forever dependent upon their leftist masters as a first step to rule the entire nation. I’ve been to the USSR on two occasions….when I was still fluent speaking the language. Every Democrat should be forced to spend one day’s “dream” in that prison camp society in 1966 the first “visit” there to know how feverishly devoted Socialists really “take care” of their people. ghr

  2. John Lewis and the Black Caucus: The Perpetual Cry of Racial Recriminations
    Posted on October 18, 2017 by cjack

    —-The tiresome cry of “Let My People Go” by the Congressional Black Caucus—

    There goes again the Black Caucus of the Jackass Party, with its devalued relics plucked from the junk pile, taking us back to ‘Bull’ Connor and the March on Selma. Old John Lewis, the baron of racial recrimination flanked by his political troglodytes with nothing worthy to take us forward into a new day, parading himself as the conscience of America. When in the world will John Lewis and his ilk begin to contribute new lights of wisdom to adorn the Old House on Capitol Hill? Is this intellectually empty, regressive, irrelevant ‘politico’ still not aware it’s high time for him to leave the stage? Can someone find him a decent managed-care facility somewhere near Stone Mountain? This useful fool of the Marxists has nothing else to mouth but that same old rhetoric: “Let my people go!”

    Does John Lewis, and his court jesters in the Black Caucus, have any idea what Obama was proposing for America? Of course not, Mr. Lewis and ilk have never experienced life in a Marxist Paradise where the rules of life are designed and harshly enforced based on an arbitrary punish or reward system; places where citizens instinctively must engage in surreptitious conversations to convey their mistrust of the rules. Oh yes, these are the collectives where humans live in a perpetual reality of bitterness, depression, fear and hostility; a joyless world of muffled thoughts and voices, anxiety, despondency, and quiet despair. When will the Congressional Black Caucus come to the realization that Obama’s Affordable Care Act’s (really un-affordable) single payer proposition was the first salvo by the American Communist elite to take us into Karl Marx’s dank corridors where the air is heavy from the hopelessness of life under the state’s repressive apparatus.

    Those who have seen some of those Marxist paradises, must subconsciously still pick up the offensive scent of old clothes and bodies emanating from the long lines of folks holding their ration books for measured quantities of food and other necessities dispensed at the government store. Proletariat havens of people uniformly dressed not in vibrant color and designs but in somber hues and rigid outfits, often just walking by the sides of horribly designed rectangular edifices and empty spaces just to counter their boredom and discontent; the rhythm of their lives dictated by the ’politburo’ from birth to the grave; dank places where the ‘state’ with the power to give and take life has no preference for race, color or gender. There, in those paradises of the proletariat, the ruling elite does not render account to a higher tribunal above man’s mendacity. Yes, John Lewis, Black America is hurting not under the white man’s whip but under the rules of your welfare and food stamps plantations which have led the nation into a vortex of perpetual recriminations.

    Mr. Lewis, what is it that you propose…a Godless world of perpetual sadness and low expectations? I don’t think you realize it was like that in Eastern Europe under Soviet domination before the Berlin Wall tumbled down from the words of a courageous American president, a determined Polish people, and a Pope who openly challenged Marxist tyranny.

    Hear me out Mr. Lewis; freedom loving Americans shall never give way to your Marxist agitators and your political leeches. No, a thousand times no! You and your twisted useful fools in the Congressional Black Caucus are a discredited bunch of mindless ingrates; and we have had enough of your litany of past grievances.

    Be mindful, Mr. Lewis, that in our racially “intolerant” capitalist America there have been, and always will be, more black millionaires/billionaires and educated black citizens than anywhere else on this planet. Shame on those in the Black Caucus who have made a good living in Congress while biting the hand that has fed them for so long!

    Rest assured Mr. Lewis, decent America will forever stand tall and without equivocation in defense of our nation’s founding values and ideals. The war for emancipation of the slaves was long ago fought at great expense of blood and treasure. Remind the Black Caucus that it was the Democrat Party who violated Abraham Lincoln’s Reconstruction Act and to date continues to camouflage its suppression of the true aspirations of Black America. Welfare checks and food stamps are not the way out of poverty, only the love of learning and a healthy dose of home-inculcated self-esteem can. Instead of falsely blaming “white racism” for the appalling conditions in the inner cities, challenge wealthy and educated Black America to invest time and money in the Black community. And remind yourself that a people without light in a dense forest can find its way into the light only if the wise lead their way.

    Black America, it is time for John Lewis and his ilk to go! It is also time for the obstructionists in the Democrat Party and the GOP to vacate Capitol Hill. The nation has to move forward and firmly into the new century.

    CJack, Lighthouse Gazette on the Gulf, October 18, 2017

  3. Congressman John Lewis, please get out of the way! The nation needs to heal and move forward. You are no longer consequential, yet you continue to revisit the old slaughterhouse like a dog looking for scraps. Get a life, for goodness sake; you are no longer relevant!

    CJack, October 19, 2017

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